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  1. A night with Nicole
  2. A Night with Tina
  3. A Night with Megan
  4. A Night With Maria

A Night with Tina

Categories True Story, Anal, BDSM, Murder

Author: jeff

Published: 30 July 2005

  • Font:

This is the true story of my second strangling of a young woman. The only difference between Nicole and Tina is that this wasn’t a rape/murder. There have been five women/girls to date that I have snuffed and I am currently talking to a sixth one. I don’t know yet whether she will make it or not but I will let you know. In the mean time here is the story of my encounter with Tina.

A few months after I strangled Nicole on that cool fall evening, the urges began to get strong again. Since Nicole, I was involved in two short-term relationships with women that I knew from my past and both had gone badly. I did not kill either of them because too many people knew us and the golden rule of murder is to never ever kill anyone you know or who knows you.

I began chatting on IRC again shortly after the second relationship ended and within a few days I was chatting with a 28 year old woman who was living with a couple of friends, but wasn’t happy and she lived in a town which was a few hours away. She sent me her picture and she wasn’t bad looking. Not great, but better than respectable. When I chat on IRC I always spoof my IP address by using a script called “Showdown”. This prevents anyone from finding out where you really are or who you are. Anyways, after about a week I finally talked her out of her phone number and I called her up. As with Nicole, I used *67 call block to make sure that my number didn’t register with her caller ID if she had it. She sounded pleasant enough and I really wanted to go meet her but when I finally broached the subject she said that she wanted to come to my place for a few days. Well this wasn’t the way I liked it but hell, I was pretty hard up and even if I couldn’t kill her I could at least have a lot of fun with her and after I was done she could leave if she didn’t like it. We talked for an hour or so that night and finally I eased her into the subject of sex. She responded positively and said that she was open to new ideas, which made me smile, but I was really surprised that she didn’t balk when I told her that I really got off on having sex with a woman who was tied up. In fact, she said that she had done that on other occasions and kind of liked it, too. Of course I didn’t mention the fact that once she was tied up I planned on choking her because I didn’t want to scare her off. We made plans for her to come to my place the next evening. I gave her specific directions on how to get to my town and told her to call me when she got here and I would get her the rest of the way. I had absolutely no intention of killing Tina because she lived with friends and I assumed that she would tell them where she was going so if she came up missing then the cops would be at my door. I was only going to have my fun with her and send her on her way.

The next evening around 9:30 P.M. my phone rang. It was her. She was in town and when she told me her location I realized she was only a block or so away. I gave her directions to my apartment. 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there she was. Damn she looked good. She was 5’4’’ and even though she weighed around 140 pounds, it seemed to be distributed right. Especially in her 32C tits. She had short dark hair and green eyes and was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. I invited her in and as soon as she walked through my door I shut and locked it and then took her into my arms for an introductory hug that quickly escalated into a hot, hard kiss. My hands moved all over her body and quickly worked their way up her shirt to her firm round tits. She didn’t even try to resist as I worked under her bra and began feeling her nipples. Man, were they nice and hard. This went on for a few minutes and then we came up for air. I made us a drink and we sat on the sofa and talked. The first thing I did was ask her if she wanted to call her friends to let them know that she had arrived safely but to my total shock and surprise she replied that she never told them that she was going anywhere. In fact, she had packed her bag that morning and left straight from work. I questioned her a bit about this but according to her she and her friends weren’t really close and she didn’t think that she should have to tell them what she was doing or where she was going. She also told me that she was over three months behind on her car note and they were trying to repo it. At least her car was safe here, she said. We talked on and finally I was convinced that this woman was alone in my apartment and absolutely nobody knew where she was or who she was with. My plans were starting to change.

