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A guy and his...? (13) (Another)

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Cruelty, Lesbian

Author: pars001

Published: 17 June 2015

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In the dark recesses of the cave he sat chanting trying to regain even an ounce of his power. Tankena
cursed under his breath they'd been so close! His shadow spark had, had all the information they needed to free
all the others, including the leader. Tankena knew that Jake was the main key to everything, his bastard
brother Rasmir would pay for destroying the leader. Chanting harder, the dark mist appeared nearby, "we were so
close leader, the only information I got was that Jake is the key to everything."

The mist flared a moment then a voice issued from it, "Yes it was the same I assumed, so far all
attempts to harm any near him has failed, the fact that he has not one but 2 Jinns protecting him with their
lives complicates things. Tankena, we need to get someone close to him find out what is the secret, their
fierce loyalty to him."
Tankena bowed low till the mist disappeared, thinking a moment an evil smile lit up his face, "Sheeka!" He
shouted as a willowy young woman appeared before him, "I have a mission for you of extreme importance."
The evil twisted smile and laugh that came from her was chilling, "Can I torture and kill the bastard man when
I am done with him?" she asked an evil gleem in her eye.
"No, not for a time," Sheeka's face fell, "he is the key to releasing your sister and the leader, afterwards
though..., well what ever you want is fine," Tankena replied watching as Sheeka began to dance. Damn he loved
her work she was the best when it came to getting information. Plus the fact that she hated almost all males
especially human men wasn't lost on him either.

After having a piece of Tankena in him Jake was drained, who would have thought an evil piece of a soul
could do that? Almost everyone bid Jake good bye, all that is but Gen's niece, she stayed wanting to help serve
the master of her aunt. Rashala felt proud her aunt was the everlast Jinn to master Jake, the fact that she had
been one of the first released was an added bonus. Though not a sex Jinn, it had been a long time since she'd
had sex and from what she'd seen when she reemerged, Jake was a hell of a lover. He had to be to have not one
but two sex Jinns both of whom were happy and satisfied, she'd have to ask her aunt if she'd share Jake some
time just looking at him made her pussy drool with desire. Jake had just laid down when he was out like a
light, that wasn't unusual till the dream started.
"Hello Jake, I am sheeka," the vision in the dream said a rather small woman, well barely a woman. Short, small
breasts almost non-existent, a look of youth on her face but Jake could tell she was older much, much older.

Standing still the vision crept closer, removing all her clothes as she neared him.
"I am here for you," she said, making lude sexual motions toward Jake, "I will do anything you wish," she
pushed her pussy toward Jake opening her legs wide fingering her clit and hole breathing faster and faster.
"You can do something for me," Jake started, be this a dream he still didn't see the need to take advantage of
a female. "You may get dressed, you owe me nothing and I release you of anything or debt you feel that you owe
Sheeka could only blink she'd never had a man react like this it..it...it was refreshing! shaking her head no,
it was a trick he knew somehow! There was no way though, this realm was hers, the fact that he'd freed her
caused a small warmth to develop in her chest. By the great Jinn it was wonderful! Catching her self she
screamed and vanished, dream Jake shrugged then faded.

Thinking nothing of the dream after he awoke, Jake went to check on Gen and Rosalinda. Both were with
Rashala Talking of the old times they all jumped up as soon as Jake entered the living room.
"How may we serve you Master?" they all asked at the same time, that fact that Rashala had said it also wasn't
lost on Jake.
"You are not my Jinn Rashala, you do not have to call me master." Growling a moment Jake looked at all three,
"I thought I told you to NOT call me master?!" Jake almost shouted, all three threw their selves at his feet
crying begging him to not punish them. Sighing Jake gently lifted each of their faces, kissing each gently, "I
thought I told you two I would never punish you like the masters of old," Jake said to Gen and Rosalinda the
simple kiss that Jake had given Rashala was overloading her senses, it felt like thousands of electric fingers
moving through her body she'd never felt anything like it then of course she fainted.

