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  1. Beautiful People
  2. Beautiful People Ch. 2
  3. Beautiful People Ch.3

Beautiful People Ch.3

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Group Sex, Murder

Authror: Jax_Teller

Published: 05 January 2016

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Beautiful People Ch.3

By Jax_Teller

The days of the week went by fast as I left one job and essentially one life and began a new life. I wasn’t going to be just another service technician anymore. The life I had led after my military service was predictable and profitable but, wasn’t enjoyable. Now I had found my heritage and a woman to share my life with. I was part of a brotherhood now, and I was looking forward to serving my mother country. It was an adjustment to coming home to all the folks that lived at the mansion, but it was really easy considering they treated me like a long lost brother. Kristen and Maggie had their tasks to do at the mansion and were just as busy as I was.

One night after getting home from working on guns all day, I went to our room and started to strip preparing for a shower to get the smell of gun cleaning solvent and oil off of me when Kristen came in with Maggie. They both looked at me like I was a steak on the counter and they were the starved bull dogs. Kristen said so you can read minds too looking at me as they both started taking their clothes off. Maggie said how sexy I smelled, and I thought I got to remember that. They both knelt in front of me and took turns sucking on my cock and licking my balls.

I was in heaven, these two beautiful women absolutely worshiping my cock. I felt my knees buckle slightly and said ok you two on the bed one a top the other, makes no difference to me who first. I led them to the bed and into the sixty nine position with Maggie on top. I knelt behind Maggie and began fingering her pussy and then pulled my finger from her sweet garden and pushed the tip of my wet finger in her rose bud asshole. Maggie lifted her head up slightly and then put it back down continuing to lick at Kristen’s pussy. The pre-cum was drooling off the tip of my cock and I slid the head of my cock over her asshole spreading the pre-cum on her.

I pushed slightly at the tight little ass of hers and then took my cock in hand and fed it into her waiting wet pussy. She screamed fuck yes into Kristen’s pussy and I plowed my cock all the way into her until my balls were resting on her clit. I drew all the way out of her and lined my cock up still in my hand and again pushed all the way in her. I repeated that several times and then began a regular rhythm, fucking her long and deep every time. Kristen took a hold of my balls and began using them to force my cock into Maggie harder. Kristen was still licking Maggie’s pussy and as I began to tire from the pace I let my cock pop out of Maggie’s pussy and Kristen took my cock in her mouth and sucked it and the re-inserted it back into Maggie’s pussy.

I felt Maggie getting very wet and the sounds of our fucking were getting raunchy, I pulled my cock from her pussy and put the tip up to her asshole. I waited for a second and then she cried please fuck my ass sir. I took grip of my cock and pushed into her. She screamed and Kristen grabbed her by the hair and held her face into her pussy and she came as Maggie kept screaming. I kept up the balls deep assault on her asshole in and out as fast and as hard as I could.

The tightness of her asshole and the way it clamped onto my cock as she convulsed in orgasm made holding out any longer impossible and I announced that I was going to come. I pulled my cock from Maggie’s asshole I looked down and Kristen had her mouth wide open to accept my seed. I shot the first spurt on Maggie’s ass and then the next directly into Kristen’s mouth, the third spurt went all over her face. I sat back on my heels and Maggie climbed off Kristen and turned around and kissed Kristen, half licking the come from her face and half French kissing the come into Kristens’ mouth.

We gathered our selves up and took a shower. I went in first and Kristen followed me I washed her and helped rinse her and then as she stepped out Maggie stepped in. I washed her more throughly, probing her asshole with two fingers and playing with her clit as I did. I heard Kristen announce that dinner would be ready in a few minutes and she was going to the dining room. I finished washing and Maggie thanked me for accepting her. I said it was my pleasure and I meant it.

After Dinner Carson asked to see Kristen and I in his office. We followed him and sat down as we entered. He told us the Brotherhood requested a task that I would be best suited for. I asked how I could be of service. He said he needed Kristen and I to go to Rashime and pick up a brother as he was released from prison. Carson told me that the brother would be in great danger the minute he was released into public. He didn’t go into details but said there was a potential problem in the local chapter and that someone less known would make the job easier. I was told we’d need to be leaving out in 3 hours and that the van was being prepared for us as we speak.

