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The Nymph and Levi (AoT)

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Fiction, Reluctance

Author: HotPop234

Published: 18 February 2016

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My pussy tingled as I heard them searching wildly for me. I stood behind a wide tree trunk and often peeked out to see them meters away searching through the under bushes, checking high in the trees, behind them. Everywhere. "I guess I should move now." I think to myself as I slowly back up and gracefully weave around plants, trees, boulders of old aged stones until eventually coming upon a coniferous tree I always used. It had hidden paths of branches to climb on. The only hints are in the surroundings, a little pebble would mark the first branch to climb on, then eventually you'd see those big boulders of stone around the tree marking the paths, it requires spatial aptitude to line them up with the required paths to take. I move up, stopping midways and settled in. I feel the smooth yet rough bark against my skin. I was uncovered except for my breast which were covered with wrapped bandages. It would hurt if twigs and branches struck me there. "Oi! Get a move on she's not here." That came from below. "Heh, you don't seem to pay attention to the details around you. That one, I would say, is not worthy." I think to myself. A couple pairs of feet's ran by and I could see blurs of colour underneath. I relax with my back against the bark and stared out to the lucid lake, my lake. Hours passed and I was bored. My hand slowly etched for my womanhood and touched it. My fingers dipped in between the folds as I softy moan "quietly." I whisper to myself. I continue teasing my pussy before I eventually fell asleep with my hands tucked under my head and slept on the bark with ease.
Feelings of being set against the trunk itself and the soft scratching of bark was enough to wake me. A 'He' propped me against the trunk. I was about to jump off before he swiftly grabbed my wrists and pinned me against the trunk. "You've been a hard one to find... Rae of The Nymph Lake." The huskiness of his voice was enough to set off my sex juices. I shut my legs to hide it. The young man, was slender and lean. He had black hair and grey eyes. He continued to stare at my body causing me to blush. He placed both my wrist under his one hand before moving to unwrap my bandages covering my breast. I tried to resist his advances before he suddenly plunged his digits into my womanhood. I moaned out loudly and my back arched by itself. The man repeatable thrusted his digits into me as he stared to my ecstasy filled expressions. I caught a glance to his face and I looked away blushing. My legs inadvertently opened of its own accord causing him to react faster than me. I found him between my legs threateningly as he stares harshly to me. I felt a breeze on my breast, I look down and they were uncovered. He took it off when he was touching me! I frowned in annoyance for I've been tricked. He swiftly with his deft fingers squeezed them. I moan slightly, I felt heat rising on my face as I try to push his hands away. My movements were sluggish as he worked them. How he gracefully moves like that on a branch is beyond me. He had my legs around him and my pussy lips were touching his crouch and leaving wet trails of juices on his bulge. The man noticed this by seeing me looking. He pressed into me and breathed next my ear. "Are you enjoying this, Rae?" He said as he presses into me. "N-No!" I say defiantly while trying to get him out from between my legs. I was unable budge the man. "How?! I can't even move him! I am strong! I've pushed men off me and they flew meters away before. But this one." I think frantically and flayed around in his grasp. Then man growled and pressed on me harder and squeezed my right breast harder, fully pinning me to the pine tree. I moaned aloud and accidentally bucked my hips and rubbed against his crouch. He slightly faltered and I heard a slight shudder from him. I moaned as he pressed harder and I continue to buck against his bulge. I felt my pussy getting wetter and the sweet friction was building up. The man was starting to buck his hips and lowly moaning as his mind was starting to cloud. I suddenly imagine what we looked like. The image was coming from the opening that looked out on the lake. There on a decent thick sized branch were two beings. One was bare as she was being pinned to the bark trunk by a black haired man who had his left arm pinning her wrists and his other arm on her right breast. All this while he knelt on his knees and had her legs wrapped around him. The man was softly thrusted onto her womanhood as she did to his manhood.
I snapped back to the real state and found that man was starting to slow as he shuddered and rubbed harder against me. "I want more." I mutter and the man shot up and stared me in the eyes and I conveyed a wanting and lustful aura. He slowly released me, wary of my movements as he fumbled with his trousers. I lay still, my arms limp as he stopped to look at me. His eyes hungrily looked over my body. I felt heat rushing my face. I compose my body to look seductive and vulnerable against the bark. The man continued to remove his restraints, he was so preoccupied he didn't notice me reach up to his trousers and tug at them. He blushes slightly at the sight me sitting up and being close to him, he slightly leaned back as I advance on him. I was piqued at why a man would 'blush' and lean away. They normally have ravenous instincts. My eyes widen at the realization "For the first time. I am actually attracted to you... I've played with men and only a handful were worthy of my lust. Yet this man, is worth more then those." Together we worked to remove his clothes and tossed them to a branch below. The man took the dominant position as he backed me against the trunk once again. We kissed and our hands fought for control. His tongue begged for entrance and I denied him. His erect member was lined up and lay on my pussy lips and dripped with pre-cum as it was hard like steel. I felt my pussy twitch in anticipation. He moved his hand and his digits stroked my womanhood before plunging them in and out, in rhythms. My back arched to accept his fingers in more deeply. My mouth slightly opened and he took advantage and moved his tongue around mine. The shudders from the man made me more wet. He ceased his fingering and held them up "You're pretty wet for trying to deny me." He said as we were connected by a string of saliva. "S-sto-" I attempted but he intervened "Stop what?" I felt him prodding the tip of his cock into my pussy. "D-Don't..." He slowly moved his member in and out with only his tip. "Sorry?" I pout I feel frustration as the man teased me with his tip. "You'll have to say more for me to understand." He said teasingly as he further inserted his member. I felt like I was being stretched out, painfully but it felt good. "Stop it." I mutter out, as my mind is starting to cloud. "Stop what?" He said smirking like the devil as he teases my pussy with the tip of his cock. I look to his member, it was long and somewhat thick. He noticed me looking to his member and pushed his member in slowly. I moaned and placed my hands on his chest and looked to his face. He smirked "Enjoyed watching that didn't you."
