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  1. VIRUS SURGE: Chapters 1 & 2
  2. VIRUS SURGE: Chapter 3
  3. VIRUS SURGE: Jake's Log.

VIRUS SURGE: Chapters 1 & 2

Categories Fantastic, Bi-sexual, Body modification, Lesbian

Author: Merc098

Published: 15 January 2016

  • Font:

During a secret observation by the government it was discovered that a small town was infested by a mutant virus. Most of the towns folk had been infected by what appeared to be a young girl, however after further observation it was discovered that his so-called girl was not only the source of this outbreak but she not human. With the inborn ability to make others become her obedient slaves she spread the infection as far as possible. This in turn created a new life form which was able to possess both a human form and alien abilities. Such as mind control and some physical manipulation of a body. After a month the town was quarantined and the citizens were sterilized, however the source was taken to a secure facility on a deserted island where it was to be studied.

During its time in captivity the source impregnated itself and birthed a female child within only a few months. The child grew at an alarming rate to full maturity within a year’s time. Once the child was able to breed, the pair mated constantly for an unremarkable amount of time. Once the scientists were able to separate them it was discovered that the milk and semen produced in both bodies contained a high protein count along with many of the other needed nutrients for the average human body to live a full life. But the amount needed to sustain these women was beyond anything the average human could ingest in fifty years’ time.

One day the lab decided to test what the mutation could do to a normal human. So the main research team separated the two females once again and placed them in isolated areas. About two hours later each female was given two subjects to breed with. Two male and two female subjects seemed to be a preferred number considering that the tests desired both genders to be infected and observed.

Hours passed quickly as the four normal humans were infected and the drastic mutation began, the breeding that ensued was quite primal and fierce. Notes were taken as the team believed that the slime coating on the tentacles had the effect to make a potential mate’s skin become more elastic so that a woman could take larger objects in any available orifice and house more offspring in the womb along with producing large amounts of breastmilk. While the effect it had on a man was to greatly enlarge the penis and increase both the potency and production of fertile sperm.

Once all four subjects were placed in isolation it was discovered that both women had been impregnated. Of course by the size of their bulging abdomens how could they have not been? As with the source female the women gave birth to the hybrid offspring, far faster then the normal human cycle could possibly allow. After the offspring of the two women had grown to the size a one year old the babies were taken to another part of the lab to be tested and studied closely. As for the four subjects who were changed by the source females, after a few blood tests and extensive examination they were disposed of in a human way, more or less.

Six Months later.

After countless trial and error experimentations the lab had found a way to recreate the genetic code of the source infection. They had been able to eradicate the need for sexual interactions and stop the spread of the gene into other subjects. After the military heard about this development they decided to seize control of the entire project. Once the military destroyed the clone mutations they began to turn the alien gene into a Bio-weapon, which would be used for the protection of the country as well as a first strike in case of wide spread conflict across the globe.

During the next few months the scientist did everything in their power to reengineer the alien gene. Since they kept the source alive they were able to keep pulling new samples after each failed attempt. Then one day one sample adapted to the changes made to its DNA and was able to regenerate its physical form, however after that had become known to the military they decided it would be best to see what this new and improved mutation could do if given the right motivation.

Several weeks later the mutation was able to take human form. It was a fertile adult version of the source infection; her mental capacity was well beyond anything the scientists could have hoped for. As for her physical appearance, she was the incarnation of the perfect woman. Even with her sex drive lowered to a near non-existent state she still retained the need to reproduce. Later tests and observations showed that she could not impregnate other women as her sires could, much to the relief of the research staff. However, she was still able to modify a human’s genetic code to become more a compatible mate.

Two days following additional observations the experiment was named in order to keep things somewhat simple, also it proved to be more co-operative with a name instead of a number. The name given to her was Lilith, nothing to do with any religious being even though others thought it was rather fitting all things considered. As for the original mutation she was dubbed Gaia, the titan and mother of the Greek Gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

Now that the military saw that Lilith had become more co-operative, the ranking officer in charge of overseeing the project had her placed in a more domestic part of the lab complex. This part of the lab was deep underground and held dozens of large rooms for experimentation. First her blood was taken and infected with a small dose of the H1N1 virus. The point of this was to see if the blood would kill the invading virus or mutate it. After twenty-four hours the H1N1 virus was destroyed by the instinctive antibodies in Lilith's blood. The following days were filled with much of the same tests with every known infection and virus discovered in the world and each viral strain was destroyed by her blood.

Nearly a month later the supervising officer received orders to turn Lilith's blood into a viral weapon that could kill a targeted genetic strain of a specified person. The lead scientist thought about its qualifications for a few hours before giving the officer an answer. Yes it was possible, however in order to achieve that, Lilith's DNA would need to be altered yet again. Also it was necessary to introduce that person to Lilith directly after the tests were complete and all was successful. But this process would take yet another year to complete since Lilith's blood was already so complex due to the mutations which allowed her to overcome all known viral strains.

A year and three months later

Lilith had gone through extensive experimentation to become the most complex and advanced being on the planet. Her body now able regenerate from a small piece of cellular tissue, her immune system able to eradicate any and all know virus and flu strands within a few minutes of contact. Her mind had absorbed all manners of literature in all forms the many human languages, she became a genius in mathematics, sciences and all other subject matter taught on the planet. She fully understood every human emotion and ambition. She was in every aspect the perfect being. Now her life would change either for the good of mankind, or she if she saw dark truth of her existence would she turn on the ones responsible for creating her?

Chapter 1: First Kill

June 5th 2015. 8:30 am.

"Good morning Lilith, how was your night? Restful I hope." Jake Merkin her personal physician overseeing her mental and emotional state, along with her only friend says as he turns on her bedroom light. This made the sleeping woman dive under the blankets and groan in annoyance. "Now listen here young lady, we have a full schedule today filled with important military requests." he states while pulling the sheets off the naked nineteen year old woman. Making the tsk sound Jake taps his pen on her forehead.

"Jake don't, I'm not in the mood for your energetic personality. I am not a morning person... I’m more of a nocturnal creature." Lilith said as she took hold of his wrist and pulled him down onto the bed. She then used her foot to grab the covers and flip them over the two of them. One of her games was to try and make the young lab assistant become her 'play' thing. This seemed to be working more and more as of late.

"Lilith, now is not the time for your games, the supervising officer is growing tired of your seductive antics. I might not be allowed to see you again if you keep this up." Jake said with an exaggerated depressing sigh. He enjoyed being Lilith's caretaker; she was a very spontaneous and intelligent person although she could be rather childish at times. Being with her was for lack of a more complex statement, entertaining and yet relaxing.

"No! You belong to me and I won't allow them take you away!" she said as she pulled him into a full body hug. Lightly she kissed his cheek and purred a bit. "You belong to me, not them." she added softly while stroking his cheek and smiling at him.

"Lilith, I'm not a pet you can keep forever. My life is far shorter then yours." Jake said as he shook his head and patted hers’. "Now get your lazy ass off me and out of bed or I will make sure you won't get to 'play' with me today." he added with a firm tone.

With a heavy sigh she kissed his lips then removed herself from his body and her bed. Although she had grown used to the constant tests and exercise it was still a pain to go through it every day for the last two years. "What am I to do this time? More Viral injections or do I get to do something new and fun?" she asked while clothing herself.

"Even I am not allowed to know that. The military wants this to be a secret to all nonessential personnel. I’m not even allowed to be there to watch. However, I suspect it has something to do with you being able to kill a target using seduction techniques. You are part of a military program after all." Jake said softly as he picked up his clipboard and pen. When he stood up Lilith was in front of him wearing a black tank top and tight blue jeans, she even put her long red hair in a braid.

"So I'm going to kill someone? Why and who is it?" she asked softly while looking Jake in the eyes to confirm her suspicions.

"For all I know it’s just a simple blood test as usual I was merely stating a theory one that I hope does not come to pass. What I do know is that your blood will be taken and injected into the blood of some unknown subject to see if your viral capabilities are deadly. Mostly speculation on my part of course. You do know I enjoy conspiracy theories.”

"Why does it have to be me? Why can't they use her?" Lilith said getting rather angry that she was the only test subject for everything in this damned complex of a prison.

Jake stopped before opening the door to the testing site. Turning around he lightly touched her cheek and smiled. "Because you are perfect in every possible way, I do disapprove of this as much as you, but my voice is never heard in the conference room. Be a good girl and do as they say, the sooner the tests are completed the sooner we can ‘Play’ later." he said softly.

"That’s bribery and you damn well know it!" she pouted and crossed her arms.

"Of course, it works doesn't it?" he asked while turning back to open the air locked door. As the thick steel door opened Jake and Lilith were greeted by six armed guards and the supervising officer.