We talked for a while longer and had a few more drinks. I could tell that she was really starting to loosen up when she laid her head down in my lap and kicked her feet up just like she was at home. As we continued talking my hands found their way down her shirt again and this time she arched her back for me as I gently pinched her nipples. I was ready. I sat her up and again began kissing her, but this time as my hands roamed freely under her shirt I worked them to the back and removed her bra. There was no resistance. After her titty bag was completely removed I tossed it on the floor and lifted her shirt over her head and off. It accompanied the bra on the floor. I sat back and admired her tits for a moment before my mouth found her nipples and began sucking them hungrily. She was really getting into it; moaning, arching her back and pushing my head to her tits. I stopped for only a second to remove my own shirt and then went back to her body. As my mouth explored her nipples I worked my hands to her shorts, undid them and slid my right hand inside. Again no resistance. My fingers went past her mound of pubic hair and found their way to her pussy lips. This bitch was hot and wet and I immediately began rubbing her clit, which only made her moan louder. She didn’t waste any time and helped herself out of her shorts and panties and before I knew it, this little tramp was completely naked on my couch. Well I couldn’t have her naked alone so I stood up and finished getting undressed myself. When I was done I was standing naked in front of her with my 8-inch cock standing out stiff as a board. She took it in her hands and guided it right to her mouth. This woman was a freak. She sucked me hard and long, taking me deep into her mouth, but not deep enough. I worked myself back to the couch, sat down and guided her to her knees in front of me. I put both hands on the back of her head and began pushing my cock deeper into her throat. The third time I pushed she gagged but didn’t complain so I did it again. Longer. Still no complaints. Finally after about a half hour of my dick going down her throat I was ready to cum but I didn’t want to do it just yet. I was saving it all for one big blow. I stood up and taking her by the hand, I led her to my bedroom and my queen size waterbed. She started to lie down but I pulled her to her feet and asked her if she was still interested in letting me tie her up. I really didn’t care if she let me or not. It was going to happen one way or the other but she gave me a coy smile and said, “sure, you aren’t going to hurt me are you?” Of course I told her no. I made her turn around with her back facing me and I took three tie straps out of the drawer next to my bed. Now these are the type of straps that you buy at a hardware store to secure wire or small pipes together. They are about 10 inches long and less than an inch wide but once they are secured to something they can’t come loose unless they are cut off. I secured one around each of her wrists just tight enough that she couldn’t slip out of them but loose enough that they wouldn’t be uncomfortable. I then took the third one and looped it between the two on her wrists and pulled it as tightly as I could. Now she was totally secure with absolutely no way of getting loose. She asked me what I had tied her up with and when I told her she said that she had never had somebody do that to her and called me a “kinky boy”. Little did she know. I turned her around and began kissing her again as I slowly lowered her down onto the bed and then onto her back. I helped her get straight on the bed with her head on a pillow and then I climbed on top of her. I asked her if her arms were OK and she said that they were fine. I really didn’t care but I thought that it was nice to ask. She spread her short little legs and I positioned my cock to her pussy. My left hand was playing with her tits again as my right hand guided my cock slowly into her. She was tight. Not tight like Nicole had been, but it was good. Unlike Nicole, She was very wet and my cock slid down into her. I quickly fell into a rhythm and as I pumped her pussy she began moving her hips to my beat. This girl knew how to fuck. Too bad tonight was going to be her last performance. I continued playing with her tits for a few minutes and then slowly moved them upwards to her head and face area. We were kissing hard and as I moved them from her head to her shoulders and then to her throat she seemed totally unconcerned. My heart was beating hard as I realized that I was about to strangle this bitch. I knew that like Nicole, once I started there could be no stopping. She was still oblivious as my hands wrapped around her neck and slowly started to choke off her air. At first she didn’t say anything but as I gradually squeezed harder she said “baby, your hands”. I totally ignored her and continued to ever so slowly tighten my grip. A few seconds later she gasped out, “Hey stop, I can’t breathe”. Again I just ignored her and kept on squeezing. Finally she started kicking her legs out and I could barely hear her when she wheezed, “Fucking stop, you’re hurting me”. Well that was it, time to go all the way. I clamped down as tight as I could with my thumbs pressing hard into the base of her neck, cutting off all of her air. She tried to gasp and wheeze for a few more seconds but that stopped quickly and the only sound that I heard was a rattling noise coming from down in her chest. She was still very conscious however and was kicking her legs, even though she really couldn’t hurt me and she was squirming with all of her might to get out from under me but it was useless. I watched her face as it went from beet-red to a darker red and as it began to turn purple her tongue pushed out of her mouth and her eyes began to bulge. I continued strangling her as hard as I could and as her face began turning a gray ash color her eyes, which were half open, began turning red from the blood vessels that had burst. Shortly after I noticed her eyes, her struggles weakened considerably. Instead of kicking she now was just convulsing uncontrollably and she had no strength at all to try to squirm out from under me any longer. It was almost over. Finally her legs fell to the bed and the only movements after that was an occasional twitch of her leg or arm. When I looked back into her nearly dead eyes something there just overwhelmed me and I came inside of her dying cunt. Oh did I ever cum. When I was finally spent I thought that I was going to pass out. It felt that good. I knew that at this point it was all but over so I pressed my thumbs with all of my might into the base of her neck and snapped her hyoid bone, effectively killing her. I continued squeezing for several more minutes and then let go and collapsed on top of her. I was exhausted and my arms and hands were completely worn out but I had to do something with the body and quick.

