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Games The Gods Play

Categories Dark Fantasy, Fantastic, Cruelty, Mind Control

Author: ThePharoh

Published: 16 October 2015

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I've learned so much from the deaths of the System Lords, from Lord Yu I've learned that the Sarcophagus cannot sustain a Human host indefinately so as long as I switch Human hosts every 5 thousand years and keep using my Sarcophagus I will live forever. From Apophis, Horus and all the other Goa'ulds killed by the Tau'ri { Humans from Earth }, Tok'ra and the Jaffa rebels I've learned that being the most powerful System Lord just makes you a bigger target. Just like Ra did I learned that using Jaffa is a bad idea, a Jaffa will host an infant Goa'uld for 7 years and then that Goa'uld will take a Human host, being power hungry by nature that Goa'uld will try to kill me and take my place.

The System Lord Ba'al had the right idea but stealing Stargates was definately the wrong thing to do, after the fall of the System Lords Ba'al wanted to start all over but we all know how that ended. The Replicators, Ori and the Tau'ri using Asgard technology make it impossible for any Goa'uld to regain the power and status we once had plus trying to restart in the Pegasus Galaxy wouldn't work either because we would have to deal with the Wraith, so what's a Goa'uld who wants to be worshipped as a God to do?

I found a small Moon orbiting a planet that can't sustain life of any kind and has no Stargate or Naqueda and after years of working alone using Tok'ra tunneling technology I built a large city inside the small Moon. Using sensor jamming technology any ships that pass by will assume it's a dead Moon orbiting a dead planet, using artificial gravity, life support and shield technology to protect the city inside the Moon from radiation and other hazzards I'm ready for part 2 of my master plan.

I divided my city into 5 parts, the first and largest part is where the Humans I've abducted will live, I've built hundreds of cabins large enough to house an adult Male, adult Female and 2 small children. Each cabin is equiped with everything Humans need including fresh water fountains for drinking and hygene and in-door plumbing { The water being constantly purified and recycled }. The second largest part of my city is farm land with fertile soil for growing vegetables, there are several fresh water fountains on the farm land for drinking and gardening.

I also brought one hundred goats which will produce milk for the Humans to drink and when their killed meat for the Humans to eat, the goats are kept on a seperate part of the farm eating vegetables grown just for them and drinking from 2 fresh water fountains. Immortality can get quite boring so to entertain myself I built the third { And my favorite } part of the city " The Arena " a circular building large enough to seat all the Humans. In the center of the arena is a large metal cage where a Human will fight a demon from Hell that I've summoned, if the Human wins then I will reward him with long life, perfect health { Using my Sarcophagus } and his choice of any Female he desires but if that Human losses and dies then his body is taken to Hell where it will be devoured by the demons who live there.

The fourth part of my city is Hell where the demons live, the Demons being Unas, this part of my city is completely seperated from the other 4 parts of my city. The only way for an Unas to get into the cage is transportation rings, as I said if the Human fighting the Unas losses and is killed then the Unas takes his body back to Hell where it is eaten by the other Unas. When a Human dies of old age his or her body is sent to Hell where it will be devoured by the Unas who live there, also if a Human or Humans break any of my laws then as punishment their sent to Hell where they will be killed and devoured by the Unas living there.

The fifth part of my city is my temple where the Humans come to worship me everyday, if the Humans are faithful and don't break any of my laws then when they become ill or injured I'll heal them using my hand healing device showing them that I'm a kind and generous God. Choosing 10 strong young Men as my personal body guards I equip them with Zats, Staff weapons and Jaffa armor, I also use The Blood Of Sokar on them, a brain washing technology many Goa'ulds have used on Humans to ensure complete loyalty, if for some reason I'm injured very badly or even die my body guards know to place me in my Sarcophagus where I'll be healed or ressurected.

Needing Human hosts to ensure my Immortality one of my many laws is to be fruitful and mutiply, my other laws being no violence towards each other, no stealing from each other, no inbreeding { to ensure my hosts are healthy } and finally there are no other Gods but me. A Human with no weapons has no chance of beating a fully grown Unas in one on one combat so the Human is given a sharp sword and thick metal shield to give him a fighting chance, the Unas is unarmed but due to it's immense strength, speed and durability the odds are still in his favor.

It's been 4 years since I seeded my city with 100 Humans { 50 Male and 50 female }, 100 goats { 50 male and 50 female } and 50 Unas { 25 male and 25 female } and all is well. The Humans worship me as their God Neroth everyday at my temple, they work hard farming and enjoy a healthy diet of fresh water, goat milk, vegetables and goat meat. Afraid of being sent to Hell where they will be killed and devoured by the demons who live there none of my laws have been broken, when Humans become ill or injured during my daily worship I will heal them which the Humans see as a divine miracle.

Once at the end of every month a Human male will fight a male Unas in the Arena, providing entertainment for the Humans and myself, to date no Human has ever won against an Unas which ensures the Unas feast on Human flesh. Being their God many of the Females offer themselves to me and while I've had sex with many of them I'm always careful not to impregnate them, a child born from 2 Goa'ulds or a Goa'uld and a Human female is called a Harceesis, a child born with all the knowelge of the Goa'uld and while the child won't have the increased strength, healing ability and the extended life of a Goa'uld he or she is still dangerous.

