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  1. The academy - Chapter I - Separation Anxiety
  2. The Academy - Chapter II - The star of the show

The academy - Chapter I - Separation Anxiety

Categories Dark Fantasy, Domination/submission, Mind Control, Toys

Author: Korbinian

Published: 31 October 2015

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People do not choose to attend the academy, they are carefully selected; it is a true science, an elegant game. The academy is a place where behavioural science, neurochemistry, bioengineering, and synthetic biology are utilised to test the limits of pleasure and despair. Only the most elegant and devious minds are allowed to work here, to select our very special “guests” realize their full potential. None of us work full time at the academy, we have two lives; one we show to all, the other is hidden from all but the members of The Academy. We each have our jobs in different fields and we excel at them both in industry and academia. The Academy, however, is our true calling where the mastery over our disciplines is revealed. In the subsequent pages you will read some of the stories of our guests and you will be able to familiarise yourself with the kind of work we do here at The Academy. Who knows, maybe one day you will have the honour of being one of our guests; or even more rare, a member. Each case is unique, each story a different combination of the knowledge we have. Before each of our guests leaves The Academy, they will have learned something that changes them; that transforms who they are, and what they believe in. After all, we are in the business of teaching, and we do our job well.

Separation Anxiety

There is no such thing as liberty. You only change one sort of domination for another. All we can do is to choose our master.
- D. H. Lawrence

Hannah was thinking about her friends, how they always talk about their boyfriends, about sex; it’s all so disgusting. All they think about is sex and comparing and competing about who lasts longer, who has more orgasms, it all sounds so pointless. Her priority is her studies; flirting, dating, and course sexual encounters are a distraction. Sometimes she masturbates, but only because she needs to release the tension, the carnal instinct; she sees it as an inevitable and transitory weakness.

As she sips her coffee, oblivious of the conversation her friends are having she sees a man at the far end of the café. What drives her towards him is uncertain, he is clearly attractive, but it is something else. The way he annotates, reads, and stares at the equation-filled paper in front of him. For a moment she dares to hope; perhaps he is like her, maybe he would understand her and she could finally fall in love. She takes a deep breath, she has to go; she has a big test coming up. Hannah says goodbye to her friends and heads to her dorm room to study. That night she has a dream. She is on her bed, there is a man kissing her, it’s the boy from the café, he is biting her nipples, it feels so good, she starts to get wet, she wants him to fuck her. He undresses, she is filled with desire, and she wants him inside of her. As she sees his cock, erect and hard, she pushes him onto the bed. She starts to panic, when she looks down, her slit is gone, there is nothing but smooth skin. He can’t get in, she starts to sob, the frustration, the desire, denied. Suddenly Hannah wakes up, she is breathing hard and can feel the wetness inside her panties. She puts her hand over her panties, they are damp, her smell reaches her; she can feel her own lust. She starts to masturbate, but suddenly stops, she is angry at herself, at being weak, at being controlled by her desires.

A few months pass, Hannah has already been selected by The Academy, they have been watching her, studying her. They know what she likes to eat, what books she reads, how often she masturbates, and even about her wet dreams. As she is sitting down at the café she frequents, she is surprised by a soft voice. When she turns she sees the boy she saw a few months before, he is smiling and has her wallet in his hands. She grabs it clumsily, she must have dropped after she paid for her coffee. She thanks him. He continues to strike a conversation, it seems they saw a class together last year, thermodynamics, she can’t remember him. He says he’s struggling with particle physics, her favourite topic, Hannah is in a daze. Here she is next to this hot guy and she can help him with his work. They both sit down and start to work, he’s so smart, and she wonders why he is having so much trouble. He suddenly grabs her hand, she startles, he then uses his other hand to puts a little sticker on her neck. She is about to speak, but something is wrong, she feels weird. She stands up and begins to walk with him, she is scared, she can’t control her body, she wants to call for help but she can’t. Her body is not her own, something has taken over, she is trapped inside her mind. After a few blocks, a car is waiting for them, when she gets in she hears a voice: “it’s time to go to sleep”. Her world fades, she loses consciousness.

