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A guy and his...? 22 Redemption

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex

Authror: pars001

Published: 06 April 2016

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Nuha - Intelligence
Abla - Perfectly Formed
Fatin - Captivating; Alluring; Enchanting

Fatin was terrified she'd never had a male let alone a human male satisfy her like Jake had, plus the fact that the pleasure had been so intense that she had fainted. This was the man she had been searching for her entire life. Crap she thought if her sister found out they might take him away from her. All she knew was she had to have him again she could still feel the throbbing of her body from the aftermath of their union. She'd awoken a while after Jake had left covering her and making sure she was alright.

Nuha looked at the huge smile on her unconscious sister's face, slightly shocked she never thought she'd see her sister as satisfied as Fatin was. Who in the hell was this man? Although Nuha could feel the magic around Jake she didn't feel any within him. Were all three of his Jinns that much in love with him? It felt as if they had put everything that they were and had into the protection that they had around him. So this was the Ever Last Master, very interesting as she assumed from the looks of Fatin this was a human unlike any other.

Fatin sighed as her eyes opened her whole body was throbbing with excitement. "Sister," she said as soon as she saw Nuha, "he has such a strong attraction to him, I had to have him. Never in over 1500 years has a male satisfied me like he has. It is uncanny he almost knew everything I wanted and need."

Nuha was watching Fatin the whole time, she was telling the truth though Nuha could also feel something else though she wasn't sure what it was. This wasn't good she thought; something about this man was throwing the most intoxicating of the sisters off her game. Hmmm she thought maybe there was something to this Ever Last Master after all, she needed to find out all she could before they were all thrown off and weren't able to accomplish the mission that they were on.

Jake had left the woman in the mansion making sure she was well before he covered her up. He was on the way home when he had a sudden thought. "Alright you both can appear next to me," he told the thin air as both Gen and Rosalinda appeared both giggling. "I thought you both were here, I am glad though I can't seem to feel Rashala." Jake concentrated and called, <Rashala? Where are you? I can't feel you that well?>

A weak and almost helpless Rashala answered, <Master! I feel so weak I cannot move, I can hardly see, please Master help me.> Came the almost pleading thoughts of Rashala.

Turning to Gen and Rosalinda Jake was scared, "I need to be where Rashala is NOW! I feel she is dying," Jake said tears now falling from his eyes. Both of them shocked they both nodded and Jake was gone a second later, both sighed as the little truck careened off the road and crumpled against the rock face of a cliff. They needed to fix it later but for now they were more worried about their sister.

Jake appeared in the now enlarged interior of his house. Looking around frantically Jake soon found Rashala on the floor of the bathroom. "Oh my god! Rashala! RASHALA! Speak to me Damn it!" Again tears were streaming down his face this was all his fault he should have warned her he should done something! Running to her he tried to pick her up but found that she passed through him like a ghost. "I'm so sorry Rashala it's all my fault you should have been warned I should have told you."

The tears flowing unashamedly Jake didn't see Gen or Rosalinda as they both fell to their knees. Reaching up Rashala tried to touch her Master's tear stained face, why couldn't she touch him? She could feel him this made no sense, she felt so weak, and why was master crying?

Suddenly a warmth began to spread through her body as it was as light as a feather a wonderful feeling almost as wonderful as when her master touched her. That's when she saw a light in the distance. NO! She refused she needed him as he did her. NO! She refused to go! The light was still advancing but had slowed, NO! She screamed at the light then just as suddenly she was back in her body, strange she didn't remember leaving it. Trying to take a breath, she felt as if a huge weight was on her chest, breathe yes! She had to breathe she had to! Jake was beside himself he'd killed her, hell he'd killed all of them the council would take Gen and Rosalinda. This caused even heavier tears they were all dead! At first Jake thought it was Gen or Rosalinda then he heard it again. Looking down he saw that Rashala was having trouble breathing, plus the fact that he could now touch her wasn't lost on him either. Bending over her he started to blow breath into her lungs, finally with a cough Rashala took a lungful of air. Looking at Jake she smiled weakly and reached again to caress his face, Jake caught her hand and brought it to his lips.

Rashala felt her master's lips on hers then she felt the life giving air that he blew into her lungs. Sweet life she would never think anything of it again! Slowly she tried to raise her hand to touch his face, when he caught it and brought it to his lips a jolt shot through her, causing her eyes to fly wide. The bond, she thought that they weren't bonded yet, if they weren't completely before they were now. In a weak almost whispering voice Rashala told him, "I will never leave your side again Master, please forgive me for not remembering the bond we share. I will do better in the future master, please master don't punish me I will do better."

