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A guy and his...? 26 Bond

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex

Author: pars001

Published: 10 May 2016

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Gen and Rosalinda smiled dreamy smiles; their master had just finished with them without even using his wonderful cock. Gen stared at Jake; her master was extremely talented with his hands and lips! Sighing she could lay under her master all day if she could, the mere thought sent chills up her spine. Akeesha just rolled her eyes she'd known a few of the sex Jinns before this shit of a war started, so she was surprised that Gen and Rashala had as much free thought as they did.

Then there was the fact that Rashala was in love with Master Jake, she knew that the elite warrior Jinns were all fighting and not really nothing else. Sighing she had to back away from the doorway, it was obvious that the sexual pull of Master Jake was weak after sex, but began to rebuild mere minutes after the act was finished. How, she thought, was she going to resist throwing Master Jake down and trying to screw his and her brains out? Shaking her head she would just have to keep her distance from him, problem was she could feel the urge starting to almost consume her sister. She could almost see the wheels turning in Sheeka's head on a way to get into bed with Master Jake.

Jake had gotten up from the bed after the thundering orgasms of Gen and Rosalinda, well he thought I had fun and they both were feeling a hell of a lot better. Looking around Jake made sure that there were no new Jinns in the room. Letting out a sigh of relief he had just moved to the door when he heard a small cry erupt from the closet. Shaking his head he opened the door seeing a small boy in the corner (good thing he'd gotten dressed). Rubbing the little bottle charm, Rasmir appeared a moment later.

"Yes Master Jake how can I..." Rasmir's mouth dropped open when he spied the boy in the corner of the closet. "By the great Jinn! Master Jake, do you know who that is?" Jake just shook his head. Concentrating a moment only, one of the council members appeared.

"Yes Rasmir, you have need of a private conversation with me?" The man started then his mouth dropped agape as he stared where Rasmir was pointing. Falling to his knees he started to weep, "Jameel? Son is it really you?" Tentatively the man reached out and pulled the boy to his chest weeping even harder. Looking up the man concentrated and yelled, "Triga!" A moment later an older Jinn woman appeared, staring in almost disbelief at the small bundle of a boy the man was clutching.

"My Jameel!" Soon she too was weeping beside the man also hugging the boy.

Standing the man bowed low to Jake, "Before, I had doubts; all of us did that you could actually restore the Jinn race. Even with the many you have released we still had doubts, many were destroyed in this accursed war. Too many innocents were mere bystanders like our Jameel. No one will doubt again not after this, no one! I shall make sure of it and make sure that if you need anything you shall have it!" The woman Triga walked to Jake and bowed low then hugged him fiercely kissing his cheek, then all was quiet except for the tears of joy from Gen and Rosalinda.

Rasmir bowed low to Jake his mouth hanging open, yet another part of the legend was being fulfilled. The fact that the main opposition to Jake HAD been that man. It now appeared that very soon the entire council would be backing Master Jake. Again for only the second time since it had started Rasmir nodded with a genuine smile, if this had happened then the fourth Jinn would appear soon. Looking around he saw that Sheeka was healing very well indeed, the look on her face...

Rasmir stopped short, Sheeka. By the great Jinn was it possible? Could she in fact be the fourth Jinn? Shaking his head he had to admit it was an interesting prospect. She had worked for the enemy and knew them better than anyone. Thinking back Rasmir tried to remember all of this part of the legend. The fourth Jinn was an outcast though all she'd done she had no choice. She would be hopelessly in love with the Ever Last Master, and then his mouth dropped agape. She was also the first of the Jinn's that the master had that would become with child, an extremely powerful child.

Rasmir was debating whether or not to tell Jake of this but decided against it. Hey after all, over half the legend always mentioned that the Ever Last Master would never know all of the legend. So far, as of yet Jake hardly knew any of it except for what he'd done. Going through all of it Rasmir wasn't sure just what he should tell Master Jake, he had to decide soon there was something major coming up, Rasmir wasn't sure he had the right to tell him no matter what. Then again if he got cornered again by Master Jake he would have to have some morsel to feed him, just to throw him off.

A few moments after Rasmir left Trully appeared, "you and your Jinns are keeping me very busy Master Jake. I am here to check on Sheeka, she should be well enough not to have to stay a bed." Here Trully looked at Jake through hooded eyes, "that is unless you and her have urgent business in it." Here Trully giggled at the startled look on Jake's face.