"Well I see she is up and ready to begin our test. But what took so damn long this time?" the officer asked as he glanced at Lilith for a moment before returning his gaze to Jake.

"I was telling her that she should behave and that if she does as told I would go and buy her a gift from the mainland." Jake said as he wrote something down on his clipboard. "Tell your men to lower their weapons sir, they make Lilith rather aggressive and gets quite protective when it comes to my well being. Don’t want her to hurt one of your new recruits now do we?" Jake added softly while looking back up at the officer.

"Are you ordering me around boy?" the military's most strict officer just had to demand the respect of every person in the complex, even if it was just to show who was in control of the place and the funding.

"No sir, merely warning you and your men, no harm intended of course. You see as her caretaker and only friend, Lilith tends to find me more valuable then all the advanced equipment in this facility. And if I am harmed in any shape or form, or if she believes me to be in any sort of danger she will protect me by all and any means she deems necessary." Jake stated with a calm and relaxed smile.

All of what Jake said was of course true, but the reason Lilith valued him so much was not only because he was her only friend but it was due to the fact that she wanted to mate with him. So if he did come to be harmed she would go into a state which would end in either the complex being destroyed or killing everyone responsible for Jake's injuries before allowing herself to be killed.

"Very well then." with a quick wave of his hand the guards lowered their guns and stood back to let Jake and Lilith pass through, the Officer however led them to the designated area.

Once Lilith was placed in the center of the exam room Jake let her kiss his neck before he left to take care of his usual tasks. So now she stood alone or rather sat, in a pure white room with nothing to do but wait while her blood was taken and tested to fit the military's needs. Unknown to Lilith the military already had the target inside the facility; what’s more the intended target was in the adjoining room waiting to be released. Time began to drag on making Lilith very bored and angry at the pointless need for her to remain in the room alone without even a book to occupy her mind.

After what seemed like hours the overhead P.A system turned on and the voice of the lead geneticist echoed in the room. "Lilith, it has been confirmed that your DNA can implant a viral strain that will make the cells of a target begin to deteriorate at an alarming rate. All that is needed now is to implant the DNA code into your blood and with just a kiss you could become our best weapon against all high caliber threats."

Rolling her eyes she nodded then laid down on the cool floor to stretch out. Now she just needed to relax while someone came in and injected the alteration strand into her body. After that she would be set loose on the world and she would just need to kiss the military’s high priority target and everything would eventually run its course back to a neutral state of affairs or so she be forced to believe.

After another hour of waiting some lab assistant wearing a biohazard suit came in and quickly inject Lilith with the new alteration. Luckily for her that no one knew that she was able to find out who the DNA belonged to by creating a mental image reconstruction of the target. When the assistant left she opened her eyes and yawned. "So when do I get to give this person my kiss of death?" she asked in a bored tone.

"Soon. The military managed to capture the target a week before today, he was deemed far too dangerous to be allowed in a high security prison. He will be sent into the room shortly, we just need to boost his hormone levels to make him desire sexual contact. After just one kiss you can use your strength or alien skills to prevent him from moving afterwards. Just don’t kill him we have to see how long it will take for your DNA to kill a full grown human." the voice stated.

"So I'm going to have to force him off me? How large of a dose did you guys give this criminal?" Lilith asked even though she knew there would not be an answer to her questions, there never was. Save for what she managed to get out of Jake.

With only a few minutes of waiting, a door opened at the south wall then a ragged looking man was thrown into the large testing room. With a shake of her head Lilith got to her feet and walked over to the captive and knelt down beside him. Since she wanted to get this over with quickly she suddenly grabbed the man's shoulders and kissed his chapped lips. Then the speakers on the ceiling came on again. "Lilith you will need him to ingest your saliva in order for our test to work properly."

Annoyed at this request she rolled her eyes before forcing her tongue into the man's mouth. After a few moments of tongue dancing she pulled away and pushed the man down onto his back before she stood up and walked away. "There it’s done, can I leave now?"

The speakers crackled but before the lead researcher could reply the prisoner cried out in pain. Lilith turned her head to see why he was yelling, the sight shocked her so much that she stumbled and fell onto her ass. The prisoner was bleeding out of his pours. His skin began to tighten and dry up until it became brittle and cracked before turning to dust. He reached out with an expression of pure agony and despair before his head fell to the floor and cracked open allowing dust to pour out onto the floor. It took only minutes for the prisoner’s body to become nothing but a pile of ash.

Over come by a sense of despair and nausea, Lilith collapsed into an unconscious state.

Slowly her mind returned and her vision focused on Jake who was sitting beside her bed. She quickly clung to him while crying softly. "W-why.... w-why d-did that happen...?" she asked Jake though not expecting him to answer. "Never again... please don’t make me do that ever again." she pleaded while pulling him down and pulling her blankets over both of them. Then she wrapped her arms around his waist and back, gently she pulled him closer and cuddled him like a little girl would a teddy bear. After nearly an hour of crying she relaxed a bit. "I’m ok now…" she whispered into his ear. Lying her head down on his shoulder her eyes closed and she relaxed almost completely.

Jake stayed still for a few minutes until he was sure that Lilith had fallen asleep. With a slight shake of his head he stroked her cheek with one had while the other was somewhat trapped under her torso. It was then that he was able to smell her intoxicating scent clearly. It held a sweet yet invigorating fragrance that reminded him of a flower garden, odd yes but it was still a very pleasant scent to enjoy. Then he smiled and thought up one of the few things he could get her when he was away on the mainland.

With a slight groan Lilith adjusted her position so that Jake was pinned on his back while she used his chest for a pillow, her leg crossed over both of his and her arms laid by his waist. Jake saw her peaceful expression and he smiled at how calm and relaxed she looked. Lightly he stroked her hair and lay still while Lilith slept.

About an hour later Lilith woke up and smiled when she saw Jake, slowly she crawled up his body until they were face to face. "Thank you for staying with me." she said then moved to kiss his lips, but just before their lips met she stopped and pulled back. She looked at him in the eyes as hers began to water. "I want to be your lover but... a single kiss from me might kill you..." she whispered softly then quickly hugged him. "Why am I just a tool for killing people...?" she cried into his shoulder and went silent save for her whimpering.

Jake was to say the least shocked at her words, he always thought that he was just a friend to her he never thought that she wanted to have an intimate relationship with him. His arms held her gently and he kissed the top of her head. "Hey now, you won't be able to kill me. How many times have you kissed and bit my neck to tease me? You drew blood from me once remember, and I was fine." he said to calm her down.

"That was before I was able to kill with a kiss!" she cried in frustration.

He thought for a moment then stroked her hair. "Okay then we will just have to try an experiment." Jake said as he sat up and pulled Lilith up with him. "Now we will need to try this in your bathroom so we don't make a mess of your bed." he added softly.

Lilith cocked her head to the side wondering what he was going on about, and what he was planning on doing.

"Well go on the get into your bathroom." he said nudging her a bit. He would have gone first but she was sitting on his legs, so he couldn’t move at all.

Once Lilith realized this she quickly moved off of him and out of the bed. With a bit of an awkward stretch she went into her bathroom to wait for Jake and to hear this idea of his. "Please don't let it be something bad that harms him." she muttered while sitting on the edge of her bathtub.

When Jake entered the bathroom he held a knife and a small glass cup. He set both on the counter next to the sink and turned to face Lilith. "Alright this is what we’re going to do; I will make a small cut on my arm and let my blood spill into the glass. Then after I fix up my arm I want you to do the same, if your DNA is deadly to mine then all that should remain in this glass is a small pile of dust if nothing at all." he said softly as he pulled Lilith to her feet. “So let’s find out if you are going to be the death of me alright.”

Lilith nodded and looked at the glass then back to Jake. "Fine, but I don't like seeing you hurt so if my body won't kill you then I'm going to punish you for cutting yourself." she stated with crossed arms.

Jake nodded then turned to the sink. He placed the cup near the edge and picked up the knife, then taking a breath he cut the side of his hand and turned it so his blood would fall into the glass. Flexing his fist he was able to force more blood out. Once he was satisfied with the amount he moved the cup and ran cold water over his hand. "Alright now it’s your turn." he said turning to smiling at Lilith.

With a nod and a sigh she took the knife and cut her finger letting only a small drop of her blood fall into the glass with Jake’s. She then backed away and waited, if her DNA could kill him then a reaction would start fairly soon. If he was safe from her then nothing would happen right? She hoped nothing would happen.

