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A Guy and his....? 21 Trio

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex

Authror: pars001

Published: 11 March 2016

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Jake hadn't been sure that he could survive the advances of all three of his Jinns at once, though as he had said it was a hell of a way to go. Looking over at the three well satisfied Jinns he had to wonder would it always be this way. True there were the many problems with all the evil Jinns but as he had heard he was 'destined' to break all the curses and restore more balance back to both worlds, and all without magic. Well any magic of his own that is; he just wished he's had some warning that day he was so curious about a bottle in the sand. Looking around he half expected a dozen or more of the disembodied ones to be there.

Not finding anyone Jake let out a sigh, thank god, this was starting to get unnerving, have sex and several people appear. Getting out of bed Jake made his way to the bathroom, or pool room as he now called it. He'd just started to relieve himself when he heard a soft sobbing coming from the other side of the room. Shit! Jake thought now how many have we released? Walking over he began to open each of the six doors in the room, as he thought each held a male Jinn, funny no females this time. Wishing the six clothed and he knew what he could about them he rubbed the little bottle charm thinking of Rasmir.

"Again Master Jake?" Rasmir said as soon as he appeared. Jake could only nod as they both heard Jake's three Jinns giggling from the bed room. "I realize that you are bringing the Jinn race back, but master Jake you seem to be bringing more and more back each time."

"I was going to ask you that it also appears that it is only with my Jinns and no other that causes them to appear from the cloud or whatever it is." Jake told Rasmir which caused the old Jinn's eyes to open wide.

"Only with ... then you have ... what I mean to say is...," shaking his head Rasmir thought for a moment, "please be careful Master Jake, as we have said before you are the...," Rasmir stopped talking as he'd espied all six of the newly arrived Jinns.

"I think you might want to call the other council members, especially the leader again." Jake told Rasmir. Rasmir could only stare in disbelief at the youngest son of the leader who'd been missing for thousands of years. A few minutes later the leader of the council appeared along with the rest of the council.

"Is it true?" The leader asked, "You have released another of my missing children?" Jake could only nod as he wished that each had their powers and were as healthy as they were expected to be. Each of the six gave Jake a hug as they moved to the other side of the room. The last being the son of the council leader.

"My family and I wish you thank you, not only for twice restoring honor to our family but for returning my brother and me." The very young looking man said then hugged Jake as did the council leader.

As soon as they left, Gen appeared with a list, "Uh Master?" She asked.

"Yes Gen? Did I forget something?" That was when Jake spotted the list in Gen's hands.

"Master we have rescheduled all the visits to one a day now," here Gen smiled a slow seductive smile, "that way you have more time to be at home doing what you like best." All three of his Jinns giggled at that. "That includes us Master," Gen added.

Jake had to also smile at that, true he didn't know if he was going to last but as he'd said before it was a hell of a way to go! The sudden giggling he heard let him know that all of his Jinns had heard his comment.

Laying down Jake knew that his wish to not be as tired wouldn't let him sleep long but he thought he needed the sleep for other purposes. Not all that far away, Tankena was still rubbing his back and arms from where the leader had punished him, as he'd thought the leader hadn't been too pleased by this latest failure. Sighing Tankena decided that weak or not he'd give the leader's plan a try, it couldn't turn out any worse than his had. Waiting a moment longer to let his power increase more, as the leader's beating had taken a lot out of him; Tankena finally sat and started to chant and sway calling upon the darker forces building up to a heightened level until three shapes appeared before him.

Opening his eyes Tankena saw three of the most beautiful females he'd ever seen, smiling he knew that they would get the job done they had NEVER failed yet at anything they set out to do."Ah! It is good to see you three, Nuha, Abla, Fatin, we have a mission for you." Tankena told them.

Nuha the leader a red head with slim hips and 36-b breasts turned her green eyes to Tankena, nodding to Abla a slender blonde with 34-c breasts a tiny waist and blue eyes. Turning she nodded to Fatin a jet black dark haired beauty with 40-c breasts a very curvy figure and dark eyes like a storm approaching.

"It has been a very long time Tankena my dear the terms stand as before, one job, one child, for each of us from your loins!" Nuha told Tankena, an extremely wicked smile on her face.