Hannah starts to open her eyes, she feels groggy, and her head hurts. She starts to remember, she panics. She is not in her room, she starts to move and she feels something attached to her hips. She unbuttons her pants, she is wearing some sort of metallic underwear; there is no way to get it off. Her heart is pounding, she is so scared, and tears run down her cheeks. She tries to calm down, to get a grip. She then realizes that she is dressed in her own clothes but not the ones she was wearing when she was taken. Her travel bag is by the bed, her diary is on the night table and next to it a letter. The room is a lot bigger than her dorm room, the bed is enormous; it looks almost Victorian. There is a toilet and a shower on one side of the room, and a small library on one of the corners; she recognizes the titles, they are all books from her Amazon wish list; she starts to wonder, where she is. She is confused and scared, but most of all she wants to know where she is. Then she remembers, the letter, maybe there is some information there.
As she opens the letter her heart is racing. Se beings to read it.

Dear Hannah,
Welcome to The Academy, we hope you will feel right at home. We have taken the liberty of gathering some of your personal belongings, as well as ordering some books we thought you might find interesting. We hope that they make your stay with us even more agreeable.
Please know that we will not harm you, and that you will be able to resume your normal life in due course. Our objective is to provide you with a valuable learning experience, we hope you can appreciate it; we have worked very hard for you.
As soon as you finish reading this letter your training will begin. As you may have already noticed, a device has been strapped to your body. This device will help us with your training, please follow its instructions carefully.

The Headmaster

Her thoughts are at a blaze, what is going on? What is this? How can she escape? What are they going to do to her? Before she can cry and outwardly express her panic, the device starts to beep and she feels something touch her pussy. It beings to coat her with a thick and wet substance. Then she hears another beep and a blue led appears at the front of the device. She feels something opening her pussy lips, it slowly enters her. She crosses her legs, while pulling at the edges of the device; she doesn’t want this. She feels more of it go in, it begins to vibrate slightly. As the device stops at her cervix, filling her up completely, Hannah finds herself standing up, with her legs slightly parted; in one hand she still holds the letter she was just reading, the other hand rests on the device where her pussy should be. Her breathing is disorganized, she is trying to fight her arousal; she doesn’t want to admit that she likes to be filled.
Suddenly, she hears a loud beeping sound and the device withdraws the vibrator from her pussy; she feels a jolt of electricity cursing through her whole body. The pain is unbearable, she can’t breathe. After a few seconds the blue led appears again and the vibrator fills her. The electricity stops. The vibrator begins to move and vibrate slowly, it feels so good. She is aroused again, she can feel herself getting wet. After five minutes she still has not moved, she is in a trance. A part of her is terrified as to what is happening and could happen, another part of her just wants to pretend it is not real, to disconnect herself from all thinking. A trickle of pussy juice is running down her thigh, it is thick and transparent. Her toes are curled up, her breathing is even and fast. She can feel her orgasm building, her juices flowing, her scent slowly taking over the room. The vibrator fits her like a glove, and it knows exactly where to touch her, perhaps even better than herself. She spreads her legs a bit more, her pussy juices are now coating both thighs; she is so close. She tightens her ass and pushes her pelvis forward, almost there.

She hears a loud beeping noise, the vibrator withdraws. Sheer dread grips her in less than second, she knows what is about to happen. She feels the jolt, the pain is too much; she falls to her knees. A minute passes before the blue led is turned on, the vibrator invades her again. She has drool running down her chin, her vision is blurred. She feels the vibrator pulsing more strongly, caressing her insides, touching her in all the right places. She is now sitting down with her knees recoiled and pointing up, her pussy wide open; she cums, pussy juice leaking uncontrollably making a puddle under her. Her eyes rollback, she screams, grunts, breaths heavily, asks for more in a breathless voice. It takes her a few minutes to recompose. As she tries to stand she feels how wet the floor is, she is disgusted; she feels awful. Suddenly she hears the loud beep; she screams “No! Please, no!” She feels empty and then the jolt hits her. She can’t tell how long it takes before the vibrator is filling her again and the electricity stops but she can’t move, she can barely breathe. She is face down on the pool of cum she made a few moments ago, she can smell herself; her lips touch the floor, she tastes her own cum, she can’t help it, she is too weak.
She feels a pair of hands grab her and lift her from the floor. They carefully placer onto the bed. They gently take off her socks, her shirt, and finally her pants which are still damp with her pussy juices. They make sure she is resting comfortably and then leave her. Hannah beings to fall asleep, she just wants to forget.