"How can you think that, Trully? She is injured I could never put her in peril by doing that!" Jake told her with an almost pained look on his face.

Laughing Trully tried to concentrate on her patient; she had to check on the young Jinn. It wouldn't do to throw Master Jake into bed and be there for a few hours now would it? "She should be clear today, especially with the extra healing that you wished for her. Tell me Master Jake, are you going to remove it or keep it as it is?"

"I hadn't really thought about it, with the amount of danger still out there I might keep it as it is for now." Jake replied.

Trully only nodded then spoke, "I just thought you ought to know Master Jake that as long as you have this on her that there may be repercussions."

"Repercussions? Such as," Jake asked.

"That's the problem; it is different with each case. I had one Jinn actually grew an extra set of arms, another became twice as sensitive to her master she could experience fulfillment just from looking at her master's naked body. As strong as Sheeka is I'm not sure, as I said I thought that I would warn you." Trully told Jake glad that her concentration was as strong as it was, though afterward she might not mind pounding Jake for a while. True the Doctor was extremely satisfying but Jake's pull was incredible.

Jake watched as Trully walked away not realizing just how horny she'd made him. Shaking his head he went to his work table he needed to work on the prison more before he presented it to the council. Looking over the prison plans he decided that there was only a single safe guard he needed to add. The other building he saw that he indeed needed to add more. As it was now almost anyone could be trapped within its confines. A few hours later Jake was satisfied, the mobile prison as he called the tent shaped box was more complex.

Yawning Jake thought he might actually be ready to present it to the council as a true solution for the problem of all the bad Jinns out there. It had been explained not long ago that though a great many had been destroyed there were still a great many out there that had recently joined the ranks of those that wished to create chaos. Smirking Jake remembered several of the bad ones he'd seen. They had cursed him saying that all Jinns were slaves for mankind to use. Shaking his head he couldn't believe that every master that every Jinn had, had were ALL that bad.

Putting the plans in a safer place, Jake didn't want them destroyed or stolen; he felt they could be turned on the good Jinns if the plans were intended that way. Unfortunately 'til it was actually created and set there was no way to say it was bad or good. Stretching as he got up he saw that the sun wasn't up yet; good still time to get a few hours of sleep. Smiling as he looked at the huge bed he thought well I might get to sleep, depends on whether or not his Jinns woke up when he got back into bed.

Akeesha had gone outside again; she could see that the doctor was examining her sister again good. The bad thing was that even with the bond severed she could still feel her sister. As soon as the bond was restored she'd feel her sister more, true but she'd also have a bit more resistance, she hoped.

Trully was amazed that that Sheeka's wounds had all but disappeared nothing but light bruising at that was left. "From what I can see you are completely healed except for the bruises." Trully told her.

"So I am cleared for normal activity?" Sheeka asked a look in her eyes that Trully herself knew only too well.

"As far as I can tell yes, but I wouldn't push it too far you might be mostly healed but you still need to take it easy 'til you are all healed." Trully told her with a sly smile, Sheeka wasn't fooling her she could see the lust building in Sheeka's eyes. "I have to warn you as I did Master Jake, there could be repercussions."

"What do you mean by repercussions?" Sheeka asked Trully.

"As I explained to Master Jake, it is always different for each Jinn involved though I have only seen a few cases I have heard of a few others." Trully advised her. "Please be careful and try to enjoy it." This time Trully was smiling ear to ear remembering the times she'd been with Master Jake.

"Doctor I was wondering if I was strong enough to have the bond restored? Both my sister and I are dependent upon it. I am already starting to feel the weakening effects of not having it as I am sure my sister is." Sheeka told Trully.

Thinking a moment Trully said, "I can later as it will take Master Jake again to fully restore it. I can feel he is working at the moment. I will return later today and we can try then alright?"

Sheeka nodded her reply then waved as Trully vanished; Sheeka was feeling better except for the burning desire that was growing in her chest to have Master Jake filling her. It was more than a want, or a need; it felt very much like the bond that she had with her sister. Sheeka's mouth dropped open it wasn't possible! Shaking her head there was no way! She couldn't be falling in love with Master Jake!

