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Charlie's Wife

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Drug, Job/Place-of-work

Author: Drew_Peacock

Published: 04 March 2016

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Charlie's Wife

For the last 10 years I have worked with Charlie. He is a small unassuming man, in his fifties, nice to everyone he meets, goes to church on Sunday's, works hard the rest the week. Basically the kind of guy with no enemies.

A couple years ago his wife got a job with the company as a secretary, her name is Marsha. She is also in her fifties, and she's a GILF. She is taller than her husband, around 5'10", has a great figure, though a bit on the thin side with small breasts, had always guessed between an A and B cup, and as it turned out I was right. She has long straight brown hair and hazel eyes. Charlie and Marsha are an almost perfect match I would say, since Marsha is every bit as nice as Charlie.

The one difference is that you could tell that Marsha could really cut loose if given the opportunity. From what I had heard she could drink quite a few of the guys at work under the table. No one really knew for sure but there is always talk around here, and it is usually not far from the mark.

I had to add this one to my collection.

The opportunity came at a company dinner. Most of us were going and all I had to do was bide my time, make the rounds! Pretend like I was there doing what the rest the idiots were doing. It was pretty easy to keep an eye on the happy couple to see when they were ready to leave.

Around 11:00 I noticed them making the rounds saying their goodbyes so I brought them both a drink when they were about halfway around the room. Both drinks had been spiked with Rohypnol. They gladly accepted and drank them, and as I walked to the door with them, I noticed Charlie was already quite buzzed and I offered to take them home. Charlie said they had already called for a taxi and as I walked them out the car was there waiting for them.

I walked to my car and was able to follow the taxi from a block or so away. As they pulled up at there house 30 minutes later I drove past and parked around the corner. I was walking back towards the house as the taxi turned the opposite way, ensuring there were no witnesses, just in case something went wrong.

There house was a typical modern cookie cutter, in a subdivision that no longer gave a shit what their neighbors did. Another stroke of good luck. This is a great time in America for people like me. I walked right up to the front door, which was open, and let myself in, locking the door and deadbolt behind me. This is a nice house I muttered to myself, taking my time and looking at the pictures of their children and grandchildren on the wall. I stopped at a photo that looked like a younger pretty version of Marsha. I'd have to remember to visit her daughter sometime.

As I approached the bedroom I was granted a beautiful sight. Marsha and Chuck had evidently both passed out as they were getting ready to have a little geriatric, boring, missionary sex! She laid on the bed with her legs splayed wide open and her dress up around her waist. While he lay on the floor his glasses a couple feet away and no pants. I snapped a couple pictures of him and about ten of her, then I checked both of their pulse. I didn't want any part of them being really hurt, they were nice people.

They were both breathing like they were in a deep sleep and had a strong pulse so I stepped back and took in what I had before me. Then I stepped forward to get what I had been fantasizing about.

Marsha's slender body lay spread eagle, her arms stretched out like she was giving someone a bear hug and her legs open wide exposing her lacy panties. I touched her with my fingertips tracing from the arches of her feet along her calves, the back of her knees and across her thighs to those panties, which were black to match her evening dress. They were soaked through the fabric and as I felt her heat through them she moaned, as if this were happening to her in her dreaming state as well. I liked that, even though I knew I was about to rape this woman the thought that she liked it would lip me to justify this in my mind. Not that I needed justification. I gently brought her legs together enough to remove the panties and I carefully put them aside, stepped back and took a few more pictures. "What a beautiful cunt you have Marsha" I whispered. There was a trimmed patch of soft brown hair, the older ones rarely shaved at all so I was pleasantly surprised to find her so well groomed. She certainly didn't have a fifty something grandmothers pussy. It looked more like a woman's would in her thirties maybe. No sagging of the flesh around her thighs, her lips tucked tightly against her, her clitoris sticking out begging for attention.

I snapped myself out of my adoring trance, I needed to get her out of that dress. I pulled her up far enough to unzip her dress and slide it over her head and off her delicious body. She was also wearing a matching lace bra, looks like she was planning on scoring with old chuck tonight no matter what! I smiled to myself as I removed it, he wasn't going to know the difference and neither was she.

I laid her back down and took a few more photos. She was amazing, her nude body laid out before me like the grandmother of a goddess. Her hair flowed down over her shoulders, giving way to a sexy long neck and distinct collarbone. Her little breasts rose and fell with her breath, with eraser sized nipples and dark areolas. I was dead on with the size, between an A and B cup. They didn't fall to the sides as she lay there either, just kind of defied age and gravity and wanting to be touched. Just below her tits her flat stomach led down to her pubic mound with its tuft of hair. Wetness was glistening and there were beads of moisture forming just below where her clit was reaching out.

