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  1. My Dad's Ex
  2. Dad's Ex (part 2)

Dad's Ex (part 2)

Categories True Story, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual

Authror: itsanaddiction

Published: 04 March 2016

  • Font:

To fully understand the sexual and emotional rollercoaster I went through during this story, I recommend you read “Dad’s Ex” before reading this one.

Same event, same date as last year and my Dad was having the same party as he always does and all the same people were coming, including my Dad’s ex. (Kathy)

I didn’t know if Kathy was going to be there, nor did I really even think about it. Maybe I didn’t want to.

I was inside the house, putting the ice in all the coolers that we were going to set up outside for everyone when Kathy showed up at my Dad’s place to drop some stuff off before the party and asked my Dad if it was OK if she brought her friend this evening (my Dad’s parties were the type of parties you don’t miss and want to attend) and my Dad was cool with it and so she asked if he knew if someone was going in town because she had to take a run to the beer store for her and her friends and would need some help.

My Dad quickly offered me to help and called me outside and her eyes and my eyes met and I’m sure my reaction was noticeable (flush, instantly hot, slightly shaking)...probably still out of shock and embarrassment because I did not know why she was there(really hoping it wasn’t to tell my dad what had happened the year before).

My Dad quickly said...”do you mind going in town with Kathy to help her carry a few things?” and I looked at her and she waved me over in a very confident manner, not letting on to my Dad that anything was weird.

I was hoping she would say something quickly to break the fucking insane nervous vibe I was feeling.

I sat in her car and couldn’t even make eye contact! She quickly spoke and said “ So, how have you been?” You would think it’s an easy answer but for some reason, it felt like it took me forever and all the energy I had to simply say “pretty good”. (while trying to not sound like a bumbling teen)

She said: “You seem nervous?” I quickly said no!...but she looked at me with a smile and said that the look on my face when I saw her was priceless.

I grinned and kept my mouth shut.

She placed her hand on my lap and said very calmly “don’t worry, our secret is safe.”

The biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders but instantly became nervous again when she said “so did you miss me at all?” I shook my head yes and she said that I’ve grown and that I look good.

She asked me if I minded if we pick up her friend before we go to the liquor store and I of course said yes.

We walked into her friends house and she introduced me to her smoking hot friend (slightly younger than she was) and i was acting a little shy I’m sure.

She asked me to have a seat while her and the other girl finished getting ready and I can hear them talking and giggling and even whispering and that sinking feeling of knowing someone is talking about you came over me.

I still not too sure what last summer was all about. I still felt like they would come out laughing at me for what had happened the summer before but before I could think much further, Kathy came out and sat on the couch with me and handed me a beer and said it will only be a few minutes before her friend was ready.

A few minutes later, the friend came out and sat on the other couch and had a drink in her hand and decided to fuck with me a bit by bringing the topic up....(What the fuck – is all I could repeat in my head) the friend pipes up and says ”Kathy tells me you guys had fun last summer at your Dad’s party”...I looked at Kathy and she immediately said “Well I did tell my friends but don’t worry, they wont say anything, they think it’s hot”. Little comfort for someone who feels like they soon might go through one of the most embarrassing moments of their lives!!

The friend asks ”so did you have fun, did you like what you did?” I said yes and I now think that my shyness played a role in the next thing that happened because I think it turned them on knowing I was completely lost in my thoughts and didn’t know how to act.
Kathy asks me ”since last summer, has any girls sucked your cock the way i did? Or have u even had sex yet?”

Holly Fuck!!! putting me on the spot (I think I spit out a bit of my drink) the way she asked was very intimidating but like I said, I think they were getting off on the whole thing.

I decided that I was gong to compose myself and go with it and told her that I have fooled around but no, have not had sex”.

Kathy, noticing my discomfort as I disclosed something very personal immediately says “well last year, I gave you something to experience and remember and I’m going to do it again for you” – she now had my attention as I was looking right at her as her friend seemed to be enjoying the show as she got comfortable on the couch facing us.

She continues: “The only reason I am doing this is because I think your hot and you can obviously keep a secret. Am I right?” I quickly said yes.

She told me to sit back and relax.

I sat there as she placed her hand on my lap as I watched her friend squish herself into the corner of the couch and slide her hand down her shorts. Thin shorts, really really thin shorts. So thin that I can see the entire shape of her hand and every move she made as she teased her pussy. (all the while, Kathy looking over at me looking for my reaction)

My cock was so fucking hard and all Kathy said to her friend was “don’t mind him, you keep on going and ill take care of him”.

