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A guy and his...? 33 Ally?

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex

Authror: pars001

Published: 20 July 2016

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Cast of Characters

Jake Freemon - Main character

Gen – Jake’s first Jinn

Jinn - What the genies are called

Tommy - Friend of Jake's and fellow worker

Mary - Boss's daughter

Juno – Jake’s big Boss and Mary's Father

Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns

Yasmen - Gen's mother

Doctor - the Jinn doctor (Hime)

Rasmir - Gen's father

Rosalinda - Jake's second Jinn – Once called Dreama

Rashala - Gen's niece and Jake's 3rd Jinn

Tankena - evil brother of Rasmir

Sheeka - former evil female Jinn Jake's 4th Jinn

Rita - older female and one of Juno's sisters

Tina - Rita's daughter

Trully - second Jinn, Doc Rasmir's little sister

Nyrae - Juno's powerful Jinn

Nuha - Leader of Deadly Trio

Abla - sister of Nuha member Deadly trio

Fatin - sister of Nuha third member of trio

Tyrin - neighbor of Nyrae's parents

Aahil - one of the twin Jinn princes

Aalee - other twin Jinn prince

Amira - Jinn Princess sister of twins

A Guy and His...? 33 Ally?

Ramir was still prone on the floor when Jake got off the bed and walked to him. "Alright what in the hell have I done now?" Jake asked.

"Master Jake," Rasmir was almost whispering, "you need to call the royal twins here, that is their sister Amira!"

Jake only shook his head as he reached into his shirt finding the talisman and thinking of Aahil and Aalee. Within seconds they both appeared and gasped when they saw the multitude of Jinns in the room. Then they both fell to their knees as tears started to stream down their faces when they saw their sister.

Aalee's deep voice reached Jake's ears amazement heavy in it. "Brother! There are so many of our friends here I thought to never see them again. I see at least 15 of the palace guard it is truly a day of miracles!"

Aahil was nodding the tears running unashamedly down his face as he stared at his little sister. "I also never thought to again see Amira's sweet face yes I agree, it truly is a day of miracles!" Leaning over to Rasmir, Aahil was whispering a moment then Rasmir nodded and within seconds the whole council appeared also falling to their knees.

Sighing Jake supposed he was going to have to get used to this but as he'd told them he was a simple man. Just a man who didn't think he deserved to be bowed to or held in high esteem. He was only doing what he felt was right after all!

Aahil and Aalee both looked at Jake with thankful but pleading looks. Jake just nodded and a moment later the young woman rose off the floor a look of surprise and wonder on her face. Then she looked at both of her brothers then back to Jake suddenly falling to the floor bowing to Jake.

"Please Amira don't bow you are far too beautiful to be on the floor." Jake told her as a huge smile then a deep blush appeared on her face.

"I thank you Master Jake but I only give you the respect that you deserve," then she got closer and in a whisper told him, "Master Jake if there weren't as many here as there were I might have to take you. I find that you excite me and my body to the point I am about to lose control," Amira told him her breath coming in little gasps.

‘Oh great,’ Jake thought, ‘now I have a royal wanting to screw my brains out.’ Though Jake was sure that there was some obscure law against him doing that exact thing. Nodding to her then moving on Jake had restored almost all of the 44 that were in the room when he came to the last two. Jake could feel the evil practically oozing out of them the amount of hatred was almost palatable.

"I was going to offer both of you a deal but from the amount of hate I feel from you both, I feel I would be wasting my breath." Jake sadly told both the man and woman.

"As if we would accept anything from a pathetic human!" The man spit out. "Go on we both know you want to kill us as all of your kind wants to do. Get it over with! Huh a coward as we both thought!"

"I won't kill you, much as you obviously wish me to. No, I am not allowing you to live expecting a thanks, I do it because no matter how much of an ass you both may be, you deserve to live. I leave you with two powers, now, be gone!" Jake shouted as the two shocked Jinns faded then were gone.

Rasmir walked up to Jake a moment later and whispered, "Master Jake you really think it was wise to allow them to live?"

