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A Guy and his...? 31 Juno

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex

Author: pars001

Published: 29 June 2016

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Nyrae growled, she'd tried everything and still she couldn't find out where Rashala was! Frustrated she tried to remember all that she could from the extremely hot and sexual dream that she'd had with the Ever Last Master. By the great Jinn his sexual attraction was far stronger than she thought it would have been. Even with her strong power she had, had no resistance to him! That, plus the fact that she found him as sexy as hell didn't help either.

Reaching out, Nyrae thought there had to be some way that she could find her friend Rashala but how? Everything that she had done had been sent back at her or run into a wall. Sighing Nyrae was finally at her wits end as her master liked to say if only there was other family that... Nyrae's mouth dropped open. Other family! Shouting for joy Juno came running wondering what in the hell was going on.

"Master do you remember the leader of the council all those years ago?" Nyrae asked of her master. When Juno only nodded she went on. "I just remembered the second in command of the council, Rasmir! He is Rashala's grandfather!"

Suddenly his eyes lit up then he nodded, Nyrae was most definitely on to something here. Sighing Juno knew he was going to have to subject himself to the scrutiny of the council again something he really didn't enjoy not then and especially now. Opening a panel in his desk he tapped an extremely complex and long code in. There was a large clang then the wall behind him opened revealing a small green colored safe. Looking at it Juno again sighed and said, "maftuh alan!"

There was a series of clanks and clangs and then the safe opened, reaching in Juno just shook his head and removed a bottle shaped talisman. Rubbing it Juno thought of the Council chamber. Within moments they were standing before the council.

Bowing low Juno said, "Esteemed council of the Jinns, I can see that the Ever Last Master has released you from the first chamber. I am greatly pleased for you, Nyrae and I have detected the Ever Last Master in the city we are in. Though with the protection he has, we are still unable to locate him. I wish to help him sirs, I have always been pledged to that. I am a proud man and do not usually ask for help but I and Nyrae cannot pierce the veil that covers him. We both know that you cannot reveal who or where he is but we do ask a favor.

Here Juno turned to Rasmir and again bowed low this time eliciting a gasp from all on the council. "Rasmir I know that your granddaughter now serves the Ever Last Master I have seen her when she protected him from the deadly trio."

Again there were more than a few gasps that arose from the council. "You have come a long way Master Juno; I have to say that you are finally respectful as you should have been back then. Then again it was your fierce sense of duty that we chose you for this mission. You are correct in that we cannot tell you who or where he is but this latest we can

This time for some strange reason Juno bowed to Rasmir bringing smiles to all the council's faces, so he had finally learned humility! Nyrae stepped up and whispered to her master; Juno thought a moment then nodded.

"May Nyrae ask a question of the council?" Juno asked again drawing a few gasps from them, then they were all smiling finally he was more than ready!

"Yes Nyrae please approach and ask your questions." Rasmir said, funny he thought she looked so familiar.

Nyrae stood before the council and then was prostrate before Rasmir. "Dear Grandfather of the only friend I ever had. I wish to see my friend again to thank her for saving my life. I can never repay her for what she did but I wish to help her in the coming trouble I sense."

Rasmir suddenly arose and walked to the prone Jinn, "Ny?" Rasmir said as he gently touched the now crying woman.

A sigh arose from her then she said without raising her eyes, "It has been a very long time since I was called that sir." Nyrae said between tears.

Rasmir looked at the rest of the council who nodded. "Arise Nyrae, Jinn of Juno aid of the Ever Last Master!"

Juno bowed low to the council and walked to Nyrae, helping her up, a look of genuine surprise in her eyes and on her face. "Th... Thank you Master," came her startled reply to his aid.

"Within two of your days you will be visited by Rashala, Nyrae though she cannot tell you who he is she can give hints. Please do not press her though I am sure you both have much more to talk about than her master." Then Rasmir turned toward Juno tensing up Juno thought they were about to start questioning him unmercifully like they had all those decades ago.

The leader of the council stood and moved toward Juno stopping in front of him, the man suddenly started to smile. "Master Juno you have finally learned true humility and graciousness for that we have waited many of your decades. For the respect and honor you showed today we lift most of the restrictions that were placed on you. Though we still think it is a good idea not to tell your family as all the females within it might work you and your Jinn to death."

Juno's mouth was hanging agape he'd only been this way for her she had suffered so long without any family. Juno thought she more than deserved it; he was going to go back and let her go to her family for a time as a reward. The leader saw all this and was very pleased so the great Juno was a human after all! This was a very good thing the leader thought; he and the Ever Last Master were going to need all they had to end this accursed war.

Nyrae walked up to her master and bowed to the floor, Juno was having none of that, "Arise Nyrae as of this minute you are no longer required to bow before me. Stand and face me."

Trembling Nyrae stood but couldn't look at her master; he wasn't a bad master, a bit stern at times but the mission that he and she had been saddled with was a great responsibility, she had to admit she might be a bit stern also.

