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Categories True Story, Asian, Hardcore

Author: hornybabli-20

Published: 13 December 2005

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Next day,my master's wife Farzana left the house at 10a.m.When I was coming in after locking the gate,I heard my master's daughter Bina calling me.I hurried to her room."Prepare the bathtub,I want to take a bath.Hurry up,"She ordered. I went into the bathroom.As soon as the bathtub was filled,she entered and started taking off her clothes and pushing me out of the bathroom.She shut the bathroom"s door on my face.Soon I heard splashing of water and her singing voice.Thought of Farzana's fully growm female body parts, I felt a sudden urge to see this 15yrs. old young female body.My eyes glued to the keyhole of the bathroom.The young girl was standing in the tub facing the door, rubbing beauty soap on her body.Her small breasts were like two fresh ripe peaches .Savouring her beautiful lithe body,my eyes came to a halt at the centre of her figure.My cock was already in full erection.In between her thighs,only a slit of her untouch pussy was visible.My hand went straight into my lungi and started masterbating my rigid cock.Suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder and saw that it was Parveen,the neice of my master.She put her finger on her lips to be silent and then with the movement of her hand,she asked me to follow her.As soon as i entered her room,she shut the door and shouted,"What were u doing there bloody fool!You must be trying to have a glimpse of her nude body.You know it is very very wrong and u could be punished for this ."I fell to her feet and begged,"Plz don't tell anybody.Plz ma'am!.""Ok,Khadam,I won't tell anybody,I am very kindhearted.Now,Let's do some work.My legs,in fact my whole body is getting very tense.You are to caress and massage it with you hands."She said and laid on the bed facing downward.Sitting on the floor,I took off her shoes and putting her feet in my lap,started massaging and rubbing them.Feeling the warmth of her feet,my cock sprang into erection.I was sure that she must have felt it too because squirming and standing on her feet,she said,"Isn't it too hot,dear Khadam.Let's take off our clothes.they are also hindering you work.Dont be frightened,"she laughed,"I am wearing a bra and thong underneath my clothes."She took off her shalwar and kurta and taking her position,ordered me to take off my clothes and resume my work."But ma'am!I dont have anything under my clothes,"I pleaded,my eyes were glued to her bulging round naked buttocks. "I have seen naked men before.Your nakedness wont bother me at all.Go ahead and take off your clothes.Its an order,understand,"I heard her lavish voice.I got nude and started massaging her legs.her feet were touching my naked fully erect cock.I was relishing in excitement and my hands were reaching her above-knee area.She spread her legs more and more ,giving me full view of her inviting vaginal lips.I put my hands on her lush young buttocks and getting some courage,said,"Ma'am1You...you..are....too beautiful."
She said in a laughing mood,"Well,well,well.Mr. Khadam!Without seeing my real beauty which is hidden under my bra and thong,how could you say that.But if you are interested,I'll show you but first of all,you have to bolt the door."I locked the door from inside and got back in an instant.My long cock was oscilating like a pendulum and her eyes were focussed on it."But before you take off my bra and thong,give me full view of your handsome cock."taking hold of my cock in her hands,she exclaimed with joy,"What a marvellous cock!Oh my goodness!!So thick and so long,and rock hard too!Oh God,I would die with pleasure.Our dear Khadam got so big a weapon .Oh,how fortunate am I."Measuring it with her fingers,she yelled,"Oh my God!Plus 10 inches long and 3 inches thick.God has bestowed you with such a wonderful love machine,my dear dear dear Khadam."I started,"Ma'am......"She put her hand on my mouth and sighed,"Dont call me Ma'am.Call me missy."I got more courage and took off her bra and thong with much ease.Her breasts were full round and ripe with ready-to-be-sucked cherry-like red erect nipples.She has a small waist and pouting curved cushiony slices of her pussy were much much inviting.Touching her tender bosom with my fingers and giving a little rubbing,I asked,"Missy!I heard that you are a divorcee.It means that you have tasted the forbidden-fruit,I mean Man's cock.Yoy are still a very very young beauty.Dont you miss a sleeping partner,especially at night."She sighed and replied,at the same time taking and putting my other hand on her pussy,"My dear!Yes,yes,I do miss a bed partner,not sleeping partner,each and every night.Can you do something in this regard plz."Getting encouragement from her words,I inserted a finger in her slit and then deep inside her cunt,I said,"Oh my missy!Why can't.Are you enjoying my finger in your slit."I started finger-fucking her.She sighed,"Ah,Ah!you are wonderful.But...but I need your throbbing cock in its place.Plz be quick,I need it now.I am taking my position,do it doggystyle."I too was anxiuos to feel her warm pussy lips around full length of my penis.I stood behind her crouching uplift buttocks and with the help of my fingers,splitted open her cunt lips and put the head of my phallus at the opening of hervagina.A little push and push and push and my whole cock was embedded inside her vagina.Within seconds,I started pumping in an out of her pussy and she started twitching and clenching her vagina's lips giving my whole length of cock a wonderful sensational squeezing joyful excitement.Due to my powerful thrusts,she fell flat on her belly.She was yelling,"Ah,Ah,what a wonderful fucking.Oh my God!you are so strong.What a pleasure you are giving me.Plz fill-up my womb with full dose of your strong healthy semen.Oh,I am so thirsty of man's seed.Do cum just now,I am cumming too.Oh my dear dear JAANo."Feeling her squirming beautiful body under my weight,I fell on her full-length and started kissing and licking her shoulders.At the sametime,I started cumming and cumming inside her tummy and feeling the creamy warmth all around my cock.After a minute or two,feeling my cock getting limp,I pulled it out of Parveen's pussy and fell alongside her on the bed ,fully exhausted from the wondeful pleasant exertion of sexual intercourse.When we got some rest,Parveen pushed me on my back and hugged me pressing her full body on my body.She began kissing,licking and sucking each and every part of my body.When she reached my semi hard cock,licking and sucking she said,"Oh my God!What a delicious taste of our love juices,let me savour the last drop of it."My cock was again in the state of full erection.Sensing it she exclaimed,"Hurrah!I am rewarded with a second oppurtunity of fucking.I am thankful to you my dear dear JAANo,I love you so much."She straddled me and soon my cock was having full joys of second love-making.Within 24 hours,it was my 4th fucking trip with two of the young beautiful women of the house. How I get my chance to fuck the youngest inmate of the house-Bina,the 15 years old daughter of my master,will be narrated in JAANO