She and the other two looked at Tankena with hungry almost starving looks of lust. Shaking a bit Tankena remembered the last time he'd had to pay for their services, it had taken three years to finally escape their daily pounding of his sex to get pregnant.

Fatin drifted up to Tankena her long nails trailing up and down his crotch, "I can't wait," she smiled even more wickedly. "You lasted far longer than I thought you would," leaning closer she whispered in his ear, "I did so enjoy pounding myself on you, it makes me tingle to think I will get to breed with you again. Ummmmmmmmmm I can't wait!" Again Tankena shivered as Fatin licked his ear then the side of his face.

"Enough Fatin," Nuha chided her, "we need to hear all about this." Fatin backed away looking at Tankena with hungry looks but she knew not to defy Nuha.

"We need you to go after the ever last master." Tankena told them hoping they wouldn't shy away from the job though as he'd seen over the eons they never refused.

Looking at Tankena a moment the red headed leader of the trio asked, "What is so special about him? After all he is just a human."

"True he is human but not just any human, you see he has three Jinns! Plus..." Tankena started.

"Three?!! Sisters! It appears that we finally have a job worthy of our power!" Nuha said as the eyes of the other two began to shine brighter. "Tankena for this job we may even wave the child for each of us, well two of us anyway," Nuha said as she looked at Fatin who was upset at the prospect of not breeding with Tankena.

"As I said he is protected by them they are in love with him as he is with them. The last idiot I sent after them actually called them the Jinns of love! Ha! As if that is true, it is the oldest legend there is, so old in fact I doubt any of it is true!" Tankena spit out.

Nuha floated in front of him, "Do not discount the legends so easily my dear Tankena, I have seen too many that were ridiculous and actually be true and happen. I am not stupid; do not insult me or my sisters! Remember there are several legends about us also, that they too were discounted as a joke 'til we emerged." Tankena could only nod his head no use in pissing them off one he might be able to handle but not all three!

"The leader has a plan that he wishes you to follow, though I think it will fail, none of my plans have as of yet proven reliable." Tankena growled out, this was far more embarrassing to him than he let on. "Alright here is what the leader wants you to do." It was many hours later when the three evil female Jinns left the hiding place that Tankena had been holding up in. Laughing he could see this would fail though he hated to admit it Jake's bond with his Jinns was far stronger than he'd seen in a very long time. Knowing this Tankena was almost certain that the plan would fail, but then again it might actually do some good like weaken the Jinns enough that he could swoop in and kill Jake before they could react.

The next day Jake got up and was about to leave when his cell phone went off. "Hello? Yes this is Jake Freemon. Yes I can meet you, sure no problem, uh huh no problem, see you soon bye!" Jake said as he hung up the phone. Looking at Gen and Rosalinda Jake told them, "That was the woman I was supposed to see today she said she has taken ill and wanted to reschedule for later in the week." Gen just smiled at Jake to her this meant he could stay there with them and maybe scratch their itches more. She was about to suggest it when Jake's cell went off again.

"Hello? Yes, yes she did cancel, twice? Once for the next two days? Well, I guess if it wouldn't bore you. Sure ok, I'll be there in about an hour." Jake just shook his head as he hung up his cell; that was strange and unexpected.

"Master, are you ok?" Gen asked.

"Yes Gen, that was the next woman on the schedule, it seems she heard that the other canceled and wanted to take her turn, plus the turn she would get tomorrow." Jake told her. "It just seems odd," He told her when she looked at him with a questioning look.

"Master? Would you like us to accompany you? That way if something is wrong we can be closer to react faster." Gen replied.

"No, I think I'll be fine, but I do need to talk to you about something when I return tonight." he told her.

Leaving, Jake couldn't see neither Gen nor Rosalinda as they followed him to the appointed place. Not long after they left both Gen and Rosalinda could feel that something was wrong though neither could put a finger on it. Pulling up in front of the rather posh mansion Jake could only shake his head, damn but it appeared as if they were all well off. Jake could swear this was the fifth mansion that the family had. Getting out of his truck he was greeted by the sight of a jet black haired curvy beautiful woman, damn Jake thought she had skin like his Jinns absolutely flawless.

Nuha and Abla watched from not far away not trusting Jake, they had their power as low as they could get it. It was because of this that neither Gen nor Rosalinda felt them nor did they feel Jake's Jinns.