After few minutes Jake checked the cup and stirred the contents. He then waited for another five minutes before checking it again, he sighed and nodded. "Well as it turns out," he started as he looked up at Lilith, and then paused for a moment. "Your DNA does not wish to kill mine." he said with a smirk.

She lit up and smiled at this news. She could now have her way with him and nothing bad would happen well he wouldn’t die anyway, he would be rather sore in the next few days that she was fairly sure of.

Later that day Lilith was sitting in one of the smaller testing rooms strapped to a chair. She was to be given a new injection that might affect her mind and body rather drastically, which could cause her to lash out at every one in the room. "Now just relax and hold still, you won't feel a thing I promise. However, what comes after wards I'm not so sure." the attending doctor then pushed the needle of the syringe into one of her veins and pushed down on the plunger. The dark blue liquid inside quickly shot into her body and spread rapidly. The doctor backed away and watched carefully.

Shortly after the injection Lilith’s breath became ragged she started to sweat. Her body twitched every few seconds and she looked around wondering what was happening, then her vision changed. she could faintly see the heat resonating off the doctor and the few working machines in the room. She blinked a few times to get her normal vision back but it did nothing to help, she suddenly felt as though something had struck her head making her cry out in pain.

All of this was being recorded by the security cameras in the corners of the room. They fed the video to the supervising officer on the main observation deck. "Is this supposed to happen? She seems to be in a great deal of pain, why is that?" the officer asked as he watched the footage.

"Sir the drug given to her is meant to boost her mental and physical abilities, basically she is going to achieve full control of her entire being. Since this is a drastic change one that we have no experience with the pain is rather hard to bare, but I know she will survive this. Once she adapts Lilith will be the ultimate weapon for your head of state to put into the field." An elderly researcher stated as he looked over the charts.

After nearly twenty minutes Lilith stopped screaming and calmed down. "Fuck... never put that in me again..." she said as sweat flowed down her face, she was tired and her throat was sore from all her yelling. Once she was released she was allowed to stretch her legs. Which was hard since they felt numb, but at least she was given something to drink. Although it was a strange looking substance of a pinkish colour, and yet it tasted rather sweet. "What was that?" she asked once she had finished the contents of the glass.

"Oh that was a nutrient product which allows the body to regain all the stamina and nutrients that have been lost its more or less a protein shake with added minerals and vitamins. You will be drinking that for the next few weeks and your body may still go through slight changes. But you won’t go through any pain well nothing compared to what you just experienced, at most you will have headaches and muscle cramps." the doctor said as he opened the door so Lilith could leave and get some rest.

That night as she lay in bed Lilith couldn't help but want to touch herself. She groaned in annoyance with her body, she just wanted to get some sleep and nothing else. But her body wanted pleasure and would not let her sleep until it got just that. So with a heavy sigh, she stripped off her clothing and started to play with her clit and pussy. She moaned at the slightest touch which concerned her a bit since she never felt this sensitive before.

She arched her back as she thrust two fingers into her wet cunt, nearly crying out in pleasure as her body shook from a sudden orgasm. "Fuck me.... why am I so sensitive now..." she said aloud hoping to get answer but she just wanted to cum again.

She moaned and screamed in sweet bliss as she fingered herself, her juices soaking her sheets along with her sweat. "Oh... yes! Fuck..... Yes!" she cried as the pleasure continued to build toward her next approaching orgasm. All she thought about was pleasure she wanted no needed to orgasm and bathe in the pleasure. Pinching her clit, she screamed in blissful agony as she came hard, her girl cum squirting over her hands and onto her already soaked sheets. She moaned softly after regaining her breath. Panting softly her hands fell to her sides leaving her pussy exposed to the cool air. Her eyes slowly closed then she fell into a deep sleep.

The next few weeks were pretty much the same, getting injections that made her weak after screaming in pain then masturbating three times a night just to be able to fall asleep. She noticed that her body was becoming a bit more muscular and her curves were a little more defined, also her breasts were growing again.

"What the hell did they put in that damn drink?" she asked herself while looking at her body in the bathroom mirror. "Not that I'm complaining or anything but damn I'm horny as hell right now and I don't want my fingers anymore." she said softly.

"Lilith its time for you to take your medication." Jake said as he entered her ‘glass’ house.

Suddenly a mischievous smile crossed her lips and she left the bathroom. Quietly she crept up on Jake and pushed him onto the bed. "Where have you been?! you were gone for nearly a month!" she pouted while lightly stroking his sides and kissing his neck.

"Yeah I was on leave, it is actually mandatory to take a vacation every six months." he said as she straddled him. He could tell something was odd about her this morning and couldn't help but notice the lusting look in her eyes. "Now Lilith just relax, no need to get so frisk...."

He was cut off by her suddenly kissing him and forcing her tongue into his mouth. She then pinned his arms down so he couldn't resist. Then she started to grind her crotch against his, needing him to get hard so she could fuck him senseless.

Once she was sure he was hard and when he started to comply with her. she let go of his arms and held his head lightly, as their tongues danced between their mouths. His arms then wrapped around her gently, he groaned a bit as she kept grinding onto his hard cock.

Somehow Lilith managed to strip Jake of his clothes without him trying to stop her. Was her body putting him under some kind of trance or was he just as horny as she was? In any case she was riding him within no time at all and both were loving it. He was feeling her up and caressing her body, while she ground her hips into him thrusting good and hard. She loved having his hard cock inside her tight wet cunt, and she could not wait to feel him cum inside her.

Her moaning grew louder as they switched into the doggy style position. Jake was fucking her rather hard and Lilith loved every thrust. Their bodies shimmered with sweat from their quick pace, which should have been damn near impossible to keep up. "Oh fuck yes.... Jake oh.... Harder please much harder....!" she moaned while reaching under herself and teasing her clit.

Without needing further encouragement he thrust harder. Pounding her cunt with his large hard cock. Listening to her moans was like hearing heavenly hymns to him. "I'm... going to.... cum!" he announce as he gave her all he had. Then suddenly thrusting one last time and holding her tight as he reached his peak, shooting his hot thick sperm deep into her tight cunt.

As the first shot of his cum hit the back of her cunt Lilith climaxed and cried out in pleasure. Her whole body shuddered for nearly five minutes before her orgasm slowly subsided. Both of them collapsed onto the bed panting and smiling like two teenagers. They stayed like that for a few minutes before slowly and exhaustedly climbing into the bed. Holding each other until they fell asleep.

Chapter 2: Consume, Transcend & Mutation
July 1, 7:45 am

“So what is the progress on our favourite test subject?”

“Well so far she is showing signs of increasing strength, her body is also beginning to adapt to all of our recent tests. Sir, I believe that Lilith is in the final stages of her completion.”

“Good, that’s very good. Now all we need to do in order to make her into the perfect bio weapon is to get rid of her damned caretaker.”

“General, if the research and development staff was to remove or harm Jake Merkin. Then Lilith would become so enraged that she would willingly destroy this facility and hunt down the ones responsible for his disappearance.”

“Are you certain of that Doctor? If you aren’t then we will dispose of Merkin in the next three days as scheduled.”

“Sir, I’m positive that she will kill and destroy everything in her path in order to get him back. According to these reports if he was to be removed in the next three days, her power would be far more devastating then it is now.” He paused to let the General taking in that possible disaster before continuing his report. “Keeping with the schedule the facility staff is going to place Lilith in isolation with one of Gaia’s newest clone children.”

“I see, well that does pose a problem for our goal to be completed. Very well keep him there for a few more months. We shall see how much Project Lilith has progressed in her completion after that time.”

“Yes sir, I will report the updates of the test to you next month.”

“That will be all doctor, you are dismissed.”

Three days later.

Lilith sat on the cold tile floor of a newly rebuilt testing room; her arms were crossed as she sighed. “Oh come on, can we get this test started already?” she asked not expecting to get an answer.

Instead the door to the far right of the room opened, a large metal container was pushed in. two men in bio-hazard suits then emerged from behind the container, and unlocked the metal door on the front. They then quickly left the room and closed the door behind them, which clicked as the lock activated.

Lilith slowly got to her feet as she watched the container. She wondered what was inside, but at the same time she was afraid to find out.

When she found out what was inside the container, it gave her mixed emotions. One was anger and the other was fear. The being that stepped out into the light was a clone of Gaia; obvious changes had been made to her appearance. One was that this clone had crimson red hair and had a more fragile in figure.

Clenching her fists Lilith backed away from the clone until her back touched the cool tile wall. “You bastards! How dare you put one of her offspring in the same room with me!” she cried out in anger.

The clone smiled and walked toward Lilith, seeing as she appeared to be a perfect breeding thrall. “Come here little girl, we can have so much fun together.” The clone cooed softly as four tentacles sprouted from its back.

