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A Guy and his...? 32 Partnership

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex

Author: pars001

Published: 20 July 2016

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Juno could only stare at Jake; this young man was the Ever Last Master? It was actually hard to believe but then again he had seen some strange things over the last few decades. Taking a sigh he still had to make sure as he'd been ordered back then.

"I hate to do this but I have no choice, Nyrae destroy him! Order number one that the council gave you." Juno ordered. Nyrae's eyes flew wide then she bowed her head and let loose a titanic blast of devastating energy. Jake watched as the energy flew toward him then stopped; pushing harder the energy advanced then backed up! "I want all you have now!" Juno shouted, Nyrae nodded sadly and increased her power to full.

Rashala had seen Nyrae make a move and quickly increased the protection around Jake, moments later the others added to it. Nyrae was extremely strong but was finding that she was evenly matched against the four, what five, Jinns that were protecting him?

Finally stopping she bowed low to Juno and without rising stated, "I am sorry Master I cannot, he has the protection of all five of the Jinns around him. Plus Master, I can feel a new life in one of them, I await your punishment." Nyrae remained where she was trembling the whole time half expecting Juno to put her in her bottle again. Trembling more it had been a very long time since he had punished her like that, now she was expecting no less after total failure.

Juno nodded, if all that he'd seen was true, and then this was the outcome he'd expected. "Arise Nyrae you did as I asked I couldn't have expected less. As I told you before you are no longer required to bow before me." Juno told the prone and shocked woman on the floor.

Jake had raised his hand to stop all his Jinns from attacking, he'd almost expected something like this, the members of the council, and he swore were more paranoid then most he'd ever seen. Wait! Had she said she felt a new life?! Holy shit he'd completely forgotten that he was going to be a father soon!

Juno was nodding he'd heard that the Ever Last Master would impregnate all of his Jinns. Then he looked at Nyrae and smiled hell he might have already done so to Nyrae there was no way to tell yet.

Jake was staring at Juno, just how many people knew of this getting his Jinns pregnant legend? Damn it, he felt as if the news had been blasted on the nightly broadcast or something. Then he saw the small smirk that Juno had on his face as he looked at Nyrae then him. Jake's eyes narrowed as he stared at Juno, "Alright give, you know something." Jake told him.

Smiling Juno looked Jake straight in the eyes, "You do realize that you are the first and possibly only mortal man that can impregnate a Jinn?"

Sighing Jake nodded, "Yes though it seems everyone else knew about it before I did."

Smiling wider Juno nodded, "I was just thinking that you have already been with all your Jinns AND Nyrae. It is quite possible that you might have impregnated her also."

"WHAT!!? But that was in a dream! How could I in a dream there was... no... What in the hell is so funny?" Jake asked Juno with an incredulous look on his face.

Stifling his laughter a moment Juno revealed, "Have you forgotten that you are dealing with the Jinn realm? You are an extraordinary man in an extraordinary situation. You have more Jinns than any master has ever had, more protection than any man ever has. You have the equal love of four women that you love just as much. You and YOU alone can make children with a Jinn not just yours but ANY Jinn! Ah! I see they neglected to tell you that part didn't they?" Juno almost laughed again seeing the startled look on Jake's face.

"Wait, wait, wait. You mean I could... with all four and..." Jake started as he was staring at Nyrae who also wore a look of astonishment, and then a little smile crossed her face. She had to admit the time with Master Jake in the dream had been unforgettable, among a few other things!

Jake immediately reached into his shirt and began rubbing the talisman thinking of Trully. A moment later Trully appeared a little confused at first. "Yes Master Jake?" Looking around she spotted Juno, "Greetings Master Juno congratulations on your elevation." She told Juno who nodded to her.

"You told us earlier that one of these Jinns was with child, please look again and tell me if it is true." Jake asked. Trully sighed and turned to Jake's Jinns. Staring only a moment Trully's eyes flew wide then she continued on, finally finished she turned back to Jake with a huge smile.

