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Categories True Story, Incest

Author: hornybabli-20

Published: 11 September 2005

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He started pushing back and forth his length of cock between my twin hills as I squeezed it by pressing them together.Bending my neck,I placed my pouting mouth in front of the moving cock and with my darting tongue,tasted the pre-cum oozing out of the cock.Somehow or other,uncle's long hands reached my pussy and his fingers started to play with its lips.His expert fingering were making me wet and ready for the final insertion.I could not hold any longer.I cried. "Plz uncle,I can't bear any more.Do put ur throbbing cock inside my waiting,hungry and ready pussy.I want to feel ur strongness inside me right now. "He replied,"ok,ok my dear,I too can't wait any more.I've been waiting for this moment for so long.Get ready to receive ur pussy's first guest." He placed my body on the bed in such a way that my legs were dangling down with my feet on the floor.My upper body was lying flat on the bed while my buttocks were resting on the side of the bed.He stood between my legs and lifting my legs,put my feet on either side of his shoulders.Then he put some cushions under my buttocks thus bringing my crotch area right in front of his dangling erect cock.He asked me to stretch my labia majora with my fingers.As i did so,he bended and placed his throbbing rigid cock right between waiting lips of my cunt.Then with a sudden push,about 2 inches of his cock vanished inside my pussy,but then it stuck.Uncle placed his lips on my ears and whispered very softly,"My love,my darling,I am going to pop ur cherry.So be brave and don't cry." Suddenly I was afraid.I almost cried,"What would happen when my cherry is popped?I think I can't bear the pain.Lets stop all this plz,I'll sure die.Plz uncle,take out ur cock.My slit is so narrow and ur cock is so thick and long.It will certainly pierce me apart.I am already feeling pain,unbearable pain,oh my god,plz spare me."I squirmed a little to escape but he was holding me very tightly.He was not in a state to miss this oppurtunity.As an answer,I received a sudden push and intense spasms of pain ran through my whole body.My eyes were full of tears and a shrill cry escaped my lips.But he pressed his lips on my lips,turning my cries into sobs.The pain subsided after a while.His testicles were pressed against my anus and his pubic hair against my newly shaven pube area,meaning that his full 9 inch length of cock was burried inside my cunt. "My love,my sweetheart,I am sorry but this have to happen when a cock enter any virgin pussy.To gain something,u have to loose something.U lose ur virginity but get the taste of forbidden fruit.Plz wait a little.I am going to start in and out motions of my cock inside ur cunt,first a little,then more and more of it.And in this way, u will feel that ur pain has vanished and immense pleasing sensual sensations has taken over its place,ok my sweet beautiful lovely lady,"his words were very soothing for me.As he said,he started in and out motions of his cock and astonishingly,wonderful pleasant sensations started to run through my whole body.Uncle's strokes were getting more and more vigorous and after two or three minutes,he at once stopped.During the heat of copulation,my feet had slipped from his shoulders to the floor.Our bodies were glued at each and every point. Suddenly his cock started to throb and ejaculate hot live semen filling my hungry womb.I also got my orgasm at the same time.The pleasure of the moment was all time high and it can't be told in words.After that we went on to fuck 6 more times making different coital positions until dawn.I was lying in my bed when mom awakened and asked me to say the morning prayer but I was so much exhausted that went to sleep. That was the final episode.I still remember it and so do my lover uncle,and we still perform sexual acts when and where get time and oppurtunity.

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Comments (10)
READER — 12 January 2008 05:09
put paragraphs in so we can read easier
READER — 08 June 2007 15:47
wonderful.full ten
READER — 31 December 2005 21:05
hey baby u sound so sexy i wanna do u all night long 10/10
READER — 29 December 2005 05:47
READER — 20 December 2005 17:13
this is a great story .i wish icould be ur uncle. my cock is saluting you.can u contact me .i am near u
READER — 23 September 2005 17:55
That was a good story - reminded me of when my uncle did the same to me but I was a bit younger rthan Maleeha and his cock was not so big. But could he really fuck six more times after he broke her cherry!!?? She must have had a very sore pussy. Mine was so sore after just the one time I could hardly sit down!
READER — 23 September 2005 15:33
grate story, really i like to fuck u too and i got cum during read ur story believe me my cock is gone out of control. 10/10
READER — 22 September 2005 20:05
I reall, really loved all three stories about you and yur uncle making love and taking yur virginity..and taking yuor cherry..Must have been so very wonderful, wasn't it..Dont' let the others who have put you down stop yu from writing..Do yu and uncle have Hot Sex quite often? Write some more..
READER — 21 September 2005 17:52
very hot hot story,i like it.keep on writing.i wonder virgins in pakistan can write such OPEN sex story..anyhow keep on writing.
READER — 21 September 2005 11:35
A little less formal language, perhaps. But definetly a good story line and I really liked that u were a virgin. u gotta 8

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