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Student of Massage

Categories Fiction, Male / Female, Oral Sex, Prostitution

Author: Magpie Amy

Published: 22 February 2006

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Student of Massage

“It’s now or never!” I thought as I stubbed out my fourth cigarette then drained the final dregs of my third cup of coffee of the hour. I stood up, straightened my pink halter-neck dress and glanced once more at the non-descript house on the opposite side of the street.
As I hurried across the road I thanked God that I was in a town three miles away from where I lived and studied at Lord Shearer’s College. Hopefully no-one that I knew would see me as I walked up the stone steps to the front door.

My mind was racing as I stared at door, “This is crazy!” I told myself, “You can’t do this…its bloody madness!”
Then I remembered why I was turning the golden handle…I was broke! Completely penniless…nothing in the bank…in fact I had LESS than nothing in the bank! My credit cards had both been stopped and I needed to pay back three weeks rent a couple of loans from friends by Friday night… plus… I needed to eat (and drink of course!).

“Yes?” The middle-aged woman sitting behind the reception desk asked as she looked up from her magazine.

“I was wondering if…” I mumbled, “You have any vacancies?”

“Vacancies?” she grinned as she looked me up and down from behind her horn rimmed spectacles, “What sort of vacancies?”

This was always going to be difficult for me and I didn’t need this fat bitch taking the piss.
My face was bright red as I mumbled, “You know…as a…you know?”

The receptionist turned towards a couple of women that were sitting in their underwear in the far corner of the room, then back towards me, “You do know what we do here? Don’t you?”

“Yes,” I nodded.
“Have you done this sort of thing before?” The woman asked as she stared coldly into my eyes.

“Yes.” I lied.

There was then an uneasy silence until I finally shook my head.
“No…not really.”

“I presume that you’re a student at the College?” the woman asked rhetorically; as she stood up and walked around the desk, “Ran out of money…have you?”

I nodded in agreement.
“Your name?” The woman enquired as she waved me towards the other women.

“Susan…Susan Stranks,” I told her as I sat next to a black girl wearing matching red underwear and a pair of white plastic boots who was reading a magazine.

“Well Susan,” she addressed me in a well worn manner, “this is a massage parlour…NOT a brothel. We charge £50 which gives the punter a full topless massage and a wank or a fuck. You get £15 a time and pay me £20 a day for the use of our facilities.”
The phone rang, so she left me with the white girl.

“Chloe; can you go through the rest please?” the receptionist shrugged her shoulders and nodded towards a young woman in a white Basque, knickers and stockings.

Chloe gave me cup of coffee and offered me a cigarette. As I sipped my drink and nervously puffed on the cigarette Chloe and Sapphire explained that most guys were happy with a wank or a blowjob but some guys wanted “special stuff’, uniforms spanking, pissing or fucking you up the bum! I raised my eyes in shock but she smiled and told me not to worry as this would boost the charges.

My head was spinning and I was now beginning to have second thoughts.

“Well?” The older woman asked when she returned, “Are you still interested?”
I nodded and weakly smiled.
“It’s the wrong job for a shy girl!” She laughed.

“I’m not really shy,” I responded, “It’s…just …all a bit…you know…weird.”

Chloe laughed out loud, “If you think that this is weird wait until your old maths teacher wants you to shit in the shower for him!”

When they had stopped laughing Mrs. Hunt the receptionist, explained that I needed a ‘working name’. After a bit of teasing we settled on Bambi because of my big brown eyes and ‘innocent looks’.
I’m quite petite (5ft 2, size 10) and have what guys call a ‘cute face’ with a slightly turned up nose, shoulder length brown hair and my bra size is 30b – at least two of my ex-boyfriends referred to them as ‘perky’. I think that my best feature is my arse which is neatly round and firm. Because I look so young, Mrs. Hunt made me show her my driving licence to prove my age and then she gave me a guided tour and told me where everything was kept. As we returned to the Lounge she explained the parlours’ shift system and we agreed which afternoons and nights that I would be able to work and not affect my college work.

