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  3. A Girl and Her Unicorn Chapter 3: The Unicorn's Mothers

A Girl and Her Unicorn Chapter 3: The Unicorn's Mothers

Categories Fantasy, Lesbian, Incest, Lactation

Author: mypenname3000

Published: 03 February 2016

  • Font:

A Girl and Her Unicorn
Chapter Three: The Unicorn's Mothers
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Anton – Rothin Forest, Kingdom of Athlos

Almost nine months had passed since the last time I entered these woods. This time, I had no fear. I was beyond fear.

After my leg recovered, I traveled to the island of Mictam and sought out the dread warlocks of Chevsa. I only had fleeting memories of the...things performed on me by those dreadful men. In my dreams, flashes of pain, blood, and loss filled me. A scar ran down my chest like I had been gutted open like a fish and my insides hollowed out.

The pain was worth it. They had changed me. I was beyond a normal man. Last time I was in these woods, I had failed to save my Cherise. It pained me greatly to allow her to languish in the dread grip of the unicorn for all these months.

I had no choice. Without the...changes the warlocks inflicted on me, I would not have the strength and cunning to liberate my sweet Cherise. This time, the unicorn wouldn't sense me. She would have no idea her doom approached.

I crept through the woods. The world was...different. Colors were muted. Nothing had vibrancy. Everything was reduced to dull greens, mud browns, pale grays, and dark reds. Shadows were so stark, sharp boundaries cutting off the light.

I ghosted from tree to tree. I made no sound. I knew instinctively how to step to avoid the crunch of dried leaves and the snapping of twigs. I no longer crashed through the brush like an angry boar charging the hunter.

I was the hunter.

The pure scent of the unicorn. I breathed it in. The scent of gold, white, and myrrh tickled my nose, a clean scent unsullied by the world. A snarl growled from my throat. I gnashed my sharp teeth as I prowled after the trail.

The unicorn left faint signs of its passing. The occasional hoof print in soft loam, a silvery hair shed from its mane left shimmering in the tangle of brush, and grasses shorn by hungry teeth. The pure scent grew stronger, my stomach revolting at the innocence.

My fingers clenched, eager to sully such purity with blood.

But it worried me I had no scent of Cherise. No coppery blood, salty sweat, or tart pussy perfumed the air. Had the beast slain her? Was my Cherise already dead?

Anger burned hotter. I swiftly moved through the forest. If my Cherise was dead, I would claw my vengeance upon the unicorn's white hide. I would break off its golden horn and stake the beast to the ground with it before I peeled off its hide bit by bit.

I licked my lips, aching for the violence.

I paused at the edge of a clearing. The unicorn was in the glade, a butterfly perched on its snout. With a shake of its tale, the unicorn took the form of a human with silvery-white skin and shimmering hair. Heavy breasts heaved as the butterfly alighted on a fat, pink nipple. The unicorn giggled, tickled by the tiny feet and fluttering wings of the orange and black butterfly.

Only the golden horn jutting above green eyes betrayed the figure for what she truly was—a beast. A monster that had kidnapped my Cherise.

I rushed her.

The unicorn-thing turned, breasts heaving in shock. She screamed right before my fist crashed into her face. She fell to the ground, stunned by my blow. I seized her, snarling in rage. I inhaled her pure scent.

Hope beat in my heart. Beneath the aroma of white and innocence, a human's scent lingered. Cherise. It was fresh. This unicorn had been with her only a few hours ago. Cherise was under this things spell. She would be compelled to seek out the unicorn. And then I would slay the foul thing before Cherise and break her of the enchantment.

Then my Cherise would be mine again. She would love me and call me hero.

Gnashing my sharp teeth, I set about splaying the unicorn spread eagle. My clawed hands groped her heaving mounds. I didn't draw blood. I wanted Cherise to witness every minute of her pain. Then I slashed a wrist. Brackish blood flood, and I painted the binding spell upon her body.

Her green eyes opened. She struggled to move, but the spell rendered her body immobile.

I savored her screams of terror and waited for my Cherise to come so I could set her free.



My feet dangled into the cool water of the brook as it babbled by. The current swirled about my feet as I hummed a song. I stroked my pregnant belly. Our foal was almost due. Only a week or two away. My breasts had swollen, my nipples darkened, and my milk had come in.

