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Categories Fantasy, Job/Place-of-work, Water Sports/Pissing, Written by women

Authror: PatchworkQuill

Published: 06 February 2015

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Sam paced around the bathhouse changing rooms. His boots squeaked on the white tiled floor he had polished barely an hour ago. He looked across the room toward his tormentor; Rose stood at the main entrance door smirking at his obvious unrest. She calmly readjusted her tight purple button up, undoing one of the top buttons in the process. "It’s not that bad sweetie; the worst is yet to come!" She giggled and approached him with outstretched arms. He groaned and shook his head, he couldn’t believe this woman! Without him realising she had been slipping a diuretic into his drinks causing his body to produce more piss than usual, just to see him struggle to work with the toilets locked.

The tingle in his crotch that usually alerted him to head for a toilet was starting to annoy him; it wasn’t too strong it was just persistent, much like its administrator! "Why did you do this to me?" He mumbled and continued pacing, his back to the woman as he tried to ignore both his own body and Rose as she drew closer to him. She shrugged, "I’ve been watching you all evening..." she gently trailed her hands down his bare arms from behind, "...muscles working under your shirt..." her hands reached round and slowly unbuttoned his sleeveless denim shirt, her face so close to his neck that Sam shivered. For a second the image of Rose seductively kissing his body flitted through his mind before being burnt out by the sudden clenching of his bladder. Rose continued to stroke his chest and whisper about his rippling muscles and handsomeness but he was barely paying attention. The tingle was becoming a burn, lower and lower in his abdomen. "Rose, stop. I need to pee."

She giggled. "Well seeing as the toilets are out of bounds. I guess you’ll have to use me instead!" She chirruped happily, running from him to sit on one of the wooden benches in the centre of the room. Sam stopped pacing. Images of him pissing in a corner had come to mind several times already but he was reluctant to dirty a clean floor this close to the end of his shift. He wasn’t instantly put off by her preposition, the owner’s daughter was a beautiful lady who had been so kind to him in his first few days... and it had been a long time since he had fucked... maybe he would get to fuck her properly if he agreed? His cock twitched at the thought and momentarily thoughts of fucking Rose replaced his desperate urge to pee. The burning intensified after the twitching of his groan had ceased and he took a step towards Rose who was now lounging on the bench and grinning. A few steps from her, she giggled again. "How bad is it? Does it hurt yet?" The smile on her face was horny not malicious and Sam felt another painful twitch. He stopped and clenched his knees together, hands instinctively going to his crotch. The burn was moving, pushing towards his cock every time it twitched in arousal. Rose sat up on the bench and spread her legs, lifting her skirt just enough for the hunched Sam to see her glistening centre and lack of underwear. Sam groaned in both pain and pleasure. As he dropped his head the fabric under his fingers dampened with the first drops of piss. He growled and clenched his body hard. This was not going to happen. Rose gasped and pulled her skirt up further, throwing the excess material back over the chair. "Come on Sam, you can pee soon. Just come here and put your cock in me first!" Her voice was filled with lust and her tone was almost begging. She wanted this bad, she wanted him bad. It was so close she could almost feel the warmth flooding her already soaked hole.

Sam’s struggling body stumbled closer. His mind consumed with his need to piss. When in reach of Rose his body clenched up again and more piss leaked between his fingers before he manage to strain enough to stop it. Gripping his cock through his trousers he stood between Rose’s spread legs. He had no idea how this was going to work but he had to try! Rose coaxed him on, begging for him to fill her. Sam managed to push his trousers down with her help and only briefly worried about soaking absolutely everything with his piss. He leant forward so his gripped tip was against her pussy. He wasn’t hard enough to push into her tight hole and his body shook again with the struggle of holding everything. With his fingers holding his tip tightly he pushed both cock and fingers into her. With the head inside her, Rose clenched her pussy and reached down to hold his cock firmly where it entered her.

Sam looked up as Rose looked at him. Their eyes met and she smiled nervously. "Let go Sam, fill me up" she whispered. His cock twitched with her words and piss leaked from his tip. This time he didn’t clench. A powerful stream erupted from his cock and shook his body with pain as it went. He gasped in pain but there was no way muscle clenches were stopping it now. His muscles were tired and he barely supported himself on his hands as he sprayed Rose’s pussy for a full minute. Rose held onto his cock with one hand and gripped the bench with the other to save herself being pushed off. The force was incredible, the angle hitting the roof of her pussy in unbelievable ways. The warmth filled her entirely; it felt like even her womb flooded! The last few spurts of Sam’s piss were as painful as the first for him. After he had stopped he breathed hard and felt the emptiness of his body, similar to cumming for the first time in days. He soon realised his body was soaked with back spray, his trousers unwearable and his clean floor...flooded. He shook his head.

Rose was speechless, her pussy throbbing from the forceful blast but she knew there was one more thing she wanted. His cum. Only then would she be satisfied. Part of Sam’s brain reminded him that he still had his cock In Roses pussy. It pulsed, begging to fuck. Everything was so sensitive he could feel every ridge and sensation of the drenched space. Slowly he dragged his cock a little out and in again. The rubbing sensation causing his shaft to harden rapidly. With his cock semi hard he started to thrust properly, hunching his hips to push himself deeper into Rose. The more he thrust the harder his cock became. Soon Rose felt his hardness grinding on her G-spot and moaned through her numbed state. Rose’s moans only encouraged Sam. He fucked her with wild abandon, his thrusts as strong as his blast of piss had been into her pussy. The deep hard fucking was bringing Rose back to her senses and as she came around her moans increased and her soaked body writhed in pleasure. With body partners highly sensitive from the previous ordeal, it wasn’t long before Rose was screaming in orgasm and her tightening pussy was milking the cum out of Sam. He tensed and released his load deep in her pussy, shaking and groaning with every pulse. The two slowly slumped together on the messy bench. Both were incredibly tired from being together most of the night. Sam pulled out and stood up, shocked by the mess and realisation of their activities. Rose just giggled, in her own sweet way acknowledging what had happened.

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Comments (2)
Anonymous reader — 07 February 2015 10:46
Speaking as a man. I can piss with a hard on. And when I hold a lot in it hurts. So not sure what point is. We are all different.
Anonymous reader — 07 February 2015 03:00
If pissing is causing him pain, he needs to see a doctor.... And this guy seems like a major wimp. Pissing is no big deal for us, trust me. The only issue is that it's almost impossible to pee with an erection, even with a semi erection. It's not an issue of pain, it's just an issue of the body not working that way.
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