“Are you still sure about this?” Mrs. Hunt asked again.
I nodded and smiled, “Yes…it sounds like fun!”
“Jesus Christ!” Chloe howled, “It’s not Pretty fucking Woman! You’re not going to find Richard fucking Gere in this place!”
Mrs. Hunt scowled at Chloe then told her to get Simon and she’d see what I was made of, as she returned to her desk.

“Simon?” I mouthed to the black girl as Chloe left us.

The girl looked to the Heavens then whispered, “He’s her son.”
When she took me by the arm and led me into the back rooms, I must have looked stunned as she sighed, “This is your induction. You’ve got to give Milker a massage and a wank in front of the boss; that’s how she’ll know if you can do this.”

“But…he’s her son!” I said with a sharp intake of breath.
The girl shrugged her shoulders and opened a bedroom door. “That’s the bed, there’s baby oil on the table and towels in the drawers.” She told me as I looked around the Spartan room, “don’t worry; get your tits out, rub his chest and give him a wank and it’ll all be over in a couple of minutes and as long as you tell him that he’s got a big cock he’ll give his mother a good report.”

“Why did you call him Milker?” I asked as the door re-opened and a big lump of a man wearing a shabby tracksuit appeared. He must have been 6 feet tall and about 16 stone. His hair was a mess and he looked a bit dopey.
“You’ll find out for yourself!” she giggled as she hurried out of the room.

“Hello,” he said as he held his hand out, “I’m Simon.”

I shook his hand and replied, “I’m…Bambi.”
“I like that name,” he chuckled as he started taking his clothes off, “Bambi was a deer.”
“Oh shit!” I thought, “He is simple!”
Before I had the chance to reply he was naked and lying on the bed with his hard cock sticking out from a forest of black pubic hair.

“Ooh! that looks…huge!” I lied, remembering what I’d been told earlier.
“All of the girls tell me that,” Simon said as he proudly looked down at his three inch dick! “Can I see your tits please?”

For a few seconds I’d forgotten why I was in a room with a naked man.

My stomach churned as I unfastened the halter on my dress and shimmied until it fell onto the floor.

Simon’s smile got even broader when his mother, Mrs. Hunt came into the room.
“Carry on,” she told me as she stood beside the door with a blank expression on her face.
Simon held his hand out to touch my tits as they bounced when I stepped out of my dress. I shivered as his podgy fingers stroked my young flesh and teased my erect nipples.
Unsure what I should do I quickly poured some baby oil on him and began rubbing it into his hairy chest. As soon as my fingers touched his skin he began moaning and groaning. My hands were trembling as I worked my way down his belly knowing that sooner or later I would have to actually touch his quivering cock.

“Go on,” Simon urged me, “milk it…go on milk it!”

I took a deep breath and curled my oily fingers around his red hot shaft making him gasp.

“Yes…yes…yes,” he gulped, “milk ‘er, milk ‘er!”
My hand was now a haze as I rubbed it for all I was worth, the baby oil making my fingers glide up and down the shaft with ease.

“Yes…yes…yes!” Simon quickly gasped, “that’s it…milk ‘er…oooooohhhhh.”
As he flopped back onto the bed I watched in amazement as a trickle of white juice ran down his cock onto my hand.

“Oh…Bambi that was…lovely,” Simon heaved a sigh, “that was the best I’ve had for months.”

“Mmmm me too” I lied again, “and there was so much stuff!”

“You’ll do nicely.” Mrs. Hunt exhaled noisily then made a sharp exit.

Simon sensed my unease as I stood in front of him only wearing a tiny thong with a handful of spunk.
“You can wash your hands in the sink,” he told me as he swung off the bed; his cock already hiding in its shell.

When I walked back into the lounge the other two were giggling like schoolgirls, “Oh…oh… milk ‘er, milk ‘er!” they laughed.

“So that’s why you call him Milker,” I admonished the black girl (Sapphire), “but…his…you know!” I opened my thumb and forefinger a little way to demonstrate the size of his dick which had looked like an acorn.

“I know” Chloe giggled hysterically, “It’s like a cock…only smaller!”

