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Cyarine- Part 1

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Monster, Reluctance

Author: Leyulf

Published: 18 November 2015

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If you have nothing better to do than to read the ramblings of a halfling, you're probably a human.
I'm not saying that's a bad thing! No. In fact, I envy you, kid.
Humans seem to have it so much easier...
Aside from the fact that you guys are an endangered species and don't even seem to know it. It's ok, though. I didn't know either until I had my eyes opened- quite brutally if I might add.
It's not hard to live your lives oblivious to the fact that your boss eats hearts, or your son's preppy babysitter is actually a 400 year old Succubus. Our kind blend in seamlessly, though it's more like your kind simply exsist in your world.
Now, when I say 'Our kind', I mean the long list of beasties that go bump in the night- Vampires, werewolves, wendigos, gargoyles, witches- you name it, it probably exists.
Now, I don't like to classify myself with them all. They don't really even know of my kind, because my kind are the chameleons of the world. Our speciality is disappearing, and never being found.
I'm a shapeshifter, or a skin walker. I'm sure there's a ton of other names, but you get the idea. Skinwalkers can turn into just about anything- other humans, animals, objects, heck even mythical creatures from storybooks if they wanted to.
Do note I didn't say I myself could, though. I'm too much of a secluded, normal person, and I've never gotten strong enough to turn into much more than the usual humans and animals.
Not that I could turn into anything at the moment, though.
I learned recently that getting bitten by a werewolf means I absorb lycanthropy. Not permanently, but in this case, for long enough that I was experiencing this God awful thing called Heat.
I'd read about the whole thing before- a cycle female wolves go through once every few months or so where they don't just feel the need to fuck anything that moved. No. They need to BREED.
I've never been fond of werewolves. They were standoffish and territorial and I never understood them, but now I was developing a deep respect for the women who had to go through this often.
This was a burning need between my legs and a wanton feeling to spread my legs to the first man I could pounce on. The burning only grew worse the more I fought it, but I was keeping it down with tooth and claw.
Being a shifer, my first instinct when faced with something so stressful would be to shift into something or someone new and disappear. That wasn't an option here, though. I was stranded in the human form I'd been in when I'd been bit and I don't think changing my skin would shake the thick, "come here and fuck me" scent that was rolling off of me in waves, and seemed to be attracting every male werewolf in the city.
Had I known that that was exactly what was happening, I wouldn't have left the cramped comfort of my apartment this morning. But no, I'd gone out and spread my scent all over the streets from my home to my job and everywhere in between.
I'd been scurrying left and right, avoiding the hungry stares that followed me, and the possessive growls a few males threw around as they tried to call dibs on me.
To hell if I'd be called dibs on. To hell if I'd let myself give in to my need and end up under one of these assholes.
The day had turned into night sooner than I'd expected and the frosty streets were bathed in the sickly amber glow of blinking streetlights. I hated being out so late. I hated being out at all, but I'd been dodging a trio of relentless wolves for the past hour and the last thing I needed was to lead them right to my apartment.
I could smell them. My nose was ultra sensitive since being bitten and is was both annoying and fascinating. I couldn't enjoy my coffee this morning because of the overpowering smell, but I could smell crazy things like the lust and urgency coming off of three individual men.
My knees were almost buckling with need as I took in the deep, masculine scents following me.
I wanted all three of them.
The thought was so foreign to me- I wasn't that kind of person, this wasnt me.
But I'd never wanted anything more in my life.
I didn't even need all three. I knew it wouldn't be happening anyway, werewolves are territorial and I knew for a fact that they didn't share.
They fight, and the strongest gets to mate.
The thought sent a thrill through me as my legs kept carrying me through the city alleys where I'd been weaving a maze to try to throw the wolves off. My feet changed direction and slowed as I ducked into another alley and began to slowly wander toward the very obvious wall that makered a dead end. It wasn't long before three pairs of bootsteps became clear as they rounded the corner, shoving each other as they frantically searched the wind for my scent. They only grew wilder as they realized how close they were and the shoving and growling increased as they rushed to find me.