My breasts were growing full. I hoped Willoweyes would return from the our field soon. She promised me a crown of flowers by noon. And then she would have to nurse to relieve the ache to my tits.

I rubbed one, a drop of milk beading at the tip.

Despite their size, I still couldn't suckle on my own tits. I had tried. I knew busty girls back in my village who could suckle on their own tits. Such lucky girls to have that freedom. But try as I could, I just couldn't quite reach. I did strain so hard. I had hoped my breasts would have swelled large enough so I could drink directly from them.

Though receiving the milk from Willoweyes's mouth was a treat. My milk was sweeter than a cows. I did love the taste, and Willoweyes was ecstatic ever since my milk came in last week. She had almost been glued to my tits ever since, whether in her human or unicorn forms.

The sun fell in a shaft upon me as it moved through the sky, warming my belly. I stroked the round swell of my pregnancy. I loved holding and stroking my belly. Such a miracle grew inside of me. I leaned back, looking up at the blue sky and smiled.

I loved life in the forest. Almost nine months, and I never regretted my choice. Life moved so slow. You could enjoy everything. You could spend an entire day just watching the clouds. I learned so much about the rhythms of nature and had begun to recognize the different flocks of birds and their territories, to tell the dear apart by the pattern of white spots on their rumps, and learned the distinct growls and snarls of the three bears that roamed our part of the forest.

Squirrels cavorted in the trees above me. I smiled as I watched their red-furred bodies gamble across the thin branches. They were daring, jumping across gaps while chittering. Their heads were always moving, looking for danger before racing down a trunk to snag a fallen acorn and retreating before a hunting wolf or swooping owl could snatch them up.

I loved listening to the wolves howl at the moon. As a child, I had been afraid of wolves, but now I howled with them. I was a unicorn's mate. Every creature of the forest loved me like they loved Willoweyes and her race.

I rubbed at my breast as the ache swelled. Where was my mate? I hope she hadn't been distracted by a the butterflies flocking through the meadow. She did love the orange-and-black winged beauties. I think her errand to make me a crown of flowers was really an excuse to caper through the flock of butterflies and marvel at their beauty.

Hooves beat.

I smiled, sitting up. My hearing had grown so attuned to the sounds of the forest. The old me would never had picked up a unicorn's approach. I hoped it was Willoweyes. It could have been Quicksilver, a foal that liked to play in this part of the forest, or wise Pearlmane, an old dam that moved with stately grace in the last years of her life, her human mate passed on two winters back.

Instead, a unicorn I did not recognize—her naked, human mate astride her back—stepped into the clearing. The woman, a mature beauty with pillowy tits that jiggled as the unicorn approached the brook. The woman's hair was silver and she had the pale, red-tinged skin of a fellow Atholosian.

She gave me a warm smile as the white unicorn with a shimmering-silver mane and a horn of pure gold neighed. The unicorns eyes were deep-green, and she had a passing resemblance to my mate. I hoped I knew who this was.

“Hi,” I greeted them, my hands stroking my belly. “I'm Cherise, mated to Willoweyes. It's so lovely to meet you.”

“Yes, we've heard,” the woman said, sliding off her unicorn's back. Her breasts bounced and jiggled.

It was very appealing.

I squeezed my thighs together as a flush of heat passed through me. Before Willoweyes, I never found a human attractive, but now...a unicorn's mate was as sexy as her unicorn. My eyes flicked between them, the unicorn so majestic and graceful, her mate so beautiful and sultry.

“Are you Willoweyes mother and dam?” I asked, my body trembling with excitement.

“We are,” the unicorn neighed. “I am Goldenhorn, and this sweet filly is my Angelique.”

I awkwardly stood up and stepped across the brook to embrace unicorn and woman, pressing both their heads to my cheek. Silky skin on one side, soft coat on the other. Tears burned in my eyes. My mate had told me all about her parents.

“I'm so happy to finally meet you.”

“Yes, it's lovely,” Angelique smiled, kissing me on the cheek while her hand rubbed at my belly. “And you're so pregnant. I didn't realize how close to foaling you were.”

I beamed. “I'm so happy. She's eager to be born.”

“And where is our wayward daughter?” Goldenhorn asked.

“Playing with butterflies,” I giggled.

“That sounds like her,” smiled Angelique. “She always was running off to find butterflies as a colt, ranging farther and father away. I hadn't realized she went so far from our territory until we heard of your pregnancy.”