As I got off of her I realized that I had made what could have been a fatal error. I hadn’t used a condom. As with Nicole I went to the bathroom and filled my tub up with extremely hot, scalding water and added lots of soap and bleach. Next I went back to the bedroom and cut her restraints loose. Her arms just hung at her sides as I carried her to the bathroom and slid her into the hot water face down. She didn’t cry or anything. While she was soaking in my tub I found her purse and went through it. There was $70.00 in cash, her ID, keys and some credit cards. I pocketed the cash and her keys and then put everything else, including all of her clothing into a trash sack. Next, I took all of the linen from my bed and put it in the washing machine. I then went back to Tina and began bathing her. I took a washrag and washed out her dead pussy as well as I possibly could and then scrubbed down every inch of her body twice. I emptied the tub and then positioned her body so that the showerhead ran scalding hot water over her pussy. While she was finishing up I tried to figure out how I was going to get rid of her body. I lived upstairs so it would be a major risk to carry her down stairs without someone seeing me. I racked my brains for nearly an hour before I came up with the perfect plan.
I went into my closet and got my old Army duffel bag. If you have ever been in the service then you know just how much shit you can pack into one of those things. Well I went and got Tina out of the tub and carried her to the living room where I sat her down on the floor. Next, I went to my kitchen and got two more trash sacks and a roll of duct tape out of the cabinet. I covered her upper body with one sack and her lower body with the other and connected them with the duct tape. Simple. Or so I thought. Next I went to put her in the duffel bag and that’s when the problem happened. Her damn legs wouldn’t bend and I couldn’t get her all of the way down in it. She was short enough to fit but she was getting stiff. I pulled her out and taking a baseball bat I broke both of her legs in three places. The shin, the knee and the upper leg. Then I re-fastened the bags around her and this time she fit easily into the duffel bag without a problem. Finally I went to get dressed and then carried the sack with her clothes and stuff in it down to her car and put it in the trunk. Now for the hard part. I went back upstairs and putting my arms through the shoulder straps of my duffel bag, I slowly picked her up. She was a lot heavier than I had expected but that was because I was carrying dead weight. I was afraid that the straps might break but Uncle Sam makes pretty sturdy stuff and I made it downstairs without any problems. I got to her trunk, looked around to make sure nobody was outside at 2:30 in the morning and then slid the bag off of my shoulders and into the trunk of her car. Whew! That was fun. I went back upstairs and got a pair of gloves and put them on. I then locked up and went back down to her car, got in and drove away. I had no idea where I was going at first so I just drove. I had driven about two hours when I came to a very secluded part of the countryside with some old dirt roads. I took one of them and before long I was way back in the middle of nowhere. I stopped the car, got out and went to the trunk to get her body. I carried her in the duffel bag for at least a half of a mile into the woods where I decided to dump her. There was no way that someone would find her out here anytime soon. I was miles from any civilization. I pulled her out of the duffel bag, removed the trash sacks and dumped her strangled, dead body down into what looked like a ravine or something. I walked back to her car and drove away. Once back on the highway I realized that I had a second problem. Her car. I drove around awhile longer when it dawned on me that she had said that the repo company was looking for her car. Perfect. After burning the bag of clothes and her purse and stuff I drove back to my town and went to an all night Super Wal-mart near my house and walked home. The next morning I got up and called the car company anonymously and told them that a car that they were looking for was parked at the Wal-mart if they wanted to come get it. I then went back to sleep and slept the rest of the day.
I watched the news and read the papers for a couple of weeks from Tina's hometown but nobody ever reported her missing. Too bad. About 6 months passed until her body, or what was left of it, was found. It seems a hunter's dog had brought back a hand and the hunter called the cops. They searched and eventually found what was left of Tina's body but according to the TV news reports there was too much decomposition to even tell if it was a man or woman or how they died. Basically, the elements had stolen any evidence. I had done it again.

