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Dark Relations

Categories Dark Fantasy, Incest, Male / Female, Non-consensual sex

Author: papaprv

Published: 07 October 2016

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In the year 1685 Escobar Key Florida was a small Spanish village settlement located a few miles southeast of Saint Augustine, named after its self appointed mayor Pablo Escobar. He was a known warlock who had traveled to the new world hoping to escape being burned at the stake for performing black magic rituals, of which before leaving Spain he, his wife Isabella and their daughter Amelia had never practiced. Back in Spain they had helped so many needful people with their knowledge of healing spells, along with medicinal herbs added into their treatments as well.

After learning they were being hunted down for doing good deeds of which were considered evil under early Christian based law Pablo, Isabella and Amelia sailed from the shores of their homeland along with a few coven members and their families on a Galleon bound for the new world of the Americas. But it was only one week into the voyage across the Atlantic when tragedy struck the family, Isabella was washed from the deck of their small ship and lost at sea during a storm when a large wave rocked the vessel almost causing it to capsize. It was said after she was lost, the seas calmed.

Now devastated by the lose of their beloved Isabella, Pablo along with his daughter Amelia and their coven began practicing black witchcraft involving satanic rituals, dropping all beliefs in the old white magic they had once used back home. On their arrival to the shores of early day Florida, Pablo and his coven members were not welcome in Saint Augustine so they built a soon thriving village out on an Atlantic shoreline key island, attached to the mainland by a thin strip of land. This thin land bridge gave anyone needing the services of Pablo and his coven easy access, and over time more than a few citizens and settlers came to Escobar key asking for their services and trading with them as well.

But unlike these numerous citizens who indulged their services and traded with the village, Christian leaders hated Pablo and his coven. Over time they had heard so many rumors of satanic rituals and devious sexual indulgence, and worst of all rumors there was the sin of incest. These rumors turned out to be true, it was Pablo who started this practice with Amelia, who had recently came of age. He had watched his beautiful dark haired brown eyed daughter grow from a child to a young woman, she looked so much like her mother Isabella he just couldn't resist temptations of lust he had for her. And Amelia quickly fell in love with her thirty-five year old father. They began having sexual relations, very often out in the open for all to see. Their lust filled passion eventually became incest ritual orgies involving the entire coven.

These sinful rituals became legal on Escobar key under Pablo's rule, he believed although it was considered sin under Gods laws it wasn't sin under Satan's law, and these worship practices actually protected their village and Saint Augustine from hurricanes and sickness; which had devastated other settlements in past years. But when Father Anthony a newly arrived priest from old world Spain caught word of witches and warlocks performing acts of Satanic sexual deviance, he gathered a mob of faithful followers then marched them out to Escobar key with plans of stopping Pablo and his coven for good.

On a warm October day, in the year 1690, five years after the village of Escobar was built. Soon after arriving in the village Father Anthony ordered his mob to chain every man woman and child along with Pablo and Amelia to posts out on the beach, without going through traditional witch trials then had them lay bundles of firewood under their feet. One by one, one-hundred fires were lit. And with each fire lit tormented screams of the executed could be heard all the way back to Saint Augustine. And finally, as father Anthony did what he considered the honors of personally lighting fires under Pablo and Amelia's feet, Pablo yelled out over his daughters tortured screams while ignoring the fire consuming his body.

“I Curse you Father Anthony...You're murdering my Amelia, she is carrying my child...You're murdering men women and children. I promise you and your mob, you will all die a horrible death.”

Pablo's final words lingered off into what Father Anthony would later describe in his journal as Screams of Tormenting Evil Laughter. A passage from his journal reads. Every Night, I hear his laughter. I can not sleep. I hear his final words and fear his Curse will come to pass. I pray to God for protection, but Pablo's laughter always returns as I fall off to sleep. Oh please God, make him stop.

And it was only a few months later when Pablo's curse was fulfilled. Father Anthony and all members of his mob became afflicted with Leprosy. And oddly enough, citizens of Saint Augustine who did not join Anthony's mob never became sick with this horrible disease, but fearing this disease would spread the cities leaders vanished every afflicted person along with Father Anthony to a Leper colony ten miles west of town. Anthony died soon after being sent away. It was said just before he died, his nose fingers and penis broke off like dry twigs as he pleaded to an unseen presence. “Please forgive me Pablo!”

Chapter One. 326 Years into the future, October 2016

James Dawson and his nineteen year old daughter Vanessa left their old home in Long Island New York Friday morning heading for their new home in Florida. It had been a cold rainy day when they left it's now Sunday morning, eighty-five degrees, and the sun is shining as James drives his red Chevy Blazer towing a mid size rental trailer behind them down Florida's coastal highway A1A. Both he and Vanessa have rolled their windows down enjoying the fresh aroma of sea air blowing in from the Atlantic ocean. Now all they need to do is find the road located somewhere along the highway which will lead them to Amelia's cove a small inlet out on Escobar key where their new home awaits.

