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  1. Teacher's Pet. Chp 1.
  2. Teacher's Pet Chp 2
  3. Teachers Pet. Chp 3

Teacher's Pet Chp 2

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Discipline

Author: elise wrist

Published: 29 July 2015

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It Begins.

Two months have past since school started. Jean's bullying has only gotten worse. Nobody knows how she treats me or how she makes me depressed. Luckily my brother has been distracting me alot. Taking a deep breath I walk into his class. Today was the day we would be starting 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. I had my own copy that my brother bought for me back when I was 12. The only thing that sucked is we had a reading, writing, and presentation project to do. I was stuck with Jean, her mother okayed letting my brother drive her around.

Jean is in the back and she is talking to Alex. Blushing and flirting with him she stops and looks at me. Sticking out her tongue at me, in a childish manor. Sighing I sit down and start to reread my book. Patrick comes over and sits in the seat next to mine. "Rae, I know it's hard to ignore her but you have to try." Saying nothing I keep reading my book, he pulls the book from my hands.

"Raven, listen to me do you want me to help with Jean?" He ask in a deathly quiet voice. My eyes widen as he ask if I want help. I had been thinking about it, but didn't want him to get in trouble. Frowning I turn away and shake my head sadly. I wont let him lose the job of his dreams. Standing he puts his hand on my shoulder and walks to the back. "Jean you are to stay after class, is that understood?" He ask sternly looking into her green eyes. Her lips were full and a beautiful pink color, she has long black hair, with smooth looking tan skin, she is 17, and 5'11". She was everything I wasn't, she was perfect. I have long sliver hair that is normally up in a ponytail but today a braid, stormy grey eyes, alabaster skin, full pale pink lips, Im 5'6", and Im only 16. Patrick walks back over to the front and leans on the desk. Looking at everyone he ask "can anyone name a famous poet?"

I wait quietly before raising my hand. I didn't just know one, I could list many. "Yes Miss Grey?" He says raising an eyebrow. Thankfully he doesn't use my full last name. "Edgar Allan Poe, he was known for his depressing poems." The class breaks into laughter, as I talk. Jean shouts "you freak! Your a fucking nerd." Frowning I get up and run to the bathroom. With tears in my eyes I pull out my razor that was hidden in my pocket. Slowly I start to make cut marks. Trying to numb all the pain, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Someone walks out of a stall and looks at the drops of blood on the sink. Rushing over she turns the water on and pulls my wrist under the water. I try to pull away from her, "please... Please no" I say shakily. "I want to die.." She pulls out a shirt from her backpack, and makes strips of it. Using the strips she wraps my wrist after putting iodine on it. She cleans my blade and ask "who is your last teacher?" Sniffling I say "mister.... Mister.. Mister Greyson." Giving me a soft smile she gently pulls me along with her. We head back towards Patricks classroom. Im shaking with fear, he had told Jean to stay after class. What if he chooses to take it into his own hands? What if her wrist are bound and her legs are over his shoulders? What if he gets caught?

Stopping I say "Mr. Greyson told me he had to go to a meeting. He wont be in the classroom. I'll have to go to the nurse alone." She shakes her head, "I wont have that, we are going to Mr. Greyson, or should I call him your brother?" She ask raising an eyebrow. Pulling my hand from hers I look at her shocked. "How? How do you know that?" I ask stammering over my words. Smiling she says "well my name is Amy, and I have Mr. Greyson first period, he talks about his little sister. I asked him one day after class if she went to this school he said yes, but nobody could know. I promised I wouldn't say anything and I won't Raven. I just want to be your friend, please let me help you."

Looking at her I bite my bottom lip, Amy was pretty. She had blond hair, straight blond hair at that, she was 5'9", was 17, she had beautiful green eyes, light skin but not light like mine. C cup breast, long legs, basically she was pretty. Blushing I take a deep breath, "okay Amy, we can be friends." Smiling she took my hand and pulled me into the classroom. My heart was pounding so loudly, I was fearing she would hear it. I see Patrick sitting at the desk looking over papers.

Jean is in the back working on something, I don't know what, but she didn't look happy about it. I look at Patrick, his face is down and he seems disappointed. Looking up he checks his phone. "Ok miss Neil, you may leave now. Miss Grey, Miss Lucas? What can I help you two ladies with?" He ask standing up walking to the front of his desk.

"Mr. Greyson, I found Miss Greyson cutting in the lady's room. I thought bring her to you would be best. After all you are her brother and last teacher of the day." Amy looks from me to him. Crossing his arms he says "Thank you Amy, can you leave so I can speak to my sister alone" Amy bows and walks out of the room. Watching her I want to stop her. I know he will be mad, punish me even. Looking at Patrick my eyes start to water as I hit the floor. "I'm...so...sorry...Pat..Patrick" Sighing he kneels next to me. Lifts my chin and has me look at him. Staring into his icy blue eyes with my grey eyes. He leans in and kisses me gently letting his tongue dance across my bottom lip. Slowly I open my mouth slightly, his tongue slides in and collides with mine. He plants one hand on the floor and the other on my lap. I put my hand on his and whisper "please not here, I don't want to get caught."