I could now see the three men. Two were tall and board shouldered, the third a small, wiry thing. Their eyes all glowed vividy in the darkess of the alley. Two of the men had bright blue eyes, and the other a deep amber. His scent was the strongest and it made the ache between my thighs flare up more painfully in want.
They all seemed to spot me at once, backed against the alley wall and waiting and the smallest darted toward me first before a snarl and a bellow stopped him on his tracks and he shrank back, his blue irises burning into mine for a moment before he was batted aside and the two broad male wolves shouldered and snarled at each other as they each tried to get closer to claim me.
My toes curled with excitement and anticipation as snarls turned into gurgling growls and and shoves became wild punches as they tried to overpower one another. I could just makeout the glint of claws in the dark and while the sight of blood would usually send me into a state of disarray, it absolutely excited me as I watched them fight for the right to fuck me.
I was almost tempted to start undressing in preparation for the victor, but I was too fixed on the fighting to actually act on my thoughts.
There was a loud bellow and a slam of flesh on brick and it took me a moment to realize that someone had finally won. I could just see the silhouette of the defeated wolf fleeing before a pair of burning amber eyes pinned me in place, daring me to try to flee again as the wolf stalked toward me, a deep growl bubbling from his throat as I accepted his challenge and made a vain attempt at ducking around him to escape. A thrill of surprise and excitement coursed through me as a thick, strong arm caught me around the torso and brought me to the ground , my back slamming into the dirt and gravel and sending a huff of air from my lungs before my legs were yanked up and held together. I yelped and wiggled for a moment, confusion somewhere in my haze of lust before my legs were pressed into a thick chest and two large hands cupped my ass. I gasped as claws ripped into my jeans and tore the fabric away from my body, panties and all. I could feel stinging scratches against my skin but new sensations made me forget the old as the open air hit my glistening cunt, followed by a thick, hot, throbbing cock that suddenly rammed into me, stretching me deliciously and making me cry out sharply before my whole body was rocked and jarred around as the werewolf with the burning amber eyes fucked me mercilessly, stretching me with every inch of the monsterous meat he had me skewered on. I could feel every pulsing vein on his cock and every savage thrust seemed to hit me in the spot, deep within that made me mewl and scream with extacy.
"Y-yes! Fuck! Yes! Harder!" I gasped between cries. He somehow managed to fuck me even harder, moving from savage to full on brutal as he finally seemed to find some kind of rhythm and began pushing himself further into my pussy, making me realize that I hadn't even been taking his full length before.
"Mine." He snarled as he pounded, the wet sound of skin slapping against skin filling the dark alley. The gravel under my back was digging into tender skin, but I could hardly think of that when I was being fucked so thoroughly.
A large, calloused hand grabbed me around the waist and suddenly my whole world was flipped as i was thrown onto my belly, my ass in the air before his probing cock came searching for my entrance again, poking and gliding against my ass and almost into the wrong entrance before he lined himself up with my pussy and slammed his hot, throbbing member into me, drawing forth a new string of cries from me as he began filling me to my core and stretching me in ways I didn't know I could until I thought I'd burst.
My very core seemed to be winding up, tighter and tighter, higher and higher, until everything became too much and I snapped, my whole body spasming and my toes curling as a strangled cry breached my lips and my pussy tightened around the cock invading me, creating delicious friction to ride out my orgasm on and drawing a deep, gutteral groan from the wolf inside of me. His thrusts were growing more spastic and urgent and I could tell he wasn't far from his own climax.
"Cum inside of me!" I begged, wiggling my ass against him and shuddering when a calloused hand smacked my bottom like a misbehaving child. I keened and begged for more, bucking back against him and panting needily until he was delivering another blow, and another.
