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  1. A Young Girl's Adventures with Rape - Part One
  2. A Young Girl's Adventures with Rape - Part Two
  3. A Young Girl's Adventures with Rape - Part Three

A Young Girl's Adventures with Rape - Part Two

Categories Dark Fantasy, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Extreme

Author: Chris Frost

Published: 29 April 2016

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It was late one night when both my parents were out that the urges finally became too strong. It happened while I was lying on my bed, running my hands over myself and moaning. I had the duct tape and the zip ties laid out before me, along with an eye mask I had stolen from my mum's room. I was imagining what it would be like to take them outside - to go through with the plan I'd made weeks before, and leave myself helpless where anyone could find me.

I closed me eyes as I slipped a hand into the waistband on my pants, Slowly, I ran my fingers between the lips of my cunt as I imagined them pulling over when they saw me. Getting out the car and coming over. Pausing. Wondering. Smiling. I'd be so helpless - gagged, tied, and blindfolded. Maybe I'd struggle, start whimpering and squirming. Then they'd come over. Begin running their fingers over my soft young flesh. Slowly at first - then they'd grow bolder. Even as I struggled they'd slip a finger inside of me... feel how wet I was... how tight I was...

I let out a moan as I imagined that, and slipped my own finger deep into my cunt. It felt so good, imagining them force me. God, I wanted it to be real. I wanted it to be real so bad. I started thrusting harder as I imagined them dragging me into the car and lying me on the seats. I bit my lip as I imagined them climbing on top of me. I imagined fighting back as they undid their belt and lined themselves up with my cunt.

Fuck, my skin was so hot. My breathing was coming in ragged gasps, and I could already feel the orgasm building in me. Fuck.


I needed this.

My eyes came open. My fingers stopped moving. I needed this. I needed to go outside, and tie myself up where anyone could find me - leave myself to get raped.

Was I being serious?

I began to shake as I realised that yes, in fact, I was. Fuck, I was actually going to do this wasn't I?

Butterflies started to flutter in my stomach as I slowly slipped my finger out from inside of me, trailing my juices along my belly. I stood, legs shaking, and slowly gathered the zip ties and duct tape from the bed. Fuck, this was really happening. I was going to go outside and let someone have their way with me.

I could feel a small part of me getting nervous, scared - but I ignored it. Almost mechanically, I made my way to the door of my room, making for the stairs. I don't think I was really thinking with my whole mind, otherwise I would have been too terrified to do it. As it was, my whole body was shivering, little shudders running under my skin. Thoughts of being forced to the ground and fucked like a whore were racing through my mind. I could almost feel their hands on me, feel their breath on my neck, and the ache as they forced their way inside me. I bit my lip, as I reached the front door. Paused for a moment. Then I stepped outside.

The cold hit me hard, and I could taste it on the air. I shivered again - this time with the cold. I'd not done this sort of thing at night before. But even with the cold it was so much more exciting - so much scarier. A wind picked up and blew the thin cotton of my pyjamas against me, making me shudder. No doubt if anyone had been looking, they could have easily seen the shape of my pert young breasts through the fabric.

Well, they'd see even more soon enough...

I let out a little gasp as I slipped my top off, the cold air a shock on my nipples. They went hard almost right away, pointing out from my chest. I could already imagine the heat of someone's mouth on them, feel their tongue running over them, tasting them - feel the sharpness of their teeth as they bit down, and the whine of pain in my throat. My body gave a little shiver, and I felt my panties grow wetter. I was really doing this wasn't I? Part of me still couldn't believe it, but I was. I was going to get raped. Tonight. God, it was the most exciting thing I'd ever felt.

Biting my lip, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of by bottoms and slid them down, baring my cunt to the air. A low moan struggled to escape from my throat. Fuck, I always got turned on when I was naked outside, but this was like nothing else I'd ever felt before. It felt like one touch to my cunt would send me over the edge - one finger brushing over my clit or slipping inside me would have me moaning and writhing all over. I was shaking. Already I could imagine big hands on my bare flesh, forcing me down. Could feel them holding me there, naked and helpless as I struggled. I could feel their eyes on my body, admiring it, enjoying it as they prepared to thrust into me.

I swallowed. I needed this. I needed it bad.

With that, I made my way over to the roadside, night air cool on my skin. The front drive was perfect - right where anyone driving by could see me. I started shaking harder when I thought of that. It was like everything I'd imagined during my time in the pool, but so much better, so much more real. This was actually happening. Reaching into my bag, I pulled out the duct tape and the zip ties, breath coming in deep, heaving pants. I let out a very low, very ragged sigh. This was it. I if I did this, there'd be no turning back. I'd be helpless.

A little voice in the back of my mind whispered that I should go back inside. That this was a mistake I'd regret for the rest of my life. Part of me wanted to believe it. After all, it was more than just excitement that was making my body react how it was. I was terrified. More nervous than I ever had been in my entire life.
And it was amazing.

Reaching down, I slipped of the zip ties around both of my ankles, the plastic biting hard against my skin. Then I pulled it tight, letting out a series of shallow, panting gasps. My pulse hammered in my ears. I couldn't move my legs now - couldn't run or escape. I was completely helpless.

All of a sudden a wave of heat ran over me, starting in the centre of my cunt and pooling under my skin. I could feel tingles inside of me - shivers of excitement. And this ache. This ache to have someone forcing their way inside of me, to be grabbed and ravaged and fucked. God, I wanted to touch myself. I could feel how wet I was between my legs, smell myself on the air. No doubt the man who found me would smell it too. What would they do when they did? When they noticed the trickles of moisture running down my thighs? I could only imagine - and it was taking everything I had not to plunge my fingers down there, to run them over my clit and cum, writhing against my restraints.