“Though I see why she stuck around,” whinnied Goldenhorn. “You are from a nearby village?”

I nodded my head. I knew unicorns were very solitary, only staying close to their mate. They didn't stay in herds. A unicorn foal only stayed with her parents for a few years before wandering off to find her own part of the forest to live in.

I sat down on the bank again, Angelique beside me. “Well, I'm so glad you both are here. I had been hoping to meet you since we were mated.”

“You are young. You haven't been mated long?”

I shook my head. “I think she bred me on our first time.” I smiled. “That was magical.”

Angelique leaned her head on my shoulder. “Yes, the first time is. Goldenhorn was so eager to take me. You know, her horn was fully gold from birth and after she took my cherry, shone so brilliantly. You could almost see in the dark with the glow. For weeks.”

“Wow,” I whispered, glancing at the horn. It was a sexy horn. “I like it when Willoweyes uses her horn in my asshole.”

“Ooh, you two are getting up to all sorts of wicked fun,” nickered Goldenhorn. “It took Angelique and me decades to figure that one out.”

“Have you eaten her pussy while she's a unicorn?” asked Angelique.

I shook my head, my eyes widening. “I never even thought of that. I usually focus on her cock and horn. I'll have to give it a try.”

I was surprised by how natural it felt to talk about sex with my in-laws. It was so freeing out here. There was no judgment. We were all pure creatures. Nothing we did was immoral. It was a shame there weren't enough unicorns for all women to discover this joy.

My smile faded as the ache returned to my breasts. I rubbed at my swollen tits. Willoweyes really needed to return from playing with the butterflies. I needed to be milked. I closed my eyes and imagined my sexy mare nursing at my tit with her thick lips and large teeth.

“Has your milk cum in?” Angelique asked.

I nodded my head. “And I'm all full right now. There must be a lot of butterflies to distract her this much.”

“We could help you out,” whinnied Goldenhorn, her silvery tail swishing. “If you would like some help?”

My cheeks burned. “I would.”

Angelique's hand touched my thigh. I shivered as the pleasure rushed through me. I was pregnant right now. I could be with other unicorns until I foaled. Willoweyes was eager to watch me be taken by her dam while she took her mother.

Incest, it seemed, was popular among unicorns.

“Thank you,” I moaned as Angelique leaned down and sucked my nipple between her lips. I groaned as my milk flowed into her mouth.

The pleasure raced down through my body, electrifying my pussy before continuing to the tips of my curling toes in the water. I moaned in delight as my mother-in-law nibbled and nursed. She cooed in delight as she savored my breast milk.

And her hand stroked up to my hot pussy between my thighs, moving closer to my aching pussy.

Goldenhorn leaned over. The sunlight glinted off her gleaming horn. I stroked it and she whinnied in pleasure before her thick lips engulfed my other nipple. The tingles increased as the unicorn nursed from my breast, doubling the pleasure rippling through my body.

“By the gods, that's nice,” I moaned. Two mouths at once.

They were both hungry, moaning and neighing as they suckled. My milk flowed into their hungry mouths, relieving the ache. I petted Goldenhorn's muzzle and stroked Angelique's hair. My feet splashed in the brook as pleasure spasmed through me.

And then Angelique touched my pussy.

Her fingers ran through my silky down of golden hair adorning my pussy. Her touch was light and teasing. My pussy clenched and my legs spasmed again. Water splashed as I moaned. Her fingers probed into my folds, stirring me up.

“Oh, wow. You are so amazing. I'm so glad you're here. Mmm, yes. Oh, yes. Keep suckling.”

“Are you going to cum just from us nursing?” neighed Goldenhorn.

“And from your mate's fingers stroking my pussy,” I answered. My eyes widened as she found my clit. “By the gods! Oh, yes! Please, keep rubbing me there.”

More water splashed. I couldn't stop kicking as the pleasure swelled through me. My ass clenched and my pussy throbbed. Their mouths on my nipples and Angelique's fingers stoking my pussy sent pleasure boiling through me.

“Yes!” I moaned as the bliss of my orgasm poured through me. “Oh, wow. Oh, yes, Thank you! Thank you!”

“Our little daughter-in-law cums hard,” Angelique purred, lifting her fingers up to her mate's snout.