"As I told the both of them it may not be a very wise thing but I feel it is the right thing. All life is precious as I have found lately and I don't want to end life if there is another choice." A sad Jake told Rasmir. Rasmir's mouth hung open as did the rest of the council's, none of them had heard wisdom like this in many ages.

Bowing low Rasmir also added, "Master Jake you said you left them two powers leaving such evil ones power is dangerous. Don't you think we should remove them all? Make them human for a time to teach them a lesson?"

"No Rasmir, they are Jinns they are too used to having powers of one type or another. I think that to remove them all making them effectively human would be the same as killing them. I made that mistake once I won't again I remember how weak and useless Sheeka was when I removed all of hers. No, I won't subject another Jinn to the pain and horror of being like that even the evil ones deserve better, no, two powers will be effective enough. Who knows? Maybe they will turn one day."

Rasmir and the entire council were all astonished, Amira and both of her brothers were smiling they could see the truth in what Jake had said. Bowing low to Jake, Amira told Jake without looking up, "Master Jake as the legend stated, you truly are wiser than was given you credit. I feel so honored that I was brought back by one such as you." Getting closer Amira whispered barely audible, "Master Jake I have an extreme desire to have you, were it not for those here I would. Please Master Jake when there is time may I return? I find you almost irresistible."

Sighing Jake had been afraid of that crap already two children and he was supposed to have another three? Wouldn't he be beheaded or something if he got the Princess pregnant also? Then Jake looked down into the almost pleading eyes of Amira and his resolve melted, giving a nod her bright, beautiful smile made all of the trouble he felt he would be in worth it.

Miles away Nuha and Abla were keeping their distance from Fatin for hours they had watched as her powerful anger continued to heal her arm. Nuha had been impressed, she knew that Fatin was extremely angered but she hadn't thought it was this intense. Not only had Fatin's arm healed but Fatin's power was staying at a higher level, hell she was almost as high as hers was. Nuha shook her head hell if this kept up Fatin might try to take over the leadership of the trio.

Almost snarling Fatin stared at her sister, "We have to kill this insignificant pest of a human WE HAVE TO!" Fatin was almost to a fever pitch with her rage, almost nothing Nuha had tried had calmed her at all. Then there is that bitch Rashala! I will kill her! I will see she suffers greatly before I completely rid all dimensions of her filthy presence! Let me go Nuha I will destroy her no one does what she has to me; NO ONE!"

Nuha was about to try again when an evil smile lit up her face, a smile that Fatin and Abla had seen before. This signaled to Fatin that her sister had come up with a truly evil and devious plan. Good! It was about time and from the look of it, it was going to be the type that would bring all of them true satisfaction!

Juno had just completed signing the last of the improvements to several projects when his daughter burst into the room. "Father!" She started when she stopped in front of his desk. "Why wasn't I informed that Jake was servicing the rest of the fucking family? I had him first and by god I want him again! No one has ever given me the relief that he has, I want him again!" Leaning down she lowered her voice and almost in a little girl voice asked, "Please father, I need him so badly."

Juno was about to answer when something hit him, this was the first time in a very long time that she had asked truly begged for something. Then he started to feel something, a presence? It was hard to say almost like magic but this seemed different. After a day like this meeting Jake and his Jinns, he wouldn't be surprised if the council was watching him. "I'll see what I can do my dear but I can't just order him to screw your brains out."

"That's ok father you just get him to me and I'll take care of the rest." Mary told him. Again Juno was feeling an almost magic feeling in the air what the hell was going on? Plus the fact that his daughter was as confident as she was. True she always was but this seemed to go further than usual.

Walking out Mary was smiling wide that went well, not as well as she wanted but a hell of a lot better than she thought it would. Looking at her computer screen a pair of eyes stared back at her and emitted a sigh. "If all goes as I hope it will I might be able to free you." She told the pair of eyes, there was another brief sigh then her screen went back to the program that had been on it.

Finally almost all of the 44 were gone, it had been quite a while sorting out everything. There had been fifteen of the royal guards, fifteen servants, ten regular Jinn citizens, another council guard, the two bad Jinns and of course Amira. Jake had to admit she was beautiful and yes he wouldn't mind going to bed with her but he also liked where his head was and really wanted to keep it where it was.