“No way in hell bitch! Stay the fuck away from me!” Lilith yelled as she moved along the wall to keep away from this sex starved whore.

“Oh come now, is that any way for you to treat your loving sibling? Come give your little sister Eva a hug.” The clone said softly as her tentacles snaked out to take hold of Lilith.

“Fuck you bitch! I know what happens when you touch me. There is no way in hell I’m going to give you a ‘hug’ you got that!” Lilith said as she ran to the other side of the wall. She knew that it was pointless to run away but that didn’t mean she couldn’t try for a little while.

“Now you’re just being a complete bitch. Fine if you want to play hard to get then so be it, but you will be in my arms and enjoying the pleasures that I can bestow soon enough.” Eva said as she turned to keep her eyes fixed on Lilith. With a small innocent smile several more tentacles sprouted from her back and made their way to block Lilith’s path.

Lilith was eventually caught and mercilessly dragged over to Eva. “Lilith be a good girl and calm down, I just want to get to know my older sister.” With that said Eva wrapped her arms around Lilith and lightly kissed her neck. “Mmm… you smell so nice, and you taste so good too.” She whispered softly.

“No! Get off of me! Let me go you crazy whore!” Lilith screamed as she tried to break free from the tentacles, but it was to no avail. Her limbs were held tight and escape was near impossible.

“Lilith please calm yourself, I promise that nothing I do will hurt you. In fact you might just enjoy all of my attention. Your young and lovely body needs to be satisfied sexually, and I doubt that the man who stole your purity would be able to fully satisfy you.” Eve stated before she ripped Lilith’s cloths apart.

“Don’t you dare speak ill of him! I will kill you if you even think about laying any limb on his head.” Lilith hissed as she once again struggled against the tentacles restraining her arms.

“Hush, hush now my dear. I have no intention of going near that man of yours, no I prefer women.” Eva then lightly licked Lilith’s neck. “They offer so much more and teasing them is much more entertaining.”

“Let me go damn it! I don’t want to be teased nor do I want any type of foreplay used on me!” Although she yelled out in protest her words fell upon deaf ears. Fore Eva’s mind was set on one thing, breeding.

“Such cruel words you speak, have yet to notice what I’ve been doing to you for the last few moments.” Eva said with a wicked smile before licking Lilith’s neck.

Without even the slightest hint of notice several tentacles had wrapped around Lilith’s body and had already begun to stimulate her. Now alert of what was being done to her Lilith started to moan softly, against her efforts to silence herself by biting down on her lower lip her moans were still audible.

It wasn’t long before three tentacles had found their way into her mouth, pussy and asshole, each thrusting deep and hard into her body, giving her both pleasure and pain in inhuman techniques. Her moans while muffled, were still rather loud. Eva’s hands once again teased Lilith’s nipples and clit, all in an effort to make Lilith her new sex slave, someone to breed and make stronger and more alluring offspring, who would continue to spawn with every human they encountered, creating a new race to conquer the planet.

Eva’s thoughts were being sent to Lilith through a symbiotic telepathy. It was those thoughts which made Lilith regain her strength and start to fight against the tentacles holding her.

“What’s the matter love? Don’t like the plans I have for this planet? Too bad, one way or another it will happen. Then once we are the dominate race I shall release our mother whom will bring about a new era and send our race back into the vast empire of space.” These words were spoken through telepathy as to keep any unwanted ears from hearing them.

Thrashing about Lilith used every ounce of her strength to free herself and to beat the living hell out of Eva, alas her efforts were ended by more tentacles sprouting from Eva’s back and forcing Lilith’s body into a stiff spread eagle position. All hope seemed to leave Lilith’s mind, her fragile altered body no match for a pure born alien life form.

“That’s a good girl, give up let me breed you. Let me make you one of my thralls to do with as I please.” Eva said aloud with an amused laugh.

Then four tiles on the floor opened up as a cage rose from the lower levels. Inside where three young humans two female and one male, each were in perfect health and nicely shaped. The male was of Cuban descent, one of the females was a mocha skinned woman and the other was easily identified as an asian.

Eva turned to look at these three humans and smiled, more thralls to add to her plans of breeding. Two of her tentacles suddenly whipped the top of the cage off then lifted the two women out, a third and fourth took hold of the male. However the second he was lifted out of the cage Eva impaled his body onto the broken bars, killing him instantly. Then she threw his body at the windows of the observation room. “You dare give me a diseased wretch to couple with?! Do that again and I shall make sure your doctors are ripped apart upon my next examination!” she yelled in annoyance.

Without much care for the new thralls’ pleading Eva thrust two tentacles into each of them, one into their mouths mostly to silence their whining, then one into their tight cunts. Both began moaning like whores in no time at all, it was all too easy making horny young women into thralls. Once pleasure was given they would be obedient little sluts to use and tease.

After a short passing of time Eva established mental links to the new women, now she could know exactly what each thought and felt. Searching through the black woman’s mind Eva found that she enjoyed being fucked in every orifice, this brought a smile to Eva’s lips for a moment before thrusting a third tentacle into the Black woman’s tight ass. She then searched through the Asian’s mind, what she found didn’t please her at all. This Asian was a whore from china originally but was transported to America via triad handlers, a used and abused piece of ass. Personally Eva preferred her thralls to be experienced, but not whores from a slum. However, she was clean, no STDs or any viral strands in her blood. She would be kept nonetheless and used more often then the Black woman.

Just as Eva was about to impregnate all three women, Lilith’s body started to spasm. But it was not from pleasure, something was wrong. With some worry about what was happening to her half-sister Eva removed every tentacle from Lilith’s body, setting her down on the tiled floor. Her body shook in a frenzy of spasms. “What the hell have you done to her? What did you put in her body!?” Eva shouted at the tinted windows, was this some sort of countermeasure to protect Lilith from conceiving a child? If it was Eva would make sure to kill everyone who was responsible.

Slowly the spasms stopped along with Lilith’s heart.

Furious Eva used the tentacles that once held Lilith, to grab the remnants of the cage and threw it at the tinted windows. Much to the strength of the glass two of the windows shattered, a scream of hatred followed by Eva’s tentacles wrapping around the Asian. She pulled her limbs out in a spread eagle position, and then in a blink of an eye the woman was ripped apart. Blood Splashed over the Black woman and onto Lilith’s lifeless body. The white tiled floor now covered by high velocity blood splatter. What remained of the woman was thrown through the shattered windows. “I will kill every one of you for killing her!”
Not wanting to kill the last thrall Eva released the black woman much to disappointed sighs of frustration.

In the observation room the staff were terrified that Eva might find her way inside and kill them all, from that fear most tried to flee from the room but due to the broken windows and the severed body the contamination procedures locked the doors. After many attempts to open the ten inch steel door, the staff’s fears were realized when Eva crawled through the window and began to tear the staff apart one by one. It wasn’t long until there was only one member of the staff remaining. “Wait…. Please wait… I- I didn’t want this to happen either; I’m not part of what happened to Lilith. I just record the data and send it to the higher authorities…” the young brunette said while shaking with fear and holding a clipboard tight to her chest.

“Oh? Is that all you are allowed to do here? That’s such a shame for such a beautiful and smart woman.” Eva said with a coy smirk as her tentacles wrapped around the woman’s arms, legs and waist. “Well if that’s the truth then I’ll make you into one of my personal slaves. You will enjoy vast amounts of pleasure and give birth to many of my children.” Her voiced became seductive as her pheromones began to swim through the woman’s blood.

“I will be your… Slave…? Pleasure… oh yes please…” she moaned softly as her body began to heat up.

Moments later Eva was back in the testing room with her new thrall, she had already began pleasuring the brunette before continuing with the black woman. While the tentacles pleasured the thralls Eva knelt beside Lilith’s blood covered body and held her tight to her own body. “They have been punished for killing you my dear sister. Rest now and be free of your hate. I will make this world pay by turning their women into my slaves, and using their men as my personal toys. Of course I’ll treat your Jake Merkin with the utmost care; he’ll enjoy many pleasures while I turn him into a male version of myself.”

After Eva’s words echoed through the room Lilith’s body began to mutate, her solid form slowly becoming soft and changing into a near liquid state. In mere seconds she became a puddle of pulsing black slime.

Thinking this was the final stage of Lilith’s degeneration Eva stood and turned to her thralls, she would begin her plans of impregnating them and enjoy destroying the facility. But when she lifted her foot, she found the remains of Lilith clung to her and kept her in place, while the rest of the pulsing flesh began to crawl up Eva’s body and engulf her.