Gen and Rosalinda rushed to her side both surprised by the smile of pure bliss on her face. Looking at
each other they both smiled, Jake on the other hand was about to freak out he thought she'd died, great they
would be mad at him for her dying he thought.
"Master Jake, I believe she experienced what I and Rosalinda did when we first fell in love with you, you can
be over powering at times," Gen said shyly with a light giggle Rosalinda was also smiling shaking her head
Jake was at a loss what the hell was it about him? He didn't feel special not that he knew of but damn! It
seemed almost every female he was around lately became a drooling idiot trying to get in his pants. Bending
down he gently picked up Rashala and laid her on the now king size bed, reaching into his shirt he rubbed the
little bottle thinking of the doctor.

After the doctor was through examining Rashala he took Jake off to the side. "It appears that she
overloaded her new found senses, she should be fine in a day or two, how did this happen?" the doctor asked.
Jake explained that all 3 had bowed and begged him not to punish them, he'd captured each of their faces after
explaining that he wouldn't punish them like the masters of old. "It was then that I gave each a gentle kiss to
show that I wasn't mad or upset, after I kissed Rashala she shook a bit then her eyes rolled back into her head
as she fainted." Jake explained.
The doctor listened close shaking his head every once in a while, "I see I still believe that it was her newly
acquired senses and body, she should be ok in a few days as I said but she needs to remain calm growing more
accustomed to them."
Jake breathed a sigh of relief glad that he hadn't killed a genie especially one that had just gotten a second
chance at life.

Rashala's eye fluttered open why was she on the floor? The last thing she remembered was Master Jake
kissing her lightly, the feel of thousands of electric fingers on and through her body. Looking over at Jake
she saw that the doctor was here talking to Jake, had she been so bad that they had to get the doctor? Rashala
shook a bit drawing the attention of Gen.
"Are you alright Rashala? You gave Master Jake a start when you fainted!" Gen's knowing smile told Rashala that
there was more to this than she was being told, "He summoned the doctor moments later, he appeared to be
worried about you." Rashala was shocked, Master Jake was worried about her? Who was this man? she was just some
masterless Jinn, no real concern for any master! Rashala lay there for a while contemplating what was going on
wondering what was her part in this on going war.

Thanking the doctor Jake stood perplexed why would his kiss cause her to be over whelmed?
<Gen?> Jake thought to Gen.
<Yes master?> she replied.
<You told me before when I went to meet Juno and his daughter wanted me so bad, that as long as we are together
I would be extremely desirable to the opposite sex. Does this also apply to Rosalinda? Do her powers also make
me that much more desirable to the opposite sex?> Jake asked.
<Oh master! I forgot with everything that has happened, yes! With both of us affecting you like this you are an
overpowering force now. Oh master! that would explain why she was overwhelmed! The magic around you is far more
powerful than the council thought> Gen said the excitement apparent in her voice.
<Wait, so you're saying that EVERY woman will want me? Is there any way to turn it off or down? I want to be
wanted but not by EVERY woman in the world!> Jake said an almost pleading to his voice.

<Well master, as you know we can't "turn off" what is natural for our powers, we may be able to lessen
it but that's about the extent of what we can do,> Gen replied a slight giggle to her voice. <we are sorry
master but it is one of the perks you might say to having a sex Jinn>
Jake sighed, so now unless they could turn it down, he'd be the desire of every woman, magical or not that saw
him. <Alright Gen you and Rosalinda both get together and lessen the overwhelming desire the sight of me causes
every woman to have for me>
Gen wasn't too happy about this she was supposed to help her master not take away from her help. Contacting
Rosalinda they discussed how to carry out their master's orders, though like Gen Rosalinda wasn't too happy
about it either.
Back in the cave Sheeka was bowed low before Tankena, he'd listened to everything she'd said the anger apparent
upon his face for sheeka to fail was something he'd not expected. Slapping her across the face she flew through
the air striking the wall opposite of Tankena, laying there in a crumpled heap she dared not move least she
anger him further.