He pulls back and looks at me with a frown. Sighing I look at him and lean into him. Kissing him I whisper against his lips and say "Please Patrick not here" biting my lip he groans. He lets go and whispers "I know love, Im just sad you cut... Why didn't come to me?" He sits back on his desk and looks deeply into my eyes. Looking down I mumble "you would have over reacted"

Looking at me he stands up and holds out his right hand. "We should head home." Placing my left hand in his right I stand. Looking at him, I frown and wonder if he is mad now that I turned him down and cut myself. We walk to the car in silence, him further a head of me. I can tell he is upset now. Normally we walk side by side but today he made me walk further away. He said he didn't want to get caught being to close to me. In the parking lot Jean stands by a red truck. Talking to Jack, she looks over her should and glares at me. My brother stops and drops the keys then walks in a different direction.

Sighing I bend picking up the keys and walk around the corner to the mustang. I start it up and drive it out of the parking lot down to the corner. I hop out and get into the passenger seat. Saying nothing we drive home, no commands. No playing, he is just so upset. As we walk up to the door I stop him, "Patrick please listen to me." I say looking up at him. Giving me an icy stare he says nothing. I look down and say "I love you,always will but Patrick it's hard to be made fun of." Tears roll down my cheeks and hit the porch.

"I couldn't do this without you, you know that. Im sorry I cut, Im sorry I had a moment of weakness....but" I say looking up, "haven't you ever had a moment of weakness?" Staring down at me he leans in and tilts he's head. "I know sis, Im just mad, I couldn't do my job to protect you"

Frowning I look down, is that why he hasn't talked? He is blaming himself, it isn't his fault. It's mine, I chose this over telling him. Looking up he is staring at me, his lips inches from mine. Leaning closer his eyes close and he whispers "promise...promise never again sis." Opening my mouth it brushes against his, I mumble "never again." His lips catch mine, pinning my hands to my side he presses me against the front door. Moaning as he grinds his hips into mine. Slight moans vibrate out of my mouth.

His left hand slides down my back and presses me against him. While his right fumbles with the door knob. Unlocking the door, his right hand slides down to my ass. I hop up and wrap my legs around his waist. Kicking the door closed, he walks to the couch. Sitting with me on top of him. Breathing harshly my hands slide to his cheeks. I pull his chin close to me as I kiss him roughly. His hands hold me as I sit back. Undoing is pants, I unbutton and unzip them. Letting his cock pop out from his pants and boxers.

Mumbling in frustration, I stand and let him remove both his pants and boxers. I move my hips side to side. Letting my skirt hit the floor, slowly I slide my panties down. Grasping the hem of my shirt I slowly pull it up. It is a tight shirt so I had no bra on.

Sitting again, he pats his bare legs, smiling I get closer to him. Leaning in I put my left hand against the couch arm. And my right on his left side. I tilt my head as I kiss him, letting his tongue dance with mine. Being pulled onto the couch, until Im over him directly. Breathing harshly I slide down slowly. Resting I look at him, one hand cups my left ass cheek as the other grabs hold of my braid.

Pulling on it slightly, he makes me look up at him. Smirking at me, he starts to kiss down my neck to my exposed nipples. My breathing picks up as he wraps my hair around his hand. Easing up on his grip, he whispers in my right ear as he nibbles on it "ride me cowgirl." Slowly I move my hips in a circle, sliding up slightly each time. Groaning he tugs on my hair again, sucking my right tit. I pick up pace slightly. Moving up and down moaning as his warm wet mouth fondles my tit.

"That's it sis faster" he mumble as I pick up pace and my pussy squeezes around his 9 inch hard cock. Breathing harshly I stop for a beat letting my excitement fall away. He looks up at me and smiles. He has always liked when I was close, and then when I would pause and let it fall away. It made the whole thing last longer.

He loves being able to go for hours, and so do I. I start moving my hips in a circular rotation movement. As I slide up and down, Patrick moves his hips to meet mine. I can feel his cock throb inside of my pussy as it tightens around him again. I wasn't sure if I should stop and let both our pleasure fade or keep going.

Looking at me he smiles and nods, letting me know to stop moving and let it fade. I sit there on his lap as he kiss my lips. Letting the pleasure fade away. Picking up movement again I moan into his kiss. He tugs on my hair and says "good pet." His cock starts to throb again, as I pick up pace. His warm breath against my ear he whispers "don't stop sis"

I pick up the pace again, and I feel him, explode inside me. Climaxing, hot cum is shooting deep within my womb. Breathing harshly my pussy squeezes his cock as he cums. I moan and lean against my head against his sweat covered chest. I hit my climax as I feel thick ropes of hot cum over flow and drip out. Orgasming I tremble as I take a small break. Standing Patrick has me wrap my legs around him and my arms around his neck.

