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  1. The Ultimate Fantasy
  2. The Ultimate Fantasy (Cassie's POV)

The Ultimate Fantasy

Categories Dark Fantasy, Cruelty, Death, Enema

Authror: Cot666

Published: 14 December 2016

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The Ultimate Fantasy

OH YEAH"! Yelled Cassie in ecstasy as she fell back beside me in our bed. After several minutes both heavy breathing "that was amazing you are so good" " so are you" I said. Cassie and I had been together 6 years. Both of us had, between us, pretty much every sexual fetish there is and had explored them all. Or so I thought.

One day Cassie suggested we read a website of fetish stories together. We looked down the list of categories. Cassie found herself drawn to the 'cannibalism' categories. Hundreds of stories of people being cooked alive and eaten.

As we read, we soon each had a hand in each other's underwear. We found it so erotic. "Chris, this is turning me on so much. We've done everything together, all that's left is to try this." "But you'll die" I said "ever since I was a girl this is the way I've dreamt of dying. Please" She looked into my eyes, a pleading look on her face. After a few minutes, I said "Ok, I'll make the preparations."

For the next few weeks, I kept going out but wouldn't tell Cassie why. But one day, i came home and said "everything is ready"

We drove for what seemed like hours before we arrived at the largest building Cassie had ever seen. "Here we are" I said. " Are you sure you want to go through with this?" " I do. I am prepared for the pain, I want the pain". "Well there'll be plenty of that"I smirked. Let's go inside".

"Sit down on the chair and I'll talk you through this"

There is a chair at the side of the building. Beside the chair is a table with enema equipment and pliers. There is a bathroom. There is also a full size double bed, and an enormous table with restraints and jump leads attached. I sit down next to Cassie

"First, I need you to use the enema and take a shower, then I shall take you to the bed and fill your every hole and cover you from head to toe in marinade, then I need to remove your hair, teeth and nails. I will then leave you to marinate for 8 hours. When that time is up, I shall move you on to the big table, attach the jump leads to your hands and feet and arms, legs and sides, as well as down your throat, and inside your ass and pussy. Are you still prepared to go through with this?"

Cassie hesitated but nodded "yes"

"Then let's go to the bathroom"

They went into the bathroom and I helped Cassie with the enema and made sure she was absolutely spotless. I took her by the hand to the bed and spent the next hour filling her mouth, pussy and ass with ourjuices, as well as covering her from head to toe. When we had caught our breath, I guided Cassie to the chair. I picked up the pliers. I took hold of a nail with the pliers, yanked and ripped it part out. Cassie moaned in pain. Every fingernail and toenail took 2 or 3 tugs. Then the teeth, which took even longer and more effort to remove. It was incredibly difficult and caused Cassie pain with each one. I gave Cassie a few minutes to recover and then started to shave her head, armpits, legs and pussy.

I took her by the hand and guided her to the cooking table. I lay her on the table. "I'll give you one last chance to get out of this" "no" said Cassie. I gave her the last kiss I'd ever give her. I strapped her to the table and attached jump leads to her wrists, ankles, breasts and one down her throat and inside her pussy and ass. "I love you"

I turned on the electricity. The room filled with the sound of electricity crackling, and Cassie's screaming, although muffled, and the smell of cooking flesh. I like my meat medium rare so I only cook her for 10 minutes.

Once the smoke clears, I approach the table. Cassie is alive. She smells delicious. I remove the jump leads and smell her scent.

I start by licking her pussy. She moans in ecstasy so I know she can still feel. My teeth sink into her pussy. I tear it away, chew and swallow, and lick the wound. I loved her when she was a person but she is now just my meal. I enjoy her screams and the suffering on her face. I want to keep her alive as long as possible so I crudely stitch up the wound.

I sink my teeth into a breast and chew and pull till it tears away. Her screams are music to my ears as I eat her other breast. Cassie cries and screams, but also moans in ecstasy. I roll her over and lick her asshole, I soon stop this and start chewing and ripping her ass cheeks. I clamp my jaws around her cheek and tear it away and swallow and the same the other side.

Wanting to keep her alive I stem the bleeding and stitch the wounds. I bite in to one foot and tear the flesh and carry on up the leg. Cassie's alive still, but her screams have become laboured moans. I decide she doesn't deserve to suffer this for much longer. I sink my teeth into her belly I remove the stitches from the other wound and let the blood flow.

She quickly dies and I continue to eat the rest of her flesh. I break through her rib cage and remove her heart, lungs and all other organs, I cook them for a little longer and swallow them down with a pint of her blood. She was the most delicious meal I ever had. If one human is this tasty. I have to have more. I will have more.

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The Ultimate Fantasy

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Comments (2)
Sean-007 — 10 October 2016 06:56
Good, but too short
HappyMuffin007 — 21 August 2016 15:57
interesting but way and I mean way to short
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