"Hello Jake, I am Faith I am Juno's niece," Fatin lied, though she could feel an unusually strong attraction to this man. My god! She thought I have never felt the sexual pull of a human male as I do with this one! Ummmmmmm it seems such a shame to have to kill him. Taking him inside Fatin was almost beside herself with desire to have Jake buried as deep as she could get him in her. Panting Fatin couldn't explain why she wanted this man so badly; the feeling was building higher with each passing minute. Upon reaching the bedroom Fatin's desire was at a fever pitch as she started to shred the clothes from her body.

In a deep throaty voice she told Jake, "If you want to have clothes to leave in I suggest you get naked NOW!"

Quickly undressing Fatin locked lips with Jake as she pushed him forcibly on the bed. Grabbing his cock she quickly lined him up with her opening and drove him all the way inside her with one thrust. Screaming out in pure unadulterated lust and want, shocking not only Jake but herself also, Fatin began to thrust harder and harder. My god! She thought I have never felt this before! What is this feeling? With each thrust the feeling grew and grew 'til it started to overtake her very senses.

Jake had been with a few women in the last few days that were aggressive, but this one put them all to shame. The way this woman was going she was building to the most powerful orgasm Jake had ever seen. The simple fact that she wasn't about to slow or stop wasn't lost on him either, neither was the fact that her opening was like a vice grasping his cock the whole time adding an extra amount of heat and friction. It was pretty intense, then after only a few minutes Jake could feel the familiar building up of pressure in his scrotum, a massive build up. Fatin could only stare at this human man, she'd never felt the pure heavenly feeling that she was now, who was this man and could she fuck him forever.

That's when she felt his member start to swell inside her, this was all it took! As she started to orgasm she thought she was going to die! It ... it was far beyond anything she'd ever felt before! She had to have more of him it didn't matter what she had to do she had to have more. Her orgasm started to explode through her washing over her like a wave of pure pleasure, then she felt Jake swell more and with a growling roar she felt his juices as they shot into her filling her 'til they stared to leak out around his cock, screaming again the world went dark.

Nuha had heard the screams and grunts of Fatin, worrying that she had gotten carried away. The waves of pure pleasure that washed over her and Abla were almost too much, both of their breathing quickened to a heavy pace with both their eyes wide in astonishment. Panting as they both felt Fatin's orgasm, Nuha smiled a wicked smile so he was not only protected but had been endowed with almost pure sex appeal. This was going to be an exciting mission, she herself was going to have to bed this almost sex god. Another smile lit her face as she looked at Abla, she had to soon, and if Abla got ahold of him she might never get a chance.

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A Guy and his....? 21 Trio

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Comments (11)
justanotherslut — 04 June 2016 18:40
I am enjoying these stories tremendously! You are an very good writer!
Anonymous reader — 30 March 2016 03:20
When is the next chapter coming out????
Anonymous reader — 19 March 2016 08:24
Pars waiting fr d next one....plz post it fast
Anonymous reader — 17 March 2016 07:01
Dont push your self get better ive been reading dead sticks lost empire and this one. I hope u can update them when u get better.
Anonymous reader — 14 March 2016 16:36
Excellent again
Anonymous reader — 13 March 2016 08:28
Hi pars we're happy you got back to this story......if I might add a suggestion, just take some time off until you feel more than ready,come back and start with one or two story at a time....we are little disappointed that this post ended fast....so just take time and write a lengthy one....hope you consider it and get well soon.
One of your biggest fans asouthindianman
Anonymous reader — 12 March 2016 07:30
Awesome as always pars,
Anonymous reader — 12 March 2016 01:43
Take your time and get better!!!
pars00111 March 2016 23:46
Anonymous reader — 11 March 2016 18:55
its been a long time pars....i thought you left this story.!!!
Anonymous reader — 11 March 2016 17:24
I really wish you would write more "A Girl and Her Jen" as I read your lead-in story to your present series and I loved it. Alternating between male/female to me would see how a man or woman would use their Jen and if they would have different types of wishes. Also the woman could use her Jen as a sexual partner or include her in her wishes as a way of thanking her Jen granting her wishes. IN the 1st story I liked how their relationship got off to a rocky start but things worked out in the end and they became friends. PLease consider "A Girl and Her Jen"? Retired Army NCO
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