Kristen and I had not worked together yet and we discussed that because I did things differently than the C&H normally would do I would be the lead. We drove in turns 2 hours at a time throughout the night. The van was very comfortable and Kristen filled me in on the van and how it was armored and the weaknesses in the armor. She told me where the weapons compartment was and how to access it from inside or outside the van. I had my leather on and she was dressed similarly. When we got to Rashime it was just after 10 am and the package we were to be picking up was scheduled to be released at eleven.

We called to confirm the release and as we drove to the prison where we were supposed to pick him up we were stopped by a local policemen. He said that I had rolled through a right on red light and asked for license and registration proof of insurance. Kristen reached for the glove box and produced the documents as I got my license out. She handed me the documents and said here you go officer and it was if some-one else was sitting next to me. She used a perfectly southern accent to match the area we were in. I had never heard her speak anything other than her heavy Irish brood, and I smiled at her. The officer came back a few minutes later and handed me a warning and told me to take my time as I passed through town to the prison. I said thank you sir and he returned to his cruiser. I turned to Kristen and she said yeah I noticed that too, neither of us had said anything about the prison being our destination.

There were a lot of businesses and residential areas still between us and the prison and the state road we were on continued throughout the state, so there was no way he’d know that we were going to the prison unless he knew about us before he pulled us over or was told by his dispatch. I parked outside the prison in the parking lot assigned to visitors and waited for eleven o’clock. As the clock got to ten fifty five I slid out the door and Kristen slid into the driver seat. I had parked the van so that we could drive straight out of the lot. I walked to the main door and waited at an area for cigarette smoking near the door.

When our man walked out, I waked over to him and told him to follow me. He closely followed me to the van and as the side door opened he quickly stepped in and closed the door behind. I reached for the handle of the passenger side door and a car pulled in front of us to block us in. I jumped in and told Kristen to drive, she put the van in reverse and drove over the parking stop behind us, across the grass spinning the van around as she turned onto the street. I turned and pointed to the bullet proof vest and told him to put it on. A few seconds later the car that had blocked us in was now behind us. It looked like a police vehicle but didn’t have any lights or marking on it. We drove through town and continued out of town on a different road than the one we came in on. I called Carson and told him we had the package and that we were being pursued. He told me not to stop unless absolutely unavoidable.

The car kept behind us not more than two car lengths away for an hour, making our way across the country side on a 4 lane highway. We were in the right lane and I saw traffic coming up behind us as we were just going the speed limit no more, no less. One of the vehicles in the pack of cars that was passing us was a pickup truck and as it came along side I noticed the windows were completely blackened. It went around us and pulled into our lane as many of the others that passed had done.

The pickup didn’t pull away though and was staying three car lengths ahead of us when two people that had laying in the truck bed sat up and sprayed bullets from mac10 type machine pistols at the front of the van. Kristen held her course and picked up speed until she rammed the back of the truck and forced the rear of it sideways and then it rolled off the side of the road in a barrel roll throwing the occupants in the bed and twisting the pickup truck into a pretzel of wreckage.

The first car stayed close on us and tried to force us off the road. Kristen kept her cool and kept us on the road. I watched as they followed and saw them pull out an RPG from the back seat. The passenger got in the rear seat and had the tube sticking out the window. The car began to pull alongside of us and I got in the back seat a pulled the CAR15 from the weapons cabinet. I told our package to pull the side door on the driver side open when I signaled him. I watched as the car got close to being at our side and signaled and the door flew open. I unloaded one clip into the passenger and then changed out magazines, and lit up the driver as the car spun out behind us and off into a ditch. We kept driving as ordered.

We arrived at the mansion shortly before midnight. Carson greeted us and hugged the man. Someone else took charge of getting him settled and Kristen and I retired to our quarters. Maggie greeted us and we gave a brief rundown of our trip to her. We three made love that night, first hugging and kissing all of us at the same time. All of our hands running all over each other. The nature of Kristen and I working together solidified our relationship and drew Maggie closer to us. Maggie was becoming a part of our relationship.

The End Pt 3

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Beautiful People Ch.3

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Comments (1)
Anonymous reader — 31 January 2016 02:18
keep it coming friend,this story has me enjoying it.good pace,action,and not overboard on the sex.boobster
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