“Girls,” Mrs. Hunt hissed, “be quiet, there’s someone at the door.”

As I was making a cup of coffee; a tall, respectable looking man with grey hair walked into the reception area and spoke to Mrs. Hunt, the receptionist.
When she’d took his money she brought him into the lounge,

“Girls, this is Mike, can you make him welcome?”

As if by magic Chloe and Sapphire suddenly turned on the charm and immediately became sex Goddesses as they tried to charm the man into going ‘out back’ with them.

“What about you? What’s your name?” the man turned away from Chloe and asked me.

“Oh…ehm…Sus…Bambi!” I blurted out, “But I don’t…I’m not…”

Chloe took my hand and smiled at the tall stylish man;
“It’s her first day and she’s a bit shy.”

The man beamed, “First day…eh? Would you like to join me?”

“Go on darling!” Sapphire gently pushed me, “he won’t bite!”

“If he does,” Chloe laughed, “charge him an extra 20 quid!”

Her joke ‘broke the ice’ and I took him by the hand and led him to one of the rooms.

I was shaking with nerves and excitement as I asked him if he wanted to take a shower first.
“No thanks, I’m fine.” Mike told me as he began unbuttoning his shirt.
“Don’t worry,” he assured me, “I’ve done this before…I’ll keep you right.”
I nervously busied myself arranging the towels and oils as he took off his smart clothes, desperately stopping myself looking at him.

When he was completely naked he winked and told me, “It would be nicer if you do it topless.”
I was flustered and smiled as I nimbly unfastened the bow at the top of the halter. I let the top fall down exposing my perky breasts, then as sexily as possible I wriggled out of my dress making my tits wobble when it got stuck around my knees as he lay face down on the bed with a towel covering his buttocks.

It was only at this point that I remembered that I’d put a clean white thong on this morning!

As soon as I poured the baby oil onto his back he began chatting which relaxed me. I couldn’t help thinking that he looked a bit like the football presenter Alan Hansen as he rested his head on his manly arms. I wondered if he was his father – probably not, I guessed as he wouldn’t have been old enough.

Mike moaned as I dug the ball of my hand into his firm shoulders and caressed his powerful neck with my fingers, then, remembering that Chloe had told me to try and finish him in half an hour, I removed the towel and poured some oil on his hairy arse.
For a guy in his 50’s he was still quite muscular, which made my squeezing and stroking his flesh a lot easier.

“I’ll turn over if you’d like.” Mike wheezed as I ran my hands across his firm thighs, “I think I’m ready for a bit of …relief now”.

“Okay,” I told him as he rolled onto his back. Mike caught my gaze as I stared at his stiff cock standing out from a neatly trimmed forest of grey/brown pubes and winked again, “don’t tell me that it’s the first one that you’ve ever seen.”

“No it’s not,” I chuckled, “it’s just the…first time that I’ve done…this!”
“Wanked a man for money?” Mike asked.

I nodded as I ran a red fingernail from his hairy balls to the tip of his circumcised knob. I then poured some oil onto my hand and began massaging it into his stiff 5 inches which had the desired effect of making him groan.

For a few brief minutes I forgot that I was being paid for my services as I rubbed and stroked his lovely cock even rubbing my bouncing tits across it which made him pant with pleasure.
“Suck me…go on…suck it!” Mike gasped.

Knowing that this was going to be a major part of my new job and bent forward until his bell-end was level with my mouth; with a gulp I opened my ruby red lips and swallowed about half of his throbbing dick.

Thankfully I love giving blow-jobs and used all of my teenage experience as I swept my tongue around his swollen shaft and flicked the velvety tip with my tongue as I kept rubbing the tube with my greasy hand.

It didn’t take long before I felt his balls began to tense; so I stood upright so he could get a clear look at my tits and viciously rubbed faster until his milky white fluid shot out like a bullet and landed on his belly. I kept a tight grip on his shaft and slowly squeezed another two dollops of lumpy spunk out of the tiny hole.

