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  1. Building My Harem Pt. 1
  2. Building My Harem Pt. 2
  3. Building My Harem Pt. 3

Building My Harem Pt. 2

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Foot or shoe fetish

Author: CheatX92

Published: 15 January 2016

  • Font:

This is part 2 of my series, that I've been developing. I've tried to address some of the issues that have been pointed out in the comments. Please continue to leave your helpful feedback. Hope you all enjoy.

I apologize ahead of time for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes. I try.

All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age.

A couple of weeks had passed since everything that went down with Erin and my sister. Looking back, I suppose I should've felt more reluctance about deflowering my little sister, I probably should've felt ashamed for committing the ultimate taboo. But to be honest, I felt none of those things, I actually felt happy for once. For so long all I felt was the soul crushing monotony of my day to day, but after that weekend with Erin and Katey I've been feeling good, things had finally changed for me. And over the past 2 weeks I've enjoyed every second I've spent with my two girls. Katey and Erin seemed to be enjoying this new relationship of our's too. It's not the way I would've ever imagined getting closer to my sister, but now we're closer than ever.

During those 2 weeks I made sure both girls were on the pill, wouldn't want any unexpected pregnancies. Everything was going well, just me and my two girls. I treated them well and they treated me well, all in all we were happy with this new arrangement. Though, I knew I should add another at some point, after all can't have a harem with only 2 girls.

It was Friday around 8pm I pulled into the driveway, my parents car was gone as they were going to out of town for the weekend. I got out of the car and walked to the door, after another miserable day at work I was relieved to be at home and even better I knew Katey would waiting for me too. Not only that, but Erin would be coming over as well.

I opened the front door and walked into the house, my sister was sitting in the livingroom watching the television.

“Hey sis, how was your day?” I said.

“Good. How was work?” she replied, her eyes glued to some show on the TV.

“meh, the usual, you know” I said as I passed through the livingroom heading to the kitchen.

I grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and walked back into the livingroom, taking a seat on the couch next to my sister.

“Did you eat yet Katey?” I asked, after taking a swig of my beer.

“Yeah.” she said.

“Good, I ate on the way home.” I said.

As we sat watching the TV, after about half an hour Katey scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her and began softly rubbing her arm with my hand. Just being so close to her, I began to feel that familiar stirring in my loins. I then putt my fingers under her chin, gently lifting her head, I gazed into her beautiful eyes and I was completely under her spell. I moved in slowly and our lips connected in a kiss. She parted her lips and allowing my tongue access to probe her mouth. Our tongues wrestled in each other's mouths for the length of our kiss.

“Ya know, I made sure I was on my feet all day today, and I left my shoes and socks all day, just so I could keep em all nice and sweaty for you” Katey said, breaking our kiss.

“oh that's perfect sis, you know just what I like” I said as I laid her back on the couch so she could relax.

I took her legs in my lap and began removing her shoes. I could feel the heat coming from her socks as I freed them. I then removed her socks and marvelled at her sexy feet. The intense odor made my cock twitch. I lifted one of her feet to my lips and began kissing her sole. I ran my tongue from her heel to her toes. I licked between each of her toes, letting my tongue wrap around them. I wrapped my lips around her big toe and began sucking on it. Katey moaned as I licked and sucked on her feet.

“oh my gosh, this feels so good, I can't wait til Erin gets here so I can worship her feet” Katey said.

After a minute I switched to her other foot and gave it the same treatment until both of us heard the doorbell ring. Katey and I jumped up instantly, we knew who it would be.

“Well, speak of the devil, sis, and she shall appear” I said with a smirk.

“I'll get it.” Katey said before darting to the door.

Katey opened the door and Erin walked in. After we all exchanged greetings I stood up from the couch.

“okay, Erin, we kinda got started without you, so let's say we take this downstairs.” I said, making sure the front door was locked before following the girls to the steps leading to my room.

Once down in my room, Erin and Katey sat on my bed and began kissing. I watched for a moment before walking over to them and joining them in a threeway kiss.

“Erin, please tell me you've had those shoes and socks on all day.” Katey said, breaking the threeway kiss.

“Of course I did Katey, afterall I knew I was coming over here tonight.” Erin said.