Four hours later Hannah is woken up by the vibrator. The feeling is subtle and yet so pleasing. She is already wet and wonders how long the vibrator has been working on her. As Hannah starts to move, the vibrators intensity increases slightly and begins to move inside her. She lets out a faint gasp. The sensations are very arousing but she can still keep it together; Hannah looks at the bookshelf, maybe she can read something and distract herself. She grabs a book from the shelf, “Smashing Physics” by Jon Butterworth. The book was just published in May, she has been meaning to read it; she disagrees with Butterworth’s negation of string theory and quantum physics “Standard model my ass!” she says to herself. Still, she wants to read it, see what he says. Twenty pages into the book she can’t stop ignoring how moist she is, her thighs are slippery and she has read the same paragraph at least five times. Then she hears the loud beep, she hates it; she prepares for the worse, she clenches her muscles. Her pussy wrapping itself onto the vibrator with all her strength, but then something different happens, she sees the blue led beep twice and then hears a soft chime. Meanwhile, inside of her, another device that was implanted while she was unconscious is telling her brain to release massive amounts of serotonin and other chemicals in her limbic system. Hannah feels so warm, and happy, and complete. She remembers feeling something like this when she tried ecstasy once, it feels so good. She tries to make sense of it… Somehow the device is rewarding her for clenching her pussy muscles and keeping the device inside of her. The feeling subsides, the vibrator brings her back to reality; she is still so close to cumming. Then she hears the loud beep, she clenches her pussy hard waiting for the blue led to beep twice. She holds the vibrator in, waiting, fearing she will get shocked again. After five seconds of clenching the blue led beeps twice and she hears the chime. She gets that warm feeling again, she really likes it.

Two weeks pass and she has gotten good at stopping the device from shocking her. She is rarely shocked by the device, only when it catches her off guard. She still hates getting shocked, it is impossible to get used to that pain, she dreads it, hates it. Something has changed in her too, she rarely if ever feels bad about being constantly aroused, she cums at least three times a day. Her pussy juices are always flowing, coating her thighs, trickling down her leg. She has stopped wearing pants, it’s a waste of time and energy. She also feels energized all the time, she has read three books and is about to finish the fourth. Also, she is visited by this man who is brilliant at physics and tutors her for three hours after breakfast and again before she goes to bed. She is learning so much; a part of her is beginning to like being there. She is till scared, afraid of what they might do to her, but she can’t help feel happy sometimes.

After a month has passed, her dedication and discipline to study has doubled, her understanding of physics is sharper than ever. She was a good student before, but this is different, the man that visits her has made her incisive, relentless, and unforgiving about mistakes. The mind of scientist is forming within her. At the same time, she is always craving for more orgasms, she finds herself constantly and unconsciously clenching on the vibrator, as if asking for more pleasure. Now, it is not only that she rejects the pain from the jolts of electricity, she hates feeling of empty when she can’t hold the vibrator in. She feels anxious just thinking about not having the vibrator inside of her, she feels defeated every time it happens. Every time she stops the device from shocking her is a victory, a reflection of her discipline, and one step closer to her next orgasm. One day she wakes up to find that the bottom part of the device is gone. Her pussy is exposed, it’s been so long since she has seen her pussy. She starts to panic, her heart is racing, were is her vibrator? What is going on? Why have they taken it? Tears run down her cheeks. Her breathing is irregular, her hands and body are covered in sweat. Suddenly she sees something by the library, it looks like a harness and has two dildos. She jumps out of bed and quickly moves towards it, she hears the dreaded beep and sees the red light, she grabs one of the dildos and impales herself. The blue led appears and she hears the chime. She is safe.