Goldenhorn released my nipple and sucked her wife's fingers into her mouth. She whinnied as she sampled my tart flavor. Then her head moved down and pressed between my thighs. The unicorn took a long lick up my pussy.

“Oh, Gods,” I moaned as second rippling orgasm shuddered through me as that wonderful tongue caressed across my entire pussy.

“So, is she ready to be fucked by your cock, my love?” Angelique asked.

“Yes, she is,” Goldenhorn answered. “I can't wait for our stray daughter to return from her butterfly chasing.”

I peered beneath Goldenhorn and smiled at her thick, throbbing cock dangling down below her. Like her daughter, she was as thick as my arm. The thick shaft twitched with every one of Goldenhorn's heartbeat.

My pussy clenched.

“Oh, I'm so ready,” I panted.

It was a shame Willoweyes wasn't here to experience this, but if she wanted to play with butterflies than attend to her pregnant, horny, lactating mate, then it was her loss. I would immensely enjoy her mother's cock.

I glanced at it again. Immensely was the right word.

“You're excited,” Angelique purred.

“Oh, I am,” I nodded. “It's such a gorgeous cock. You're a lucky woman.”

Angelique gave her unicorn mate a fond look and stroked Goldenhorn's muzzle. “I am. So fortunate. Without her, I would have been dead a hundred years ago, probably married to Phillipe. He was so...”


“In all the wrong ways,” Angelique nodded. “You understand. You never were attracted to any of the boys in your village.”

“Just your daughter.” A smile crossed my lips.

“Oh, you are so cute,” neighed Goldenhorn. “Mmm, you excite me, Cherise. And your milk was delicious.”

“I know. I made you so hard.” Cherise reached under and stroked the unicorn's cock as she pressed her pregnant belly against Goldenhorn's side. “Oh, I need that in me right now.”

Angelique took my hand and led me to a flat rock that Willoweyes had taken me on more than a few times. I trembled. This was so exciting. My juices ran down my side. We reached the rock and I knelt on it. Angelique moved behind me and took a lick across my pussy lips.

“Oh, yes,” I gasped as her tongue probed my folds.

“Mmm, as delicious as your breast milk,” Angelique purred, “and she is more than ready for your monstrous cock, Goldenhorn.”

The unicorn trotted to us, her big cock swinging beneath her legs. I sighed as she mounted me, her silky coat caressing my back and ass. Angelique stroked my pregnant belly with one hand as she guided her mate's cock to my pussy with the other.

That thick, wonderful cock pressed at the wet folds of my pussy. I shuddered in delight, rubbing back on the wonderful cock. My juices dripped down my thighs. They perfumed the air with my tart passion.

“Oh, she feels so wet,” Goldenhorn moaned as Angelique rubbed the unicorn's cock up and down my pussy lips.

“Ease into her, my love,” Angelique purred.

I gasped as Angelique's tongue licked around the edges of my pussy. This was so naughty. It was my two favor things—having my pussy licked and my pussy fucked—all at the same time. I shuddered as Goldenhorn thrust forward. My pussy expanded around the wide head of her cock. My toes curled with every inch of her cock that penetrated into my depths.

“Oh, she's so tight,” Goldenhorn moaned. “Mmm, yes. Such young pussy.”

“And delicious,” purred Angelique.

“Yes! You have a wonderful cock! You're filling me up.”

I squirmed as more and more of her cock pushed into my pussy. She stretched me out as she bottomed out in me. The pain and pleasure mixed together. I loved this wonderful mix of pain and pleasure rippling through my body as my pussy expanded slowly to take Goldenhorn's girth.

“I think she's ready to be fucked,” Angelique moaned between licks of my pussy. “You have her stretched open. Her poor lips are clinging to your cock. I don't think another inch could fill her.”

“No,” whinnied Goldenhorn, her voice high-pitched. “So wonderful, Cherise. I'm so glad our daughter mated you.”

“Yes! Me, too! Please, fuck me! I need to cum so bad. This is so hot.”

“It's about to get hotter,” Angelique purred.

The older beauty moved around me, her breast jiggling. Goldenhorn drew back her cock as Angelique stretched out on the rock before me, spreading her legs. Her pussy was right beneath my lips, shaved and wet, her fat labia just begging to be spread open so her pink insides could be devoured.