“God that was good,” Mike sighed as I let go of his shrinking member, “are you sure that you’ve never done this before?”
“Only with my boyfriends,” I chuckled as I wiped my sticky hands on a paper towel.

As Mike sat on the edge of the bed wiping his brow I told him that I would leave him to have a shower.

Mike smiled as he put something into my hand, “Let’s call that your…tip. Will you be here all of the time?”
“I guess so,” I grinned as I stared at a beautiful £10 note in my hand.

I left Mike to clean up just like I’d been told earlier and strode back into the lounge with my financial bounty.

“Thank you very much.” Mrs. Hunt smirked as she whipped the money out of my fingers, “that’ll do for tonight; anything else is yours.”
“Shit!” I gasped as I stared at my empty hand.

Chloe, Sapphire and another girl were nearly in hysterics as I looked completely devastated with my jaw hanging open.

I stayed another 4 hours; servicing another 6 clients earning £90.

Over the next few days it became obvious that the other girls had their regular punters and being the new girl I only got the passers-by and the cheapskates! I didn’t mind because I loved sex and I was now earning about £100 a day for wanking and sucking a few lonely guys and letting them play with my tits; I wished that I’d thought of it months before.
Every night when I got home my dildo went into overdrive as I fucked myself silly thinking about all of the different cocks that I’d seen and played with!

The following Tuesday afternoon as I was reading a magazine and drinking coffee, Mrs. Hunt put the phone down and called me to the desk, “I’ve got a special request for Thursday at 8.”

My ears suddenly perked up at the mention of ‘special request’, this usually meant extra cash.

“What is it?” I asked slightly apprehensively.

“Don’t look so worried,” she chuckled, “Nina gets all of the kinky stuff. This guy wants a girl in a school uniform and I thought that you would be perfect.

I agreed when Mrs. Hunt told me that I could charge an extra £20 just for dressing up.

As I walked home from University the following day, I went into a local Charity shop and bought a pair of shiny sensible shoes, a grey pleated skirt that was a size too small and a blazer with a black and white striped tie from the local Grammar School all for £4.50. Back in my flat I hunted out a white blouse that would complete the outfit.

Constantly horny from my new occupation, as soon as I arrived home I put my new school uniform on with a pair of white knickers, black stockings and a black suspender belt that I already had. I then danced around my bedroom listening to a 50 Cent cd, swigging from a bottle of lager as I stared at myself in my long mirror as I practiced bending over showing off my stockings and arse.
As I slurped from a second bottle I thought that something wasn’t quite right; then it dawned on me! I needed to put my hair into pigtails. Once I’d done that I shocked myself – I looked incredibly young…too young? Shit! I didn’t care…I was horny and looked very, very sexy.
I opened another beer and lay on the edge of my bed and faced the mirror with my stocking covered legs splayed wide apart and fucked myself silly with my dildo. It felt soooooo decadent as I guzzled beer while ramming a buzzing 7 inch plastic cock as far up my hairy quim as my cervix would allow while pictures of every cock I’d sucked off in the previous few days flashed through my mind. It seemed to take bloody ages before I came but when I did it my orgasm made my head spin it was so fierce.

After another boring morning at College I arrived at the Parlour as usual at 2.30 on the Thursday. Mrs. Hunt had given me a key for the more discreet side-door so I didn’t have to endure the nightmare of walking to the front door.

“Have you got something to wear for that guy?” Mrs. Hunt greeted me.
I told her I had and opened my holdall to show her the neatly folded items.
“Excellent,” she told me, “just put your normal stuff on for now, he won’t be here until about 8; so make sure you’re free then.”

Dressed in a pair of white 10 denier hold-up stockings a thin white lacy thong and matching camisole I serviced two guys as I waited for my mystery punter to turn up; giving each one a topless massage a wank and a sloppy blow-job. The older of the two (he must have been over 70) stroked my pussy through my knickers; pressing the gusset deep inside my wet gash as I played with his cock. After he’d ejaculated onto my tits he asked if he could buy my panties off me.
No one had told me that this might happen so I hadn’t brought a spare pair with me! After that I always carried two spare pairs in my bag. This became very lucrative as I would buy my g-strings and thongs from the local market at 3 pairs for £5 and sell them as ‘dirty, worn and sticky’ at £10 a time! Some nights were so good for me I had to travel home on the bus ‘commando’!!!!