Before she goes to sleep that night she quickly removes the dildo from the harness and puts it back in her pussy. She fucks herself with it for a while, she can’t believe how good it feels. She is so wet, she loves the feeling. Her first orgasm feels like it will never end, she keeps fucking her pussy furiously for more than a minute until she finally comes down from the height of her orgasm, she can barely breathe; she wants more. She keeps going, she can hear the wetness inside of her, she feels her juices trickling down and coating her asshole, she cums again. This time the orgasm is a sharp peak of pleasure, almost too steep to be comfortable. She pushes the dildo as far is it can go, she clenches her muscles; she is ready to go to sleep. As she drifts to sleep, she can smell her cum on the air, she smiles, she is so happy.

In the middle of the night she is woken up by a loud sound, she is not sure what is happening. Then she feels it, the dildo is gone! She panics, she begins to look for it, moving her hands through the bed. She feels the jolt, she had forgotten how painful it is, she screams. “Please no, pleaseee!”. The pain doesn’t stop, she stumbles upon the dildo, she grabs it. Her hands are trembling from the pain, she puts it in. Even with the pain still cursing through her, she begins to feel relief, it’s so nice to be full. The electricity stops. She now understand the purpose of the harness. She inspects it, it is subtle and light. It feels very soft to the touch. She remembers the other dildo, she gets the hint, she knows where it is supposed to go but she has never had anything up her ass. She notices that each dildo port is made so that she can fuck herself without removing the harness, all she has to do is turn a knob and a part of the harness detaches. There are two knobs, one for the front port and another for the back. “That’s clever”. She detaches both ports, and puts on the harness. She takes the dildo out of her; gobs of cum fall to the bed, the dildo is also coated in her juices, she has been clenching and relaxing her muscles all this time. She quickly places the dildo in the front port and puts it back in, just as the device beeps and the red led turns on. It quickly switches to blue. She smiles. She then turns the knob and locks the port to the harness. The clicking sound of the port being locked to the harness makes her shiver with pleasure. She looks at the other dildo, does she dare? She wants to, she is curious. But she is scared that it will hurt, she starts to wonders how she will get it in? Suddenly she gets an idea. She unlocks the front port; she is going to swap the dildos. As wet as she is, the dildo that is now in her pussy will enter effortlessly into her ass. She pulls the dildo out of her, making sure to coat it with as much of her juices as possible; she is so wet. Her juices look more like a thick transparent layer coating the dildo, she puts it to her side, careful not to tip it over and waste her precious cum. She quickly puts in the other dildo in her pussy and locks it. She bites her lip; no matter how many times she does it, it feels so good. Now she gets ready for the next part. She is on her knees, with her head resting on the bed, and her ass in the air. She takes the other dildo port with the dildo attached to it, her juices glistening, she brings it to her asshole. She pushes the dildo into her, the head goes in smoothly. Hannah smiles, she was right. She continues to push very slowly. She gradually feels more full, then she remembers her first day after her capture, how the vibrator entered her slowly, it’s so similar. She is flustered and she is making soft grunts. Suddenly she feels the port touch the harness, she turns the knob. She is now completely full, impaled by the two dildos. Her smile is obvious, her lust endless. Suddenly the same warm feeling that invaded her when she first clenched her pussy muscles around the dildo surges again. But this time it feels more like a wave of pleasure; she begins to cum, the feeling is brutal. Her juices wet the bed, her screams of pleasure are loud; she falls on her back with her leads spread. She has both hands over the dildos, pressing them through the harness with all her strength it is all she can do. After the orgasm subsides she falls asleep.

That night, she dreams that the boy from the café is fucking her; she is on top of him, bouncing up and down, her juices coating his dick. She wants more, she sees one of her dildos next to one of her legs. She leans and grabs it. She reaches back and lines it up with her asshole. The boy asks her what she is doing; “I want this in my ass while you fuck me.” The boy ask if she doesn’t think what she wants to do is wrong, she replies with need and lust “No, I need it.” She begins to slide the dildo inside of her. She pushes it as far as it can go. She cums, she cums so hard.