I leaned my head down, moaning in delight as Goldenhorn's wonderful cock stabbed over and over into me. My toes curled my breasts swayed. Every thrust of her cock sent ripples of bliss through my body. I was stuffed so full.

Angelique's pussy had a spicy fragrance. I had never eaten a human's pussy before, and I was eager to devour the cunt that had birthed my mate. I spread her labia apart, exposing her pink, wet folds. Her sexy scent wafted through the air.

My pussy clenched down on Goldenhorn's cock as I leaned in and took a long lick through her juicy, spicy cunt. Angelique shuddered, her hips bucking as my tongue flicked across her tip. Her juices coated my tongue.

“Oh, yes, you taste wonderful,” I panted. “Oh, wow. This is amazing. I can't believe how delicious you taste.”

“Well, I'm not going anywhere. You can munch on my twat as much as you want.”

“Yes, eat her pussy,” panted Goldenhorn as she thrust harder.

My body rocked to Goldenhorn's rhyme. My toes curled every time she slammed her cock inside my depths. I buried my face into Angelique's spicy pussy. I licked and devoured her folds. My teeth nibbled and licked those juicy folds. I moaned into her depths, savoring her mate's cock fucking my cunt while enjoying her spicy passion.

My pregnant belly pressed on my knees as I devoured Angelique. My tongue swirled through all her folds. I drank down all her juices. Her hips bucked as the pleasure built. Her moans joined Goldenhorn's whinnies.

I was pleasuring both of Willoweyes's parents.

My pussy spasmed about Goldenhorn's amazing cock. I clenched down hard on the shaft as my orgasm burst through me. Every time I squeezed down, the friction increased and another burst of pleasure shot through me.

I screamed my joy into Angelique's pussy. I kept my mouth buried between her folds, her thick labia caressing my lips. My nose pressed against her clit as I shuddered and bucked. My orgasm grew stronger and stronger.

“She's cumming so hard on my cock!” Goldenhorn neighed. “Oh, my. Oh, wow. She so good, Angelique. I'm not sure I can last longer.”

Angelique held up her arms. Goldenhorn lowered her head and Angelique stroked her mates muzzle. The unicorn's strokes slowed. They were powerful, diving deep and then pulling slowly out. Deep and hard, bucking pleasure through me with every thrust while my pregnant belly and tits jiggled.

“That's it. You keep fucking her. Let's cream her together,” Angelique purred. “Let's cream our slutty daughter-in-law together.”

Goldenhorn nickered in delight.

Angelique kissed her mate on the lips, their tongues playing together as the human woman bucked into my mouth. I licked and tongued her pussy as my orgasm died. I savored the wonderful cock plunging into me, my body buzzing with bliss.

“Keep licking me,” panted Angelique. She let go of her mate's muzzle. “Oh, yes. I'm getting there. Fuck her hard.”

Goldenhorn listened to her mate. The unicorn sped up again. Her cock slammed in and out of my pussy. My aching hole throbbed with bliss. I shuddered every time that thick head buried into the depths of my pussy. I moaned again, another wonderful orgasm building up inside me.

“Angelique!” neighed Goldenhorn. “She's so hot. I'm gonna flood her. I can't hold on any longer.”

“Do it!” moaned the human. Her hips bucked into my face again. I latched my lips on her clit and sucked hard. “Cum in her. She wants it so bad!”

Goldenhorn slammed into me and erupted.

Hot cum splashed against the depths of my pussy. Like with Willoweyes, her cum was a stream splashing against my sensitive walls. The cum overflowed my pussy, leaking down my thighs as I shuddered.

Another blast splashed inside of me. My toes curled and I came again.

“Yes, yes!” screamed Angelique. Her fingers dug into my golden hair and held me against her pussy as she came. I drank down her juices as they flooded my mouth.

My body shuddered, milking Goldenhorn's cumming cock. A fourth blast flooded me. Cum poured out of my pussy in a messy, sticky flood. I loved that moment. It was so sexy to feel the hot mess coating my thighs.

“Wow, our daughter picked an amazing woman,” whinnied Goldenhorn. “I came so hard in her.”

“Yes, she is special,” agreed Angelique. “Mmm, I came hard, too.”

“Me, too,” I panted. “Wow, that was so fun. I just wish Willoweyes was here.”

“Yes, our daughter should have smelled your excitement and come running,” Goldenhorn agreed as her cock softened out of me.

