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The lust act

Categories Dark Fantasy, Authoritarian, Cruelty, Domination/submission

Author: Sally Woods

Published: 04 March 2016

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Amanda Parker was a 37 year old divorced woman. She lived in New York and was a managing director in her company. She was a very rich and successful lady and was a name by herself. She often travelled around the globe for business purposes. She had a thin waistline with good boobs and a round ass. She was 5' 7 in height and brunette hair. When her husband found she was bisexual, he divorced her. Also he had a complex cause of her strong headed nature. Amanda was a very selective person.

Once she was visiting turkey for business work. Everyday after work, she use to sit at the bar, awaiting to meet new people. Some she use to fuck and forget while some she use to discuss business. This evening, she met a young girl who was just 19 year old and was a prostitute. Her name was Tina Lesley. Amanda really liked the way she had dressed up. She wasn't really looking like a hooker. Tina was wearing a skater dress with minimum makeup and stilettos. She had a petite body and long blonde hair. When Tina realised that she was a rich lady, she hinted her on if she wants to spend the night with her in return of money. As both of them seemed interested, Amanda asked Tina to join her to her room upstairs. Tina happily walked to her room.

"Come sit my dear. I am glad we are here" Amanda said to Tina. Tina was very happy to see that Amanda was staying in the hotel suite. She was constantly thinking on how can she give immense pleasure to her to get good money.

Tina hesitantly said, " we always take the entire amount before we start".

"Fair enough," said Amanda, "I shall give you double than what you want but then you are my obidient sex toy till morning. If you agree, you cannot change your mind till its morning." Tina was taken by her strong words but considering the sophisticated Amanda looked, she agreed.

Amanda poured in wine in two glasses and sat on the couch. Tina was standing in front of her.

"Have a drink and sit besides me." Tina took the glass of wine and sat on the same couch next to Amanda.

" so who fucked you the first time?" Asked Amanda lighting a cigar.

Tina answered in a low voice, "I was fucked by my neighbour Uncle Sam when I needed money and after that I realised earning money was easy by being a hooker. I enjoy getting fucked and also earn money."

"How many men and women have you slept with?" Amanda asked while she touched Tina's boobs.

"6 men and you shall be the first woman to sleep with." Tina replied.

" that's great." Said Amanda. "I like fresh meat. I am going to treat you without mercy tonight. I want you to experience rough and hard love from a woman. Get up and remove you dress.

Tina seemed a little scared when she hear the words 'without mercy'. So far the men she slept with were nice to her. She stripped out of her dress. She wasn't wearing any bra. Her perky tits were light brown in color. He red thong was a little wet already.

Amanda got her small bag which had her sex toys in it. She pulled out two clips and put them over her nipples. Tina could feel the extreme pain at once and started feeling restless.

On seeing Tina in pain, Amanda said, "This is just the beginning my love. When pretty girls like you decide to become hookers, you'll should be prepared for extreme torture. I worked so hard to taste success and money, you girls want it merely by spreading your legs! You'll deserve the pain".

Amanda tore her red thing and saw her shaved pussy. She really liked her shaved pussy. In no moment, she touched her lit cigar on her shaved pussy, leaving a burn. Tina screamed in terror and pain. Amanda pulled her hair and asked her to shut up and enjoy the pain she gives her.

Amanda dragged her to the bathroom, removed her panties. She asked Tina to open her mouth wide so that she can piss in her mouth and she has to drink the maximum she possible can. Tina was terrified as no men treated her like that. She tried drinking the piss but the taste didn't allow her to drink much. It was the first time she ever tasted piss. Amanda slapped her hard for wasting her piss and dragged her by her hair to the bed. She made Tina lay on her stomach on the bed and started whipping her ass hard with a wodden stick.

Tina was crying and in pain but couldn't help as she had agreed for this. Before she could understand anything, Amanda forcefully pushed a huge dildo in her pussy in one go without any lube. Tina let a scream out. Amanda felt annoying that she was screaming every now and then and so she put a ball gag on her mouth. And then extremely hard and rough she fucked her pussy with the dildo till her pussy started bleeding cause of the rough treatment. Tina was crying profusely.

Amanda stopped but then she realised that she is paying for the whore holes. Why not use them till they are functional. She inserted another smaller dildo in the pussy again. She wanted to gape her holes and loosen them for ever. She removed her ball gag and asked Tina to lick her pussy and make her cum with her tongue. While she was doing that, Amanda whipped her ass till the ass cheeks turned red. Amanda also asked Tina to lick her asshole. Amanda pushed her finger in her own asshole and pulled out some shit and made Tina taste it. It was the worst moment for Tina. Tina was dumped by her boyfriend because she didn't agree to eat his shit and now for money she is eating a strange woman's shit.

Once Amanda cum, she collect the juice in a glass and made Tina drink it. Tina felt like a cheap whore slut who is humiliated by a woman of her mothers age.

All this while, the dildo was still in Tina's pussy. Before Tina thought of asking Amanda to remove it, Amanda inserted another in her virgin asshole with very less lube. Tina was crying heavily cause of the pain. And after the dildos were deep in her pussy and asshole, Amanda put a tape on them so that they won't come out. Amanda tied a leash on her neck and made her walk in the room while Tina was in the worst pain and could barely walk. Amanda wore a strap on dick and then violently fucked her throat till Tina gasped for some air to be alive.

Amanda spat on her face and squirt on her face and her hair. She took a scissors and chopped off half of her hair to shoulder length while the other other was till her ass. She also used a razor to remove her eyebrow hair. Tina was begging to not spoil her appearance. But Amanda said that she would tip her accordingly.

By the end of the session, Amanda put more burn marks on her boobs and ass and Tina being a total whore took the burn marks cause of money. Amanda asked her to sit like a dog on her two feet and hands folded like a dog with her tongue out. Amanda clicked her picture of her cheap slut like a dog and beat her for ten minutes for being a slut whore. Tina was weeping.

While she was paying her the money, she paid her the basic money and for the tip she said, "I shall give you a tip according to the size of your asshole. The bigger you open the more notes I shall stuff in. All the notes you stuff in your asshole as yours." In a quest of more money, she tries her best to open in. In the pressure to open more she soiled few notes with her shit.

Amanda kissed her bye after putting some salt in her pussy so that her pussy burns for a day or two. Amanda cut open her skater dress from the neck with a scissors so that everyone can see her burnt boobs once she leaves the room.

Amanda loved to abuse the little slut while the slut was nothing but a used piece of shit by the end.

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The lust act

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Comments (5)
Anonymous reader — 05 April 2016 09:40
Sorry but this is just a list of things being done, no real character development..
Anonymous reader — 07 March 2016 23:33
Poor writing!
Anonymous reader — 06 March 2016 18:56
Aww poor sexy ladies u both sound hot
Anonymous reader — 05 March 2016 23:32
I enjoy pain. I like salt after a good beating but hot sauce is even better.
Anonymous reader — 05 March 2016 02:12
Very interesting and I can totally relate. When I was a working girl, I did about everything but now that I am older I don't get much attention. :(
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