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Seeing you again

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Domination/submission, Gothic

Author: kittykatty

Published: 04 March 2016

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It had been years since I had seen my first love. We had met when I was sixteen almost seventeen and had fallen in love but Unforchantly it wasn’t meant to last, there was too much history between us and heart ache. I used to think history made us stronger but with us it seem to force us further away. We had been too similar, or that’s what everyone said. Nobody wanted us together, to me it didn’t matter. I loved him. But it never seemed to be enough for him. In the end I ran, I couldn’t just be whatever I was to him. I wanted more, I was worth more. I had a boyfriend at the time, Zak. He was perfect what a girl dreamed of, but he wasn’t Lewis.
I love him of course I do. Who couldn’t? He had long light brown hair and brown eyes, he was shorter than me, broad and muscular. Zak had been 23 when we met while I was eighteen. He looked pretty much the same as he did back then, in a way we all do, just in different clothes. Lewis was only a little older than me, by a few mouths. He had brown eyes and dark brown flicky hair, with a beany he always wore. He was the same height as me, but small framed and hairy. While I had green eyes and long red and black hair still, something he had always liked about me, I was leggy with a big arse and big eyes.
I looked up his Facebook surprised as to how much time had moved on, almost without us. It had been four years but I could remember us like it was yesterday. He now worked as a lead-mechanic in an indented guarded, still following his passion. I looked it up and was surprised it was in Brighton.

The next day I found myself driving past the guarded, I cranked my head to see if I could spot him working on a car. Someone was working underneath a car. BEEP!! A car horn ran out but it was too late. When I turned my head, I found myself smashing into the back of a van. Shit! I swore. Closing and opening my eyes. I licked my lip tasting blood.
“Mummy” cried Ronnie form car seat on the rear seats.
“its okay sweetheart” I said calling back to him. I tried to fumble for my seat belt but found my hands shaky and unresponsive.
Somebody pulled open my car door “are you okay?” asked a familiar voice. I looked up to see Lewis leaning on my car door, he looked just as I remember, stubble on his chin wearing a blue boiler suit tied around his waist a slipknot t-shirt underneath. Recognising struck his face. “Oh shit” he said, leaning over me to undo my seat belt. He took my hand pulling me from the car. His hand not letting go of mine.
“Are you alright kitty?” Lewis asked his eyes looking down into mine.
“I’m -“ I began but was cut off by my sons screams from the back seat. I let go of Lewis hand and slipped past him to the rear door. Undoing Ronnie’s seat belt and pulling him into my arms “sorry Ronnie, mummy was distracted” I said kissing his forehead. Lewis looked at me our eyes contacting. He looked almost stunned to see me with a child. I put Ronnie down, and he stood next to me. His eyes were brown like chestnuts his hair dark, he wore a t-shirt with a mustang on it and black trousers.
“hello Ronnie” Lewis said leaning down to talk to him. Ronnie looked at me.
“this is mummy’s good friend Lewis, you remember I told you about him” I said to my son.
“hello” Ronnie said shy.
“you’re a very brave handsome young man arnt you?” lewis said looking up at me.
“he looks just like his dad” I said looking back at him.
“how old are you big boy?” Lewis asked.
“four” said Ronnie, holding out three fingers.
“four!!” Lewis said, looking up at me. It had been almost five years since the last time we had spoken, the last time we had touched. He stood back up and looked over at my now damaged ford escort.
“So you finally learn to drive. Well sort of” he teased.
“did you?” I asked.
“The Van there?” he pointed to the van I had just crashed into “is my work Van, so yeah” I blushed feeling embarrassed.
“Mummy why are you cheeks going red?” Ronnie asked.
“I’m not” I said defensively. Lewis just turned to look at me and smiled quickly winking at me.
“Yes you are!” Ronnie said.
“liar” Lewis Joined in, looking at the van and my car. “This looks so much like my old one” he said after surveying the damage.
“I spouse that’s why I got it, you knew I always liked that car” I said.
“shame I sold it” he said “I’ll do you a deal, I won’t claim on your insurance if you let me fix your car for free”
“There sounds like there’s a catch” I said picking Ronnie back up.
“Mummy has to come by tomorrow, alone” he said to me.
“deal” I nodded.