"Please look at me Nyrae so that you can tell that I am not lying or tricking you." Shocked she did as she was told. The look she saw in her master's eyes was strange. "I no longer ban you from visiting the Jinn realm, considering you listen for me every second you are away I might need you at a moment's notice." A small smile lit up Juno's face.

Nyrae was again in shock her master was letting her... when she wanted...? Who in the great universe was this man?

Sighing Juno stated, "Alright to make it official, I wish that when I call you, you come immediately. I wish for you to see your family again, I wish for you to be happy as I cannot." Turning away Juno wiped a few tears from his eyes, reaching in his pocket he rubbed the talisman and was gone leaving an almost shell shocked Nyrae standing there in the middle of the council chamber.

Nyrae was too much in shock to move who was that and where was her master? Rasmir walked back to her a moment later and gently nudged her. "Nyrae I heard that your mother makes the best Falafels in the Jinn world. If I was you I'd get home quick and eat some, don't you agree?" Nyrae could only shake her head, but was still dragging her feet. Sighing Rasmir had seen this before, "Yes Nyrae he was your master, the council released most of the restrictions on him. Though I think he had a change of heart because of you," Rasmir patted her shoulder and gave her a little push in the direction of her parents. Finally more aware she thanked him and disappeared.

Juno appeared in his office it had been a very memorable visit. The mere fact that most of the restrictions had been lifted from him felt strange. He still hated that he couldn't tell his family especially his daughter, but the words of the council leader were still with him, it was true they really would work poor Nyrae to death.

Smiling he was glad that she had family to go back to. Shaking his head he was amazed that he'd lasted this long. Four sisters, each of them had four daughters, then eight of those daughters had two daughters each with a ninth expecting soon. Hell, he himself had two daughters and no sons. There were no boys at all in the family. It had been murder getting them all married to good men. Though after they started to come back things had started to fall into chaos. Smiling, he was glad that he had Nyrae; though there was no real relationship there Juno felt more than Master and Jinn feelings for her. He might be gruff and stern but with the council watching his every move he felt he'd had to be that way. Now he finds out they had wanted him as he was now though he had to admit it did feel a hell of a lot better than the sternness had.

He just hoped that Nyrae didn't hate him as he felt she did, this mission had weighed heavy on his mind for many decades. Shaking his head he needed to start a little detective work of his own. Pulling up the old recordings Juno replayed the first time Jake had visited, Damn Juno thought the boy has stamina like I had when I was using Nyrae to... A sudden thought crossed his mind. Scanning ahead a few hours later Jake saw when Gen arrived, hmm he thought as he sat back something wasn't right, the woman looked like Gen but he was sure it wasn't, looking closer he was sure of it.

Sighing he really didn't want to call her back not this soon, shaking his head he decided that he'd wait. Picking up the phone he decided to call Jake to get update, it was the best way to get him down here.

"Hello Jake? Ah good. Look I need an update I know it's a little late, but can you come to the office? You have? Sure son bring them along, it shouldn't take longer than an hour. Ok see you then." Juno hung up the phone then turned it away from him, "fath," he said as the phone changed into a magical type of camera.

Juno had just finished a few minutes before his daughter Mary led Jake, Gen, and another gorgeous red haired woman that Jake introduced as Rosalinda. After seating them all Juno went over how pleased he was with Jake's work that there was another bonus coming soon especially if the project finished on time. Here Jake's face dropped.

"I'm sorry Juno, but the foreman you just fired wasted so much time, I am afraid that there is no way to safely finish it by the deadline." Jake told him unhappy that he had to break the news to the man.

"So how long would you say?" Juno asked Jake.

"Sir, to really be safe and what you want, I'd say at least another eight days." Jake told the man. ‘Strange,’ Juno thought, ‘I can almost feel magic.’

Smiling Juno shook Jake's hand, "Good the city deadline is two weeks, holy shit son! You saved me money again!" Again Juno could feel magic though it wasn't Nyrae. That's when he saw Jake concentrating nodding that was all he needed to know.

"Thank you Jake," Juno said as he bowed to him. "I have been searching for you a very long time!" Juno sat still he knew he was dead if he moved but he was finally sure.

"Who sent you?" Jake said pointing a finger at Juno. You should know..."

"That you have four Jinns? That you are the Ever Last Master?" Waving his hand slowly Juno said, "Oh my mistake I see you have five now." Looking at Rashala who was powering up he nodded. "Hello Rashala, I have a dear friend who is anxious to see you."

Rashala and the others looked at Jake in shock who was this human man and how did he know? "Wait I want to see what he wants and who he really is." Jake told all five of the Jinns.

"I am sorry that she wasn't here but I let her go home to see her parents apparently you just brought them back. She more than deserved it after putting up with a grumpy master like me." Juno told them.