The phone rang at 7.30 and Mrs. Hunt told me that my client was on his way and I should get ready for him.
I grabbed my bag from a locker and went into one of the spare rooms to put my uniform on.
From the second that I unclipped my bra until I applied the last stroke of red lipstick my heart was beating like a drum and my stomach was turning somersaults.

“Fucking Hell!” Nina, our resident German Dominatrix (but was really called Janet and came from Stretford!) gasped when I eventually walked back into the lounge, “You look younger than my fucking daughter!”
I did a twirl for the girls and a couple of regulars, which made the short pleated skirt, lift up to show my knickers, stockings and suspenders. Just as a fat man asked if I would go out back with him the front door opened and a short, chubby middle-aged man with wavy grey hair, wearing a smart blue suit and shiny tan brogues walked in to the Parlour.

He instantly smiled when he saw me, then nodded to Mrs. Hunt, “For me, I presume!”
Mrs. Hunt took his entrance money then sent him over to the Lounge. It was obvious that he was a regular by the way that he greeted Sapphire and Jayde, so I relaxed a little when he held out a hand to me.

“Hi, I’m …George,” the man introduced himself, “and you must be Bambi.”
His blue eyes twinkled as he slowly looked at every inch of my outfit.
Without letting him know I’d recognised him, I remembered him from the local news as he was a local politician known as ‘Gorgeous George’.

“Do you approve?” I asked as I spun around.
“I most certainly do,” he grinned, “I most certainly do!”

My voice is still a little high pitched but I really exaggerated it when I asked him if he’d like to come through to the back with me, which made Jayde giggle.

“Would sir like to take a shower first?” I tittered in my best ‘schoolgirl’ voice.

He replied that he would and he’d like me to stay in the room and watch.

George was very polite and had a lovely smile and manner about him as he stripped off and hung his clothes in the open robe.
I took to my new role with gusto, gasping and laughing nervously when he took off his cotton boxer shorts and strode to the shower with his semi-stiff cock waving in front of him.
As he quickly showered and dried himself I busied myself by bending over, teasing him as much as possible, flashing my stockings, suspenders and black thong as I tidied the room.
When he was ready his 6 inch cock looked as hard as stone and pointed directly up to the ceiling.
I guessed that he’d done this before but the look of eager anticipation on his face was only matched by my own!
George swung onto the bed and lay on his back making his cock stick up like a flagpole.

The guy wasn’t my type of lover at all, but the whole scenario was turning me on like crazy. My nipples were sticking out like thimbles and my pants were sticking to my quim like glue.

“Ooh gosh,” I giggled, “have I made it do that?” as I tickled his dick with my middle finger.

“You have sweetheart, you have,” George snorted, “and I hope that you’re not going to leave me frustrated. You’re not are you?” His hand was now easing up my leg and began tugging at my suspender strap.
“Ooh,” I gasped in mock amazement, “I’m not sure I know what to do!”

“Just wrap your fingers around it and slowly rub them up and down.” His voice was already becoming deeper and huskier as his fingers stroked my pubis through the thin nylon material of my panties making me shudder with excitement.

“Are you sure that I should,” I continued in my girlish voice as I tentatively ran my finger across his purple knob then down the outside of the thick shaft, “that would be very naughty.”

“Oh yesssss,” he groaned as he bit his lip when I neatly wrapped my small fingers around his hard-on and began wanking him in my well trained manner. I was careful not to make him blow too quickly because I wanted to make as much money as possible while also enjoying myself!
After a couple of minutes he took a sharp intake of breath and told me to take my top off.

“But…but…you’ll see my…little titties”, I pretended to be shocked, “if I do that.”
“I know,” he panted, “and I bet they look dazzling, don’t they?”

I pouted my painted lips as I unbuttoned the tight white blouse, “the boys at school say that they are too small.”