Jake could see the tears starting to fall from her eyes, bending, he tenderly kissed her, “I told you before Rashala, I am not like the master's of old. I do not believe in punishing any of you like that. Besides you have punished yourself enough you have to remember that from now on we can't be apart that long. Our bond is incredibly strong and now that there are four of us in it, the weakness might be worse than it was before.

Jake walked to a small alcove set in the wall in it were three bottles, Rosalinda's, Sheeka's (she had no powers but was still a Jinn in a human body) and Rashala's. Grabbing Rashala's Jake brought it before her. Her strength almost completely returned she trembled when Jake took down her bottle. Throwing herself at his feet she begged him for another chance to prove herself.

"Rise Rashala, you almost died today it was mostly my fault," Jake raised his hand to stop her when she started to protest. "I have therefore decided that you have suffered long enough with the shadow of this bottle hanging over your head." Rashala was still in a prone position on the floor Jake's words hardly registering to her, huge tears in her eyes. She thought she was special to Master Jake he was the Ever Last Master he ... what did he just say?! "Therefore I wish," Jake was thinking as hard as he could, how had he worded it last time ... Ah! "Rashala, I wish for you to no longer be a slave to that bottle and be free to love and live!" Yes that's what I said last time.

Rashala's head snapped up, "Master? Did you just wish...?" Setting her bottle down Rashala could only stare at Jake. "As you wish and command," Rashala said a small smile on her lips all the pain and tears forgotten. There was a deafening boom then Rashala's bottle shattered and was gone. Sheeka, Gen, and Rosalinda came running into the room.

"Master you released her from her bottle! I told you Rashala when you were first released that Master Jake was different." Gen told her.

Rashala could only nod and stare at Jake this was as Gen had said before the greatest gift a master could give his Jinn. Throwing herself into his arm Rashala whispered, "I am yours forever master, 'til this moment I have never known true happiness thank you."

There were tears in Sheeka's eyes also; she knew all too well the gift that Jake had granted his Jinn. Sighing she went back to her work, one day she thought she'd have a chance to love like that was a dream of hers.

The joy in the house was broken a moment later when Jake's cell went off. Setting Rashala down Jake went to answer it. "Hello? Yes I remember you Faith, I hope it was alright the way I left you I thought you'd appreciate it. Yes tomorrow, yes she what? No, No one has called yet. Sure I can handle two; I have before, the same house ok, sure. Alright good bye." Again Jake had a confused look on his face.

"Is everything alright Master?" Gen asked.

"That was faith from yesterday, she said that her cousin called her and she wants to come over tomorrow and be with us. She is the one that canceled today obviously Faith was praising me to her and now she wants to try after all. You know if I didn't know better I'd swear something is going on." Jake told his Jinns.

Nuha made the phone disappear, she was the strongest they would find out tomorrow just what was up with the human man. Though the more she thought about what had happened earlier today the more she got an overwhelming tingle between her legs. Fatin was still floating on a cloud Nuha had never seen her sister affected like this. The thing was she was more than overjoyed to be with this Jake Freemon again another thing that she'd never seen her sister do or want. They needed to kill this damn male before he drove a wedge between all of the sisters.

That night Jake had just finished satisfying all three of his Jinns again, lying down they had just gotten settled and all three of his girls as he referred to them now were asleep. Untangling himself from all three of the women, Jake went to the bathroom to relieve himself when he heard a noise. Finishing up he crept out into the living room toward the Kitchen, again he heard a slight scraping. Jake moved forward a bit when he heard a gasp then a fire ball was flying toward him. Suddenly someone pushed him out of the way taking the full brunt of the attack in the chest, letting loose a scream, Jake could tell that it was Sheeka. Whatever or whoever it was left out the door in a hurry forgotten by Jake as he stared at Sheeka's burned chest and face.

"Why Sheeka? I am protected." Jake asked her he could see the extreme pain she was in. Rubbing the bottle Jake called for the doctor.

"Master Jake?" Trully called when she appeared in the living room. "Is everythin ... please move Master Jake I don't have much time to save her." Trully Bent over the woman whose eyes never left Jake.