Lilith’s remains acted as some sort of deteriorating mass which had begun to devour Eva’s skin, muscle, blood and bones. Melting away every last bit of her while covering her body and moving across the tentacles to the women, which would also share the same fate. Screams of agony filled the room; the pain these women felt could not be described in words.
When there was nothing left of Eva and the two women the pulsing remains began to form into a crystallise shell. Its exterior was harder then any metal known to man and yet it had an elastic trait.

Five days later, after many of the remaining staff had collected data on the crystallise they found that something was living within and would eventually hatch. Whatever the creature may turn out to be it would be immune to all diseases and have great potential to become either a resource to cure every known illness or be the perfect bio-weapon for the government. But the military liaisons wanted more data to be able to fully utilize the hatched creature’s abilities. So more computer scanning devices and sample collection machines were brought into the room to fully examine the crystallise and collect better research data.

Hours flew by as the computers compiled and sorted the data on several hard drives. Each one composed at least three different possibilities for what might hatch from the crystallise, but since most of the DNA was human the out come was centered on a humanoid being with incredible mental and physical capabilities. Such a being would not only prove to be nearly indestructible due to rapid self regeneration, but could have the knowledge to create new technologic devices to make any nation into a super power far beyond anything which had been created by man.

Soon days became weeks and with the passing time the crystallise grew larger. After nearly five weeks it had grown from three to eight feet in diameter. The outer shell had hardened so much that it rivalled bedrock and lost the elastic trait. But the odd thing was that a pulse could still be felt if someone were to touch its surface and find that it was also rather warm.

After four months of research the higher authorities had grown impatient for the crystallise to hatch and reveal the new born creature. Their intolerance had reached the point to where one of the lower soldiers tried to break the shell with a sledgehammer and pull the humanoid out, but the shell never gave way nor did it even crack. So that course of action was halted and forgotten.

Two months after that the outer shell began to chip away and crack. Soon the hard exterior which remarkably reached fourteen inches thick fell away leaving a smaller leather like shell. Its colour was a light grey allowing the staff to make out the humanoid form within. Every now and then the humanoid would make a sudden twitch indicating that it was either dreaming or its body was preparing to break free of the crystallise.

For the next six months there was no change in the crystallise state nothing new occurred. The pulsing had stopped, only the faint beating of hearts came from within but only the machines could detect the vibration. The being within would hatch soon, barely more then a year since that incident occurred this new entity would have such amazing skills nothing would ever come close to rivalling that power. He or she would be like a god, and nothing would detest its glorious form. Such was the theory.

Finally after thirteen months of hibernation the crystallise began to tear open as the creature within clawed its way out, the last part of the transformation would end when the new entity emerged from its protective shell. Slowly the tearing grew larger splitting from inside and opening a narrow scar. After long minutes of clawing and tearing the shell split wide open allowing a foul smelling blue-grey liquid to spill out onto the floor. Then an odd coloured fist burst through the opening, followed shortly by the other. This creature began to force the opening apart causing the shell to split top to bottom. At long last the entity pulled itself free from the crystallise, revealing its new form to the world or at least those who were watching the security footage from another room. Covered with the slimy liquid the sexuality could not be confirmed. It took several steps away from the crystallise before falling to the floor and clawing at the slime covering its body. Moments after most of the slime was removed a team of medics rushed into the room, all of whom were women. They placed towels over the humanoid and confirmed that it was a in fact a woman.

Once she was dried and covered the team of medics put her on a gurney, they took her to the experimental medical lab. She was strapped down and hooked up to a monitor so her vitals could be recorded while they took blood samples. All the while she slept peacefully, never even stirred when the doctor and nurses examined every inch of her body.

When she woke up nearly four hours later she was laying in bed in one of the old experiments’ room. Confused she sat up and looked around the room to get the layout of her new living quarters. Satisfied with that she moved off the silk sheets and wandered around the room, checking the bathroom, and observing the keypad beside the door. Curious about it she reached out to press one of the buttons, but before she could the door slid open and one of the doctors walked in. She held a bundle of clothes which she placed on the dresser next to the bed. “Put those on and see how they fit, if they do not appeal to your interest then I’ll have something else brought to you. Do you understand?” the doctor said while observing her.

A quick nod was all she gave before picking up the clothing and dressing. Once fully clothed she looked at herself in the full length mirror in the bathroom. The black cargo pants were a tight fit but she liked them since they made her legs and perfectly shaped ass stand out. Her shirt was a loose tube top but her large breasts made the top seem rather small. She wore thin black socks under a pair of boots with pronounced heels. Content with how her outfit complimented her golden tanned skin she returned to the doctor.

“Well I’m sure the male staff will approve of that outfit, however I will request for a different shirt after the exercise session.” The doctor said before turning toward the door and punching in the code and swiping her ID card. She led the humanoid to the combat floor where some basic physical tests would be recorded. Swiping her card the doctor opened a rather large door, which housed a botanical garden but with more jungle plant life then normal public ones had. “This is the guerrilla training ground, it will test how your body and mind react to the dangers we have placed in here. Understand?” the doctor said before she activated the code to activate the novice level setting. “Oh and for now you are called Delta-five-nine or D-five-nine.”
“Delta-five-nine… D-five-nine… I am a code number for this training simulation?” She asked softly before moving forward and entering the starting position. “What is my objective for this mission sequence?” she asked quickly turning to the doctor.

Impressed by her grasp of understanding and knowledge she jotted down some notes onto a note pad which had been in one of her coat pockets. “Just to run the course, hollow graphic rings will be placed throughout the area you are to pass through them until you reach the finish platform at the other side of this complex. You will be timed; but that will not interfere with your results this is just for exercises so do not push yourself. There are obstacles within the course that you must either eliminate or overcome before you can move on. Elimination targets are red and tactical obstacles are blue. Now once the alert flare goes off you start. Do you understand your task?” the doctor said with a small smile.

“Delta-five-nine understands her mission conditions, but requests one more bit of information.” D-5-9 said softly while surveying the scenery before her.

“Very well what do you want to know?”

“Requesting permission to know your name Doctor.”

The doctor laughed a little and nodded. “Of course, I’m Karen Grantt.”

“I’m ready to begin the mission Doctor Grantt.” D-5-9 said as she moved into a runner’s position.

“Very well then.” Dr. Grantt said while putting the final activation code into the terminal.

After only a few seconds a yellow flare ignited from the opposite side of the complex, with that D-5-9 took off into the thicket. She passed through every ring with ease considering this was her first attempt at the course. Five minutes in she came upon her first red obstacle. It was a hand to hand sparing match with a trained marine, not a hologram. “Beat me in a fight and you move on understood soldier?!” Before D-5-9 could answer the marine charged at her throwing punches and kicks to her ribs, kidneys and face.

She responded well for her first time, dodging the face shots and blocking the kicks while taking the body shots like they were nothing. It took her around six minutes to put him into a submission hold and have him tap out. “Move on soldier...”

Her next obstacle was blue; information was listed on a handheld hologram recording. She was to avoid detection while making her way to a weapon stash and taking three items before moving to the next part of the course. The items to collect were one Kimber Eclipse 2 series hand gun with paint rounds, a Beretta CX4 storm series semiautomatic rifle, and a buckmaster survival knife. Her first attempt at this obstacle ended with failure due to being caught just before reaching the weapon stash. That took her twenty-five minutes. Her second attempt took much longer but she was able to complete the task but just barely, giving her a completed time of thirty-two minutes. After that she just passed through more rings which altered from running to jumping and climbing over regular military obstacles. When she came to the next red side mission, a hologram device informed her to eliminate the five targets hidden within a small maze using her paint knife alone. The maze was a total of four kilometres in length and width so a total area of sixteen kilometres. Before she went into the maze the device alerted her to a ten-minute time stop anything after that would be added to her current time of eighty-six minutes. Being as quiet as possible in the forest terrain she made her way into the maze with her paint knife in hand. although quick, her movements were nearly inaudible. It wasn’t long before she dispatched the first and second targets, the other three were further into the maze then she had first assumed. Five minutes into the time delay she took out the third target by trapping him in a dead end. She managed to lure him there by using her shadow to get his attention, when he came to the dead end she came up behind him and slit this throat with paint the knife. The fourth target was taken out just before her time delay ended. The final target patrolled the exit of the maze he had 180 degrees to scan before he would check the secondary pathways. He would take no more then ten seconds to check one path before moving to the other. The amount of time she had spent finding the exit and watching the final target since the time delay ended was around fifteen minutes. She waited for him to check on of the secondary paths before sprinting toward the exit, turning and leaping onto guard while slashing his neck to complete the task, current time of one hundred and one minutes.