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A Night with Tina

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Comments (37)
anonymous reader — 03 September 2012 20:20
when i find u im gona bite ur cock off u sick freck im a woman try 2 do ur shit on me and ill disembowel u just beause we r women it dnt make us the lower life form i swear too god u will pay in hell if u really did this
anonymous reader — 29 October 2011 04:23
Disturbing. Are you really chronicling your past exploits? Seems rather detailed like you've researched murder 101. It doesn't help you claim it is true.
Anonymous reader — 08 December 2009 13:04
lol nice story!! it reminds me lots of the movie "American Pyscho"..
Anonymous reader — 06 August 2009 07:43
I figured it's obvious what anyone would be getting if they click on this. I bet the people who complain, bitch about how their lemons are too sour after they buy them.

Anyways, this isn't bad, but the only necro is where he cums in her. I usually only read these because they're kind of creepy, rather than to jerk off. This one isn't very extreme, but I liked it nonetheless.
Anonymous reader — 25 July 2009 03:35
Interesting story and quite well done for what it is, though I'm kind of curious as to where the necrophilia is. It seems more like just a snuff story, whereas necrophilia is sex with an already dead corpse. I like the style, however, so maybe a more traditional necro story next time?
Anonymous reader — 03 May 2009 22:10
That is pretty fucked up, but I did click on it hoping to find something disturbing so whatever.
Anonymous reader — 31 January 2009 10:41
Lol I'm sure Freud would love to meet a lot of you.
Anonymous reader — 31 December 2008 03:49
Well...uhhhh.......goodstory.....dotdotdotdot...............kinda makes me wana go to taco bell now..WHO WANTS TACO BELL
Anonymous reader — 24 December 2008 08:49
well the story was ok .. not quite my usual taste in erotica reading but i thought id give it ago. At least it wasnt as gross as some stuff ive read on the topic lol ..ive had to stop reading some stories lol .. but hey besides the content the story wasnt too bad .. I was actually more amused by the comments this story got haha .. stupid people who come to wave the flag of righteousness for no reason .. the story is fictional (at least i hope it is lol) and its a subject some ppl like and get off on .. if its not the type of thing u like stop reading n move on .. remember it said what type of story it is .. so why click on it if ur just going to rave stupidly?

Its like running into a Muslim church and screaming catholic or Morman is the only way ...1 word..Idiots