"I have looked over all the Jinns, I am happy to report not one is with child." Jake breathed a sad sigh of relief. "No master Jake upon further examination I just found that TWO of the Jinns here are with child!" An excited Trully said.

"Tw...two!?" Jake practically fell into the chair behind him, a look of great astonishment on his face. "I... you... they... who?" Jake finally gasped out.

Trully smiled it was her turn to have a little fun. Walking up to Jake's four Jinns she slowly went down the line of them. Stopping in front of Gen Trully smiled, "Dear niece I wish I could say that it was you though I know that one day soon you too will have a child. No," here she turns toward Sheeka, "you my dear are the first of the Ever Last Master's Jinns to conceive." Trully then turned as Sheeka's mouth was hanging open, as was her sister Akeesha's.

Walking to Jake Trully held the smile on her face as she approached him; his face also held an astonished look as his mouth was also hanging open. Then Jake shook his head, "You said that there were two of my Jinns that were with child, who is the second?" Jake asked a now grinning larger.

"No Master Jake, I didn't, I said I found that TWO of the Jinns here are with child, not two of yours!" Trully told him and everyone in the room.

It took a few seconds for all the eyes in the room to turn toward Nyrae, and then they turned back to Jake. Gen and Rosalinda started to giggle then Rashala joined in, Sheeka, Akeesha and Jake were still in shock. Nyrae had started to smile then looked at Juno and started to cry, she was sure that her master would be exceedingly mad with her.

"Master please forgive me, I had no control. Please Master," here she fell to the floor in a prone position. "Please Master, I await your punishment, please don't hurt the baby." This last was said in hushed whispered tones.

Juno's face was in shock yes he knew he was stern and hard at times but he was no beast to hurt an unborn child especially one that was the Ever Last Master's! "Arise Nyrae! I told you before you are no longer required to bow to me anymore. As for the baby how could I deny the child of the Ever Last Master? I actually find it an honor that my Jinn will have a child of his!"

Nyrae tentatively looked up from the floor expecting her master to be mad but instead found that he was smiling! Just who was this man and where had her master gone? "Yes Master, but I thought you had forbidden me any contact..." Nyrae started.

"I HAD, but as I found out how I am now is what the council was expecting from me the whole time. Actually, I find the way I am now to be far more productive and a hell of a lot better feeling!" Juno told a now only on her knees Nyrae.

Jake was about to make a comment on the whole situation when he started to have a splitting head ache. The image of Nuha appeared in front of Jake, "Hello you bastard, you and your Jinns hurt my sister. For that transgression we will make your death as painful and long as possible. What nothing to say? You are a..."

"A comment huh?" Jake started, "how about you have already lost trio deadly? Phew! Hardly from what I have seen more like the child trio! Why don't you...”

Nuha's voice thundered in the room, "How dare you! You pitiful little man I will slowly..."

"Wait I recognize you! So it was you and your sister's that I had sex with! Ha! Some all powerful trio! All three of you passed out. If that is the extent of your power then," here Jake shrugged. "I'm not really worried!" At this Jake started to laugh they all could hear screaming in the background and could see the woman's face go red with anger.

"YOU ARE DEAD! I'll kill you myself! You bastard! No one insults the deadly trio like you have and survives!" Nuha was screaming, her anger apparent.

Waving his arm the image suddenly faded as Jake had wished that the trio could no longer bother him that way. Nuha was seething, in all the centuries that she and her sisters had been at this, no one; especially a mere human man had EVER said the things that this Ever Last Master had. Fatin and Alba were both also red faced they were ready to rush off right now and attack the bastard male this instant. Nuha herself was already trying to regain her composure, how could a mere human be so confident in the face of their power. She had to think more on this that was for sure.