"I don't understand why she did it, I am protected from attacks. She didn't have to." Jake said looking at Sheeka he wished that she wasn't in as much pain. A extremely soft sigh left her burned lips.

Still looking at Jake she said in a raspy gravelly voice, "I had to master, it would have killed you. For what you have done for me, for what's left of my family, I would sacrifice my life for yours any day."

Jake was shocked she would give her life for his? Why? He was nobody just another man that she had tried to kill.

"I'm afraid she's right master Jake this was hell fire, not too much can stop it," Trully said, hanging her head she looked at Jake. "Master Jake, I'm not sure I can save her without her healing powers there isn't much hope." Jake was suddenly angry someone had killed her she was actually starting to make real progress toward being a great Jinn again.

The entire council was there in a flash, "Master Jake, are you alright?" Looking around they soon saw the reason Jake was angry.

"Please restore her healing power, it is the only chance she has, and even then she might not make it." The entire council nodded yes and they all extended their hands.

"Someone broke into this house even with all the protection, I want to know how. I want to know if this can be prevented again. Even for all she did she didn't deserve this. I have seen what she did in almost every case she had no choice. I feel that I acted in haste in punishing her like I did, as hard as I did." Tears were now flowing from his eyes no one deserved this no one.

The entire council had backed away from Jake the amount of fury that they felt from him was beyond anything they'd ever felt. That plus the biblical storm that was brewing outside was further proof that Jake was about to lose it. "Can you save her Trully?" Jake asked a few minutes later.

"I think so Master Jake, but even with her healing restored it will be slow and extremely painful." Trully replied tears were also falling from her eyes she felt so helpless, for the first time with a patient that she couldn't completely heal them.

"I wish that her healing would double no triple and there would be no pain." Jake said between clenched teeth still staring at the wall almost afraid to look at anyone in the room for fear of his anger killing them.

Trully watched in amazement as the burns to the woman's throat started to appear more normal, most of the burns were starting to look like bad bruises. Gasping Trully could only stare at Jake, a wish had done this?

Suddenly there was a tentative voice by the bedroom door. "Master Jake?" The storm suddenly abated to half its power as Jake turned to look at a terrified Gen. "Master are you alright? I felt such rage it was almost suffocating, I couldn't breathe." Coming out Gen saw Sheeka on the floor unconscious. "NO!" Gen screamed bringing Rashala and Rosalinda out to her, they also screamed though Rashala was also growling.

"This was old magic, older than me, everything we did was mere child's play to whom ever did this" Rashala tried to hide her anger, Jake could see that she was a furious as he'd been only moments ago, shit this was bad if it could upset the usually calm and collect Rashala. Thinking a moment Jake knew that he had to set the traps out that is if the council could get them ready in time.

Jake went to Rasmir and told him he had a few ideas for the council for a type of prison. He would show them tomorrow as right now he had a decision to make about Sheeka what she had done deserved more than just a reward. Jake just had to decide what it was. Thanking the council, they left.

Trully was still amazed that just a wish from Jake had brought about the healing that she was seeing on Sheeka. Kissing a shocked Jake Trully whispered, "You are unlike any man I have ever met human or Jinn." Looking at the three Jinns gathered around Sheeka she nodded her head. "I believe it now they truly are the Jinns of love." Handing Jake a list of instructions she waved to Jake's Jinns and left.

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A guy and his...? 22 Redemption

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Comments (4)
Clover Ernest — 02 August 2016 11:19
same as the previous anon, I was an bit upset at the lack of truck in the last one, but as soon as I read of the demise of the truck (Kenny, as ive come to call it) I posted this comment.
but then again, if u have something that is suggested and a lot of people like it, they will be expecting it ASAP, aka the next chap. but in order to appeal to his readers, yet still keep it interesting and full of suspense, pars001 waited a chapter before implementing the "infini-truck" -- genius idea.
Anonymous reader — 26 May 2016 00:50
I am a very impatient man and I like to read my stories from beginning to end so I've been away for a few months to allow plenty of time to get more than one chapter out. Was a little dissappointed that the truck didn't make an appearance in the last chapter, but as soon as I saw it in this one I stopped reading to post this comment. LONG LIVE THE TRUCK!!!! rofl Reminds me of the scene in Groundhog Day where Bill Murray is naming off all the ways he has died.
Anonymous reader — 25 April 2016 03:37
Anonymous reader — 07 April 2016 06:28
Keep it going man its awesome
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