After that more checkpoint rings and some minor obstacles that barely slowed her down, at one point she had to swim across a deep pond while pushing her guns and knife on a floating water proof crate. Now soaked from her little swim she gathered her gear and ran to the next and final check point. At long last her goal was in sight, but she had one more task to complete before she could reach the finish platform. Six red soldiers patrolled the outer edge of the area while four blue moved about the center. Her objective for this final task was to eliminate the red without alerting the others and avoid the blue. Her hologram device gave her a map of the area with the locations of the soldiers, while also displaying her current time of two hours and forty-five minutes. For this task she would need to watch the rotations of each guard then pick them off one at a time while they ventured further away from the rest.

After she disposed of the six red soldiers she used stealth tactics to avoid the blues and reach the finish platform to give her a total time of three hours and seventeen minutes.

Dr. Grantt walked through the door behind the platform while holding a clipboard; she was taking notes when she stopped beside D-5-9. “Well for your first time on the course you did rather well, having only needed to redo one task.” She said with an approving smile. “I have a daily schedule compiled for you. Every morning you are to run the course, after that some lessons will be prepared for ranged combat, along with hand to hand sparing with three soldiers, each from a different country. You will be allowed to eat before the course and after the lessons, and finally after some physical examinations which will be preformed by me. Understood?” Dr. Grantt said as she looked over D-5-9.

“I understand Dr. Grantt, but will I be given a real name instead of my designation?” D-5-9 asked softly while placing her gear in a storage bin. She would not be allowed to have any weapons outside of the training complex, a precaution in case she tried to escape.

“Oh of course you will be given a name, I don’t suppose you have one in mind do you?” Dr. Grantt said as she lowered her clipboard.

“I don’t think any I have at the moment would suit me very well. I don’t know or understand why but I can remember things that I haven’t done, images of another person’s experiences flashed through my mind while I slept after coming into this world. Dr. Grantt, am I clone of another woman?”

“No you are not a clone, come with me now and I’ll explain a few things while I give you a physical.” Dr. Grantt said as she took hold of D-5-9’s arm and led her out of the training complex and into the medical lab.
“Now if you will step behind the screen and strip out of your clothes I can begin the physical.” Dr. Grantt said as she activated the biometric scanner, and the full body scanning system.

D-5-9 quickly stripped out of her clothing, standing completely naked she covered her 34 C cup breast with her right arm while covering her crotch with her left hand. Although Dr. Grantt had seen her naked earlier this morning she still felt that she had to cover up, mostly because the security camera had a full view of her naked form. “Dr. Grantt is it possible to have that security camera shut off?” she asked while turning to side in an attempt to hide her body.

“The security camera? Oh that well it’s more for show then anything, it isn’t connected to any of the other security systems. I just put it there to make sure none of my staff try to steal anything.” Dr. Grantt said as she moved in front of D-5-9. She flipped a switch that made the large circle scanner moved down and stop just above D-5-9’s head. “Now place your hands at your sides and hold still while the machine scans your body.”

D-5-9 did as she was told but she glared at the camera, even if it was just a fake she didn’t feel any more relaxed about it. As the scanner activated a green light emanated from it, it was slow moving from her head down to her feet and back up. It did this three times before the light shut off and it moved back to its original place. After a few seconds there was a sudden beeping noise coming from a monitor at the other side of the room. The doctor rushed over to check what data the scan had gathered. A gasp of shock escaped her mouth before she turned to look at D-5-9 with a surprised expression.

“Doctor what is it? Is there something wrong with me?” D-5-9 asked as a worried looked came over her, she was scared to find out what was wrong and if there was something wrong with her it would make her fear into reality.

“Well… you’re in perfect health it’s just at you have a few extra parts.” Dr. Grantt said as she walked back over to Delta. “It seems that you have two hearts and two wombs in that body of yours. I must say it is surprising and well rather impossible for such a thing to occur. Then again you aren’t fully human so I assume that’s why you are able to possess two hearts and two wombs.” Dr. Grantt added while touching Delta’s shoulder and moving to the front of her chest and down to her stomach. “This is very fascinating, if you are able to have two of those I wonder what other secrets your body has.” She said while thinking about some possible physical abilities her body might have.

“Doctor… your hand, its moving rather low and you might touch my... ah! Dr. Grantt, that’s rather forward of you to touch me there.” Delta said as she backed away and covered her crotch.

“What? Oh my, I’m sorry I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. My hands tend to roam freely while I’m deep in thought.” Dr. Grantt said as she put her hands behind her back. “If any man were to look at you I’m sure all he would be able to do is stare at you and ask if you’re an angel.” She chuckled at the thought then an amused smile crossed her lips.

“Doctor, what are you thinking about doing to me? I have the right to refuse anything that makes me uncomfortable…” Delta said while backing up further and touching the cold wall.

“Now just relax I’m only thinking about some test that might prove to be useful to me and may help you be less timid around men and perhaps get over your shy nature while being naked.” Dr. Grantt said as she walked up to Delta and lightly took her by the hands and led her back to the scanner. “Now for this experiment I’ll need to get you some new clothing, and a healthy young man.” She added softly while looking over Delta’s body.

“Doctor what are you planning?”

“Oh just a rather entertaining evening for you my dear, nothing to worry about, I just want to see how you interact with men. It’ll be a good learning experience for you I promise.” Dr. Grantt said with a reassuring smile.

“What exactly do you want me to do with this healthy young man? Nothing that would make him think I’m a… the word that I’m looking for is? Oh right a slut? Strange, I know these words but they are not mine…” Delta said while crossing her arms under her breasts as an annoyed expression covered her face.

“What? Oh no nothing like that, well not right away that is. Just talk to him about what he likes, build some trust with him and make him into a friend. If you want to have sexual relations later then you may do as you want.” Dr. Grantt said softly.

“Right and you have no ulterior motive for this? How am I to trust you when you start planning dates for me without even consulting me first?” Delta said with a hint of suspicion in her voice.

“Well I am curious as to how your body might react to a man’s touch, and if your pheromones are able to make him into a mindless sex toy, since you have some of the same DNA as your older sisters had.” Dr. Grantt said with a heavy sigh.

“S-sisters, I have older sisters? Doctor exactly what am I and how did I come to be here?” Delta asked with shock written all over her face.

“Well… it’s a long story but to sum it all up you are the result from an incident that occurred thirteen months ago. But I suppose you want the full story, get dressed and sit down.”

Delta quickly dressed and sat down on a stool near the Dr. Grantt’s desk. “Alright now tell me the facts about my origins Doctor and don’t skip anything.”

Dr. Grantt took a deep breath and looked at Delta for a moment. “Alright you must not repeat anything I say or hint at that you know about any of this. Several years ago the military captured a woman who had been infected by an alien life form, we assume it was done to repopulate its species but the government believes that it was for invasion purposes. She was titled Gaia, since she had infected others who became breeding slaves and some were made just like her. A town of 2167 people were infected, men women and children no older then twelve. The town’s people were regrettably killed because Gaia used them to protect her from the military so she could breed more life forms in the town hall which was used as a hive. Once the infected were eliminated the military was able to capture Gaia by using stun guns and an electrified container. Five years after that this facility was build to study and experiment on Gaia. However, anyone who ventured into her containment cell was exposed to her pheromones which then turned them into mindless drones who wished only to be used for breeding. The men were disposed of but the one woman who had been impregnated was allowed to give birth to a daughter, she was called Eva. The staff designated to watch over her took blood and tissue samples which were used to clone her. However it proved to be rather difficult to clone an exact copy so the embryo of an anonymous donor was fertilised with DNA from Gaia. She was known as Lilith, her growth was accelerated to full maturity as was Eva. Many tests were preformed on them which altered their DNA making them less human then they originally were, Lilith was made into the perfect bio weapon while Eva was becoming more like Gaia in every way. She eventually became unstable and was forced into the same room with Lilith, along with three normal people who were homeless. Eva started to use two as breeding thralls, the third she killed due to him being infected with some kind of STD. When she tried to convert Lilith, something unexpected happened. Lilith died, this enraged Eva making her dismember one of her thralls and toss her remains into an observation room above the ground floor of that experimental area. She killed the staff members in that room except for one woman which she started to convert. Then Lilith’s body melted into some sort of substance which latched onto Eva and the two women, the substance covered their bodies and consumed them. After that a Crystallise formed and you were born from it.” She said with a sigh and looked at Delta with a sad expression.

“So… I’m some sort of hybrid who was born in an effort so those women could live on? That… that’s just… So what am I then? Am I a weapon to be used on enemy nations or am I just some experiment to be used to further some sort of scientific research?” Delta asked as stood up and moved to the small bed at the other side of the room.