“Well, what do ya say we get started, my two sexy queens.” I said.

Katey and Erin wasted no time in getting into position. Erin laid back on the bed while Katey began removing her socks and shoes. Soon the only thing Katey was focused on was worshipping Erin's sweaty feet. Erin's moans feeled the room as my sister kissed, licked, and sucked on her feet. So I moved behind Katey and changed her position so that she was on her hands and knees. I pulled down her pants and she removed her shirt and bra. The only thing left covering her big round ass was a skimpy little pair of black panties.

I took off my clothes and pulled off my boxers to free my already stiff cock. I rubbed the tip of my cock along the entrance of my sister's dripping wet pussy, coating my cock in her juices.

“ok sis, you continue what you're doing there and I'm gonna fuck this sexy pussy of yours” I said, still teasing her snatch.

My sister just nodded her aknowledgement and I began slowly pushing into her pussy, she groaned as her pussy stretched to accommodate my cock. I couldn't help but moan from the feeling of her wet pussy sliding along my cock as I pushed into her.

Once she began to loosen up a bit I began steadily thrusting in and out of her pussy. She moaned even more as I started increasing my pace. I glanced ahead over my sister's shoulder to see that she was no longer worshipping Erin's feet but Erin had scooted herself further down and Katey was now eating her pussy. I kept pushing into my sister's hole and she moaned into Erin's pussy.

The whole house was filled with moans, Erin from having her pussy worked on by my sister's expert mouth and Katey from having her pussy filled with my cock.

“oh my god Katey that feels so fucking good!” Erin yelled as my sister furiously attacked her clit.

“mmmhmm” Katey replied, her mouth still glued to Erin's pussy.

I grabbed my sister's ass and began groping it as I began slamming into her with an increased intensity. I pulled almost completely out and pushed back in as hard and fast as I could. This caused Katey to lift her mouth from Erin's pussy.

“holy shit! That feels good! Keep doing that!” my sister yelled.

“Yeah? You like having your pussy pounded by your brother, don't you? If I didn't know any better sis, I'd think you were a slut.” I said.

“I'm your slut! Now keep fucking your sister-slut's pussy!” she yelled as I continued my assault on her loins.

Sister-slut, I pondered the term, I liked it. I heeded her words and kept up the intense pounding I was giving her love canal. Katey went back to eating Erin's pussy, and they both continued their moaning. I didn't know how much longer I could keep this up, I was close to cumming and could only hope Katey was as well. Then as if her body read my mind I felt the walls of her pussy contract around my shaft and her body tremble as she was hit with a thunderous orgasm. In response to the tightening sensation on my shaft I too began to tremble as I began shooting my load deep in her pussy.

Once my orgasm subsided and cock began to soften, I let it fall from my sister's pussy and I collapsed on the bed next to Katey and Erin. I laid on my back trying to catch my breath as Katey continued eating Erin's pussy.

“oh fuck yes! Eat my pussy! I'm gonna cum!” Erin yelled.

I observed as Katey began flicking Erin's clit with her tongue and sucking it into her mouth. Erin uttered screams of pleasure in response until she too began to hit her climax. Her thigh muscles tensed up and her toes began to curl as she succumbed to a powerful orgasm.

Katey finally able to relax collapsed onto her back next to me, while Erin began to come down from her climax. The three of us just laid there in my bed, the only sound in the whole house was our panting as we tried to catch our breath. Within a few minutes I began to doze off. After a long day at work and cumming in my sister's pussy, I was ready for sleep. And judging by the 2 girls' steady breathing and lack of movement, they must've been ready for sleep too.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of my phone going off. It was work, they wanted me to come in for a few hours today. Damn it, I thought to myself. I got out of bed quietly trying not to wake up Katey and Erin so that I could go take a shower.

I finished my shower and got out to dry off. As I towelled myself off I began to think about the previous night and the nights to come. And then my thoughts turned towards the idea of adding anothing girl to our group, I figured it wouldn't hurt to start looking while I was out. I finished drying off and put on some clothes, then headed back to my room. As I walked into my room I saw that Katey and Erin were both awake.