I yelped hard when he suddenly grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, his hot breath on my neck as he kept pounding. I whimpered, begging for something I didn't quite understand as his lips came crashing down on my neck and sharp teeth grazed the soft skin there, then slowly traveled to my shoulder, then down my back, my whole body arching and trembling at the soft sensations until my mewling whimpers turned into a sharp cry of pain when he suddenly sank his fangs into my back, right along the right side of my ribcage. The pain only lasted a second before it drew a moan out of me. I'd never felt anything quite like it. It was almost like experiencing another climax, but different, more powerful, and far more intimate.
"Mine." he growled, low and dark as he ran his tongue over the mark he had left on me. He punctuated the word with a hard thrust of his cock that set him back on his frantic need for release, pumping further and faster into me as he groaned and and growled. His mouth kept exploring my back and shoulders as he worked me over with his wide, throbbing meat and I mewledloudly when he reached a large hand around to play with my clit, his large, rough fingers against the sensitive bud of nerves adding to the overload of pleasure until I was winding up all over again, tighter and tighter, my moans and mewls growing more desparate until I came undone again with a powerful wave of spasms. The man pounding inside of me mercilessly gave a guttural roar as he thrust into my soaked pussy two more times then planted himself firmly in me, finally finding release. I could feel his hot seed pouring into me and it only added to the intensity of my climax. I ground against him, greedily wanting every last drop as he emptied himself in me.
A part of me was aware that this wasn't me- this wasn't my usual behaviour. I wasn't a very sexual creature, and I'd never let a man cum inside of me like this, despite being unable to reproduce with anything that wasn't human or shifter.
This was different, though. I WANTED this to be my usual behaviour. I wanted to be this man's mate, just as he'd marked me to be.
The realist in me knew better though. Soon the bite would wear off and I'd be back to my plain, shapeshifter self and anything the werewolf bond had created between us would be dead. Like finally sobering up after a crazy night and realizing the California dime you'd nailed the night before was anything but.
Rough hands explored my body gently as the werewolf softened inside of me and slowly pulled out, leaving me feeling acheingly empty and exposed to the night chill.
I laid there for awhile, trying to catch my breath before I slowly got to my feet, my knees feeling jello-like as I searched around for anything salvageable to put on. My shirt was torn and my jeans were in ribbons. I let out an exasperated sigh and turned to where the man who'd hunted me down and claimed me was zipping up his pants. He glanced up at me and let his eyes travel from my narrowed eyes down to the shreds of clothing I held. A wide grin split his muffled features.
"Sorry." He grunted as he reached for his own shirt and slowly covered the distance between us. He held the shirt out toward me and I carefully took it, not taking my eyes off of him as I did.
The shirt was almost a dress on me, but at least it covered what needed to be. It smelled like him. I had to fight myself from burying my nose in it.
"I need to go home." I mumbled as I tried to collect myself and move past the large man. I was stopped by a thick arm that dragged me flush against him. His breath was a hot whisper against my neck.
"Mine." it was just a soft rumble, but it held power and authority.
"Look, it's not like tha-"
He cut me off with a grunt as he carefully backed me into the alley wall, one hand on my waist and the other planted against the brick. He easily towered over me, but he stooped so his mouth was inches from mine. I could just make out the soft glowing of his amber eyes and a strong jawline that I ached to touch.
"Mine." He repeated it slowly, drawing the word out as if it would make it's meaning any clearer to me. I was about to try to argue it again, but I was cut off as he pressed his full, soft lips against my own hungrily. I gave a soft, muffled sound of surprise, but I didn't fight it. It was a deep, burning kiss that made the tormenting ache between my legs return with a fresh wave of heat as his tounge greedily explored my mouth.
He could smell the arousal rolling off my me and I could feel him stiffening against my thigh as we both longed to mate again.
I tried to fight it, realizing that this was only going to make things harder.
"Look, I shouldn't..." I panted.
He hardly seemed to hear me as his hands began making quick work of the buttons down the front of the shirt he'd lent me.
