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A guy and his...? 40 Aftermath

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex

Author: pars001

Published: 13 September 2016

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Jake and Nyrae turned at a slight noise they heard from the doorway. There in the door way was Gen though her eyes were hardly open. Jake ran to her fearing she was going to fall. "I am sorry Master," Gen gasp out as she fought the fatigue that was clawing at her body. "All three of us realized that we loved you far more than we at first thought. The bond is so strong now dear Master, please she will be fine now though you may see Dreama from time to time."

"Gen!" Jake yelled as he caught Gen before she hit the floor. "Trully!" Jake was screaming as he walked past the council who hadn't left yet.

"I am here Master Jake." Trully said seeing the tears that were flowing like a river from Jake's eyes.

"Please Trully, I... I can't lose her none of them! I will give anything of mine to save them ANYTHING!" Jake said begging of Trully. Shocked a moment she'd never heard of a master willing to risk everything for his Jinns.

Sighing she gently placed a hand on Jake's shoulder. "Please help me to see Master Jake." She asked, as Jake nodded and placed his hand on Trully's shoulder. Nodding Trully looked at all of the Jinns in the room. Smiling she could see that Gen, Rashala and Sheeka were starting to build their power back up. "They all appear to be fine Master Jake. It appears that they have achieved alssanadat 'iijmali alhubb." Trully bowed her head, "I am sorry Master Jake that is the total bond of love."

Jake could only stare at Trully, "Is that anything like the blessed Jinns of love?" He asked.

Trully's hand went to her mouth as she gasp, then the entire council also gasp. "Where did you hear that term Master Jake?" A wide eyed, still in shock Trully asked.

"Right before Rashala and I became bonded. We were attacked by an extremely powerful Jinn. I was so afraid that Rashala had been hurt and was dying. I held her and realized that I loved her as much as I did Gen and Rosalinda. When I told her that I did she confessed that she loved me, suddenly growing powerful. Right before the Jinn destroyed himself trying to take us with him, he told Rashala that they were all the blessed Jinns of love." Jake was looking around wondering what in the hell everyone was in shock about.

"Master Jake what you spoke of has never happened before! The bond that your three freed Jinns and you have forged can never be broken!" Trully looked over at Rosalinda smiling to herself, yes, she could see that Rosalinda was developing it also. It wouldn't take all the much to probably push her to the point also.

Jake looked over to the council moment later. Walking over to them Jake bowed, "Great Jinn council," he started. "It appears that my Jinns and I are unprotected. May I ask the protection of the council 'til they are better?"

Rasmir started to say something then stopped. "I think you should have enough protection Master Jake." The older man said.

From behind him a voice that had startled Jake a few hours before, caught his attention almost sounding hurt. "Really Master Jake, have you already forgotten about me?"

Whirling quickly Jake came face to face with Princess Amira. "No Princess I didn't, though I had thought that you had more urgent matters than guarding me and my Jinns." Jake bowed low to the Princess though he was allowed to stand in her presence.

"Master Jake there is no mortal nor Jinn that is as important as you or your Jinns. Please believe me when I tell you, that it is truly an honor to help protect you." Leaning closer she whispered, "plus the fact that you promised to take me at least once, to help cool the burning in my loins for you." The look of shock that appeared on Jake’s face caused the Princess to giggle then she bowed to Jake.

Damn it Jake thought I don't think I am ever going to get used to the fact that they ALL are bowing to me.

Jake leaned over to the bowing Princess's ear whispering, "No my dear I haven't forgotten, nor can I with one as beautiful as you!" The Princess started to tremble with desire even as her face blushed.

Standing the Princess kissed Jake deeply, passionately sending tremors through both of their bodies. Withdrawing her lips from his she panted breathlessly, "I cannot wait, dear Ever Last Master! You and all of your Jinns have the protection of the royal family, be well!" With that Amira smiled and vanished.


Many miles away in his cave hideout near the ocean, Tankena was raging. He'd lost his best seductress Sheeka! The deadly trio had been hurt not once but twice! In both instances one of the sisters had almost been destroyed! What was the leader doing? He had to break free of the weak fool! The leader was losing his mind! None of these plans were working at all. Then there was that damnable fool Jankean thinking he could break a forbidden magic contract!

Tankena was about to wear himself out. The amount of power he was using was titanic, it felt so good to let out his pent up frustration. Yes, Tankena thought the leader was growing weaker it was very apparent. Soon he thought, he would be free then he and he alone would destroy that piss-ant human Jake Freemon! Laughing evilly Tankena wasn't even aware of the swirling dark cloud that had appeared, advancing upon him.

