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  1. Zaid the shopkeeper and his community's work-chapter one
  2. Zaid the shopkeeper and his community's work-chapter five

Zaid the shopkeeper and his community's work-chapter one

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Interracial, Lactation

Author: Gokky

Published: 12 April 2016

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Zaid celebrated his fiftieth birthday last week. He had a good deal to be proud about, since coming to England from Somalia twenty five years ago with his wife Jamilia and their two eldest children, they had had four more children. All his children were healthy and successful, all had done well at school and although he had to work hard and long hours at his three shops, they provided him and his family with a good income and their house and car were the envy of many.

Zaid was a respected member of the community and he had many friends both within his community and also within the English people who frequented his shop.

Why then was Zaid frustrated? Unfortunately for Zaid, Jamilia though a loyal and loving wife, had no interest in sex. Sex, in Jamilia's opinion was for procreation, not particularly for enjoyment. She disapproved of the English girls and women who visited their shops wearing revealing clothes and forbade her sons to yield to temptation and seek enjoyment with white girls. Zaid and Jamilia's daughters did not act or dress like the white girls who displayed their breasts, legs and bottoms in revealing clothing, tempting Muslim men. Somali girls had respect for themselves and dressed accordingly as befit their customs and their religion.

Zaid was happy that his daughters behaved themselves in this way; it proved that he and his wife had been good parents. He did suspect that his sons had taken pleasure in some of the white girls who they had met in his shops or at school or college. Zaid did not however, forbid his sons from using the white girls, as long as they understood that the girls from their own community were not be insulted in this way.

Zaid had resisted the temptations of white women for twenty five years, the sight of english female bottoms dressed in tight, clinging leggings, the sight of white English breasts, barely covered by revealing blouses, the sight of pink nipples, clearly visible through skimpy bras and thin, tightly fitted tops and skirts so short Zaid could clearly see the slutty thongs which apparently served as underwear for any age of white female.

He could not refrain any longer. He had to ram his Somali cock up an obedient tight white ass, he had to hold a white girl's (hopefully blond) head as he shot his Somali sperm down her throat and he just HAD to ram his thick black cock in a sweet, young English cunt and fill it with Somali baby juice.

The question was how was he to take his pleasure in this supply of compliant and acquiescent white women presented to him daily, without his family and community knowing? How could he fuck his way through the many English women who flaunted their bodies whilst being so close to Zaid that he could see their gorgeous white breasts, their juicy pink nipples pointing against their white blouses and so temptingly, he could almost see their shapely white bottoms as they bent down to get the newspapers Zaid conveniently placed on the floor facing his counters.

Zaid decided that he should concentrate on his shop in the poorest area, he was confident that the white women there would be attracted by the promise of him buying them presents, gifts that their unsuccessful white men could only dream of giving them. There were also the single mothers, Zaid thought they would be desperate for the attention of a prosperous and attentive man like himself and he was confident that as most if not all white women were known to covet black cock, his wait to fuck English pussy would be a short one. Quite a few of these shameless, licentious, easy white single mothers had black or Pakistani babies so everyone could see who they spread their legs wide for. Zaid reasoned that having a black or Pakistani baby revealed a white woman’s rejection of the white man and therefore she would definitely relish the chance of bearing more black cock.

His cock grew hard and long, he pulled it out of his trousers. Thick, black and forcefully African, he was proud of his ebony pole; it had bred six Somali children who now were fine men and women. His cock needed to enter a white and fill it up with the thick, hot cum which his wife had received and been bred by. Now, he wanted to see how different it was with a white. He knew it would be spicier, the promise of a randy English slut accepting anything Zaid wanted to do to her stimulated the fifty year old Somali but he refused to masturbate. He would save his formidable sperm for the white pussy he would target tomorrow. Confident and eager, he helped himself to some sambuusa (a Somali snack), listened to Fartuun and fashioned his lines of seduction.

The following morning Zaid was at the shop early and he looked carefully at Judy, the assistant. He hadn't considered her anything but an employee but this morning he wondered whether she could be his first white fuck. She would be easier to seduce than a customer. Zaid had the monopoly on her attention today with just the two of them in the shop, so he studied her resources.

Judy was forty, blonde with blue eyes and curvaceous. She had been very attractive but her lazy husband forced her to work hard to help provide for them and this, and having their three children had caused her good looks to fade somewhat. Judy was however, a woman who was sexy and fuckable. Zaid paid particular attention to Judy’s large but well-rounded bottom. How could he have overlooked this fine plump ass?

As Zaid watched Judy bending down to place the newspapers on their stands, he was resolved; his blonde, shapely and comely assistant would provide him with an introduction to fucking English, compliant and easy-to-use females. Enjoying her devotion shift from her flabby white husband to Zaid would be gratifying too, watching the idle wretch come into the shop knowing his wife belonged to Zaid's black cock would bring a wide smile of accomplishment to his face and added purpose to his fuck-tool. He approached Judy, ogling the shape of her ass stretching the material of her skirt; she turned around embarrassed, aware that her ass had been positioned very suggestively. Her boss had clearly been gazing at her bottom and she looked at him, embarrassed but was shocked to see him happy to return her gaze. He clearly had enjoyed the view!