As to the writer lol yer thought i forgot about u didnt u .. good story .. maybe a lil bit more detail in some parts, and it would e nice if the paragraphs were a lil more spaced out .. Good effort tho :)
Anonymous reader — 06 December 2008 21:23
READER — 16 May 2007 21:23
People that bitch about this story just don't know the thrill that come from what he did. Good story--enjoy more for years to come.
READER — 22 March 2007 14:25
whats the deal with real necro's anyway? I would say cold pussy sucks
READER — 21 March 2007 22:22
suck it
READER — 17 March 2007 02:12
Hmm...very interesting.I once had a fantasy simular but i hated her anyway.Very gross but hey i clicked the story so i cant complaine.Its fiction anyway.I've talked to a necro and he did her all wrong.You use a diffrent process.This writer is stupid in my view.
READER — 02 February 2007 11:47
lol. well if you lived in a big town or city the would do test on the bones or if the found the teeth. they can find out who it is. but unless she had a welthy family the investigation stops there. I hope you get cought so big bubba will bust your ass cherry. Lol maybe a latino gang will kill you then some necro will fuck you Haha. but don't brag in public cause if i hear it i will show you sick. I'll put a bore bit in my drill and pump you full of xanax and cut me a nice hole in the back of your head. While your still alive i'm gonna undo my zipper and slide my dick in your brain and get realy hard as i feel you die. Then i'm gonna nut while staring at your rolled back eyes in the mirror.HAHAHA I bet Freud would love to meet me. eh... Instructor
READER — 12 January 2007 13:37
10/10 Yeah
READER — 14 December 2006 23:10
as a female reader, i enjoy these stories. why the hell read stories like this if your going to complain. if you dont like it dont read it. pretty simple. keep up the good work!!
READER — 10 October 2006 07:06
Wow.......sick shit, I mean that was fucked up........Good story. Keep writing for all us sick fucks
READER — 20 September 2006 14:34
READER — 09 June 2006 00:48
strange....... why would you go through such trouble to not get caught but then go and post this "true" story here for all to see. quite strange.......
READER — 07 June 2006 01:03
"Sick fucks bitching about his writing?" You're calling us sick fucks for bitching about the writings of a murderer? You're the sick fuck for defending this guy! You can go burn in hell with him for all I care!
READER — 05 June 2006 02:28
wow. if that really is true then you need to be shot in the head with a large caliber handgun. i'd do it myself if i could find you
READER — 05 April 2006 03:03
i sure hope the internet police arrest u. PERV!!!
READER — 16 January 2006 23:55
good story, and for the sick fucks bitching about his writing, fuck you all, if you dont wont to read this kinda story dont click on it,
READER — 25 November 2005 05:14
Once there was a man namen Freud and he talked about a lot of things, and trust me on this he would have a LOT to say about you. Also if I ever meet you I will rip out your still beating heart and eat it then I will crack open your skull and eat your brains then I shall drink every drop of your blood. This is an anchient demon execution and it will condem your soul to an eternity of pain and suffering. Hope you enjoy you sick fuck.
READER — 20 November 2005 00:48
Really enjoyed your stories. I do hope you will be writing more of them. A real turn on I love it when my BF strangles me durring sex !
READER — 15 November 2005 17:46
Sick. sick.

READER — 05 November 2005 21:11
fuck u
READER — 02 November 2005 22:46
mate this is a true story as you wrote it is assumed you have comitted a murder to me. I am from the interet police I.N.P and to me you should be found and arrested for this crime. I have updated on finding your excact address that even the perfect technology can not prevent. The I.N.P will be finding you to have a question about this matter and to see if you can be charged. We have updated on who you are so there is no chance of getting away. The I.N.P suggests that no-one comit this sort of crime or many charges and prison terms will be amongst them. Thankyou
READER — 05 October 2005 10:55
u are a fuckin sicko
READER — 28 September 2005 23:35
that was so fuckin sick! who the hell writes about fucking dead bodies.

READER — 23 September 2005 22:26
READER — 14 September 2005 11:54
ohh it was really awesom...write more
READER — 26 August 2005 22:43
Your story was interesting... but you should go into a bit more detail... like the skin turning gray and ... oh well, you are nothing more than a no talent hack. First of all, you keep forgetting about dental records and such. Secondly, if you are really doing this, you know nothing about the rate of decomp. LOL. You amuse me greatly.
READER — 15 August 2005 12:54
Give me the chance and I'll kill you myself you fucking sicko
READER — 15 August 2005 08:31
that was awesome,tell me when u are gonna write more
READER — 14 August 2005 14:47
thats sick dude... even for me,... get some help
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