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  1. The Reward Ch. 1 Olympic Trials
  2. The Reward Ch. 2 Graduation
  3. The Reward Ch.3 Training

The Reward Ch.3 Training

Categories Dark Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Domination/submission, Oral Sex

Author: Jax_Teller

Published: 15 January 2016

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The Reward Ch.3 Training

By Jax_Teller

Debbie and I arrived in Raging springs two weeks before training started and quickly got setup in campus housing. Campus housing was paid for by our scholarships and we went about getting the things we needed for the furnished apartment. Debbie and I settled into a routine and complimented each other.

She didn't enjoy cooking where as I did. Debbie liked to clean things her way, and I liked the way anyone else did it as long as I didn't have to do it. Our sexual lives blossomed and our roles began emerge. We still had not had vaginal sexual intercourse, but we had gotten comfortable with each others' bodies. We enjoyed oral sex and had grown into sleeping naked with each other.

Once the expectations had evaporated, we enjoyed defining our roles. I took charge in the sexual department, I enjoyed dominating her. She enjoyed pleasing me and naturally took on the submissive role. My first truly Dominant request of her was to be naked as much as possible at home.

I even extended that to our private work outs to keep us in shape. She was the accountant in the relationship, which meant at times she would switch to a dominant position when need be. I accepted her strength and talent in handling the finances.

When School started up we both went on about our classes and evolved around that schedule. Two weeks into school the FaQ Olympic training camp started up. It was a difficult time of adjustments as we juggled our new lives together with school and training. We had talked about it in depth, but the reality of the schedule we had set was difficult.

In one way we saw very little of each other privately, in other ways we crossed paths and had some classes together. That said we had to be creative in finding times to be together. Our sexual boundaries were growing with every experience.

One evening after having classes that day and a common work out training session, Debbie asked if I was interested in hooking up. I almost laughed that she'd asked, being I was usually the aggressor. I said sure but where and she told me about a locker room in an adjoining building.

She told me that locker room was rarely used and asked if I was interested. I said sure lets check it out. We were done with training for the day but a lot of the FaQ students would do more after training sessions.

So it wasn't unusual that we took off jogging. We went into the building that was part of the arena which wasn't being used right now. The doors were open and we went to the Women s Locker room. Debbie went in first to make sure it was empty.

She opened the door and I followed her in. We went to the shower room outer dressing area and disrobed. Debbie turned on showers on opposite walls. The room warmed up, and we stood between the showers getting full effect. We kissed and groped each other and Debbie sat on the bench for handicapped access.

I knelt down and ate her wonderful pussy until I felt her rubbing her hands through my hair. Then she held my face into her sex and she squirted as she came. Even with the shower raining down on us as I ate her I could feel her pussy squirt. I knelt back on my heals and kissed up her body lightly kissing caressing her until I kissed her on the mouth.

She recovered from her orgasm, and then playfully said your turn now, and I stood up. She knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her hand. She stroked and tugged and then slid it in her mouth. She licked and sucked and kept pumping with her hand. I was ready to come when she stopped with her mouth and looked up at me as I came on her face and tits.

We cleaned up and got back in our work out clothes. As we walked back through the locker room to get out, there was an older woman in her late thirties. She was finishing getting undressed and as we passed by she said bravo. I thought about it as we walked back to the track and I wondered what she would have done if she'd walked in on us.

I thought about it and the fact that she could have screamed or called campus police but she didn't. Debbie commented that the woman from the locker room was cool and I said yeah good for us. Debbie told me that was one of her professors, and that she was very open.

That night at home, we went to bed and even though we didn't have sex again it seemed as though we were closer together. I asked her if she was ready for our relationship to go farther. I asked her if she was ready for intercourse, if she was ready for more. We talked about birth control and the available options. We decided to go to the teams' Dr. for the absolute measure of protection because neither of us wanted children now.

The next morning I called and scheduled an appointment for us to see the doctor together. The following day we had a very frank conversation with the doctor. From that day on, she was on the pill and I planned on using condoms. The doubled level of protection would ensure the best chances that there would be no accidental pregnancy.

We waited a month from the day she started on the pill and planned to have sex. As it got closer it just didn't feel right for either of us. I wanted to marry her, and I knew it would be wrong with out the family there. I read about a collaring ceremony on a bondage website and since we'd been getting deeper into our roles I thought it would be perfect for us.

I took her out to diner at a nice place and presented her with the box. It looked like a candy box on purpose, but when she opened it she knew what I was thinking. We talked through desert about the contract, agreeing to write it up the next day. When we got home I put the collar on her and she gushed and cried for a few minutes.

I told her we'd continue the Master slave roles after the contracts were signed but, that night I wanted to make love to her with out the play. I just wanted to love her completely. Debbie told me that my love of her completed her.
She went in the bedroom and undressed and took a shower. I followed her into the shower and we washed each other. We both lingered over each other's sex, but stopped short of out right playing. The warm water and tender washing wash the best pre-foreplay I could think of.

We dried each other and kissed deeply while hugging and drying. Then we walked hand in hand to the bed. We climbed on the bed and began kissing and stroking each other as we had many times before. This time though I knew we were going to finish. I rolled over between her legs,and took my time sliding my cock up and down her nether lips.

I felt the urge to slide right inside her but stopped. Debbie gave me a hungry questioning look and I said condom. Debbie said this being our first time and that she was on birth control pills, that she wanted to actually feel me inside her. I thought for a second and then my other head took over.

I slid my cock slightly inside her until I met resistance. I knew this would happen and I looked Debbie in the eye and she nodded. I took the signal and leaned down and kissed her as I thrust my cock through her maidenhead. I felt Debbie tense for a second, then I felt her relax.

We broke the kiss and I looked into her eyes. Debbie smiled at me and I could see how happy she was. I began to push my cock in her slowly and gaged her response. Soon enough I pulled back out and then back in again. Debbie was not showing any sign of pain and started rocking her hips to meet my thrusts.

This was the ultimate bond, the two of us making love as we had dreamed it. Debbie and I both found a comfortable pace moving in perfect synchronicity. After some time our pace built and it was obvious we were approaching orgasm. Debbie looked like an angel and had a glow about her unlike I'd ever seen before.

While this connection was indeed magical, it was also primal. Our connection was so complex, full of emotion, and yet very physical. Our bodies were leading us to the climax, and there was no going back. I could feel Debbies' vagina getting wetter and looser, as I felt my balls tighten.

Debbie sensed it too, as she looked in my eyes and some come in me please. Please Jack I need you to come in me. I only could nod and thrust into her as fast and hard as I could. I felt Debbie gush and then I erupted inside her. It was the most intense moment in my physical life. My cock in perfect connection with her vagina was the apex of our lives apart and together.

We stayed connected, kissing and caressing each other until my cock deflated and slipped from her. Still we laid together and drifted off to sleep. My dreams consumed in the wonder that we'd experienced, living ever second of it over and over.

The End

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The Reward Ch.3 Training

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