Hannah is suddenly awaken, she knows she is wet again. As she starts to move, something doesn’t feel right, she feels lighter. The device is gone, only the harness remains. She wonders what that means, she yawns. She needs to cum badly. She collects some of her cum from one of her thighs and brings it to her nose, she has grown to love her own smell. Suddenly she sees another letter waiting for her. She jumps up, her movements make her more conscious of the dildos inside of her, she is so full. She opens the letter, there is only one sentence. “You are going home.” She is in shock, she can’t believe it. A part of her is overjoyed and relieved. Yet, she will miss the tutoring sessions with the mysterious man, and the books she has here. She has practically finished this semesters and half of the next one, “Fuck, the semester”. She realises she hasn’t gone to class in over two months, she has probably flunked-out, what will she tell her parents, “Fuck, what will I tell them!” As she begins to worry she hears a familiar voice, “It’s time to go to sleep now”. Her world fades.

The familiar headache, “what the hell is in that drug they give me? You’d expect that they could develop a drug that doesn’t have such a nasty side effect!” She hears a voice “Consciousness regulators are not easy to develop, the field is still at its infancy.” Hannah jumps out of bed. She is in her college room; the boy from the Café, is staring at her. “You fucker, what the hell did you do to me?” He responds “No time to argue, in this envelope you will find your cover for the time you have been missing; rare case of meningitis, very contagious. You were locked up in an air-tight room at the hospital, no visitors allowed. The university permitted you to send all your evaluations via email; I’ve covered for you and I can inform you that you are doing very well. I am sorry but I must go; don’t even try explain what really happened, they won’t believe you, the will think it was the meningitis. Your parents will be here tomorrow, they are so relieved you are fine.” Hannah stops him “Wait! Hold on. I need to do something first.” She grabs the hem of his shirt and pulls him toward her, she kisses him. “Now you can go, I need to get my life back on track.”

After the boy leaves she notices her bookshelves have been replaced, all the books she had while she was captive are now in her room. She notices a letter on the night table: “What is it with these people and letters and night tables!” She opens it. It reads “With our compliments” and is singed “The Academy”. She calls her friends, they talk for a while, they promise to visit her tomorrow, afterwards she looks at her library, she is so happy. Then she remembers she has both her dildos inside of her, she has grown so used to them. She unzips her pants pulls them down. A familiar smell invades her, it makes her horny right away. She takes off the harness, dropping it onto the floor. Her pussy dripping lines of cum over the dildo and onto the floor. She is free, no beeps, no shocks. Yet, she feels so empty, so lonely without them. She notices a small tattoo just above her clit hood. It is a Star of Vergina, as big as a dime, the symbol of The Academy. “Those fuckers branded me! What the hell!?” Abruptly, she begins to feel anxious, incomplete, her pussy still oozing; she needs to be filled bad. Hannah tries to contain herself, but she can’t, the feelings are too strong. She crouches, picks up the harness and impales herself, the relief is immediate, the pleasure unforgiving. She goes back to her bed and unlocks both dildos, she needs to cum. She slowly begins fucks her ass while she clenches and relax her pussy around the other dildo. When she is close to cumming she starts to fuck her pussy, the orgasm comes crashing down, she can’t help let escape several short and high pitched screams. After she has rested for a few moments, she reaches for the dildos; she first locks the one inside her ass and then the one filling her pussy. Hannah wonders if the pleasure she feels when she hears the click produced by the ports as they are fixed to the harness will ever fade. At that moment she knows that she can’t live without them; she will sleep, eat, and go to class with them. They are now a part of her and she loves it. Parting from them would be too painful, the sheer thought causes so much anxiety, so much sadness. She loves to be filled, she needs it, and it makes her a better person, she has found herself in the strangest of ways, she is not afraid of being who she truly is anymore.

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The academy - Chapter I - Separation Anxiety

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Comments (3)
exileking369 — 22 January 2016 20:40
So, that was hot. Was reading it while waiting for my next class. I am manic right now, which gives me the libido of 100 men and the stamina of 50. She became a female version of me. I had one manic episode where I masturbated 12 hours a day for three weeks. And I tease it. 2-3 hours before I let myself cum, but when I do... mmm...

If I knew this girl, might as well stitch us together.
Anonymous reader — 02 January 2016 20:38
not even going to bother with chap 2, number 1 was stupid enough for me.
Anonymous reader — 31 October 2015 14:18
This was an excellent story with top notch vaginal and anal training. I hope you continue with the breast/nipple training for Hannah along with her oral training also.
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