There was a sudden powerful whoosh then Nyrae was standing in front of Juno, "You will not hurt my master! Not as long as there is breath in this body!" Nyrae looked at each of the Jinns in the room briefly, a scowl of fierceness on her face.

Suddenly from the other side of the room they all heard a voice say, "Nyrae? Dear Nyrae is it really you?"

Nyrae turned her mouth hanging open as voice from the past assailed her ears. "R... R... Rashala?! By the great Jinn!" Nyrae and Rashala rushed to each other, hugging and kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow.

Jake rolled his eyes as Juno watched, so Jake Freemon was the Ever Last Master, Juno had heard many of the things that had already transpired. Then suddenly Rashala was introducing Nyrae to all the other Jinns this time it was Juno who was rolling his eyes causing Jake to start to laugh.

"Ok, so we are all friends here, you said that you had been looking for me for a long time?" Jake asked.

"Yes, decades ago I found I found Nyrae's bottle not too far from the site that we are working right now." Juno told Jake whose eyes flew wide. "I thought so, there used to be a building there 100 years ago that held many mid eastern treasures I was told. It took me a long time to buy that site but I finally did last year."

Jake was nodding a lot of this he already knew then Juno went on, "I was called before the council for overusing Nyrae's powers, they placed restrictions on me especially concerning Nyrae. My wishes were cut greatly though information they never seemed to keep away from me. I kind of smarted off to the council." They heard Gen and a few others gasp.

"Master, sir you are lucky to be alive still!" Gen gasp out.

Juno nodded, I believe it was Rasmir that saved me," Again Gen gasped. "Do you know him young lady?" Juno asked.

"Yes master Juno, he is my father!" Gen said. Now it was Nyrae's turn to gasp, "You are her sister! I thought I felt her in you. I never got to actually talk to her but I had a great respect for her. I assume you know of the story?" To which Gen nodded.

"I am afraid that I was the one that the council ordered to keep them apart." Rosalinda said her head lowered. "Though Gen and her family have forgiven me I still think about it every day. Had it not been for Master Jake I am sure I would no longer exist."

Nyrae was nodding then she smiled at Rosalinda, "You really have nothing to be forgiven for it was the council and they have paid for that many times over."

"Thank you," the tear strained voice of Rosalinda said.

"You mean to tell me Jake that all five of these Jinns are yours," Juno asked him.

"Well actually four, the light brown haired one is Gen, the red-head is Rosalinda, the dark blonde is Rashala as you have guessed, the light black haired one is Sheeka, the dark black haired one is her twin sister. She isn't my Jinn nor will I ever ask her but as long as her sister and I love each other as I do all of them then she will provide protection."

Juno could only shake his head he'd said it once and would again; Jake Freemon was one lucky bastard!

"Oh yeah, I have to apologize about the other day when I met your Nyrae on the dream plane. I never meant to have sex with her, but with the two sex Jinns I have as I am sure you have seen, an almost undeniable attraction to the opposite sex! The problem is I can't turn it off EVER! I have managed to get them to turn it down, but as you saw with your daughter it is almost unstoppable." Jake explained as he apologized.

"It's alright, though there might be something you can do, I've had a lot of years to get used to wishing, I just might be able to help." Juno told Jake with a smile.

Jake grasped the older man's hand and also smiled, "It's a deal!"

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A Guy and his...? 31 Juno

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Comments (9)
pars00105 August 2016 08:30
Clover Ernest — 04 August 2016 07:36
can someone pls explain what / who this P.O.I is??
Clover Ernest — 04 August 2016 07:29
another skillful chapter.

As always,
Semper fi, Clover
BoBo0050 — 04 July 2016 03:29
I am aware of how time passes here, and what should take only a couple of days may take several weeks. Fortunately, I was able to read chapters 30 and 31 in their proper order.

Pars, if this keeps up, you might want to get yourself a professional editor and put these chapters together into book form. I'd suggest waiting until you'vegot the story finished, first. Are you working on the Final War? You should be. It appears that you're getting very close....
Anonymous reader — 02 July 2016 18:52
So I guess I wasn't the only one who was disappointed having to wait 2 weeks for P.O.I.'s latest chapter to drop. However, it gave me time to catch up on Pars stories and I have to say, amazing work!
Anonymous reader — 29 June 2016 20:25
hmmmm if you waiting on him, not long of a wait. but if you waiting on this site to get it posted........might be a couple years. lol. it took them 2 weeks to post a new chapter of P.O.I.s story
Anonymous reader — 29 June 2016 19:58
My problem is I hate having logins all over. Guess I'll have to wait.
Anonymous reader — 29 June 2016 18:30
he either forgot to post 30 on here..or more likely the site just didn't put it up. cause he has chapter 30 posted over on stories online.
Anonymous reader — 29 June 2016 15:39
I guess you don't like the number 30 pars. Loved this chapter though.
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