As much as I enjoy being worshipped as a God everyday, watching a Human Male fight a male Unas every month and fucking Human females there's something else I enjoy even more and that's watching an Unas brutally fuck a Human female, using the Blood of Sokar on an Unas I order it not to kill and eat the Human female but to fuck her. I've seen my Unas brutally fuck many Human females over the past 4 years and each time it's an amzing sight to see, an adult male Unas is huge, some of them reaching 12 feet, their cocks when fully erect being between 14 and 16 inches.

I keep an adult male Unas in a secret room in my temple, the room is soundproof so no one can hear her screams, there were a few times where the Unas fucked a Woman so brutally hard that he actually killed her and I had to ressurect her using my Sarcophagus and wipe her memory before sending her back. The Unas always cums deep inside the Women he fucks but Humans and Unas are too different biologiclly so there's no chance of the Women getting pregnant with an Unas baby. Over the past 4 years 100 Humans have become over 200 Humans guarenteeing me plenty of hosts, personl body gurds, warriors to fight in the arena and Women for me and my Unas to fuck.

Today something amazing happened, a Human actually killed an Unas in the arena, dodging all of the Unas attacks and slicing the back of the Unas knees and ankles with his sharp sword causing the Unas to fall on his knees, the Human got behind the Unas and slicing the back of his neck paralizing the Unas which now falls to the ground the Human drove his sword through the Unas head finally killing him. The Humans in the arena went crazy cheering and calling the Humans name Richter, Richter, Richter, I spoke using my Goa'uld voice which is amplified so everyone in the arena can hear, I said " You have done well in killing the demon, you are now the peoples champion and will fight a demon from Hell every month as long as you keep winning I will reward you with 1000 years of life, perfect health and your choice of any female you desire ".

A Sarcophagus can heal all wounds and diseases, extend life and ressurect the dead so granting Richter 1000 years of life is easy. The Human females all want to mate with Richter believing that their children will inherit his strength, perfect health and longevity. To be honest I'm kind of hoping that Richter keeps winning every month, the problem with Immortlity is that your going to spend it alone, Human life is so short, in less than 100 years any friends you might make will die so having a friend for 1000 years makes living forever a bit easier.

Another thing I learned from the fall of the System Lords is that being an evil and cruel God can and will result in a rebellion from the Humans who used to worship you so while I do enjoy watching Human females get brutally and viciously fucked by my Unas no one knows about it and I always wipe the females memory of it before sending her back plus healing the sick and injured during my daily worship shows my people that I'm a kind and loving God.

My Humans called the Nerothians living in the city of Neroth are happy, with the farming and goats there's plenty of food, monthly entertainment watching their champion Richter fight demons from Hell and knowing that as long as their faithful and don't break my laws I will heal their injuries and sickness during their daily worship. Richter has killed another Unas in the arena, the Nerothians see him as my chosen warrior and to provide extra entertainment for my people and myself I challenged Richter to a friendly match. My people see me as a kind, loving God but I must also show them how powerful I am so wearing my Ribbon Device as soon as the match begins in the Arena I activate the Ribbon Device sending Richter flying against the cage.

Unlike Ra I allow my Nerothins to learn basic reading and writting so they can read my laws and stories of my past victories over false Gods, demons and other enemies. I've told my people that one of my many powers is the ability to change my appearence so that when I do swich hosts every 5 thousand years to ensure my Immortality there's no doubt or suspicions but I don't have to worry about that considering my current host body is only 400 years old.

In my temple I have brought a Human female who's offered herself to me and after fucking her I bring to my secret room where I keep my Unas, I keep using the Blood Of Sokar on the Unas so it will never attack me or kill and eat the female. sitting on my throne behind a force field I watch as the Unas chases the Female, being a Goa'uld I really do enjoy listening to her screams of horror, she begging me to help her calling my name over and over again. She tries to get to me hopeing that I'll protect her from the demon but she can't get past my force field, the Unas grabs her, using his immense strength he easily bends her over and rams his 15 inch cock inside her, she lets out a huge scream as the Unas rapes her.

Crying, screaming and moaning I watch as the Unas now lifts her up with one arm while holding her leg around his waist with his other arm he again slides his 15 inch cock deep inside her. She let's out a huge scream as the Unas viciously rapes her, crying, screaming and moaning the Unas groans as he cums deep inside her, she lays on the ground crying, blood and Unas sperm leaking out of her pussy, I lower my force field and then place the female in my Sarcophagus healing her damaged body, then erasing her memory of the demon and the rape I send her back to the first part of my city.

Knowing I have all of eternity to enjoy being worshipped as a God by my Nerothians, enjoying both my public and secret entertaiment and accompanied by my friend Richter for 1000 years { as long as he keeps winning } eternal life is good.

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Games The Gods Play

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Comments (2)
Anonymous reader — 18 October 2015 04:16
Wow, I did not expect a Stargate fanfic here...
Anonymous reader — 16 October 2015 16:31
Like all other gods, this one is seriously f'd up. I know of this great psychologist...no? 0h well, the only other thing suggestable is street drugs. And hide the goats, or make them wear nappies or something.
Ps. Not too much time with woman - imagine this dude falling in love...
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