“Sorry girls, I didn't mean to wake ya. I got called into work for a few hours, so I'll be back after awhile. Try not to have too much fun without me.” I said with a smirk.

“Aww, that's sucks.” both girls groaned in unison.

“Yeah I know.” I said, putting on my shoes.

“But don't worry, we'll have plenty of time later.” I said, tying my shoes and standing up.

“Okay, see ya later Alan.” Erin said.

“Yeah bye bro.” Katey said.

I moved closer to them and gave both girls a goodbye kiss before leaving the house.

I sat in my office getting some work done on my computer as had been requested of me. I glanced up from my computer and saw through the windows of my office one of my coworkers walk by in the hall. A bombshell of a coworker, Ashley was her name. She was a few years older than me, she 26 years old to be exact. She had long wavy brown hair that framed her face perfectly. Her skin was pale, but not pasty or anything, just natural flesh tones for a white woman. She was tall but not too tall and she had an average build. Her DD-cup breasts were easily one of her most prominent features. Her long toned legs supported a big heart shaped ass. I'd never seen her feet before, as she always wore heels and stockings in the office, along with the typical clothing of a professional working woman.

She would walk past my office quite a bit, and I always made an effort to check her out as she walked by. We would speak on a few occasions and were friendly with one another. I had never made a pass at her before because I knew she was dating someone, but I happened to know that she had dumped the guy recently. Not only that, but recently I also picked up some subtle flirty tones from her when we spoke.

As I sat there imagining the possibilities, I knew I wanted her. I had to have her.

After about an hour most everyone else had left and I was still in my office working. This was not uncommon, I often ended up staying after everyone else had left. But this time it was different, I wasn't alone. And sure enough Ashley came strutting into my office. She stood in the doorway.

“Hey what's up Ash?” I said, glancing up from my computer.

She didn't respond, she just stood in the doorway staring at me.

“Ya know, I've put up with you gawking at me everytime I walk past your office for a long time now.” she said.

Oh shit! I thought to myself. I was terrified she was gonna tell HR or something. As much as I hated this job, I couldn't afford to lose it. I sat there speechless, nervously awaiting her next move.

“I been waitin for lord knows how long for you to make a move. But I see I'm gonna have to make one for ya.” she said, with a sly grin on her face.

I was again left speechless, did she say what I think she said? My mind was racing. One second I was worried about HR, now she looked to be flirting. What the hell was going on? I was taken out of my head when the busty beauty in my door strutted over to my desk and sat on the edge of it. Her shapely ass was right in my face. I was still speechless, but I was quite certain of where this was going.

I shut my laptop and put it in my bag, before standing up and slowly walking to the door. I turned the lock, then walked to the windows and closed the blinds. My heart was racing, I took a moment to calm myself, then walked over to Ashley who was still sitting on my desk. I put a few fingers under her chin to line her lips up with mine as I moved my head closer until our lips met in a kiss. Her lips were soft and moist. She parted her lips and allowed my tongue to probe her hot mouth. She flicked at my tongue with hers. Our tongues wrestled until we broke the kiss.

I looked her in the eye, she had a fire in them. The same fire I was feeling. No need for foreplay, I could tell by the look in her eyes, that she was ready and if my raging hard on was any indication, so was I.

I reached for her blouse, quickly ripping it open to reveal the black lacy bra straining to hold her 36DD melons. I pulled down the cups on her bra, letting her tits hang over them freely. I took a second to marvel at her naked tits. Her light pink aerolas were about 2 inches in diameter, perfectly scaled for the massive globes they sat on. In the center of her aereolas her nipples stuck at least half an inch out from the rest of her tits.

I buried my face in her tits, planting kisses all over them. She moaned as I flicked my tongue across her hard nipples. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began suckling on it. I could feel her hands fiddling with my belt, without etaching from her nipple I reached my hands down to help her out. With my belt undone, I unbuttoned my pants and pulled the zipper down. I ran my hand back up her body and carressed her jugs as she pulled down my pants and my boxers in one motion. I moaned into her bosom as I felt her hand wrapped around my shaft.

“Damn Alan, how come you never told me you been keepin this big thing hidden away?” she said.

I pulled my head away from her chest, so that I could speak.