"Please, just let me go." I moved to cover myself back up when he pulled the shirt apart, exposing my bare body to him. He growled and snatched up my arms, pinning them over my head and holding them there with a single hand. His other reached down and released himself from his pants, the sound of his zipper filling the alley for a moment before I felt the heat radiating from his cock press against my thighs.
As much as I wanted him, I fought it, pressing my legs together firmly and snapping my teeth at him when he tried to pry his hand between them. His eyes snapped up and bore into mine and a low growl rippled through him.
"Mine." it wasn't a claim or a reminder this time. It was a demand. I was panting with need, but trying to reason with him.
"Look, I'm sorry, but...heck, I don't even know your name. Can we just go and-" a sharp gasp ripped from between my lips and I bucked involuntarily when he dipped down and took one of my nipples in his mouth. I threw my head back as he rolled the sensitive skin between his teeth and lapped at it greedily. His hand was teasing patterns across my skin with the very tips of his claws and i was shuddering and panting by the time his hands reached my thighs again. He ripped them apart suddenly and I yelped at the soft knick of claws against the sensitive skin. He threw my leg over his hip and nestled in to where I couldn't seal my legs again, his hips flush against mine and his member rubbing against me teasingly.
"Caleb." the word was a rough growl in my ear as he reached down to grasp his cock and line it up with my entrance, but I understood.
His name.
I didn't have time to let myself really absorb this before I let out a scream of pleasure when Caleb suddenly thrust his cock into me, making my eyes roll back in extacy.
I threw my other leg over his other hip and groaned at the new sensations the angle brought as he thrust deeper into me, hard and fast, his fat cock hitting my gspot over and over again and making me cry out, not caring who heard and who might stumble across us and see.
In a world of savage beasts and monsters, it wasn't uncommon at all to find them fucking around every corner. The poor fairy maidens, tiny women with pointed ears were constantly snatched up and used as cock sleeves left and right since they were so easy to fold and fuck, and made any cock look huge in comparison to their small frames, and elves fucked to celebrate, to apologize, to fight, and everything in between, usually out in the open like we were right now.
A cock like the one hammering into me right now could possibly split a fairy in two and I moaned at the thickness and how perfectly it stretched me.
"Fuck!" I squealed as Caleb grabbed me off the wall and took a step back so he was holding me in the air and bringing me up and down on his waiting cock, faster and faster, harder and harder until I felt a climax building in my core as I was jarred around like a rag doll on Caleb's cock. His thrusts were growing eratic again and i tightened my legs around him in anticipation,brining him in deeper as we fell to the ground, his body pressing mine into the gravel as he pounded into my aching core, grunting and snarling and his cock ravaged me and brought me closer and closer to release.
He came first, burrying himself deep into me and stuffing me full of his hot cum, sending me over the edge with the erotic sounds that came from his climax and the sensation of being filled.
"Mine." he growled once more into the crook or my neck as he slowly softened inside of me.
"Yes." I panted breathlessly.

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Cyarine- Part 1

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Comments (7)
Anonymous reader — 17 March 2016 21:44
Leyulf: it is really to bad that you did not continue this story. then that puts you in with about 90% of series writers who DO NOT finish their stories and leave their reader/fans hanging . I do not know why so many writers start a story with no plans of finishing it. It really is very frustrating as a reader. Retired Army NCO
Anonymous reader — 28 November 2015 19:15
some more plzzz
Anonymous reader — 23 November 2015 21:37
Fantastic, more!
Anonymous reader — 23 November 2015 18:37
I hope he can do dishes too. A little low on the vocabulary skills, but in the end that's always a plus. Yep, I'd keep him if he could do dishes.
Please don't leave it there! You have such a easy style in writing; I'm lusting for the next chapter!
Elcie_HC — 23 November 2015 09:30
Looking forward for the 2nd part and more stories from you.
Anonymous reader — 19 November 2015 13:20
Need more. I wish I had man who could fuck me like that
Anonymous reader — 18 November 2015 19:56
More please
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