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A guy and his....? 15 Party

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex

Author: pars001

Published: 25 December 2015

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Jake really didn't want to go to this damn party tonight, but as Gen had said he was the guest of honor and therefore had no choice. He'd watched as all three of his Jinns, my Jinns he thought, how in the hell had I ended up with three? Somewhere in the back of his mind he was starting to doubt that he could pull this off, damn this was a lot of responsibility something he'd never been all that good at before he met Gen. What the hell was it about her that seemed to give him all the confidence in the world that he needed? Then there was Rosalinda he felt almost like a hero, he'd somehow given her back everything that had been her before all this war crap had started. As for his newest Jinn Rashala, she was fiercely loyal and loving, what was wrong with these beings? Didn't they believe in love at all? God, what a lonely existence it must be to be almost eternal and hardly ever, if ever, feel love and devotion from another person or Jinn.

So all three Jinns had him sit while they modeled for him, each one appearing in a dress, then naked, and then in another dress. Damn! Did they think he was a superman? Within moments he was harder than he'd been in some time, the sight of three naked females with unblemished skin, well endowed breasts, plus three drooling pussies had him almost to the point of grabbing the closest one and screwing her brains out. Jake could tell they were doing it on purpose especially Gen, she was by far the horniest of the three and as he already knew she could go for hours. Finally decided about their outfits Jake sighed and tried to get dressed himself, damn it! They had him so hard he couldn't get his damn pants on! Laughing Gen poked her head in his door, "Do you need help Master Jake?" She said as sexily as she could.

Jake was about to tell her no when she was in front of him stark naked, pushing him back on the bed she stated, "You appear to be in pain Master let me help you." With that she climbed on Jake's cock and sunk to his scrotum in one thrust.

Jake let out a groan as the warm, the tight wetness of Gen's pussy surrounded him; damn it was always like the first time! Every time with her was different. Quickly he could feel Gen's urgency as she started to slam down harder and faster her breath starting to come in husky gasps as he filled her each time she slid all the way back down.

"Oh Master! Please Master fill me I have wanted your touch all day!" Gen said between gasps. Jake could feel his own urgency but held off always trying to please his Jinns as much as they did him. Screaming out her first orgasm, Gen fell against Jake as he quickly rolled them with him on top. Finally in control Jake began to thrust as hard and fast as he could. Gen screamed out in pleasure as Jake began to pound harder and deeper, feeling his own release nearing Jake quickened his pace as Gen also started to breathe harder and faster. Again unable to hold back Gen began to shake as her orgasm started to take her over. Jake, feeling her sex tighten around his member shoved as deep as he could releasing a flooding blast deep in her washing her cervix with his seed.

They both were out of breath as Jake looked deep into Gen's eyes; the absolute love he saw there shook him almost to his core. That look Jake had longed all his life to see now was a bit frightening, what if he couldn't live up to her expectations?

<Master, you are all that I want or will ever want please don't fear there, I was made to serve you but your freeing me has made me love you forever. That my Master will never change.>

Shit! I forgot about the thought talk! Gen's giggle let him know that she could still hear him. Getting up Jake wasn't sure they were going to make it on time now, shit he smelled like raw sex, (not that he really minded mind you.) Guess I better take another shower, Jake thought as he headed into the ... swimming area? Christ he forgot he now had a house ten times bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. Climbing into the pool sized bath Jake was soon joined by Gen, then Rosalinda and finally Rashala, sighing all three began to wash him paying special and tender attention to his cock and scrotum.

Though Jake knew that he had to hurry, he couldn't help but relax in the warm water while all three of the Jinns fluttered around him. An hour later Jake jerked awake all three Jinns beside him smiling.

"Oh my god we're going to be late!" Jake yelled.

Gen put a hand on his shoulder stopping him from exiting the tub, "It is fine master we have slowed time, we have plenty of time to get ready and maybe," here he felt three sets of hands massaging his cock and scrotum, "we could help keep you satisfied Master." All three were smiling at him with lustful stares, god I feel like a piece of meat to a starving mob. Here all three of the females began to giggle.

"Well master," Rosalinda spoke up, "you are extremely tasty I find I can't get enough of you now."

Jake was a little worried now if they got him started again they'd never make the party. That was something that Jake felt that not even Juno would allow that to pass.

Finally they were ready Gen had un-stoppered time, now at least they could get on with the day.