“Well, ya know, it's not exactly water-cooler talk.” I said, grinning at her.

“Enough talk hurry up and fuck me.” she said, her voice full of lust.

I needed no encouragement. I grabbed her skirt and hiked it up, exposing her fleshy thighs and a pair of panties that matched her bra. I moved my hand over her panty covered mound, she quivered at the touch. I hooked my fingers under the waist band of her panties and pulled them down past her knees in a quick motion. I ran my over her dripping lips and she moaned. As I ran my hand down her slit, I dipped the tip of my index finger in between her lips, teasing her. She bucked her hips against my hand.

I decided not to torment her any longer and removed her panties the rest of the way so that I could spread her legs. With her legs spread I moved in closer until my cock was perfectly aligned with her pussy. I ran the tip of my erection along her lips until I felt the wetness of her juices coat my shaft. I began pushing the tip of my cock into her slit, slowly at first. Her pussy was tight and wet and hot. I continued pushing into her slow and steady. She let out a long sigh as I bottomed out.

“holy shit” she said between breaths.

I began pushing in and out of her at a slow pace. I took my time, savoring the sensation of her tight pussy sliding against my shaft. There was no way I was going to last for too much longer. I started to increase my pace.

I moved my head closer and began sucking on her nipple as I pushed in and out of her at a medium pace. She let out a loud moan at the combined sensations of having pussy filled and her nipple sucked.

Finally I decided to speed things up, I detached my mouth from her tit and grabbed her waist as I pulled my cock almost completely out her pussy until just my tip was inside her. I then thrust back into her with full force as fast as I could.

“holy fuck!” she yelped.

I kept thrusting in and out of tight wet pussy as fast and hard as I could. I kept my hands grasped onto her waist as pounded her pussy with reckless abandon.

“oh fuck yes! Fuck my pussy!” she began screaming as I continued hammering into her.

She took one of her hands and began massaging her clit as I fucked her fast and hard. Both of us were breathing really hard now.

“oh fuck! Keep pounding that pussy baby! I'm gonna cum soon!” she said between breaths and moans.

“I'm gonna cum soon myself, do I need to pull out?” I asked in the heat of the moment.

“No, I'm on the pill, just fill my pussy with your hot cum!” she screamed.

Suddenly I felt the walls of her pussy began to tighten and contract around my shaft. At the same time her legs wrapped around my body as her thigh muscles tensed.

“Oh fuck! I'm cumming!” she screamed.

Her whole body trembled as her orgasm swept through her. I felt the intense heat build up in her pussy, surrounding my buried cock. That was enough to send me over the edge as I too tensed up.

“I'm cumming!” I managed to yell as I began to blow my load deep within her pussy.

My body trembled as I kept up a slow thrusting pace until I was completely drained of my seed.

When I felt my cock go limp I let it fall out of her pussy as I backed away. I walked around my desk and collapsed into my chair, trying to catch my breath. Ashley still sat upon my desk, catching her breath as well. After a couple of minutes she stood up and began straightening herself out. I pulled back on her panties and straightened out her skirt. She then pushed her tits back into the cups of her bra, before buttoning up her blouse.

“That was fun. We oughta do it again sometime. You've got my number.” she said before walking straight out of my office.

I sat for another couple minutes before I thought to check my phone. Holy shit I thought to myself. I been at work for far longer than I intended. Katey and Erin would surely be pissed, after all I had told them I'd be right back. I jumped up from my chair and quickly pulled my pants back up. I stuff my laptop into my case and left the office in almost a sprint.

As I drove home I thought about what transpired between Ashley and I. She said we should do it again sometime, and I knew for a fact I wanted to. I wonder what she'd think of my little harem idea, I pondered the thought. The only problem is, she might be weirded out by the fact that I've been boning my sister. Then again, who knows? She could be into that kinky shit.

It was 5pm by the time I pulled into my driveway. I made my way into the house. As I opened the front door I noticed Katey and Erin sitting in the livingroom immediately.

“Holy shit. You've been gone for hours. Where the hell have you been?” Katey said when I stepped into the livingroom.

“I got held up at work. It's a long story, I'll tell ya all about it in a minute, just let me grab a beer.” I said.