Judy had a virgin asshole. Her white husband had attempted on a few occasions to enter her tight asshole but Judy had been left with her ass stuck out unsatisfied and unoccupied. She was desperately upset that his soft, little boy pink dickey unable to penetrate her. She had felt his soft dickey-head ineffectually push against her but he was too weak, too flaccid and too spongy to gain entry into her ass.

So, it was with these memories of her feeble husband who preferred to drink alcohol than to take care of Judy's long-suffering pussy and ass fresh in her mind, that Judy recognised the hunger for her in Zaid's eyes.

She returned to the task of sorting the newspapers, presenting Zaid with the sight of her well-formed but nervous ass once more. Judy's willingness to flaunt herself to him after he had openly been savouring the view was all the evidence Zaid needed that she wanted Somali cock.

Judy shuffled the newspapers in a confused daze. She craved a fuck from a real man, but she was married, and the man who was at that moment assessing her was her boss, a Somali black man-her boss! No black man had touched her and her racist husband would be boiling with jealousy and rage if she allowed Zaid to enjoy use of her.

But, she wanted a real cock. She wriggled her bottom, hoping to attract a real cock, pushed her butt out a little further, and closed her eyes, nervy and anxious, goodness what was she doing? Judy reasoned that it was merely a little fun in her drab, uninteresting life, but Judy was still a young woman, with needs.

Zaid, closed his eyes also, offering a prayer of thanks and praise to the one who had delivered this gift to him.

Judy was on her knees; having quickly placed some papers beneath her knees for comfort-she wasn’t in complete control now-her body really wanted this. Her left hand was on the floor in front of her while her right hand pulled up the back of her skirt in an agitated attempt to entice her black boss onto her. Her skirt length was a little below the knee so she had to pull a good deal of material up before her white knickers were revealed to him. She could not look at him, she dared not. She was afraid that any rash move might discourage the Somali from having sex with her, and feared that if their eyes met, guilt would prohibit him from sex with a woman who wasn't his wife- she understood that unlike the English, Somalis were strict adherents to their religion.

She wanted this-she was frantic for Somali sex after years of insipid English failure.

And so she did her utmost to excite him with her voluptuous yet virgin, white, English bottom, running her fingers between her smooth cheeks, playing with the material of her white knickers. She could hear him whispering in a breathless, rushed manner, and as he spoke in his own language she had no way of knowing whether he was about to consume or reject her. She desperately hoped that his religion would permit him to use an infidel such as her.

She need not have worried; he was giving thanks to God for the provision of this large but mouth-watering, unbeliever white female for him to take carnal pleasure in and exploit, allowing him to spare his wife from his ravenous and aggressive sexual needs.

As soon as she heard his speaking stop and she felt his right hand pull her hair and head back and then his left hand pull her skirt up to her waist she both rejoiced and quivered. A real man wanted her and he was here, and he was going to have her! For the first time she would be unfaithful to her husband.

She could restrain herself no longer and begged Zaid to fuck her, she begged Zaid to devour her, and she breathlessly begged him to load her with Somali seed, her decency and faithfulness as a wife flooded and swamped by her juices of need and submission to Zaid.

Excited by her pleading, Zaid's hands tore at her white knickers, he didn't have much time with this white woman before the shop was due to open with customers at the door, so he spurned any suggestion of tender foreplay, he simply needed to fuck this whitemeat, he needed to ram his erect, throbbing, thick, ten inch long, mushroom-headed ebony cock up her channel and feel her holding him in, and then flood her with Somalia.

Zaid roughly ripped her knickers down, momentarily pulling her knees up to enable him to fling them away behind him. Her chubby, substantial, yet beautiful white ass lay before him, her tight hole anxiously clenched and quivering. Her cunt, with its reddish blonde public hair just visible to Zaid opened for him, instinctively perceiving that for the first time in her life, Judy was about to receive a top-quality cock and sperm of distinction.

Zaid quickly released his prized cock from beneath his clothing.

'Are you my woman?'

Oh my goodness, 'Yes, yes, YES!'

She felt his immense cockhead on her buttocks.

'Are you my white bitch?'

She felt his rigid cock tease her asshole then move away.

I can’t lose this chance! 'I'm you white bitch-please, master, please fuck me!'

He pulled her closer to him, the cock felt colossal between her thighs.

'Are you Somali-owned?'

His cockhead was kissing her engorged, soaked and open cuntlips.

Too late to turn back, 'Oh yes, yes, God I'm yours, I'm your slut! Please!!!!'

By now Judy was overwhelmed by Zaid, utterly enthralled by him. It had taken little more than five minutes, she was pleading; 'I'm your christian slut, please own me, breed me, breed me!!!' She pushed her ass up, attracting him, her cunt now gaping, soaking for him, ready for his size.

Zaid smiled and, satisfied that his white, blonde, pretty, married assistant was sufficiently subjugated, he held her in position, completely under his control, and finally, in the first time in Zaid's fifty years, to the sweet music of Judy's subservient and shaken yelping, his erect, hungry, heavy, black cock's bulbous cockhead entered a white female.

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Zaid the shopkeeper and his community's work-chapter one

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Comments (1)
Anonymous reader — 14 August 2016 06:58
i wonder what going to happen if Zaid's wife find out he is fucking a white woman?
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