Finally they were loaded up in his truck and started out towards Juno's estate. Again as before they were buzzed in then for several minutes they drove before the trees gave way to a huge mansion with dozens of cars in front of it. Shaking his head Jake was still amazed by the sheer size of the place. Never in his widest dreams did Jake think that he'd go to or even be friends with someone with a place like this. Pulling up to the front door, Juno himself came out to meet him. At first Juno's eyes were large, his mouth slightly agape in shock at the three gorgeous women that were with Jake. Hell, he was only slightly jealous before but now? This was full out green eyed monster. I think I need some of whatever he has, Juno chuckled to himself. Looking at Jake, he knew that the boy could satisfy two women but three? Obviously the boy had a hell of a lot more stamina than he would at first thought.

<Gen,> Jake thought, <I'm not going to be the object of every woman's sexual desire tonight am I?>

Both Gen and Rosalinda giggled, <If we had our way Master you'd sample every woman here at least two at a time. Though you made it clear that you wanted us to 'tone' the sexual attractiveness down. As I said before Master, this goes against me helping you to have as much sex as you can.>

Looking over at Gen, Jake could see she was pouting, though he thought he saw a hint of a smile behind that pout. Shit he thought that Jinn is up to something, knowing her and Rosalinda the way he did, it most definitely involved sex with and without them. Groaning he again thought this was going to be a VERY long night.

<Yes Master, it will most certainly be.> Gen giggled again.

Looking over all three of his Jinns he noticed that Rashala was uneasy. <Rashala?> Jake asked, <Are you alright? I can see that you are uneasy, have you detected anything I might need to worry about.>

<Not as of yet Master though I was a little earlier, there is a presence in the air that I am uneasy about. I have tripled the protection about you, NOTHING will harm you.> Rashala said then a sly smile crept on her lips.

‘Hmmmm,’ Jake thought, ‘what the hell was that?’ Almost reminds me of the second time with Gen when she was so horny and could hardly think of anything but riding him.

Within moments Juno went to the front of the room. "Tonight we are to honor a new employee of our family company. He was brought to my attention by one of my on-site foremen. After seeing some of his plans, I tested him, I’m glad I did too, hell the boy saved me a million and a half on this job."

Jake had backed to a wall next to an older woman who turned and noticed him, licking her lips she had backed into Jake feeling his cock as it hardened. Her eyes had gone wide only to be replaced by a look of pure raw lust. Reaching behind her she grabbed his cock through his pants hiding her hand by moving her ass to obstruct anyone from seeing. Trying to pay attention to Juno, Jake was not immune to the ministrations of the older woman.

"So tonight we toast Jake, and please ladies I need him back in one piece!" Juno said with a little laugh seeing Jake backed into an almost corner. All eyes turned to Jake as Juno raised his glass to toast him. From what Jake saw these were very rich people, most of the women looked bored, well at least 'til they saw him. For the second time that day Jake felt as if he was a piece of meat from all the hungry female stares he was getting.

The older woman leaned close and whispered her name was Rita, then led Jake out of the room, into a nearby bedroom. They were soon joined by another younger version of the older woman. The fact that they almost ripped his clothes off did nothing to dampen his hard manhood. Both women were practically throwing their clothes off their bodies. Once naked the older woman positioned Jake at her opening and thrust down taking all of him to his scrotum,

"OH, god damn! Mary wasn't lying, mother of god! Fuck me you son of a bitch ram that cock as hard as you can!"

Reversing positions Jake began to pound the older woman for all he was worth, the grunts groans and little squeals he heard let him know she was completely enjoying the ride. Finally twenty minutes later she screamed out that she'd never been fucked like that, her hole squeezing his cock milking every drop of juice from it. "Damn son! THAT was a damn good fuck! This is my daughter twenty-year old daughter Tina, make her scream mother fucker, she needs it as bad as I did!"

Tina smiled, she been rubbing her clit while her mother had been screaming with Jake in her. Spreading lewdly she reached for Jake, amazed that he was still as hard as when he'd started, like her mother this girl was also a screamer as Jake found out as he entered her tight hole only halfway, slowly working his way in deeper, the girl began to utter a string of obscenities that though Jake thought were bad coming from a female, they were also oddly enough, turning him on even more. Once Jake was able to start thrusting into her she became extremely quiet, worried a moment Jake had stopped, only to hear the girl whine begging him to keep going. Shrugging Jake started back a steady rhythm soon Tina was also thrusting back up at him.