After I grabbed a beer from the fridge in the kitchen I went back to the livingroom and joined Katey and Erin on the couch. I told them everything that went down with Ashley, sparing no detail. They just nodden in silence as I told them the tale.

“So are you gonna bring her here next time? That way all of us can join in on the fun?” Erin asked.

“I don't know maybe. If that's cool with you two.” I said.

“Are you kidding me? This girl sounds hot from the way you describe her, I'm definitely down.” Erin said, clearly excited by the prospect.

“umm.. yeah.. sure” Katey said, sounding notably less excited.

I grabbed my sister, wrapping my arm around her and gave her a good long kiss on the lips.

“Don't worry sis, you're still my number 1” I said, breaking the kiss and rubbing her shoulder to console her.

“good” she said, initiating another kiss.

None of this bothered Erin, I think she understood that no matter what my sister was always going to come first for me. So she had no problem being my number 2.

“jeez, what's this girl gonna think, seeing you kiss your sister like that” Erin said with a grin.

“if she don't like it, then she can get over it” I said, once again breaking the kiss with my sister.

“Looks like someone is all excite again after your office escapades.” Erin said, staring at the bulge forming in my pants.

Without saying another word both girls began undoing my pants and pulling them down to expose my ever hardening erection. Both girls simulataneously lowered their heads to my now exposed cock and began running their tongues along either side of it as it grew to full length and began leaking precum.

I relaxed into the couch as Katey and Erin started taking turns licking and sucking my cock. I laid my head back, closed my eyes and just enjoyed the hot wet sensations as the two girls buried my cock into their mouths.

Each time one of them lowered their mouths onto my cock I felt them massage it with their tongues as they let it slide easily in and out of their mouths. I let out a low groan as Katey took over and began taking my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until I felt it hit the back of her throat.

“God damn, sis. How'd you get so good at giving head?” I said referring to both her expert cock sucking and her pussy eating.

“I know right? She's a natural.” Erin said, watching intently as Katey lowered her head up and down on my crotch.

As if encouraged by our compliments she took my cock all the way into her mouth until reach her throat, then to my surprise she relaxed her throat and let my cock slowly slide down her throat.

“oh god” I said. If she kept this up I would cum soon.

Katey bobbed her head back and forth letting my cock fuck her throat. Soon enough however she began to gag and spit my cock out of her mouth. As she sat up catching her breath, Erin took over and gave my cock the same treatment.

Sure enough, I began to get that familiar feeling in my loins as Erin sucked my cock with unbridled ferocity. She seemed desperate for cum. Even as my leg muscles began to tense up, I held back my orgasm for as long as possible. Erin continued her ferocious sucking until finally I'd had enough and let go.

“I'm bout to cum!” I yelled before shooting my load into Erin's hot mouth.

Erin took the whole load in her mouth, not spilling a drop. She kept her mouth glued to my cock, sucking every last drop from me.

As my spent cock fell from her mouth she raised her head and met Katey for a kiss. I watched the two girls kissing as they parted their lips and let my cum pass from one mouth to the other. I gasped at this extremely hot sight. After they had divided my cum evenly amongst themselves they broke their kiss and swallowed their mouthfuls.

I could barely keep my eyes open, the last thing I remember before passing out was both girls on either side of me licking their lips clean of my cum.

To be continued...

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Building My Harem Pt. 2

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Comments (7)
Hellraser — 31 January 2016 14:02
You need an editor BAD. Learn to use a spell checker
CheatX9226 January 2016 09:06
I am currently writing part 3 and so far it's shaping up to be longer than the previous parts. It's about 75% done, I'll have it up as soon as possible.
Anonymous reader — 19 January 2016 00:57
Pls add some footjobs and more anal in the next chapter....
Norton X — 19 January 2016 00:15
Good writing that delivers all the hot sensations the reader needs. Thanks!
Anonymous reader — 16 January 2016 14:04
add alan's mom. next time be a little more decriptive, I didnt know where alan and ashley were fuckin
CheatX9216 January 2016 09:30
For anyone wondering, I will be working on a part 3. I'm just brainstorming ideas.
doug54 — 16 January 2016 02:38
Great second part can hardly wait for part three...Hope there is a part 3.
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