They giggled and smiled and she continued as she slid her finger into her pussy. These shorts were so thin that I could tell you which finger was inside of her and the exact moment she introduced a second finger into her soaking wet pussy. Kathy even told me to listen how wet her friend was and there was no mistaking the unique sound of a dripping wet pussy having fingers slide in and out of it.

This continued for a while as the friend began to get louder as she no longer held back her excitement by having us watch her and the sounds that came out of her mouth (soft, slow and deep moans) until Kathy gripped my cock, through my shorts and slowly teased it and stroked it in front of her friend as she switched between rubbing her own pussy and her tits...which definitely put her friend over the top as I watch this absolute sexy stranger finger fuck herself to orgasm.

I was slightly disappointed by the lack of noise I expected her to make as she came. Her body did slow down before her legs began to shake and then watching her back slowly arch as the strokes over her pussy and clit were more deliberate and shorter and quicker, almost like watching the orgasm build from her feet and slowly creep up through her body and filling her body as she sank into the couch just before she gripped her neck and arched her back again like if the feeling was coming out of her mouth and her mouth opened only to hear this silent scream and then she collapsed and rested as her hand slightly rubbed her pussy.

At this point, regardless of the fact that Kathy was only lightly teasing my cock over my shorts, I gripped her hand to stop because as her friend just came so hard in front of me, I was about to cum myself.

She slapped my cock and said, fine, stay here and watch.

Kathy got up and her friend stood up in front of me and the both took their shorts and panties off. They kept their tops on (why I don’t know).

They kissed briefly while lightly touching each others pussies and then Kathy sat down and her friend sat on her like if she was ridding Kathy giving me a perfect view of Kathy’s pussy (looks so wet) and her friends slightly thick ass.
I sat there, now with my dick in my hand but I could not bring myself to stroke it out of fear of ruining the moment. This tease was way to good to chance.

The girls eventually got into a scissor type of position...pussy to pussy (god dam that’s hot) and just as her friend came again, my hips buckled and without hesitation, I stopped and did not move! The timing could not have been more perfect. I stopped right before the full sensation came but I had a full load of cum slowly pour out of my cock. I watched it as it slowly leaked out. Completely in shock as to what I was experiencing. (thinking I had just fucked it up) I looked up and noticed both women staring at me as my cock was pointing upwards and my cum running down my shaft and Kathy says “that is so fucking hot, your still so hard” and I responded by saying that it didn’t feel like I came, I can still go and my cock was harder and more stiff then it ever was before.

Both girls came right away and sat on each side of me taking turns feeling how hard my cock was and rubbing my cum over my cock, trying to be soft but I told them it was not sensitive and I can cum again.

The “look” Kathy gave me as I said that was something I can never remove from my memory, she seemed possessed like if she was almost mad but in a sexy way and in one motion, she gripped my balls at the base of my cock and pulled down, making the last little bit of cum still in my cock…slowly pour out and then I watched my cock disappear and she lowered her head and slowly took in my entire cock until I felt the back of her throat and she held it there and moved her head and tongue around.

All I could do is close my eyes and put my head back as she tugged at my balls, keeping a constant pressure. While my eyes were closed, I suddenly felt her head pushing down hard against my body and when I opened my eyes, her friend was pushing her head down as hard as she could and talking under her breath while clinching her teeth and saying “suck it”!!!

I put my hand on the back of her head (not knowing if it was going to get pushed away) and pushed Kathy’s head deep on my cock and all she did was pull my balls so fucking hard and I blew my load in her mouth and she did not miss a beat as she removed her mouth mid cum and stroked me really HARD AND FAST making me scream and her friend covered my mouth as they both watched me cum until a screamed through her hands to stop!

Kathy, removed her hand and walked over to her friend and looked at me and said “we are not done, everyone needs to cum before I let you leave and I have not cum yet”

She began to kiss her friend as they shared my cum.

Kathy then sat her friend down and sat on her this time and told me to play with her ass and watch as she made her friend suck on her tits in a really aggressive way.

I shook and played with her ass until Kathy was so sexually frustrated that she put her knees on each side of her friend and bent over and hung her tits into her friends mouth and told her to suck them hard.

At this point, I had stopped, not realizing that I was just watching the show. She told me to get behind her and get on my knees (giving me the perfect view of her asshole, pussy and hanging tits. Her one hand reached between her legs and began to fuck herself so hard! Her other hand reached back, franticly trying to touch me and I gave her my hand and she whispered in a very dominating way “give me your face” and as I leaned forward, she says “I told you to play with my ass” and pushed my face into her ass. I didn’t know what to do, this was new territory for me, there is no way I would have ever guessed what she wanted me to do. But I didn’t need to guess, she says “grab my ass and lick my asshole.