“What do you think?” I asked casually as I dropped my bra on the floor, “Are they too small?”
“Good God no,” George panted again as his eyes stood out on stalks when he saw my puffy pink nipples, “can I suck them?”

I giggled and leant across his face. His tongue began lashing my nipples and tiny tits as his hand slid between my legs again and gently massaged my soaking pussy and stocking tops. I was squirming with desire as his fingers fiddled with my gusset then eased them to one side and slid two chubby fingers into my dripping cunt making me gasp.

“Ooh,” I giggled as he finger-fucked me and suckled my nipples, “you’re making me very…excited…and it feels very nice!”

George suddenly pulled his head back and gasped, “take your knickers off and suck my cock!”
I swiftly moved away from him and unzipped my skirt.
“With or without a rubber?” I whispered as I eased my drenched panties down my nylon covered legs.

“Without.” He sighed at the sight of my bald pussy.

“Gosh,” I sniggered as I bent forward and began kissing his throbbing cock as I raised a leg until it rested alongside his chest on the bed, “I feel soooooo naughty!”

George kissed and stroked my stocking clad leg and kept dipping his fingers deep inside my leaking cunt as I sucked and licked his pulsating penis and balls.
I was torn between making him cum; which was my job, and just enjoy the thrilling roller-coaster ride that I was on.

He made my mind up for me.
“Ugh…ugh!” he grunted as he slid two fingers deep inside my greasy hole making me squirm with pleasure, “I’m cumming!”

In an instant threw my head back which made his fingers go deeper into my twat as I grabbed his twitching manhood, rubbing furiously until jet after jet of milky white spunk flew out and splashed onto my shaking titties.
I tried to remain calm as I squeezed the last few ‘man-pearls’ out of his velvet crown and onto my tingling nipples, but my legs were trembling and I was desperately in need of an orgasm myself.

“Jesus,” he sighed, “that was the best ever!”
I nervously nodded and smiled, “Thanks.”

As I shakily wiped his spunk off my tits and neck with a hand towel, George quickly washed his prick and stomach in the sink.

“Can I fuck you now?” The chubby man asked as he turned to face me.
I must have looked startled, as he grinned and tugged at his still stiff cock.
“Don’t worry about me,” he chuckled, “I’m good for another 15 minutes!”

“YES PLEASE!” I thought.

“I’m not sure!” I sweet-talked him as innocently as possible, “you might hurt me if you put your thing inside me?”

“No I won’t sweetheart.” George laughed, “get over the side of the bed and I’ll do you Doggy style.”

I tried not to look too eager, but this was just what I needed at this precise moment – a good stiff fucking! I love getting fucked from behind – I like to feel at a guy’s mercy and his cock always goes so much deeper inside my cunt.
I opened a drawer to take out a packet of condoms and deftly pulled it tight onto his rock-hard cock.

“Good girl,” he whispered as I took up my position on my hands and knees with my legs wide apart in anticipation of my first paid fuck.

“Oooh that feels good,” he gasped as he easily slid his stiff dick into my horny snatch, “you naughty little girl!”
“MMMmmmm,” I purred with delight as I had my cunt filled with a real cock for the first time in over a month.
George’s hands gently caressed my arse and nylons as he fucked me in a slow deliberate manner; each physically powerful stroke stuffing my pussy until I thought that it was going to burst.

“You naughty, naughty little girl,” George repeated like a mantra as his thrusts got harder and faster; and his fingers tickled my little brown rose-bud, each plunge getting me nearer and nearer to my own orgasm as I pressed my face into the bed to stop screaming with delight.

He was right about lasting fifteen minutes! But every second seemed like a fucking minute as he pounded me like a man possessed and rubbed and tugged at my dangling titties.
“Ugh…ugh…ugh!” George began to grunt as he tried to nail my cunt to the bed in his quest to have a second orgasm.
“YES….YES…UGH!” We both grunted as his fingers snaked under my belly and twiddled with my clitoris bringing me to a shattering climax at the same time he finally filled his rubber with another load of spunk!