Blushing I look away, his hand grasped my chin and forced me to look at him. Then he wrapped his arms around my waist and placed me further up against the trunk as he moves closer to me. He still knelt but his thighs were placed under me, my back still to the trunk of the tree. His member lay glistening on my pussy. He stared lustfully to my face "I am going to take you, Rae of the nymph lake." He said. I blushed madly and my pussy" gushed more juices. I look away as he tightens his arms around my waist. Soon I felt his member poking my womanhood. I moan quietly as he slowly pushes in, the man shuddered next to my ear. My lips separated and his cock filled me slowly. I yelp as he thrusted in, he grinded my hips against his. I moaned loudly as his arms wrap around my waist pulled me down on his member. My back arched as he started lifting me and slamming his member in me before dropping me and grinding my pussy. The man shuddered and stared to my face. I blushed harder and cooed as he repeated his assault and dragged his nails down my back. I looked away and bit my lip. I don't want the other men to hear me and come find me in this state. The man switched to pressing into me and thrusted repeatable. He filled me up and moved my hips to his desire. He moaned loud, causing me to wetten more. When the sweetest friction was at its peak, he stopped moving. I became frustrated. He smirked before lifting me up and stood up without the slightest hint of strain. He was standing up and had my legs hanging on his strong arms, my back scraped against the bark in sweet pain. We looked eye to eye as he began his series of assaults on my womanhood. He plunged harder nailing me against the tree. My voice was filled with lust, making him moan as he thrusts into me.
My pussy softly clenched at the lucrative sounds his member was making in me. He dropped one leg and placed his arm above me and slowly became erratic and thrusted harder. My other leg that was held up, was spread out more as he leaned into the tree behind me. I buck against his hips and we moaned in lust as we continue our lustful movements in the tree. "Oh~" the grey eyed man shuddered "Your pussy looks so red." He spoke huskily before placing his lips on my neck and biting down sharply. My body didn't know how to deal with the series of lustful assaults. My pussy started clenching down on his member and the sweet friction starting building up. My juices flowed, causing more lusty sounds. The man spoke in my ear "I'm gonna make you cum." I grit my teeth as he push harder and slammed into me. He became erratic in his thrusting as I felt my womanhood clenching harder and harder with friction. "Ooh!" I yell out as he pinched my nipple and grunted next to my ear. "I'm coming." he said as he thrusted hard and made me moan loud as we both came. I felt his member shoot spurts within me and my pussy convulsed in orgasm. We slid down and sat, still connected to each other. He stared to me with tired and mysterious grey eyes as I lay sprawled out in front of him against the wood. His member was still semi hard as he slid out with cum connecting him to my pussy. Not long after, his cum was oozing out of me. I was breathing fast from the strenuous activity, the man was not out of breath and continued to stare at my vulnerable state. I was in a haze, my pussy was oozing, the man continued to stare. In the distance I heard
"Let's go guys, she's long gone, Levi probably went home already." At that I became more aware of the predicament I'm in. My hood ached from the repeated assaults made by-"What's... Your name?" I whispered, feeling ashamed by his unrelenting stares. "Name's Levi."
My eyelids were tired, but I must find a way to escape. " Don't worry. I won't say anything." He said assuringly. "I doubt it." I say hesitantly as the group nears. I look back to the man and watched his movements. He raised his eyes to mine and stood up before walking to me. I back up until my back hit the trunk, he kneed down and placed an arm over me. He said closely "That is... If you don't say that you'll satisfy me whenever you see me here." His words shock me, I can't be with the same man more then once. The voices neared and I struggled to say something. He opened his mouth to yell out "ok ok, I will." I say, interrupting him. He closed his mouth and leaned closely to my face and stared as a multitude of feet's pass by below. He stood up and gracefully went to the branch below us and dressed himself. He moved to a branch to the side from me and gave me a look that said "Your mine." And he quickly and quietly disappeared making no sound whatsoever. I look out to my lake-no... His. It was until then I realized I sealed my fate with this man. My pussy became wet and needy again at the thought of what he'll do to me next time... Maybe I'll try to... Resist him more. Don't think I'll give in so easily... Levi.

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The Nymph and Levi (AoT)

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Comments (3)
Anonymous reader — 23 February 2016 01:18
Amateur or not basic spacing is needed. Kind of hard to read without it. managed to get through it but found it lacking in details. not just in the sex, but over all. Need to learn tenses of words and form better sentences.
Anonymous reader — 20 February 2016 15:24
defeated by the crap wall of text
Anonymous reader — 18 February 2016 17:42
paragraphs PLEASE!!!!!
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