…………..There was no hesitation, I dove in and gripped her ass and tongued her asshole like it was the greatest thin on earth and she came instantly as she flicked her clit hard and moaning so load in her friends face.

I stood back and watch the moaning and breathing and FUCK!!!!....it was almost too much, I was rock hard again.

The girls all sat up and asked if I was ok and I said yes, looking and feeling a little vulnerable. She asked me to sit next to her and told me that sometimes women need a little space at their climax.

Noticing I was rock hard and her coming back to her sense, she chose that moment to regain control and said “looks like someone is ready to go again, I guess we will have to save that for next year”.

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Dad's Ex (part 2)

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Comments (24)
Anonymous reader — 17 April 2016 12:30
What a great follow up =)
Wet_Jamiee — 07 April 2016 04:23
Yes, but I like other people trying to guess, so I'll keep it to myself ;) for now...
itsanaddiction06 April 2016 02:37
Really Jamiee?..you know which one it is? LOL
Wet_Jamiee — 01 April 2016 11:18
I love reading the comments on here and this isn't even my story. LOL

I think I know which name is real ;)
Anonymous reader — 28 March 2016 08:10
Even though this story got me off, I preffered part 1
Just being honest.

Can't wait to read more
Anonymous reader — 26 March 2016 09:18
i whent to see agood sexyy story very hot I cant forget
itsanaddiction26 March 2016 02:57
You are welcome ;)
Glad I could help!
Anonymous reader — 23 March 2016 07:05
Damn been trying to find a good story and this did me off perfectly
itsanaddiction23 March 2016 06:21
yup...2 different names for my Dad's ex.
One of the names is her real name.

I can't explain why, but there is some type of rush that I receive when writing out her name.

If I would have written only one name, readers could have come to their own assumption as to whether or not it was her real name. Now they know that one of them is her real name. What they do with that knowledge is up to them.

Most readers don't care, some ask.

It is just something I did for myself.
Anonymous reader — 23 March 2016 04:05
Different names?
Anonymous reader — 22 March 2016 18:45
FINALLY, some relief haha

Part 2 is not written as well as the first but part 1 got me super hot and this one finnished me off.
I've read your other stories and now I'm waiting for the next one Hun.
Don't keep a horny woman waiting :)
Anonymous reader — 19 March 2016 04:51
I liked this one too, has me hard n grinding
Ben Bitten
Anonymous reader — 18 March 2016 16:59
Awesome story. You should put them together next time though.
Anonymous reader — 16 March 2016 21:04
Forget the last idiot that commented!
After 225 votes, you're at 92%

Maybe he has penis envy. Your style is definitely different but it's awesome!!
Don't let dudes who probably have shitty stories posted try to ruin your vibe.

It's Chris here, I messaged you about joning after reading some of your stories.

Thanks for helping. I'm hoping to be able to post stories soon.
Anonymous reader — 15 March 2016 22:27
Not a very good story. First one was a little better.
itsanaddiction15 March 2016 19:27
Yes...I did use Lucy in the first story.

The real name was used in one of the stories.
Anonymous reader — 15 March 2016 15:32
In the last story, the Ex was Lucy
Anonymous reader — 14 March 2016 02:49
Absolutely amazing man! love your stories!

And women here looking for a 20 year old? aha
Anonymous reader — 13 March 2016 01:58
The sequel of anything is never as good as the first.

Love your first story of your dads ex but I really love your accidental text story.

This one is still good though.
itsanaddiction06 March 2016 16:20
Thank you....I'm glad you enjoy all my stories.

I'll be uploading a few more this week.

Anonymous reader — 06 March 2016 07:47
More please. Great stories. You need to proof read a little better though.
itsanaddiction05 March 2016 15:38
Thanks for the advice...one of them is a made up name, the other is real.

It was a conscious decision to do that but now that it is no longer my personal stories and now shared with the public, I should have thought of the audience and put more thought into that choice.
Anonymous reader — 05 March 2016 12:06
Very nice story. Proof read please, Lucy in the first one became Kathy in the second.
Anonymous reader — 05 March 2016 01:08
I love the story but you definitely have to read part one of the story to fully understand m how you felt.

I really enjoyed your teacher story as well.

Please write more
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