"Tankena!" A voice shouted catching him off guard. "Why are you wasting your power? The time is coming close that I will be released. Then and only then we will have our revenge!"

"What revenge?" Tankena shouted at the swirling dark, misty cloud. "With all your useless plans I am losing more valuable..." Tankena started to choke but he was pouring almost all of his power into fighting it. "I will not be..."

"I told you before dog! You need to remember your place, you are still my slave 'til I tire of you! Carry out the plan once I have emerged all the others will be nothing, including the bewitching deadly trio!" The leader's voice issued from the mist. Tankena could only stare with a great hatred at the mist. He had to break free the leader was insane!


Nuha stretched out her arm feeling the ancient power coursing through her body. Fatin was still unconscious after pouring the massive amount of power into Nuha that she had. It had taken everything she had to heal and pull Nuha from the grasp of death and destruction. Nuha slowly combed her fingers through her sister's hair, they were almost ready.

Abla was actually afraid of both of her sisters, the amount of power they had. Looking at Nuha she knew that she could kill either of her sister's if she lost her temper. The ancient magic was nothing to screw around with, now it seemed Nuha could use it at will. Fatin with her temper always seemed to be powered past the point that she was almost as strong as Nuha. Shaking her head Abla stayed as far from them both as she could.

Nuha looked around the room 'til she saw her sister Abla cringing in the corner. "Dear sister, why are you afraid? We will soon see the end to the threat that this... human." When Abla only nodded and shrank further from Nuha shock ran through Nuha. "Sister do you really think that I would harm you?"

"On purpose no, but you are so powerful now," here Abla sighed. "Now? You might without realizing it 'til it is far too late." Abla responded shaking far more afraid than she thought she was.

Nuha still in shock her mouth agape as she stared at her frightened sister. "We need to do something about that then." Nuha started to chant an ancient spell that Abla didn't recognize. A few moments later a black stone encased in gold appeared. "Here my sister, wear this amulet. It will protect you against our power, increasing yours."

Abla tentatively took the amulet and placed it around her neck. A wicked smile crossed her lips as her eyes went almost completely black. Good Nuha thought, the bitch won't be any trouble to control now. Sighing, Abla had always been the weakest of them. Suddenly smiling evilly Nuha knew that she'd have to move quickly or the amulet would consume her sister. All they needed now was for Fatin to wake up, then they would have to move.


Jake had carried Gen to the bed in his bedroom, then he quickly collected Rashala, Sheeka then Rosalinda. Placing them so they would all be comfortable Jake walked back out into his living room.

Walking to Rasmir Jake was surprised that the council was still there. "Rasmir what was all the shock about?"

"Master Jake you said that the Jinn that attacked you, called your Jinns the blessed Jinns of love. There have been legends told for many tens of thousands of years about that. If it is true Master Jake then I am afraid that the war is about to start again though," here Rasmir paused staring at Jake. "It is said that the Ever Last Master and his Jinns will be the deciding factor of the war. They will be a force that cannot be beat."

"I have heard mention of this before but what is it about all of us that will turn the tide?" Jake asked a little confused.

"I am sure that you have noticed that the power of all your Jinns, is far higher than normal Master Jake." Rasmir told Jake matter of factly. When Jake only nodded Rasmir continued, "I am also certain that you have heard that the most powerful magic is love, correct?" Again Jake nodded still perplexed. Rasmir touched Jake on the shoulder, "it is quite simple master Jake. Your and their love has made them far more powerful than they have ever been. That and the bond you all share make all of you almost invincible."

Jake thought a moment then stared at Rasmir his eyes wide in surprise. "Invincible? No, I have seen them hurt, almost destroyed, we are far from that Rasmir."

"At this moment no, but with each passing day the bond grows stronger as does the love that all of you share." Rasmir had a knowing smile on his face that wasn't lost on Jake.

Jake looked back into the bedroom seeing Akeesha trying to attend her sister. Beside her was Inger trying to get Akeesha to rest. "I cannot allow this to happen again Rasmir, this almost killed me when they were hurt. I'm not sure I can take much more of this. Has the council made any decisions on the plans I gave you?"

