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  1. Aunt Sue
  2. Aunt Sue Part 2
  3. Aunt Sue Part 3
  4. Aunt Sue Part 4
  5. Aunt Sue (Part 5 and 6)

Aunt Sue Part 3

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Discipline

Author: maryme

Published: 07 October 2016

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Aunt Sue
Part 3

In the morning Sue fixed her and David breakfast as if nothing had happened. As she left for work, David walked her to the door, put his arm around her, and waited for a kiss. Sue responded with a deep French kiss that made David hard and her pussy wet. On the drive to work she noticed every boy along the way. She wanted to show off for them, be naked in front of them, tease their cocks hard, and make men out of them. By the time she arrived to the office she was near orgasm. It was a relief to get back to work and end this mental foreplay. But the thoughts returned again and again.

Back at the house, David and Sam were talking with a few neighborhood teens. The conversation drifted to girls and eventually who had the best body in the neighborhood. When Sam said it was David's "aunt Sue" the others laughed. But Sam insisted and even told them how easy it was to "check Sue out" because of her door. The two boys were excited and asked if they could see. David said "no way", but Sam said that for five bucks he would let them get a peek.

"Five each", Sam demanded and they reluctantly pulled out another bill. Sam walked them to Sue's bedroom where he showed them the open hole in the door where the knob should be.

"This is where it will happen," He said. "She'll undress when she gets back and you can watch. We can vote on who has the best body after you get a look." They both nodded.

Sue arrived home at 5 and looked for David. He and Sam were watching TV.

"I'm going to change." Aunt Sue announced. Then sauntered down the hall to her room knowing they would take the bait.

David went to the back door and signaled the two customers to come in. David and Sam silently walked them down the hall to watch Sue.

Sue knew two boys were watching but thought it was David and Sam. She wanted to put on a good show again. This was Sue's version of foreplay. She slowly undressed this time. Slipping out of her cloths very carefully. The two boys took turns watching. Her full tits, flat belly, tight ass, and protruding pussy had the boys excited. David and Sam went to the kitchen laughing about it. Afraid they were making too much noise they opened the back door to step outside. As the door closed behind them, the air pressure pushed the door to Sue's room open.

"What the hell? . Who are you?" Sue exclaimed standing naked in front of two young strangers.

The two teens were in shock and froze not knowing what to do.

"Don't you dare move!" Sue demanded seeing the panic on their faces. "I want to know what is going on. What are you doing in my house?"

Sue was outraged but turned-on at the same time. She loved standing naked in front of males and now there they were. Being strangers made it oddly better. She didn't hide her nakedness, but kept up her outraged facade.

"If you tell me how this happened, and tell me the truth, I might not call your parents - or the police!" Sue lashed out in her best angry voice.

The boys stared at each other but still took quick peeks at her body. "Sam said we could." One boy finally spoke.

"He did?" Sue questioned. "And was David there too?"

"Yes, he took half the money." The boy said as the other confirmed with a nod.

"Money?" Sue asked. "They charged you for this?"

"Yes, ten dollars." The boy continued.

"Well was it worth it?" Sue asked and she sarcastically twirled around to show off even more. At this point she had them. They had no business in her house and they would never say a word. So, she milked it for her own arousal. She stood naked in front of them lecturing them at length about private property and personal privacy. Sue said that it was David and Sam that she would punish. But she told them that no one should know or she'd have to tell their parents about peeking at her. She also repeated the illegal and police parts. "Scared straight." She thought.

The boys promised never to tell. Sue marched them to the door (still naked). They took one last good look before the door closed behind them. Sue was dripping and laughing. She couldn't wait for David and Sam to return. Seeing David and Sam approaching the backdoor, she opened it invitingly. She imagined David's big cock but needed Sam's enthusiasm. This was new for them since it had all been an "oops" situation before. But they knew what she wanted and were both instantly hard looking at aunt Sue standing naked in front of them.

"You two have been naughty and I am going to give you a spanking!" Sue said. "Now get into my room and pull off those pants. All your clothes off now! You are both getting it bare-bottom."

The boys followed her. Sue sat on the bed and motioned for David to go first. She could not care less about punishment for their actions, she loved that they let others peek at her. Sue wanted to inflict a little discipline but the fun BDSM way, like she often did in college. Her fantasy flashed to her being tied to the bed as neighborhood teens repeatedly fucked her. Now as David laid over her lap, she spread her legs letting his huge cock hang free. She slapped his bottom in a firm, sexual manner. Her hand would knead his ass cheeks and her fingers massaged his balls. When she would slap his ass again. Sam looked on intently wishing his punishment would come soon.

Sam got closer and closer until his cock was in front of Sue's face. Sue offered no resistance and opened her lips for Sam to enter. Sue began to masturbate her nephew as she sucked Sam's cock. She took her free hand and slapped Sam's ass as he pumped her mouth.

"Maybe I should call my friends back over for some punishment too." Sam said.

Hearing this, Sue's mouth went crazy sucking on Sam's cock-head. David had reached up to finger his aunt as she worked the blowjob. As Sam came in her mouth, Sue exploded in her own orgasm. Laying back on the bed as she moaned in ecstasy, David got between her open legs and buried his giant cock inside her. She erupted again and again. David thrust with furious passion this time. She was living her fantasy.

"Fuck her David, fuck her!" Sam cheered. "I want to fuck her too, give me a turn! Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!"
As David shot his load and softened, Sam quickly took his place. Sue instantly responded to his hardness. Her pussy seized the boy and milked the cock tip into her cunt. Sam was passionate and inexhaustible. He filled Sue with another full load of sperm and just kept pumping. Sue's cunt made rude noises as the combined juices squirted from her hole. Sam pulled out, dropped to his knees, and sucked recklessly on her swollen clit.

"Now your turn David!" She screamed. David took Sam's place and Sue pulled his face tight to her pussy. As she pushed her pussy to him, David trust his tongue in deep, lapping at her juices. Sue came hard.

Minutes later after they had cooled down, Sue said, "I hope you two learned something from this."

The boys nodded seriously then looked at each other and laughed.

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Aunt Sue Part 3

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Anonymous reader — 21 October 2016 16:03
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