Thinking for a few moments Tankena was about to speak when the mist appeared nearby.
"Hold Tankena, Sheeka has brought up an interesting aspect. You say he acted almost like he knew? Though we
know that this is impossible it does bring up a few questions, could it be that he is that pure?" The mist
drifted closer to Sheeka, "Let us see," with that the mist covered her seeing and absorbing everything she'd
seen felt and heard. "Interesting, the magic surrounding him is so powerful that even magical beings are
affected. Tankena, we must go in a slightly different direction, Sheeka we will still have need of you but in a
some what different role." Sheeka and Tankena listened while the leader laid out the plan it had come up with,
both smiled evilly this was a much more devious and underhanded plan, one much to Sheeka's liking.

The next day Jake left for the job site not really feeling much like work he still went. He knew that
with all the weirdness going on he had to do something more normal or he thought he was going to go batty.
Pulling up to the site he was met by Juno as soon as he got there, "I see you got all the corrections in
yesterday I love how it has added to the overall design. Though the corrections took a day to do, it seems that
we more than made up for it today, good work!"
Jake wasn't really used to praise especially from someone as rich and powerful as Juno. Walking the site with
the man Jake could see the man's passion for building, how the project wasn't just another building but more a
piece of art, surprisingly Jake found that he felt somewhat the same. Jake pointed out several errors he saw
around the site as the continued the tour, Juno only nodded a new appreciation for Jake starting to grow.
Afterward as they were leaving Juno stopped Jake near the gate, "son I'm having a party to celebrate this new
project finally being on time, I want you there as my guest of honor, I'm sure you know where the office is?
Come by later and get the address."

Jake heard a giggle then another, <you can't refuse master Jake, you are the guest of honor you have to
go> Again Gen then rosalinda giggled.
Sighing Jake knew they were right, he just hoped that his Jinns had been able to turn down the power of
attraction of the opposite sex, he didn't want every woman there trying to get into his pants all night long.
Leaving the site Jake decided to go home to eat lunch though at the moment Jake wasn't really that hungry for
food. Walking in the front door Jake was naked the second the door was closed from the bedroom her heard the
heavy breathing of Gen and Rosalinda.
"Hurry master Jake we need you!" they both cried.
Entering the room both the females were locked in a 69 desperately trying to reach as deep as they could with
their tongues into each others pussy.

Jake Moved behind Gen and pushed in balls deep in one fluid motion Gen gasp driving her face deeper
into Rosalinda's crotch, eliciting another gasp and squeal from Rosalinda. Jake was pounding Gen as hard and
fast as he could, Gen's grunts and screams filling the air along with Rosalinda's was starting to heighten
Jake's own response. After another 10 minutes Jake could feel the familiar churning deep in his balls Gen's
pussy muscles were squeezing his cock each time he withdrew. Rosalinda was nearing her own release Gen's tongue
was dancing in and out of her lightly enough to drive her higher and higher. None of the three noticed the mist
once again drift in the room trying to get as close as it could. Jake was at his end as were Gen and Rosalinda,
Jake knew it was only a matter of time now. Gen's pussy started to squeeze harder, Jake felt his semen roll up
his shaft bathing Gen's insides causing Gen to scream into Roslinda's pussy as she reached her peak. The extra
vibrations causing Rosalinda to also loose control and scream as she also reached her peak. All three were
exhausted that is till Jake looked at his Jinns and saw the glow coming from both.

