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Three Friends part 1

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Gay

Author: Tom

Published: 31 July 2005

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My friends Max, Pat, and I, had all known eachother a long time through scouting, and school. One day, we were on a scouting trip in the Appalachian mountains during November. We were in our tent due to the cold and were horny with nothing to do. At the time we were eleven years old or so. We were in our sleeping bags and one thing led to another until we were in the middle of a heated truth or dare game. Then our hornyness took over and Max asked me "Truth or Dare?" I picked dare.
"I dare you to show us your dick." He said.
Excited, aroused, and a little afraid I laughed and said "okay." I then pulled my sleeping bag down to expose my hairless, two inch, soft, penis. Max and Pat both leaned in for a closer look. I then pulled my sleeping bag back up, not wanting to expose myself for too long. Next, it was my turn. Filled with excitment, now that we had reached a new level, I asked Max "Truth or Dare?"
"Dare" He picked. "Show us your dick." I dared him. He laughed sheepishly just as I did and pulled down his sleeping bag to reveal his soft, thick, two inch penis which already had hair on it. Pat and I were amazed, neither of us had hair and we went forward for a closer look. By this time I had a hard-on for staring at another naked boy. Eventually, much to our disapointment, Max pulled his sleeping bag back over him, and asked Pat the same question. Pat picked dare and of course was dared to show us his penis. He pulled down his sleeping bag to reveal his small 1 1/2 inch, hairless, soft penis.
After Pat pulled his sleeping bags back up, we all laid there while rubbing our hands around our now hard little dicks and balls, in our sleeping bags. Next we went through a round of watching eachother masturbate for a minute, and by the time this was over, we were sitting on our sleeping bags (the tent had warmed up from our presence in it) and were jacking off out in the open. Then Max dared me to jsck him off for a minute. Excitedly (but not trying to show it), I reached over and put Max's sturdy, thick, (now about 4 1/2 inches long) cock into my hand, and began to stroke up and down. This was exciting for all of us. I then dared Max to do the same to me which he did with just as much enthusiasm, then I took up Pat's dare to jerk his dick too. After this we just wanted to feel around so we layed there with our hands in eachother's sleeping bags and felt all over. To my right, I was stroking Max's thick and hard manhood, and running my fingers around his balls, and his pubic mane. To my left, I was rubbing my hands around Pat's hairless balls and dick, and over the soft skin between his ball sac and butt.
Then the topic of blowjobs came up. All of us knew what they were, but had never gotten one, and we were all talking about how nice it would be to get one until Max said "I'll give you one if you give me one." I didn't hesitate to accept the offer "okay!" I leaned over, took Max's cock into my hand, licked my lips so it would slide in easier, and put his warm, hard shaft into my young mouth. It didn't taste like anything in particular but I enjoyed doing it, and for about a minute I sucked my friend off. When I stopped and leaned back, whiping my lips with the back of my hand, he said "That was awesome! Okay, now I'll do you." I laid back and pulled down my sleeping bag to reveal my hairless hard penis which was not quite as big as Max's. Without hesitation, he lowered his head onto my manhood and began to fill me with ecstasy. (At this point both myself and Pat were too young to climax, but Max, who was far more developed than us could). For the next twenty minutes or so, our tent was filled with an orgy of sucking. It was great, I was aroused and enjoying it to the point of no return. Yet, because Pat and I couldn't cum, we soon grew tired and sore of all of the sexual activity, as exciting as it was. Max then told us he was going to cum soon, and we huddled around him, as he opened the tent flap and jerked himself to a climax. In a few seconds, large globs of whitish, liquid flew out of the end of his dick onto the grass in front of him. Pat or I had never whitnessed a climax before and werre amazed by how cool it was.
We fell asleep in our sleeping bags, naked, cuddled with eachother, excited by the promise that more would follow soon.

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Three Friends part 1

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Comments (10)
anonymous reader — 28 October 2013 12:27
Ejaculated first time when I was 11. No problem at all if you are mature.
anonymous reader — 25 January 2011 16:04
it was pretty good, any more stories like this?
READER — 26 January 2007 10:00
A VERY good story keep up the good work:-)
READER — 19 March 2006 05:34
READER — 16 December 2005 17:49
READER — 05 November 2005 18:19
Hey Tom, great exsperience. I like the story, have you had any exsperiences since then?
READER — 30 September 2005 05:32
Not bad had good pace and like many climaxed quickly..
READER — 09 September 2005 02:14
story untrue although a young boy can not ejaculate he can orgasm
READER — 05 September 2005 11:45
I liked it.. ended fast though :-(
READER — 17 August 2005 04:03
so so
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