Jake awoke a few hours later feeling something across his waist, reaching out he felt a very soft large breast ummmm, with his other hand he moved it slightly and felt the even softer curve and wetness of a stimulated pussy. Ah! Thought Jake this was the way to wake up! A moment later he heard two groans and two bodies thrusting toward both of his hands the gasps that soon followed let him know that the two females were more than enjoying the attention.

Sighing Jake knew he had to get up he still had appointments with a few more females in Juno's family. Jake got out of bed to even more groans of displeasure and headed to the bathroom. Walking out he headed for the kitchen to grab a bite to eat running into Sheeka, already up and preparing him a meal.

"I told you Sheeka you didn't have to do this anymore," Jake told the smiling woman.

"I know Master Jake but I have found that I enjoy it very much even doing it by hand. I spoke to Trully earlier she said that I was almost completely healed. Therefore she can restore the bond of me and my sister, but she needs you there also Master Jake." Sheeka advised Jake.

Jake was nodding he'd figured that they might need him when things were put right. Jake had just finished eating when Trully appeared, "I take it she told you Master Jake?"

"Yes I am ready when you are, can you call your sister Sheeka? The sooner this is done the better I will feel I don't want you weak again." Jake told them both.

Akeesha appeared a few minutes later glad that her sister was finally well, "I wish that I could have you promise me that you'd not do that again but I know that wouldn't happen." Akeesha said.

"No, you are my sister we will always try to protect each other. I love you dear sister, you know that I'd do anything for you." Sheeka told Akeesha.

"No, you are my sister we will always try to protect each other. I love you dear sister, you know that I'd do anything for you." Sheeka told Akeesha.

"As I would for you," looking at Jake and Trully she stated, "I believe that we are ready."

Jake placed a hand on Trully seeing all the crimped strands, reaching out; he touched them not feeling much at all from them. Even as he watched Trully started to pass a hand over each strand as it unfolded and energy once again flowed through them. As he watched he could see both of the women gain in health and power, then the shock hit him.

Unable to let go Jake thought he was going to pass out as the shock started to grow in intensity. Akeesha looked at the pain that Jake was going through, why didn't he let go? Was he stupid? He could die; suddenly she realized that he cared greatly not only for Sheeka but her also.

Her mouth agape she watched as Jake struggled to help reestablish their link. "I can see you have almost all of it," Jake gasp out. Akeesha for the third time was amazed that a male would suffer as greatly as Jake was just to help her and her sister. I might have to rethink my opinion of men after this, she thought.

Finally Trully was done; the bond was as good as new between the sisters, Jake smiled, "Good, as long as you two are ok." He then promptly passed out amid the screams and gasps of almost all of the females there.

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A guy and his...? 26 Bond

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Comments (10)
Clover Ernest — 03 August 2016 09:22
yet another delicious chapter. tiny slip-up w/ the double paragraph, but thats nothing compared to an entire page that ive seen doubled in a published book before.
Anonymous reader — 15 May 2016 02:06
Nice on how creative you are
Anonymous reader — 11 May 2016 10:21
I'm actually ttys the most beautiful woman who was drunk
Anonymous reader — 11 May 2016 10:07
I'm actually ttys the most beautiful woman who was drunk
Norton X — 11 May 2016 02:03
Pars, you are a great writer! Thanks for all your quality imaginative work. You enrich this site with your fantastic tales. This is another fine example of what you can do and entertain us with. Bravo!
Anonymous reader — 10 May 2016 18:14
oops double paragraph boo boo near the end. "No, you are my sister we will always try to protect each other. I love you dear sister, you know that I'd do anything for you." Sheeka told Akeesha( is written twice.) other wise not bad. seems a little lacking over the others, almost has a rushed feeling to it. but still good.
Anonymous reader — 10 May 2016 15:13
I agree, this is awesome. my second favorite after lost empire. Great work Pars :)
Anonymous reader — 10 May 2016 14:47
Wow thats good
BoBo0050 — 10 May 2016 11:01
I must agree with the Anonymous Reader before me. This series is very, very good. And I read these posts faster than you can write them. You have come a long way, pars. Keep up the good work. MORE! MORE!! MORE!!!
Anonymous reader — 10 May 2016 10:56
This is my favourite of all your series so far. My only regret is that I read them far faster than you can write and post them.

Keep up the excellent work.
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