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Being a hot girl

Categories Poem

Authror: Pervertboy1

Published: 28 August 2015

  • Font:

I was born naturally beautiful
With long flowing blonde hair, the face of an angel
And the body of the devil.

From a young age boys crowd me, date me, love me
But I learn to so save myself for marriage.

Marriage to the richest man I can get. He'll take care
Of me spoiling me. I'll have to compete with other women's looks.
I'll fight with my butt and bust to be the hottest for him.

Now I've won him so now I keep him. I starve my waist fatten my bust. I oil my hair till its smooth and shines, I work on my looks till my husband dines.

Then in bed i please him well. I make him moan groan
And squeal. I can not finish in the time he lasts,
He can't hold it with a girl like me. That's the price of having my body. Yet I pretend to be satisfied as he lies next to me, breathless.
I wipe a little sweat of my brow and turn to face him, always looking
Pretty. My hair is tidy and the way I lie so sexy.

I ask him if he wants to go again in my sexiest voice.
He catches his breath and looks at me
But as he does the flicker of lust in his eye dies and I know he's done. Im nothing to him now, I've served my purpose.

Till next he feels an urge I'll be there to satisfy it, suppress it.
He goes from the bed leaving me there, used.

I am beautiful, I am seductive, I have served my purpose
I may have the hair of Princess Aurora, the youth of Areal, boobs big and firm. Yet after he has had his way with me and cum.
I am trash.
All my beauty means nothing to him until next he hardens again.

Please be generous with the comments this is my first poem. In all fairness I didn't write it my sister did and asked me to post it.

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Being a hot girl

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Comments (1)
Anonymous reader — 26 November 2015 08:45
Apparently I couldn't afford your sister anyway...
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