Patrick kisses my forehead gently, "you did good Rae, but now we are going to use the new toys I bought." Taking a shaky breath I give Patrick a soft smile. Whenever he buys new toys I don't know what to think. I get overwhelmed with fear. Lost in thought about what he might do if I end up not liking it.

Stopping in front of our room he puts me down. "Rae it's okay, they are bathroom toys." Stepping back I look at him raising an eyebrow. "What new toys?" I ask, we had a shower, and a huge bath. The bath had a bench that had a vibrator attached. The shower has chains that hold you in place. The bath has other things, like some cuffs close to the bench. It also has nonslip floors. The shower has that as well. My brother had the bathroom tricked out for us.

We have another plain bathroom were there is nothing special, but we hardly use it. We love fucking in the shower and tub a lot. Blushing I look away as he puts my collar on me. We walk to the shower. Turning it on making it nice and warm he says "now the new toy might be a little harsh but, it is just this..."

He holds up nipple clamps that attach to the rings on the wall. The rings twist every now and again or at least Patrick said they would. He also showed me a vaginal clamp and said that after being cleaned by me he would remove that one. "Remind me Raven what is the safe word?" Blushing I say "red" as he clamps my nipples.

Closing my eyes I take a few calming breathes. He press a button and my nipples twist a little. He press the button again and looks at me. "This is your punishment for cutting Raven." His voice was cold and distant sounding. It almost sounded as if it pained him to talk to me. Tears roll down my cheek, not because I was in pain, but because I had hurt my brother by cutting.

He pressed the button again and doesn't stop it this time. The hot water stings my sensitive nipples as they are being twisted. Patrick walks around so he is behind me with a water proof remote so he can stop the twisting if I need it. My arms are chained above my head. My legs chain to the floor so I can't slip, just in case the non slip pad doesn't work.

Patrick holds his favorite flogger and pulls his arm back. He snaps the flogger against my wet bottom. Yelping I slightly move forward, as my nipples twist a little tighter. Gritting my teeth I moan lightly, even through pain, I can fine enjoyment. He pulls his arm back again and whips another spot on my wet ass. It hurts worse than a dry ass would, breathing harshly I try to bare the pain Im going through.

It becomes to much and I bite my lip. I don't want to be a brat, I deserved this. I was at fault for cutting, I could have died if Amy didn't find me. Taking a deep shaky breath I say "red...red" tears roll down my cheek as I can't take it anymore. Patrick turns off the nipple twisting rings, and drops his flogger, he walks over in front of me, and unhooks everything. Picking me up gently he kisses my forehead. "Im sorry baby... Im so sorry, I let my anger control me."

He walks me over to our plain tub, sets me down and fills it with hot water. It stings against my skin but it feels better than nothing. He gently massages my whole body, washing every bit of me with soap. I look up at him, and lift my right hand weakly. "I love you Patrick." I whisper. I must have passed out, because I woke up in a pair of panties, and his old blink 180 shirt. He is sitting at the foot of the bed.

Laying there I watch him get up and put a small ring box on the bed. He leaves the room for a moment and I pass out again. I must have been drained from the shower. When I wake, his arms are around my waist and he is nuzzling into me. Smiling I turn around in his arms, kissing him I whisper "wake up Patrick." His eyes lightly flutters, and he groans. Rolling my eyes I shove him playfully. He opens one eye and squints, looking at me he yawns. "Rae? You didn't leave?" I frown and look at him. "Leave, why would I?"

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Teacher's Pet Chp 2

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Comments (11)
Anonymous reader — 01 August 2015 03:11
I cant wait for more
Anonymous reader — 30 July 2015 20:21
It's pretty mild I hope it gets hard core or that the next story is more hard core
Anonymous reader — 30 July 2015 20:20
I love this and can't wait to see how long it goes
elise wrist30 July 2015 04:48
Ms. Wet
Im glad you enjoyed yourself..... im sorry to say that it will take 2 more days to finish the next chp. But please tel anyone you know and feel free to suggest things.
Anonymous reader — 30 July 2015 04:41
Holy fuck Im wet from reading this.... Hurry with ch.3 please!!!!!
Anonymous reader — 30 July 2015 04:41
So.... Good got a say that you have talent for a first time writer
Anonymous reader — 30 July 2015 03:53
Holy fuck Im wet from reading this.... Hurry with ch.3 please!!!!!
Anonymous reader — 29 July 2015 21:41
I kinda wanted the bully tied up as well but Im sure you have a plan keep up the good work
Anonymous reader — 29 July 2015 21:41
I kinda wanted the bully tied up as well but Im sure you have a plan keep up the good work
Anonymous reader — 29 July 2015 13:19
Was hoping for when the girl brought her back to his class that he was going to have the bully tied up. And would proceed to Dom all three girls...
Anonymous reader — 29 July 2015 11:08
Love the show of force with the lead hope he keeps it up.
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