My arms and legs suddenly crumbled leaving us squashed together on the bed with his cock still impaled in my twitching twat. When he’d got his breath back George eventually withdrew his still stiff cock making sure that the condom stayed in place.

At his request we showered together, with him enjoying lathering every inch of my young body and rinsing the bubbles off too as I did the same to him and his never softening cock.

When we’d dried off and he’d got dressed he gave me an extra £50 in £10 notes and made an appointment for exactly the same thing in two weeks time.

When I eventually made my way back into the lounge wearing my original outfit Jayde and Sapphire gave me a cheeky round of applause, as George was a regular and was notorious for taking a Viagra tablet before he came into the parlour so that he could get his money’s worth!

By the time Mike made another appearance a month later I was regularly sucking and fucking punters like the rest of the girls did. I don’t know if George had told his friends about me but I was getting requests to dress up as a schoolgirl at least twice a week which earned me a lot of lovely money!

When he walked into the Parlour I was sitting alone in the lounge dressed in a black Basque, lacy knickers, black seamed stockings and a sexy pair of high-heeled shoes which seemed to please him.

Mike asked if I was enjoying my new profession as he got undressed. It appeared to turn him on as I went into great detail about the different cocks that I’d fucked and sucked and his cock really twitched when I told him about my schoolgirl uniform!

As he lay on his stomach I continued telling him about my sexual exploits including having to fuck myself with a dildo to satisfy my own needs as I firmly massaged his back and legs.
When he turned onto his back sporting a really hard erection he asked if I would do something special for him.

“Of course,” I smiled, “everything has a price.”

“Can I watch you take a piss?” he mumbled slightly embarrassed.

“Ehm…yes,” I mumbled, “just tell me what you want me to do.”
I was slightly shocked that a man as ‘nice’ as him would want to watch a woman do this but Jayde had told me that she had a couple of regulars who would stand over her wanking while she pissed in the shower cubicle.

Mike explained exactly what he wanted me to do.

I took my knickers off and let him feast his eyes on my newly shaved pussy before I turned and stepped into the cubicle.
I stood spread-eagled with my feet on the ridges of the base so I wouldn’t get my shoes wet. Then I slowly eased myself down until I was squatting about 18 inches above the floor. Mike stood silently tugging at his cock as I took a deep breath and tried to force some pee out of my tingling twat.
Thankfully I’d had a couple of cups of coffee while I’d been waiting so when it finally came out there was plenty of warm golden piss to satisfy his desires.
I rested my back against the shower wall and forced my hips forward so Mike could get a really good unhindered look of my hairless pussy as I filled the basin for him.

Unbelievably pissing for a punter really turned me on too!

“Do you want me to fuck you now?” I virtuously demanded as I clambered out of the shower.

Grinning from ear to ear Mike nodded agreement and lay on the bed with his cock standing up like a flagpole.
I nervously pulled a pink rubber onto his throbbing cock, desperately hoping that he wouldn’t cum too quickly.

His face was still beaming as I climbed onto the bed and straddled his hips then carefully placed his knob at my wet entrance.
As I sat on his hard cock he suddenly thrust upwards taking my breath away. It didn’t matter what I did to him; I knew he wouldn’t last long so decided to try and satisfy my own lust at his expense so rode his cock like a bucking bronco, making him gasp and groan.
He tried to pull my tits out of the cups of the Basque but I was fucking him so hard he couldn’t get the right momentum; then he suddenly grabbed my hips and met my downward movements with two forceful upward thrusts which made him screw his eyes tightly shut as he exploded inside the rubber Johnnie.
I let him get his breath back for a second then pressed my pubis and clit into his groin and furiously fucked him until I came with an intensity that I didn’t think a man could provide!

We clung together for two or three minutes until the only thing in the world that I was aware of was the beating of his heart.

My senses ultimately came back and I slid off his rapidly shrinking cock, making sure that the condom stayed on.

When he’d gathered his thoughts Mike delved into his jacket and fished out a handful of notes which he forced into my hand as I pulled my knickers back on.