“Why don't we go track her down,” Angelique suggested.

“That sounds like a great idea,” I nodded as I stood up.

Cum flooded down my thighs. I loved that hot, sticky mess. I reached down a scooped up a big gob of unicorn cum on my fingers and brought it to my lips. I savored the wonderful flavor, sucking it off my fingers and swirling it around my mouth.

“I love doing that,” Angelique smiled, swiping her fingers up my thigh. I shivered in delight. She brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them clean. “Mmm, so good.”

Goldenhorn tossed her mane. “Let's go find our errant daughter.”

“Yes,” I nodded.

I managed to climb onto Goldenhorn. It was difficult with my round belly, but I settled myself on her. I shifted on her back, my sticky pussy matting her silken fur. Angelique mounted behind me, her hands holding onto my pregnant belly.

“Let's ride,” whinnied Goldenhorn.

The unicorn dashed forward. I loved riding through the woods and watching the trees whip by. And it was even more exciting with Angelique's lithe body pressed against mine, her nipples hard and her arms wrapped around me.

Goldenhorn ran as swiftly as her daughter, nimbly avoiding all the branches and brush. Not once had I ever been scratched riding Willoweyes, and her dam was equally as skilled. I laughed in delight as we dashed through the woods, Angelique's excitement hot on my neck.

“Go to the left,” I shouted. “That's the way to the field.”

Goldenhorn turned. After nine months in the woods, I could tell my way around. What had always seemed the same trees and brushes were now each as individual as the people of my village. I recognized every one and knew where I was in our area of the woods.

Through the trees, the sun-dappled glade appeared, bedecked with flowers. Goldenhorn burst out of the trees, whinnying in delight as she stretched out to her full speed in the field. A swarm of butterflies rose around us, their wings flashing orange and black.

“So beautiful,” Angelique laughed. “But where's our daughter?”

“What's that at the end of the field,” I asked, craning my neck.

“Is she just lying in the middle of the field?” Goldenhorn asked as she altered slightly the direction of her gallop, racing towards the prone figure of my mate.

Willoweyes was in her human form. She lay on her back, her heavy breasts rising and falling as she breathed. But she wasn't moving. Her golden horn, rising from her forehead, flashed in the sun as we neared.

“Is something painted on her breasts and body?” Angelique asked.

“Yes, they look like...magical symbols.”

My heart constricted. Goldenhorn slowed as we neared. Willoweyes's eyes were open, moving wildly. She looked like she was straining against unseen forces. Her muscles were all taunt, but there was nothing holding her in place.

“Willoweyes,” I shouted in fear as I slipped off. “What's wrong?”

Angelique followed, moving to my side. “This isn't right. We need to—”

The creature burst out of a thick covering of flowers, somehow camouflaged. Its skin was dark and gnarled, stretched over a bony skeleton. Claws slashed. Angelique screamed as she was struck, thrown back by the spindly monster.

“No! It's a ghoul!” Goldenhorn whinnied as the monster leaped at the unicorn.

It was vaguely man-shaped, naked and horrid. It snarled as it landed on Goldenhorn's flank. A twisted hand grasped the unicorn's horn. Goldenhorn whinnied in pain as the horn snapped off her forehead.

A unicorn's horn was the most sensitive part of their body. Injuring their horn was like getting hit right on the nipple for a woman or kicked in the balls for a man. The majestic unicorn screaming fell to the ground, her legs kicking.

The ghoul threw the horn. It sailed over me, landing in the grass behind me. The monster turned to me and I screamed, fear hammering in my heart. I turned and ran, clutching my pregnant body. I had to get away.

I was struck in the back and fell. I curled up to protect pregnant my belly. I landed on the soft grass and rolled to my side. The ghoul had pinned me. I shuddered in horror. It was one of the foul creations of the Warlocks of Chevsa, a man twisted into a creature of bestial hunger.

“Cherise, “it growled, foul spittle dripping from its mouth.

My eyes widened. “Anton?”

“I've saved you,” Anton the ghoul growled, his sharp claws stroking my flesh. “Yes, yes. I saved you.” He inhaled. “And you smell delicious.”

“A-are you going to eat me?”

“I'm going to marry you,” he answered. The thing licked his lips. “But maybe a little nip won't hurt.”