“You are a new form of life which may have unlimited potential both as a super soldier and a scientist who could help eradicate every known disease. You are nothing like those who came before you, you are so much more and I want you to understand that.” Dr. Grantt said as she stood up and moved over to Delta to comfort her.

“But I’m still just a by-product of your failed experiments, so how can you say that I’m not like them? I am them!” Delta said while glaring at the security camera. After a long moment of silence Delta spoke up. “Are you sure that thing is fake? It seems to be zooming in on me every time I move.”

Dr. Grantt turned her gaze to the security camera for a moment before walking over to her desk which was positioned at its one blind spot. She began to hack into the security feeds, what she found shocked her. Someone had replaced the fake camera with one that tapped into the main security office, which was controlled by the military. Luckily the footage was visual only. “It seems that you were right, someone replaced my fake one with another so the military could keep and eye on me. I’m sorry but it seems that someone was watching us the entire time, but there is no audio.”

Delta shook her head while she moved off the medic bed. “Doctor, can you give me a name now?” she asked as she walked over to the desk. “So That I won’t feel like another weapon.” She added quickly.

“Your name, oh of course but I’m afraid that I don’t have one in mind at the moment. However, my computer can generate names for you, so if you find one you like then that will be your name.” Dr. Grantt said as she loaded a name generator program.

After several hours of scrolling through a long list of names Delta had decided on three names that appealed to her. Elise, Anna and Leola these three stood out the most to her. Now she only needed to pick which she believed suited her best.

Some time later Delta finally decided on the Leola, it felt right after saying over and over in her mind. But before she and Dr. Grantt could even start looking for a last name on the rare chance that both of them could leave the facility and go wandering around for a young handsome man, four soldiers entered the room and quickly dragged Leola off.

Before Dr. Grantt could storm off to confront any of the officers, the general walked into her examination room. “Afternoon Dr. Grantt, I came by to explain a few things to you.” He said while removing his rain soaked jacket. “You see Doctor this… Rebirth that you have under your supervision could very well be our new hope to stop any and all bio terrorist acts. Also should this woman become a skilled and valuable asset she might be allowed to join a special black ops unit, but only if she can obey any and all commands that our government gives her. If not then she will be used as nothing more then a lab rat. Is that clear Dr. Grantt?”

“General she is more then just some weapon to be used on a whim; she is still a young woman who needs more then what the military can provide. She needs to gain emotional bonds with other people. I promise you that if she is treated like some object to be used for the soul purpose of killing others she will suffer from psychological break downs which will make her turn on anyone who tries to control her. For fuck sake she hasn’t fully matured yet, and if you damage her on an emotional level there will be no telling what she could do.” Dr. Grantt sated while glaring at the general.

“Is that so? Well I’ll be sure to consider it Dr. Grantt but for now we will do as we please with her, after all she isn’t human.” With those cold words the general left.

Thus began three years of harsh combat conditioning. Every style of combat was thrown at Leola; nothing else mattered to the general or the government. If not for the weekly examinations from Dr. Grantt Leola’s mind might have shattered under the constant onslaught of the training she had to endure.

After two years Leola was fully trained by marines and navy seals. This was only accomplished due to her body’s ability to adapt to any situation and regenerate minor injuries. The next stage in her training would be to become as strong as a Spetsnaz her instructor would be harsh if not cruel to her. No mercy would be shown to her; she would go through hours of the harsh conditioning.

For weeks at a time Dr. Grantt was not permitted to see Leola, not even to examine her or tend to any injuries she had sustained. At one point in time Dr. Grantt believed that she would never see Leola again, she feared that Leola’s fragile mind would be broken and she might turn into something that would harm even the most innocent of children. But when Dr. Grantt did get to see Leola she seemed to be fine, other than a few cuts and bruises over her body.

After about two months of her Spetsnaz training Leola’s examination revealed a mutation growing steadily in her DNA. Something would happen to Leola and it would be an event that could alter everything Dr. Grantt had known about biology and the capabilities of Leola’s body.

Soon after the first sighting of the mutation Leola began to undergo a few physical changes, her breasts grew to a 38 C cup, her long dark hair turned to a light brown and her figure matured perfectly, curves in all the right places to make her rival any super model. Even her eyes changed to a dark emerald colour. Several months after those changes Leola’s body was now able to resist most of the beatings she took from training, what would have been broken bones and major injuries were now nothing more then small bruises and slight cuts. Above all that she was more then capable to over power her instructor. In fact on more then one occasion she managed to force him into submission and knock him out. Once she reached the point where she was in total control during sparing, her instructor approved her to move onto the next stage the military had for her.

Now she had come to end of her training, all she needed to do in order to be the perfect weapon was to use all her skills in a live fire combat situation. Depending on her results from the exercise Leola would either be placed in a special black ops unit whose soul purpose was to infiltrate any facility without detection and eliminate all listed targets. So far only two people had made it onto that unit and two more were needed before it could start any sanctioned operation.

Leola was given a full month to refine her skills through hardened combat situations which changed on a daily basis. First were hand-to-hand combat, then close range assault tactics and long range sniper activities. The following day would consist of insertion and extraction missions. By the end of the month she had gone through every possible military situation which had occurred in the last hundred years.

When the time came for the final test Leola was given proper jungle warfare attire. Complete with: one smoke grenade, one PARA Tactical Target Rifle; and a Kimber Crimson Carry 1911 .45 ACP Pistol, with extra ammo clips. Once she was suited up and ready she walked out in the newly designed combat area. The course was a large forest terrain with hidden bunkers and sniper nests, nearly 9 km long and 10 wide. In the center of the course would be a prison camp with guards on watch towers who would be carrying ARMALITE AR30s. Inside the camp three POWs would be sitting in wooden cages with slight injuries. The inner Guards would be armed with AR-15s.

Before Leola could enter the starting area of the course Dr. Grantt entered the locker room. “Leola, wait one moment. Before you start the combat exam I need to place a few sensors on you. It’s so I can give the General details on how your vitals respond to the scenario that will test how you’ve grown in the last three years.”

Turning around Leola nodded then stripped off her vest and shirt. Leaving her upper body fully exposed. Dr. Grantt quickly moved over to her and started placing small sensors over Leola’s heart, neck and abdomen then one at the base of her head. “Okay that should give me accurate readings. Good luck out there, once you pass we’ll go and get something to eat and drink.”

“Of course I’ll pass, this exam will be a piece of cake compared to when I first started this training.” Leola said as she put her shirt and vest back on. She turned then stopped, before looking back at Dr. Grantt and quickly planting a light kiss on the Doctor’s lips. “For good luck.” Leola said with a smile then headed out to the course.

For a moment Dr. Grantt just stood still watching Leola leave. She came back to her senses when her watch went off, alerting her she had five minutes to get to the Observation deck and record the reading that the sensors would provide for her research. If she was correct and she usually was something very interesting would happen before the end of the General’s exam.

The exam started off with a bang, or rather several of them. As the General stated a month ago it was live fire combat, but rubber bullets were still used just to keep the troops alive. But to the General they were all expendable except for Leola, she was meant to become a weapon in his eyes.

To any normal person this course would have been hell, what with the trap flares and all the gunfire. Although the course was made to keep anyone from being killed injuries would still be high, especially with the live explosions going off every now and then. Severely outnumbered and out gunned Leola still managed to over power every soldier that had unfortunately crossed her path. She left them with broken bones and dislocated joints. Nothing seemed to faze her during this exam. She truly was raining down hell on the military’s lackeys.

Up on the observation deck Dr. Grantt recorded Leola’s vital signs while the General paid close attention on how Leola dealt with every situation that she ran into. He was smiling which wasn’t something he usually did, to see that cold hearted bastard smile sent chills down Dr. Grantt’s spine. When several explosions went off Leola’s vitals barely spiked, it seemed that her body was used to the chaos that ensued around her. “Well it appears that Leola has no reaction to anything that has been thrown at her so far. She is a hardened soldier General, and I expect she will grow stronger within the next six months.” Dr. Grantt said softly.

“Good, she will need to be much more efficient in order to be our ultimate weapon. Once again our nation will be the greatest super power in the world.” The General muttered as he checked his watch. “Time for something to drink isn’t it?” he asked as he turned to look at one of the assistants. “You get me a glass of scotch two cubes of ice and bring the bottle back with you.” He said with his cold tone.

The assistant nodded his head then left the room as fast as possible without tripping or bumping into anyone.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t treat my assistants like your personal bar keep.” Dr. Grantt said as she notice a sudden spike in Leola’s vitals, it was out of place since she wasn’t in any hazardous situation at the present time. “Hm… that’s interesting. It couldn’t possibly be… Oh my god.” Dr. Grantt quickly rushed over to the main screen and studied Leola’s condition.