The next morning I felt nerves, I had that feeling of butterflies in my stomach. Like I used to get when I was young and I thought of him. I left Ronnie with a baby sister while Zak was at work, telling him I was going to get a quote from the garage, and made my way there. It wasn’t a complete lie but I suppose it was bending the truth.
I had put on my tight black dress that when down to my knees. It was sexy but professional. I had done my usual black eyeliner which white eye shadow and burgundy lipstick. I knew I was over dressed but I couldn’t help it, I was going to work after anyway but I knew that wasn’t why I wore it.
I when to the front desk and found a short blond girl on the desk, she was probably Lew’s girl It wouldn’t surprise me. none the less I smiled “hi, Lewis told me to pop by today I’m the ford escort, red car black bonnet” I said.
“Kitty, right?” she asked looking me up and down, a slight smirk on her face.
“erm, yeah?” I said a little unsure.
“I can see what he loved about you” she said, before I could answer she muttered she will be right back and when into the back.
“LEWIS!” I heard her shout “your girls here”
“she’s not my..” he said but I could almost feel his eyes roll like he couldn’t be bothered.
Soon later the girl appeared again “he’ll be right out”
True to her word he come out wearing almost the same thing he had yesterday but the top had a different design. He nodded for me to follow him off to a room that said staff only. I did only hesitating for a second. We entered a room that looked like a staff locker room. “So your car is mostly fine, just front bumper damage, left light, dent in the bumper and need to tinker with the breaks. But it will soon be good to go” he said, stepping on the back of his shoes to take them off.
“Sounds expensive” I said, leaning on the door behind me.
“Not if you had a mechanic friend” he smiled, facing me as he pulled his shirt over his head then over his arms. I wasn’t surprised to see him even more ripped than he had been five years ago.
“How much do I owe you?” I asked.
“Nothing” Lewis said. Chucking his shirt into his locker, before untying his boiler suit. I wasn’t surprised when he stripped down to his boxers in front of me, he had always been confident about his body. I felt my heart rate quicken.
“How’s your van?” I asked.
“That girls a tough bitch, she’s fine, few dents” he said talking like it was a person the way most men talked about their cars. He had black all up his arms and on his fingers, same old Lewis.
“Ronnie” Lewis said.
“Yes?” I asked, unsure what to say.
“He’s ours right?” he asked, looking at me his face serious. I wasn’t sure what to say. I had wanted to tell him for so long, but I couldn’t, I didn’t want to raise our son in a mess of a relationship. But there was no denying the resemblance. I didn’t say anything I couldn’t, my mouth physically couldn’t speak. I didn’t seem I need to, he could tell by my face. my eyes teared up. He hadn’t put anything else on just stood there in his boxers, he came over to me and hugged me. His body pressed ageist mine, I hugged him back.
“We have a son” he said again, his voice filled with joy. He put his hand past me and locked the door.
“Lewis” I started, despite how horny I was. But he didn’t give me a chance to speak, instead crushing his lips ageist my own. Deep and hard, pushing me flat ageist the door. Making a loud thump. I gasped as he moved his lips from mine “Lewis” I said again, but my voice turned into a moan as his lips came down on my neck. His hands hulking up my dress, before going round to my arse. Pulling me into him. I gasped. Kissing him back hard. My heart bursting out of my chest. He picked me up taking me over to the wooden bench, lying me down on it. He put his hands up my dress pulling down my red thong. Before kissing up my legs to my wet pussy, his fingers separating me before he inserted his toung. His hands going round my hips keeping me locked in place. I moaned loudly sure, Becky could hear us and anyone who when into the dam garage. But I didn’t care. I forgot how good his tongue could feel and he had defiantly got better. My hands gripping the wood to keep myself form squirming away. He alternated between my pussy and my clit making me want to cum all over his god dam Face. I was desperate. He when back to my clit, licking round it in circles. I scream, as his fingers push into my pussy. Hard and fast, his mouth around my clit. When someone said men couldn’t multi task! I tried to move out of his grip my body jerking as I felt myself about to cum! “lewis!” I said but it came out as a scream as I cum around his fingers.
He didn’t let me recover, instead pulling me to the end of the bench and pushing his long cock into me. I gasp as his long cock filled me up. I couldn’t believe how big it felt inside me. He slid it in slowly a few times as he pulled the rest of my dress off and undid my Red silk bra. Revealing my much larger boobs.
“Wow kitty” he said looking at me, his cock stiffening more than it already was. he didn’t give me time to respond instead thrusting into me hard, his head gonging between my boobs. His hands on the wood either side of my legs. I moan feeling him push his way deeper into me. His sweaty body ageist my own. “Lew!” I said warning him. he kept going somehow faster and deeper. I moaned, my boobs giggling ageist his face. his mouth catching my nipple sucking it till it goes hard. I gasp, biting into his shoulder, my nails scratching into his back. Getting a nice sound out of him.
“That’s it Mrs” he said, picking me up by my arse. Slamming me ageist the door hard. Making a load bang, I was sure I heard becky shout something but neither of us paid attention instead to involved in what was happening. he held me up and began to thrust up in me, my legs wrapped ageist around his waste my arms around his neck. He kept thrusting hard and rough. Slamming me ageist the door each time. I screamed out with pleasure. Sure I could hear Becky throwing something at the door. but we didn’t stop. If anything it fooled him. he somehow got quicker harder. I screamed out, desperate. “Lewis please!” I shouted. Sure I was going to cum.
“ready baby” he said lying us down on the floor. His cock still in me. he thrust again and again. and I screamed at the top of my lungs. My nails, I was sure drawing blood. His hot cum squirting into me.
We lay there on the cold floor for ages, his head on my boobs. Sweat pouring off us both. I was sure I had black marks all over my body but I didn’t Care not even if I came up all browsed. I could feel his heart busting ageist my chest, mine just as much as his.

When we finally got up from where we lay Lewis gave me his usual cheeky sleepy smile. He threw me my dress and put on some black skinny jeans and the t-shirt he had been wearing earlier. While I put on my bra, thong and dress and sliding my shoes back on. he kissed me ageist the door, more passionate than we had ever kissed. “I love you” he said “and I love our son” we kissed again just as passionate as the first before unlocking the door. I knew my hair was a mess and it was rather embarrassing the looks we got from the guys in the work shop who Had all gathered in the waiting room, Becky stood there tapping her foot clearly annoyed.

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Seeing you again

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