I shuddered as he licked me. His claws slid down my belly. Fear clutched me. Those claws were so sharp. What if he wanted to hurt my foal? I couldn't allow that. I cast around, searching for a weapon. Gold glinted nearby.

The unicorn's broken horn lay only feet away in the grass. I stretched for it, but it was too far to reach.

“Yes, just a nibble.” Anton moved down to my belly. “A little feast on the monster inside of you. And then you'll be free to be my wife.”

Pure desperation made me kick. I caught the monster in the stomach and heaved against his tough, waxy skin. Anton was thrown backwards off of me. I turned and scrambled for the horn. Anton hissed behind me.

A shadow fell over me. Anton landed beside me and heaved me over onto my back. The horn was right there.

“You can't run away from me, Cherise. You are mine!”

“Never!” I shouted and seized the golden horn. It was smooth in my hand.

Anton leaned over. “I love you so much, Cherise. I'll rescue you from—”

I stabbed him in the heart.

Anton looked down in shock at the horn jutting from his chest. Foul, thick blood oozed around the golden horn. A look of abject betrayal crossed the monster's face as he looked up at me. He tried to speak, but only black blood poured out.

He toppled over dead.


On the second morning, we were all feeling less traumatized. The ghoul was dead and buried, though his death had left a blackened patch of withered flowers and dead grass in the meadow. Neither Willoweyes or I ever wanted to return to that terrible place. Everyone was feeling much improved. Goldenhorn still only had a broken nub of gold on her forehead, but her horn would slowly grow back. Angelique's bruise on the side of her head had faded, and Willoweyes suffered no injuries at all. She had only been paralyzed by the spell.

And my foal was fine.

“Why don't we forage for food to break our fast,” Angelique suggested, the forest wreathed in fog painted golden by the rising sun. The pair of us were the first to awake.

I nodded my head and we left our mates sleeping peacefully. I was still very pregnant, eager for my foul to be born. I stroked my belly as we searched out berries and mushrooms, enjoying my time with my mother-in-law.

We found a wonderful sight when we returned.

Willoweyes, in her human form, lay on her back as her dam nuzzled at her breasts. Goldenhorn looked as majestic as ever, her tail swishing as she suckled at her daughter's breasts. Angelique and I both smiled at the taboo sight.

“Are you about to be fucked for the first time?” I giggled, rushing forward, clutching my pregnant belly with one hand.

“Uh-huh,” groaned Willoweyes. “I'm so ready to be fucked by my dam. Look at her cock.”

“Oh, I've felt her cock,” I grinned and fell to my knees beside her. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “You'll love her.”

Willoweyes nodded, her horn flashing in the light and her heavy breasts jiggling as she trembled. “I'm so ready for you.”

Goldenhorn tossed her mane. “I can't wait any longer. You've grown up into such a fine mare.”

“And a sexy mare,” grinned Angelique. “After your dam fucks you, you get to fuck me.”

Willoweyes widened. “Are you pregnant?”

“Yep. You'll have a sister in six months.”

Willoweyes grinned and stood up. “Then what are we waiting for?”

“What do you thinks she's more eager for?”Angelique asked me as my mate ran to the mating rock. “Being fucked or fucking me.”

“Fucking you,” I smiled, putting my arm around her waist. “You are almost as sexy as me, after all.”

Angelique laughed. “You are the sweetest of all my daughter-in-laws.”

“You have more daughters?” I gasped.

“Oh, yes, three others. Willoweyes was our youngest, but it looks like I had enough fertility for one more foal.”

Willoweyes mounted the rock and wiggled her ivory ass at Goldenhorn. Her dam lowered her snout and licked Willoweyes's pussy. My mate moaned in delight, her green eyes squeezing shut as her dam devoured her pussy.

“Mount me, Mother!” moaned Willoweyes. “I'm wet enough. I've been so looking forward to this day.”

“You always were impatient,” neighed Goldenhorn. She nuzzled her snout up Willoweyes back as Goldenhorn mounted her daughter. Her thick cock nudged at Willoweyes's pussy.

“Help my dam fuck me, Cherise,” Willoweyes moaned.

“How can I resist,” I purred, grabbing the hard cock and guiding it to my mate's wet pussy.

I smiled in delight as Willoweyes shuddered. Her pussy stretched and stretched, accepting every inch of the unicorn's thick cock. Her toes curled and her body shuddered. I leaned in as close as I could. It was so hot to watch the dick spread her labia apart and bulge her stomach.