A wide smile broke out on Rasmir's face, "We have Master Jake, we have started creating the first of the buildings. I believe it was the outer star shaped building. It is so simple but deadly, the enchantments will take quite a while to achieve I am afraid. We should have it ready in a few years of our time." Rasmir started to laugh when Jake developed a confused look on his face. "We have been at it for a few years now Master Jake. Have you forgotten time moves differently in our dimension?"

Jake let out a whoosh of breath when he saw and heard the seriousness of Rasmir's tone. "I was afraid that the council might not be able to do what was needed to create them. The only thing is now, we need a way to deploy them. I'm not sure that any enemy is just going to walk in. I know I had a disguise over the whole thing but..."

"We also thought of this," sighing the council leader walked to Jake. "The only way we can see an enemy actually walking in is to have bait." Looking straight at Jake the council leader stated. "The only bait that we can see enemies going after is you Master Jake."

Jake's eyes grew wide then he nodded yes, he saw where the council leader was coming from. Problem was how could he be the bait, be safe and his Jinns be safe at the same time? Snapping his fingers Jake strode to his draft table and started drawing furiously. Smiling at what he'd done Jake took it to the council who all looked at it with wide smiles. "I think that this should actually help."

Many of the council were nodding, hearing a noise Jake turned seeing a weak Akeesha standing behind him. "I for one am not that pleased that you'd put yourself in that much danger." Bowing low to the floor tears started to flow from her eyes. "I am humbled by the many sacrifices you have made for all of them. I accept any punishment you decree Master Jake. Though I felt justified, I myself was not there to help my sister."

Inger also threw herself at the feet of Jake, "Please show mercy Master Jake, punish me not her. It was all my fault that she was not there I had all her senses centered on me." Huge tears began to fall from Inger's eyes as she grasp Akeesha's hand. "I accept what you must do Master Jake," Inger whispered.

Jake could only shake his head did everyone from the Jinn dimension think all punishment was only death, disfigurement or banishment? Sighing deeply Jake knelt and raised the faces of both the females. "First Akeesha, though you are not my Jinn you did present yourself for judgment to me. I think that the fact that your dear sister was hurt and you weren't there is by far worse punishment. There is nothing I can do or say that drives home the point more than that." Looking into Inger eyes Jake could see her start to tremble, probably thinking I wouldn't allow her to see Akeesha again Jake thought.

Speaking gently Jake started, "Inger, I cannot punish you for your love of Akeesha. How can I? I love all four of my Jinns. No, I think that you should perhaps tone it down a little. Even though you haven't seen each other in thousands of years."

Jake watched as first the shock ran through both of them, then they both looked at him with disbelief. Inger suddenly let out a shout as she threw herself at Akeesha, still with a look of disbelief on her face. Inger was kissing all over Akeesha's face when she suddenly realized that Master Jake WASN'T going to punish either of them.

Both female Jinns bowed low to Jake after Inger had regained her composure. Then in a move that completely shocked Jake as well as both of the female Jinns, they both kissed him on each side of his face at the same time. Both Inger and Akeesha looked at each other in shock then kissed in front of Jake.

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A guy and his...? 40 Aftermath

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Comments (10)
Anonymous reader — 13 October 2016 13:28
pars, I love you. fuck me.
Anonymous reader — 20 September 2016 05:43
Get back to Leben - Sovereignty- Lost empire please please
Anonymous reader — 17 September 2016 07:31
the next chapter of the jinn story
please write soon
Anonymous reader — 16 September 2016 18:36
hopefully you will write 10 more episodes maybe even 20
pars00116 September 2016 08:48
ok everyone a word please. I am not doing too well been sick all week I have managed to almost complete chapter 30 of Lost empire, not much else. Will get back at it when better right now trying to stay off the shitter. Dehydrating a lot but hope am better soon. Thank you to all that have enjoyed so far.
Clover Ernest — 15 September 2016 02:04
Yet another amazing installment, pars. Ignore the impatient, arrogant dumbasses. Keep up the excellent work!

As always,
Semper Fidelibus Fidelis,
Anonymous reader — 14 September 2016 11:31
excellent as always
Anonymous reader — 14 September 2016 04:08
Hey , Cum guzzling admin update poi story's you peices of shit . You constantly let this shit get through, but you can't let the good stories everyone wants and loves come here on time . I hope you read this and take a hairy cock in the ass. Update you bitches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous reader — 13 September 2016 23:28
I simply love this story
Anonymous reader — 13 September 2016 12:59
Hoping for a longer chapter but good none the less keep up the good work and can't wait until the next installment
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