“Thank you…thank you...thank you!” Mike whispered then heaved a huge sigh as I strutted out of the bedroom to look for another paying customer.

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Student of Massage

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Comments (32)
Anonymous reader — 09 December 2014 15:03
I loved your story wish i could work there!
Anonymous reader — 18 June 2013 07:55
fucking great story, lord shearer college ha ha! I like it.
anonymous reader — 21 February 2012 02:08
good story............ well written and very sexy
anonymous reader — 26 December 2011 08:12
Great story. I've worked in a massage parlour, but the guys always want sex. Never had a client who only wanted a wank. Had a few who just wanted to cum in my mouth. I'm looking forward to you other stories
Anonymous reader — 26 June 2010 22:33
great storie but it could be longer.
READER — 24 March 2008 23:31
Simply fucking amazing a wonderful excitment, it got me to skeet alot
READER — 28 February 2008 19:31
READER — 29 November 2007 00:27
Ok butn I THINK A LITTLE MORE FANTASY and maybe a few acedents would be nice. Like he shot so hard I swallowed a bit of his wunderful sounk. yeah
READER — 17 August 2007 16:05
that was a pretty interesting story it actually made whore houses not look so bad. very hot though
READER — 18 April 2007 19:46
oh my god a dude with a three inch cock? if i found a guy with that i might accidentally bite it off if i gave him a blow job!
READER — 12 January 2007 19:55
um...yeah...ok i guess
READER — 08 November 2006 06:23
that blew
READER — 25 June 2006 17:34
READER — 05 June 2006 01:01
Amazing story, i clicked on this by accident and it ended up being the best story i have read in AGES!The way you described things turned me on SO bad!xxx
READER — 01 June 2006 08:52
Beautiful story almost as beautiful I imagine you would be!!! ;)
READER — 03 May 2006 00:30
i want to do this when im older! hehe a little young now to apply, but i can wait! i loved the story!
READER — 22 March 2006 00:13
WOW, That was the hottest story I have read in a long time. How old is Susan / Bambi???. I would love to fuck her myself. And by the way you write you would not be to bad yourself Amy.... Thanks again for a great story. PLEASE WRITE MORE.....
READER — 20 March 2006 06:46
Thanks again...I think that I've struck a cord with some of the feedback that I've received. A lot of my readers must visit places like this!
READER — 15 March 2006 08:53
This story had a little of everything..... but there should have been a pussy eater there someplace to help her out. I bet she would have loved having her pussy eaten, licked and sucked on.
READER — 03 March 2006 06:27
I know! I know! Sorry about that...but 'Dirty Old Men' is a good story too.
READER — 01 March 2006 11:34
Wakey, wakey Amy. Your last comment shows you've got your latest stories mixed up. (Dirty old men)
READER — 28 February 2006 15:25
Wow...thank you all. I don't know what to say, as I felt that this was a 'throwaway' story written quickly in one evening. I overheard two women talking about a dirty old man in a nursing home and the seed of an idea was born.

Thanks for the kind words,
READER — 28 February 2006 07:09
Wow! Another great story. I felt it was me getting Mike's treatment and couldn't take my hand of my cock!. Brilliant, erotic wrioting, Amy.
READER — 28 February 2006 06:13
Even at my age I got to crack 2 fats
READER — 28 February 2006 05:10
mwah more oh please
READER — 27 February 2006 22:08
Brilliant, fucking brilliant. The milker thing, dear god I laughed out loud. I (the most reviled critic at this site) cannot really find anything to complain about. The descriptions were strong, the dialogue was well done, the pace was good, it was a well written story. Outstanding job.
READER — 27 February 2006 21:26
really great! things like this dont usualy come from a female author! keep it up!!!!!!
READER — 27 February 2006 20:24
This is the first story of yours I have read, and I loved it!!!
READER — 27 February 2006 14:08
Thanks guys.
READER — 27 February 2006 13:47
READER — 27 February 2006 08:00
Awsome as usual. But Milker doesn't spurt like that. He's called that because it's all he can drink.
READER — 26 February 2006 22:50
fucking awesome. keep up the good writing
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