I couldn't resist leaning in and taking a nice, long lick around the shaft, gathering Willoweyes's cinnamon musk on my tongue. The cock plunged in and out. My tongue licked both their flesh, savoring the delight of my mate's pussy violated by her dam's thick cock.

Such a wonderful sight.

“So good,” moaned Willoweyes. “Oh, yes. Amazing.”

I rubbed at my pussy as I kept licking. My folds were dripping with my excitement. My finger danced along my clit. My little bud throbbed between my fingers. I moaned in delight and latched my mouth onto Willoweyes's throbbing clit.

“Yes, yes! Suck my clit, Cherise, while my dam fucks me! So good!”

“Mmm, pound our daughter's snatch,” purred Angelique.

She pressed up behind me and added her fingers to my pussy. I groaned as she probed into my depths. I sucked harder on Willoweyes's clit. The pleasure churned in my pussy. My hole clenched on those wonderful, probing fingers.

“That's it,” cooed Angelique. “You make our daughter cum while I'll make our daughter-in-law orgasm.”

“Yes,” neighed Goldenhorn. “our daughter has such a wonderful pussy.”

“Thank you for fucking me, Mother,” gasped Willoweyes. “No wonder Cherise is always begging to be fucked by me.”

“That's the other way around,” I groaned. “You're always nuzzling at my pussy, eager to penetrate me.”

“We're both so horny,” moaned Willoweyes. “I love it.”

“I love you,” I gasped as my pussy tensed on Angelique's fingers. I was so hot. I only needed a little more to cum.

“Cum in me, Mother,” groaned Willoweyes. “Please. Flood my pussy with all your wonderful cum.”

“Mmm, yes,” I gasped, opening my mouth wide for the flood of unicorn cum that would pour out of my mate's pussy.

“Yes!” screamed Willoweyes. “I'm cumming, Mother.”

“I can feel your pussy spasming on my cock,” gasped Goldenhorn.

The unicorn slammed her cock into her foal's pussy. Willoweyes let out another passion-filled scream as Goldenhorn came in her pussy. So much erupted that it overflowed my mate's pussy and poured out onto my face. I opened wide, drinking the salty, cinnamon-spiced jizz. It covered my face and rolled down to my milk-filled breasts.

I orgasmed on my mother-in-law's fingers.

I added my voice to my mate's passion as I drank down all her wonderful juices.


I watched with Willoweyes as our daughter, Snowtail, leaned in and kissed the golden-haired, human girl. Their lips moved together as they discovered passion. I rubbed my mates flank, happy that our oldest foal had grown up into a beautiful mare and found her mate.

The human girl pushed Snowtail onto her back as their passion grew.

I mounted my mate and stroked her neck. “See, you had nothing to be worried about. Our daughter is fine.”

“We need to come back and visit in six months,” Willoweyes neighed.

I smiled. “Yes. I can't wait to see you mount our daughter.”

Willoweyes turned and galloped off into the woods. It was a five day journey back to our home. I smiled as we rode. The last eighteen years had been so wonderful with my unicorn. I didn't miss life in the human world one bit.

If a girl had a unicorn, then that was all she needed.


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A Girl and Her Unicorn Chapter 3: The Unicorn's Mothers

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Anonymous reader — 07 May 2016 07:11
Sorry that was supposed to be I agree nice story, predictive text is a pain.
Anonymous reader — 07 May 2016 07:10
I aggressive story.
Anonymous reader — 08 March 2016 01:34
Thank god, a writer who finished a series story. Only about 10% do finish their series story. A good story and an enjoyable read. I also truly love "The Vampire Kiss" and always look for a new chapter It will be interestind how Damein uses the fallen angel Auora in his quest to destroy Faust? I hope Damein doesn"t have to harm Britney's mother. I also enjoy your "Bimbo Treatment" series. I kind of wish that the woman were not so gullable And least have a little commen sense. I feel that Frank's wife can not be lala land all time for their marketing scheme forvthe treatment to work. She's going to have to use her "Smarty tx." more and have it last longer to prevent a hostile takeover by her old boss's company
Anonymous reader — 04 February 2016 03:16
A lovely series and I enjoyed the happy ending.
Anonymous reader — 03 February 2016 16:37
Great story - loved it as much as your others !
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