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Comments (23)
robahood — 10 June 2015 11:49
Why is every word close tighter, space them out
Anonymous reader — 10 August 2014 07:43
I LOVE U ur soooooooo cool and hot next pic of your boobs and pussy paseled and yh I have bonner over u and always will do cuz ur soo fucking HOT
Anonymous reader — 05 June 2014 05:53
nice story
READER — 09 November 2007 10:35
just thinking of the bastard that your mama_pussy gave birth to you way fucking with the servant that your poor so-called daddy had in your house - isn't it you Bastard?
READER — 28 July 2007 16:59
nice one but not a great one
READER — 19 July 2007 15:24
good stroy
READER — 06 May 2007 15:30
Ur story is good but it's 2 short.Write more
READER — 28 December 2006 10:56
well ,It seems nic fction but with lovely language.

Keep it up .Wish I can be with U hahahah
READER — 28 November 2006 06:14
i did all this with my mom ans sister
READER — 07 September 2006 09:13
It is good story...........Love u
READER — 29 August 2006 07:20
Extremely Ordinary
READER — 02 August 2006 13:11
well - all that i can say is this for sure is your life story where your slut of the mother_pussy had you concieved by getting fucked by the servant of your grand_pa's place - right bastard?
READER — 01 July 2006 15:15
looks like that actually you are telling the life story of your slut of a mother and your sisters - hein na re motherchot?
READER — 21 April 2006 06:28
it was a all right story 7/10
READER — 03 March 2006 02:58
madhrchod , jis thali meain khata hai usi mein ched karta hai , behanke laude madhrachod
READER — 18 February 2006 00:37
first story i ever read with accent
READER — 06 January 2006 07:30
keep it going!!!
READER — 04 January 2006 05:44
oh it was good more please more 10/10
READER — 04 January 2006 02:32
come pussy,i need u
READER — 04 January 2006 02:27
oh cock,come enter me,i m waiting
READER — 04 January 2006 02:24
oh,what a servant.keep on writing baby.10/10
READER — 04 January 2006 02:21
READER — 03 January 2006 14:55
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