A small whimper caused Jake to jump from the bed almost falling flat on his face son of a bitch! Forgot
about the amount of energy this always took out of him. There in the corner was a young woman naked, beside her
an older woman, in another corner was an older man the last 2 also naked and weak as before. Reaching up Jake
rubbed the little bottle thinking of Rasmir, in an instant the older Jinn was there though this time Jake had
grabbed a sheet. Rasmir looked at the three new additions, nodding to the young woman she was dressed in a
moment, the older man looked at Rasmir almost in shock, Rasmir nodded and he also was clothed. Turning to the
older woman Rasmir's face twisted into a scowl, "YOU!" He almost shouted, "you should be dead a long, long time
Jake was shocked but not totally surprised by his outburst looked at the woman seeing a different color
suddenly appear around the woman. Not quite red but enough for him to see there was something different about
this woman Jake suddenly wished that he knew everything about her. The knowledge that she was as evil as she
felt, Jake never wanted her to have powers to hurt anyone ever again.

The Woman's head snapped up looking straight at Jake, "NO! You can't! NOOOOOO!." With that, all magic that
the woman had was gone. "You will suffer for this! The leader will take his time devouring your soul!"
Jake just stared at the woman, the leader was still locked in the mist and though he wasn't sure how he was
releasing the disembodied ones, including the first evil one, he was damn sure going to find out before anymore
got out.
"Rasmir," Jake said, "I need all the information on the disembodied ones."
Rasmir nodded raising his hand and passing it over Jake after a minute of a splitting headache Jake was able to
see what he needed.
A shout behind him drew his attention to the mist that was still in the corner, "How dare you! She was no harm
to you!" The mist rushed at Jake stopping after only a foot almost frozen in mid air. Then the screams started,
"you won't stop us forever human, we'll never stop till you are dead!" With that it vanished.
Great Jake thought, might as well as paint a target on my back.


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A guy and his...? (13) (Another)

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Comments (17)
justanotherslut — 29 May 2016 17:32
Another awesome addition! This story keeps you on the edge of your seat!
Anonymous reader — 07 January 2016 08:00
Where in Norway is 12?
naenaegirl — 03 September 2015 22:38
looking forward to more soon
Anonymous reader — 16 August 2015 02:35
Good story please continue
Anonymous reader — 15 July 2015 04:19
great story please continue it.
Anonymous reader — 13 July 2015 05:04
Is there gonna be another installment? Would love to have more of this series please please cuntinue...........
Anonymous reader — 12 July 2015 02:07
these chapters are only about 1/4 of the length they should be - it is like sitting down and writing a paragraph and posting it , calling it a chapter - sorry but true
Anonymous reader — 14 June 2015 20:14
Are you ever going to get to the end and will Gen and Rosalinda get pregnant?????
Anonymous reader — 03 June 2015 19:47
Anonymous reader — 31 May 2015 04:11
Great stories !Please cotinue this and all your stories.
What some people fail to under stand with a fantasy anything gos
Just look at disney ......
Anonymous reader — 24 March 2015 09:07
Excelente please keep writeing this series
Anonymous reader — 23 March 2015 04:48
Lighten up people.This is just a story not an autobiography.It is the realm of fantasy and although a little strange still a hell of a tale.Keep it up pars001 and many thanks from the boobster.
Anonymous reader — 22 March 2015 14:19
It's a little rediculous but dont give up. I believe there is still more from where this came from, what happened after where does jake got his misterious power and what will happen to rashala? Why is their bonding freeing the evil jini?
Anonymous reader — 22 March 2015 05:30
To the previous comment. I completely agree with your thoughts, I have just wasted several hours in the hope that this pile of garbage would eventually be up to the writers normal abilities, sadly, it definitely is not, from djb8247, a former avid fan.
Anonymous reader — 22 March 2015 05:22
This story has now gone from the sublime to the bloody ridiculous, The plots and themes are bloody stupid, and all the way through it, there has not really been a genuine attempt at a decent story. In other words, NOT WORTH THE EFFORT OF READING ANY FUTURE minimalist CHAPTERS,,,,
Anonymous reader — 22 March 2015 05:10
fantastic story
Anonymous reader — 21 March 2015 20:29
Cant wait to finish the story. The paranomality was superb. What happen to teekena? Did jake survive?
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