I laid down with my head between her legs and inhaled her musky scent. And as I drove my tongue into the warm folds of her cunt I reached up and stroked her nipples with my fingers, gently pinching and rolling them around. It was awesome, being able to take her like this, like a lover. Not having to expend energy holding her down, threatening her or her family. I lavished in her juices as they flowed over my tongue and soaked my face. I lapped at her cunt like a puppy in a peanut butter jar. My cock was hard as a rock.

I looked up at the little clock on there nightstand, I had been suckling at her pussy for 20 minutes, subconsciously trying to bring her to orgasm. I stood up and shed my clothing, allowing my granite hard cock to spring out. I gently took her hand and wrapped it around my cock, her hand was cool to the touch and my cock was aching for release, it felt like it would explode soon if I didn't get some relief. I took more pictures of my cock in her hand, then I thought I would see what would happen if I put it in her mouth.

She looked so beautiful with my hard cock halfway in her mouth, of course she didn't seal her lips for me or suck on it but it was a e picture to take so I did that. I was very tempted to bring myself off in her mouth but I was concerned about the amount that was going to come out choking her.

I maneuvered back down her body on the bed and got between her legs. This was it I was about to penetrate this beautiful creature. For just a moment I was concerned about my DNA being inside her, then I decided to just risk it. Lined my cock up and pushed forward, sliding into her with ease. She fit me like a velvet glove and as my cock was gliding back and forth inside of her I felt closer to God than I had ever felt before. It was pure heaven. I could have died happy in that moment. I didn't last long, maybe two minutes and I was ready to explode. I back, and I swear I felt her cunt convulse around my cock milking it dry as wave after wave of my orgasm crashed over me. In my mind I heard her moaning, maybe she was, because I have no idea how loud I was as I came, and came. It was easily one of the most intense orgasms of my life. As I came down from the orgasmic high I was still hard as a rock, this was not new, but it had been a long time. I slid my cock out of her with a sucking sound and snapped a few more photos, I was going to be jerking off to this for months.

I positioned my still hard cock at Marsha's little rosebud and snapped a few more. I gently pushed. After a few moments of pressure, I was rewarded as the head of my cock popped into her. Slowly I continued to push my cock into her ass, allowing her to stretch to accommodate my girth, and it occurred to me that perhaps they never did this before. Either that or Marsha has been doing her kegels for a long time, she was very tight. I took my time penetrating her, feeling every delicious inch, and not wanting to damage her. By the time I was bottomed out in her I could already feel myself nearing orgasm. I was feeling like a teenager again, ready to blow my load if the wind shifted! I began slowly sliding in and out of her, marveling at how her ass seemed to try and follow my cock as I pulled back, and retreated from me as I pushed back in. After a few minutes I could no longer control the feelings and I unleashed another mind blowing, ball draining orgasm deep into Marsha's bowels. I then slowly withdrew from her, watching as my seed came spilling out of her freshly fucked ass.

My cock was still semi hard and it seemed like maybe I could coax it into another round. I walked to the bathroom, ran some warm water over a wash cloth and returned to clean up my unknowing whore. I wiped her down, removing as much of my spilled seed as possible from around her cunt and ass, as well as what had spilled out of her. My cock was growing hard once again. looked at the clock, I had only been here and hour, I figured I was still safe for a while so I decided to indulge myself with Marsha one more time before getting out of there. I rolled her on her side, laid down on the bed spooning her and pushed my cock into her cunt from behind. I began fucking her in ernest, risking jarring them both out of their sleep with my grunting as I pummeled her cunt with faster and faster strokes. Her lithe body was moving rhythmically with mine as I reached around and grabbed her little tits. Playing with her girl like nipples. I could just imagine her enjoying this and that was enough to start me back over the edge.

As I reached the point of no return I pulled out of her, rolling her back onto her back. I then repositioned myself with the head of my cock in her mouth as I stroked myself the rest of the way to my orgasm. The third time of the night wasn't what the first two were but it was still significant. I put two good ropes into her mouth and pulled out to shoot two more across her face. I snapped a couple more photos with my cum running from the corner of her mouth and running down her cheeks and nose.

I then set about picking up after myself, getting dressed and moving Charlie back up to the bed next to his freshly fucked wife. I rolled them both to a semi embracing position, then grabbing hold of her hand, I dug her nails into his back just enough to leave a nice scratch. I was leaving a lot of evidence behind on this one and I was hoping they would both just think they had a great night after they blacked out.

As I was leaving the home I saw a computer in the den and I stopped and powered it on. Clicking through I found a few "naughty" pictures the couple had been keeping, I downloaded them to my phone and uploaded the new pictures I had taken for them to find later. This last bit was more of a compulsion than anything, I can't explain why I was taking such a risk. Maybe a part of me hopes Charlie will find it and leave her, knowing it's not his cock in his wife. Maybe that's worth the risk...I shut the machine back down and let myself out the way I came in walking down the quiet suburban street to my car. One more work bitch down, at least 50 to go.

I wonder how many I will be able to take before I get stopped...

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Charlie's Wife

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