He heard giggling a moment later and turned to see Gen and Rosalinda smiling at him. <Master sometimes your thoughts can seem silly. You don't even realize do you?> Gen's thoughts told him.

<Don't even realize what?> Jake asked of her.

<Dear Master, you are the Ever Last Master you are considered royalty by almost all Jinns now. The mere thought of you losing you head,> here Gen looked at his crotch and shuddered. <Either of them is impossible, you are one of the most highly prized and respected beings in both dimensions.>

Aahil and Aalee both walked up to Jake and hugged him fiercely almost squeezing the breath out of him. If that hadn't been enough Amira walked to Jake and threw her arms around his neck. Planting her lips to his sparks seemed to fly from their lips as they both started to get deeply into the kiss. Breathlessly Amira tried to let Jake go but found she couldn't.

Whispering in his ear she told him, "I await you and," here she reached down and grasped his covered cock and balls, "your equipment. Please Master Jake don't keep me waiting long, it has been a very long time, I hunger for you!"

Jake could only stare at Amira in surprise; he knew that his attraction to all females was strong but holy cow! Amira was a Princess after all her power should be extremely strong! Then again as Jake thought, he did have four Jinns supplying their power to protect and keep whatever wishes he made going.

Jake sat in a chair to try and wrap his head around what was going on now. All this and there was a major battle looming out there somewhere. Sighing Jake could only shake his head at the turn of events recently. A jingling tone let him know his phone was going off interrupting his thoughts.

"Oh hello Juno, yes I guess you'd say all is well, as much as can be expected. Yes I remember her, really? I guess though I am afraid it will have to be tomorrow after I run by the site. Ok tomorrow afternoon." Jake hung up a curious look on his face.

"Master is all alright?" Several of his Jinns said as they voiced their concern.

"I'm not sure, Gen you remember Mary, Juno's daughter?" Jake asked.

"Oh yes Master Jake! A most energetic human female and quite enjoyable!" Gen stated a huge smile on her lips.

"Yes, I thought so too," Jake said as he was deep in thought. "Something doesn't seem right, if I remember right the council and my wishes removed her desire to want me." Let me see... how had he put it? Jake thought. Something along the lines that she wouldn't remember as much so that she wouldn't want him as bad. Shaking his head it was hard to remember the specific wish.

Gen thought for a moment yes it was strange there was really now way she could resist the wish unless...! Gen and Jake stared at each at the same time. "Master Jake you think it is possible? How could two people father and daughter both have Jinns and not know?" Gen asked Jake the surprise apparent on her face.

"I'm not sure Gen but it might be that she has a higher sex drive than we at first thought. We have to go lightly if she has a Jinn, she may have been sworn to secrecy like Juno was. If we press too hard, she and her Jinn might be punished, I don't want that." Jake told Gen, who was shaking her head affirmatively, neither did she.

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A guy and his...? 33 Ally?

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Comments (7)
Clover Ernest — 04 August 2016 09:02
another plot-twisting installment.

As always,
Semper fi, Clover
Anonymous reader — 25 July 2016 09:38
excellent as per usual.
BoBo0050 — 24 July 2016 00:14
Mary wants to fuck Jake... The Deadly Trio want to KILL Jake, and probably will try, only after they have their way with him... A Jinn Princess ALSO wants to fuck Jake until next Tuesday, and, with Jake's luck, will also have a child by him... Jake takes all his Jinn to bed, makes them all cum harder and more often than they have before, and brings a Jinn mob back... What else can happen????? Oops.... First Rule... Never ask that question....
Anonymous reader — 23 July 2016 12:17
Really very good send the next chapter quick man :)
Anonymous reader — 21 July 2016 21:43
I ment to press positive button but accidently pressed a negative srry this story is good
Anonymous reader — 21 July 2016 21:07
Twist and Turn,
twist and turn!
Just when I think I have it figured out where you're going with this you throw in another wrench......
I can't wait to read the next installment,
of this,
and your other stories......
as always
johnny rotten
Anonymous reader — 21 July 2016 16:48
Hmm, the thot plickens!
As usual, bloody good!
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