Juno was surprised that the trio hadn't seen him or Nyrae, he was about to ask when Nyrae explained. "They were concentrating on Master Jake and his Jinns, so much that all else was ignored Master. In a way I am glad, though I am very powerful, I wouldn't have a chance against all three of them at the same time."

Juno was nodding as always she made perfect sense, sighing he was going to miss her he was sure that the council would take her from him when she had her baby. Nyrae looked at her master with shock, she'd never felt such thoughts as he was having right now. Turning away she hid her face so he wouldn't know that she had felt what he had.

"Now that I know who you are, we need to plan more. The battle is coming and unfortunately we are the only ones that there are to fight." Juno said a worried look on his face.

"No I can think of a few more that were released recently that I am sure would be glad to help." Jake told a startled Juno. "If I remember there was your friend Rashala, I also seem to remember he was quite powerful right?"

Rashala had been following all that was being said but at the mention of her name she perked up. "I assume you mean Rez Master Jake?" Jake nodded as Rashala went on, "Yes Master, he said he would do all he could to help end the war."

Standing Jake again shook Juno's hand and concentrated and all of them vanished. Juno could only smile, and then he looked at Nyrae with a sadness that he hadn't felt in a long time; a feeling that went deep into his chest, and spread out to the outer most part of his body.

Again Nyrae had to turn away her mouth hanging open, who is this man and where had her old master gone? Sure she loved the new master but after so long she actually missed the old master. Shaking her head she guessed she’d just have to get used to it but why was Master afraid that he was going to lose her?

Jake and all of his Jinns arrived back in the house moments later; Gen was biting her lip as was Rosalinda and Sheeka. Jake knew the looks that they all had though as he looked at Rashala, yes, he could see that she was trying her best to fight it. He could also see that she was losing the fight rather fast!

Gen stepped forward and almost in a whisper told Jake, "Master it has been so long since you went to bed with all of us. We were all having such a hard time at Master Juno's controlling it. Please master we all need it so bad." Gen was breathing hard almost panting as were Rosalinda and Sheeka, yes he could see that Rashala was also starting to also. Shrugging his shoulders, he nodded yes as all four of his Jinns descended upon him and literally ripped the clothes from his body and each other.

Jake had to admit after what had happened this morning he was ready for this, well he hoped! Aiming at the first opening he saw, he slowly sank in balls deep the groan from Gen that he heard let him who he'd gotten a hold of. "Oh by the great Jinn, Master thank you so much!" Suddenly he felt fingers and tongues on his shaft as he drove it into Gen with harder and harder force. Moments later Gen exploded into a huge orgasm, withdrawing Jake aimed at the next opening hearing Sheeka sigh then start to grunt as Jake began to drive into her also.

It was at least an hour later when Jake finally started to blast his seed deep into Rashala, her screams of pleasure almost music to Jake's ears. Finally all five of them collapsed on the bed none of them noticing the dark mass that was floating not far away. Suddenly the air was charged with energy, there was a great boom that Jake thought might break every window in the house. Sighing Jake was almost afraid to look at the floor and around the room; that was until he started to hear more than just a few voices whimpering and groaning.

Finally feeling brave enough Jake took a peek WHAT THE HELL!? Looking around there had to be at least 30 or 40 people all naked around the room. Damn it! I can't even have one time with them without a crowd appearing! Getting up he wished he was dressed then wished clothes on all those that were there. Might as well as get it over with.

Rubbing the talisman Rasmir appeared a moment later, and then he was staring with his mouth hanging open! Falling to the floor Rasmir bowed to Jake and a woman behind him. ‘Ah crap,’ Jake thought, ‘who had he brought back now?’

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A Guy and his...? 32 Partnership

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Comments (2)
justanotherslut — 07 August 2016 17:48
Awesome...that is it no other words come to mind!
BoBo0050 — 23 July 2016 23:53
So... Nyrae is pregnant as well as Sheeka... Things are heating up.... Keep up the good work, and get chapter 34 out soon....
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