"Yes, god yes! Don't stop fill me up I want all of you!" She said fifteen minutes later, feeling his balls were full again he could also feel and hear that Tina was getting closer. Finally thrusting as deep as he could she started to scream, wrapping her long legs around Jake he felt her tighten her hold as he started to empty his balls deep in her washing her cervix causing her scream in joy that the heat was wonderful.

Jake left the room with both women, both were smirking, and they were greeted by more than a few wide eyed men and women. Then again the women were once again looking at Jake with hungry lustful looks, <Gen?> Jake asked.

<Yes Master, are you ready for us now?> Gen giggled, she'd enjoyed what she'd felt through her Master.

<Will I be able to survive this? I'm not sure if I can take every woman in this place.> Jake stated a little worried.

<Oh, you won't have to Master, most have made an appointment for you to come over to their place.> Gen stated, and then started giggling at the look of shock that was now on Jake's face.

Jake sat though strangely enough he wasn't tired; it was only a few minutes later that Juno came up to him.

"Jake, ah there you are! Once again you have done me a great service, just in case you didn't know that was Rita my younger sister and my niece. From what little we could hear you did an even better job than I at first thought. She has been pestering me to find a man that could satisfy her, shit son, not only was she but she thanked me! You know that woman hasn't thanked me in over twenty years?"

Jake did a double take, his sister, and niece? Were all the females in this family unsatisfied? Shit Jake thought, more fans of the let's fuck Jake to death club! It's a good thing I have all this energy from the Jinns Jake thought or I know I'd be dead by now that's for damn sure! <Rashala,> Jake said when he saw her near a back wall a look of slight worry on her face. <Are you feeling it again?> Jake asked.

<Yes Master, it is coming closer> she answered.

<Alright we need to leave now!> Jake said, making apologies to Juno they all left. Climbing into the truck they had just left Juno's estate when the attack came.

"Master!" Rashala yelled throwing a type of shield around them. The problem was the first bolt caught the truck turning it over. One moment he was in the truck the next, it was exploding and he was 1000 yards away. Damn he thought I love that little truck.

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A guy and his....? 15 Party

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Comments (13)
Clover Ernest — 02 August 2016 08:57
Lets all join the "Lets fuck Jake to death club"!!!
Clover Ernest — 02 August 2016 08:55
agreeing w/ the boobster, pars, u have a lot of talent, when u first started writing again ur grammer and spelling was absolute shit - not completely indecipherable though. as u have continued ur multiple series uve gotten to be extremely skilled. I dont care which series u decide to work on whenever, just dont quit writing.

As always,
Semper fi, Clover
Anonymous reader — 13 January 2016 18:29
pars,you may find this hard to believe but some of the time I skip over the sex part of this story and a lot of other stories I keep reading because you have captured my imagination with the story line.I have to say you are by far my favorite author.keep it coming.the boobster
Anonymous reader — 28 December 2015 17:26
I created an account just for your writing especially for Lost empire
Anonymous reader — 28 December 2015 11:27
Awesome work can't wait for the next installment !!!!!!!!!
Anonymous reader — 27 December 2015 23:46
Wwwxxxn gogal com
*Reizo* — 27 December 2015 00:19
Found out that I could creat an account now.... last time I tried I couldn't.

So, cheers and ceep up the great work.
Anonymous reader — 27 December 2015 00:14
Hey pars001, I just wanted to let you know I am a huge fan of your writing. Sometimes it is a bit hard to read through the grammar mistakes but still lovely work.
I wish I was able to create an account here so I could formaly sign my reply.

naenaegirl — 26 December 2015 17:53
while I love all the sex this is he part I have been waiting for. cant wait for the next part
Anonymous reader — 26 December 2015 05:55
paras I like all ur stories very much... u hav got something in ur writing... but u r writing several stories at the same time... I would suggest u to pls complete 1 or 2 stories first thn continue with the other stories... its hard for d readers to wait so long for nxt chapter of story... u just check when did u upload the 1st chapter of ur all the stories and at this pace when u will complete all of them.
Anonymous reader — 26 December 2015 04:45
this is an incredible story. Please continue
Anonymous reader — 25 December 2015 17:27
Not bad story. Chaps are small and few. If your not happy with the story bring it to a conclusion. One thing I and I believe a lot of others hate is a story that is left in mid air. Something TV shows have yet to learn as well.
pars00125 December 2015 16:19
Please everyone remember I almost didn't continue this story I never thought it was good though many decided it was (porn wise) I will continue it but I an still writing it as fun so the chaps will never be that long sorry.
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