Crouching behind a makeshift barrier Leola was holding her right forearm while her hand twitched, the intervals matched that of her heartbeat. Her veins had grown to a noticeable size and her face was showing great discomfort. Suddenly she was struck with several rubber bullets and she fell to the ground while yelling out in pain. As the cameras recorded this event everyone who had access to what was happening were shocked and struck with a slight feeling of terror.

As Leola continued to cry out in agony her right arm became engulfed by a dark red substance which started to mutate and reform the bone and muscle tissue. Bones broke and skin tore open as her hand and forearm changed into two large blades made of bone. When the mutation ended Leola’s cries stopped but her breathing was still quite heavy.

“General call off the soldiers and end the exam, I don’t believe Leola is in the right state to continue this trial. Her mutations may have altered her state of mind and she will see everyone in that area as a threat who must be eliminated permanently!” Dr. Grantt said as she rushed over the turn on the security systems.

Just as she hit the button the microphone activated and a gun shot went off. Everything in the course shut down as red lights went off. “Nothing is going to stop this exam Dr. Grantt even if I must dispose of you to see that, that thing will be the ultimate weapon no matter the cost. I didn’t want to shoot you but you didn’t give me much choice you stupid bitch!”

Dr. Grantt fell to the ground clutching her shoulder and grunting in pain. “You are a fucking asshole! She isn’t just some object to be used at a moments notice; she is human and so much more.”

“Oh no she’s not, she is just the result of an experiment gone wrong, she is not human she is nothing but a weapon to be used as our government sees fit! Now if you insist on prattling on then I’ll just have to shut you up for good and get someone else who will see that thing for what she truly is!” the General said as he raised his gun once more.

Before he could pull the trigger the glass windows of the observation deck shattered as an array of bullets and other projectiles struck the fragile barrier. Following the flying objects was Leola; she had somehow managed to get high enough to jump through the weakened glass. With unpredicted speed she managed to move in front of the General and brake the arm holding the gun while simultaneously forcing him against the nearest wall. “If you ever fucking think about harming her again I’ll fucking destroy you and every single on of your pathetic soldiers!”

Stricken with terror the General was unable to cry out in pain or speak for that matter. Looking down he noticed that his left arm had been severed at the elbow by Leola’s mutated arm. Barely being able to move he nodded in understanding as his mind was still in shock.

Leola tossed the General to the floor then moved over to Dr. Grantt, as she knelt down beside the injured doctor Leola’s arm suddenly returned to normal but in her currant state of rage felt nothing of the reassembling bones and tissue. Carefully she picked up the good doctor and proceeded to carry her to the infirmary. “I swear no one will ever harm you again, but if someone does they will die in pure agony.” Leola said coldly, yet there was a hint of kindness hidden in those words.

Three months later.
March 27, 2016. 10:45 am

“Since the incident resulting in the forced retirement of General Nelson the Facility known as “The Phantom Court” has under gone significant changes in security and management as well as most of the staff. No longer is it a military training base but more of a research center, however there is still a strong military presence to keep Project Delta nine five in check. The highest authority in the facility belongs to a Lt. Colonel Mitchell, a decorated veteran of the Middle East wars. He has made sure that no one is to force Project Delta nine five into repeating the events which took place three months ago. Even so she has continued to under military training and special training to control her ability to convert her arms into deadly weapon forms. As for Dr. Grantt, she has remained as the overseer of Delta nine five whom has taken an intimate liking to her. Any action consisting of the good doctor’s removal or reassignment would enviably end with massive damage to the facility and countless deaths of any and all military personnel. So in summary the facility containing the alien life form known as Gaia and Delta nine five AKA Leola is still operating at full capacity and will continue to research any and all experimental activities. I would be confidant in saying that Delta nine five is ready to become part of the Anti Terror and Assassination unit known as Black Tide.”

The five leaders of this secret operation are General George J. Mason Commandant of the Marine Corps, Admiral Don. T Pike Chief of Naval Operations, General James S. Blake Army Chief of Staff, General Isaac M. Kurt Air Force Chief of Staff, and Secretary of Defence Alex E. Johnson. Each has been apart of the leadership overseeing the progress of this secret operation from the very beginning.

“Well Colonel it appears that all is well and proceeding smoothly, as for assessment of Delta nine five. Lets just say we will keep it under consideration for the time being, before we could even think about letting her out of the facility we would need hard evidence stating that she would be able to maintain control of her mindset and follow orders without hesitation or show any sign of aggressive behaviour toward our military personnel. Now if you will excuse us our own duties must be attended to, we will meet again in four months. If there is evidence to back up your recommendation then we will arrange for Leola to be placed in a black ops unit where she will remain until we are satisfied that she can be used as a member of Black Tide. That is all colonel, dismissed.” Gen George J. Mason stated as the five leaders rose then exited the conference room.

Back at “The Phantom Court” Facility Dr. Grantt was enjoying some rather pleasurable moments with Leola. “Oh good god…. Aha… Leola no… oh not there… So good…” Her moans were uncontrollable as Leola licked and sucked Dr. Grantt’s clit while fingering her tight pussy and teasing her hard nipples. “Oh… where did you learn… ah how to do this…?”

“Instinct doctor, pure instinct.” Leola said then resumed her administrations on Dr. Grantt’s clit. She rubbed her G-spot continuously as she nibbled on her erect clit.

Leola’s knowledge of how to pleasure a woman was rather impressive since this was only the third time that the two women had gone to bed with each other. With a relentless assault on her clit and pussy Dr. Grantt was shocked that she had managed to last so long, but her will alone was not enough to prevent her from reaching a much needed and powerful orgasm. “Oh please… Leola… aha! Oh you naughty girl… Yes right there that’s it right…. Oh god there! I’m going to cum… so close…”

Doubling her efforts from all the moans Leola made her lover reach her peak. “Oh Fuck… I’m going to… going to… Ah Yes! I’m Cumming!” Crying out in bliss Dr. Grantt experienced an orgasm that shook her to the core. To her and Leola’s amazement Dr. Grantt starting squirting rather heavily. Her orgasm lasted over a minute before she calmed down and passed out from all the pleasure.

When she woke up Leola was lying next to her with a very amused smile playing on her lips. “Well now that was interesting to witness, first I make you squirt then you pass out.” She laughed a little then snuggled up to Dr. Grantt.

“Never… do that again. As wonderful as it was I don’t want you to make me cum that hard for awhile. Once I have recovered enough I’m going to make you experience the same thing. But for now let me rest.”

“Oh I’ll be waiting for that, and I think I could rest a little as well. Sleep well doctor.” Leola whispered before lightly kissing Dr. Grantt’s lips.

Shutting off the lights they curled up to each other and fell asleep.

When Leola woke she found herself lying alone in her bed, confused she looked around then noticed a note on the pillow next to her. Picking it she sighed and started to read. “Good morning you naughty girl, I have some errands to run for the better part of the day. But when I get back I’ll have a surprise for you, be good and continue the training to control your abilities. I’ll know if you slacked off today so don’t even think about taking it easy. See you later.”

“Well isn’t that just great. Oh I hate it when she does this.” Leola muttered as she pulled the covers off her body and got out of bed. She showered quickly then dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans and a form fitting white shirt. Without much concern for her hair she left her room and headed to obstacle course.

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VIRUS SURGE: Chapters 1 & 2

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Anonymous reader — 29 February 2016 05:49
I'll give it 5 Stars out of 5. An exquisite story with an outstanding story line and good character development. A few minor spelling errors brake when you meant break. Part 3 was quite short and I hope further parts will be longer. Keep up the good work.
Being a retired Army NCO you got the military stuff pretty right on.
Norton X — 26 February 2016 11:53
Good stuff. Thanks, Merc.
Merc09826 February 2016 03:24
Just posted Chapter 3 should be out shortly. I'm also writing up a chronicle dealing with Jake and what became of him. please be patient for just a little longer.
Anonymous reader — 18 January 2016 02:28
2 big thumbs up! Had wondered about Jake myself? Remembered when you first posted this, glad to see you back at it,fore this has so much promiss to just fade and not be finished.
Keep up the great work!
as always
johnny rotten
Anonymous reader — 15 January 2016 18:48
I though it was very good myself. Will Leola have the ability to breed Dr. Grantt or will it just be a girl/girl relationship? I was wondering whatever happened to Jake also.
Fatesknight — 15 January 2016 17:33
i love the story it is fabulous. but I just have a few questions. what happened to jake? I mean it is obvious he had feeling for lillith but then she dies how did he take it did he ever visit the cryasllis? I love the story can't wait for more
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