But that wasn't what I was here for. Not by any stretch.

I moved quickly then, to make sure I did it before I could change my mind. First I grabbed the tape and ran a couple strips over my mouth. It was thick tape, the packaging sort that's hard to scream through. At least if you have enough layers. It made it harder to breathe, but I didn't care. Then I grabbed the blindfold, slipped it onto my forehead - and took the final zip tie.
This was it. Last chance to back out.

I closed my eyes. I nodded. Then, shivering, I pulled the blindfold over them. Without thinking about it, I formed the zip tie into a loop, put my arms behind my back and slipped my hands inside of it. Then, I pulled it tight.


I waited there in the darkness for a very long time, my pulse hammering in my ears. It might have been an hour, it might only have been ten minutes, but it felt like forever.

And all the time I stood there, I was shaking.

At first it was just with excitement - the thought of someone grabbing me and forcing me down had me wetter than I'd ever been before. I struggled and squirmed against my bonds, and every move I made got me more and more turned on. Once or twice I heard a car in the distance, and went suddenly still, my naked skin prickling against the cold air, my heart beating faster. Any of those cars could pass this way - and of them could see me. And when they did... there'd be nothing I could do to stop them taking what they wanted. I let out a low whine whenever that thought crossed my mind, and I squirmed more, testing to see just how helpless I was. Being unable to see was making everything so much more exciting. I could feel the night air on my skin, hear the cars far away - but I couldn't see a thing. Fuck, my cunt was begging to be touched. Suddenly I regretted having tied my hands behind my back, where I couldn't reach it. Every move I made send tingles darting down between my legs, and it was everything I could do to keep from moaning.

But then I started getting scared.

What if they hurt me? What if they decided to take me home and keep me? There'd be nothing I could do to stop them - I would just disappear, and never be seen again. I started struggling for real then, suddenly thinking this was all a big mistake. Sweat started beading on my brow as I tried to get out of the zip ties, to escape however I could. But I'd been too thorough with my restraints, and there wasn't even room to wiggle. As I struggled like that, I could feel the cold air tickle between my legs - feel my nipples, hard and hot and aching. I felt so exposed. And even as I tried to escape, I was getting wetter. I could feel tingles running all over my body - and soon enough I wasn't trying to escape, but struggling to touch myself instead, to feel the stimulation I so desperately needed.

It continued like that for a very long time, as I alternated between fear and excitement.

Until suddenly, I heard the car.

I went very still. Were my ears deceiving me? No - it was there, coming closer. I gasped suddenly, whether from fear or lust I don't know. This wasn't a distant car, I knew that much - this was on my road. It would pass me. He would see.

And then suddenly it was there. I couldn't see it, but I could hear it slowing, hear the crunch of gravel as it pulled up. A low moan bubbled up in my throat, and I didn't know whether to collapse or flee. My cunt was burning. My legs were jelly.

And then I heard him opening the car door...


[Author's Note: Feel free to message me if you enjoyed my slave's story, have any questions about her experience, or find yourself at all curious. Make sure you sound interesting though - I love talking to other people, but I don't like people who can't spell or can't hold up a proper conversation]

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A Young Girl's Adventures with Rape - Part Two

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Comments (20)
Chris Frost26 July 2016 16:52
Part three should be out in the next week or so.
Anonymous reader — 24 July 2016 21:48
When is part 3 coming out?
Anonymous reader — 24 July 2016 21:48
When is part 3 coming out?
Anonymous reader — 07 July 2016 06:39
I really hope its her parents and the both rape her nice and well!:-D <3
Anonymous reader — 26 June 2016 07:36
think the person getting out the car should be her parents it would be hot to read of an incest rape
Anonymous reader — 24 June 2016 04:54
When is part 3 coming out? The wait is killing me
Anonymous reader — 24 June 2016 04:07
I hope part 3 comes soon. The wait is killing me
Anonymous reader — 04 June 2016 21:47
can't wait for the next chapter... this is so hot!
Anonymous reader — 29 May 2016 06:49
Is it her parents???
Anonymous reader — 25 May 2016 05:41
Damn I wish I was that driver ;)
Anonymous reader — 25 May 2016 05:40
So hard even after reading this for the 5th time. Can't wait for part 3
Anonymous reader — 19 May 2016 14:47
You must write part 3.....ASAP
Anonymous reader — 16 May 2016 03:22
Can't wait for part 3
Anonymous reader — 15 May 2016 04:34
Can't wait for part 3
Anonymous reader — 04 May 2016 20:16
P.S. I can't to read what happens to our story's character next.....
Anonymous reader — 04 May 2016 20:15
Absolutely excellent. I have a FWB who has the same rape fantasies. She's even acted on them and found the events totally exhilarating. Certainly, real rape is a serious crime but she's a runner, boxer and can handle herself and has never really been hurt. She submits and then stops them if they get too violent. Many people read my posts about her and don't get her and that's ok, too. But for us, it takes that edge out a little further.
Anonymous reader — 01 May 2016 04:05
It was interesting and I liked it but most girls don't use the "cunt" word describing their pussy. Usually it's directed at another girl they they are really pissed at. Something like "that bitch is a total fucking cunt". You did say mum which makes me think you may be from the UK.
Anonymous reader — 29 April 2016 17:23
maynim nasero do algirian df becha and 19ans ahank yuo
Casualguy — 29 April 2016 15:24
Hey Wendy...ever been used on a 3rd floor balcony?
Casualguy — 29 April 2016 15:23
WOW....You're keeping me UP...lol...Casualguy in Canada
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