“There it is Daddy, Old Schaffer road. Do you see it, its right up there on the left,” said Vanessa all to quickly pointing in the small street signs direction.

Surprised by her sudden discovery James hits the brakes just a little too hard, his tires squeal waking him from an overly tired relaxed stupor.

“Gees,” he replies in disgust. “I'm sure glad your riding with me, your pretty blue eyes are a lot better then mine. Shit my old eyes aren't what they used to be ya know. I couldn't see that puny sign.”

Vanessa giggles. “Oh come on now Daddy! Your only forty so stop talking like your moving to some old folks resort down here, where you'll soon be joining the over the hill gang.”

After turning the Blazer onto the next road James grabs her knee giving it a quick squeeze with his fingertips in just the right place, finding an old tickle spot he knows will always make her lurch and giggle, just like so many times before over the years of her childhood up until now. He laughs when she slaps his hand away screaming out. “Damn you Daddy, don't do that I've gotta pee something awful, you almost made me piss my pants,” she surprises him again. “Hey slow down, there's the sign for Amelia's cove where the house is,” she sighs. “I wish mom could be here with us.”

He lays a hand on her shoulder. “She's here with us in spirit baby.” he said in kind remorse.

Her sad tone reminds James of watching his late wife Maria slowly dying of ovarian cancer. He has a few reasons for buying their new home. Vanessa was accepted to attend medical school at the university of Florida in Gainesville. He feared being alone while she was gone, and it seemed no mater what he did to get his late wife out of his mind and get on with his life he just couldn't do it living alone in Long Island. So when he found out she would be attending school so far away he began looking for an affordable home in Florida and he found one. He visited the old place six months ago and fell in love with the thirty-seven year old ocean side home, it was a bargain price compared to any other homes on the coast. He's a semi retired Wall Street stock broker, being almost retired he wants to get back into fishing the coastal waters of the area, just as he and his father did on a few memorable vacations during his younger years. He just knows spending his free time fishing the flats out on the clear blue waters of the Atlantic coast will surely be good therapy for his troubled mind.

Glancing at Vanessa as she rides beside him, he notices she has her mothers attractive traits of dark almost black hair but his blue eyes, her mother had brown eyes. But she has her mothers petite nose centered perfectly between high cheekbones. Maria his wife had distant Spanish ancestry, but James has Scottish ancestry with bright blue eyes of which Vanessa took this one trait from him. Needless to say, her bright blue eyes and dark brown hair gives the girl an extremely exotic beauty of her own.

Her frown turns to a big smile. “There's our house, hurry up and pull in. I need to pee.”

As they pull into the driveway and come to a stop, neither James nor Vanessa hear numerous whispering Demonic Ghostly voices calling out “They're here...They're here...They're here...They're here!"

Each voice chants their arrival over and over in a gleeful demonic hiss as the Blazer comes to a stop inside the driveway of the old nineteen seventies two story light yellow with white trim Victorian style beach home. Unaware of any chanting voices Vanessa grabs the house keys from her fathers hand then bolts towards the house with lightning speed. This takes James by surprise, all he can do is sit in the drivers seat smiling watching his slender five-foot six dark haired daughter run away holding one hand over her crotch trying not to piss herself as she runs.

Once inside she runs towards the nearest bathroom screaming out. “Oh shit I'm about to piss my pants.” Inside the bathroom she jerks a pair of snug fitting blue jeans down along with sky blue cotton panties then plops down on the toilet seat where she begins releasing what seems to be a gallon of urine into the water below.

“Ahh! What a relief.” she exclaims in a soft whisper with eyes closed.

She doesn't notice two unseen spirits watching everything she's doing, but soon enough suddenly feeling their presence, her eyes pop open in surprise then dart about the small space looking over the midsize newly renovated restroom. She chuckles softly finding no one there and now relieved to be truly alone, she finishes wipes herself with toilet paper, pulls her pants up then skips out of the room with a smile on her face feeling completely relieved of her urinary burden. But as she leaves her living body passes through unseen spiritual forms standing in the doorway. As the mortal passes through her, Amelia Escobar notes a smile on her fathers lips.

“She looks so much like mother did when she was her age, doesn't she Papa.”

"Yes,” he replies with dark eyes now scowling. “But she has that damned gringo's blue eyes.”

Amelia hugs her father. “Tonight will be our night,” her voice filled with glee. “I have waited so long to feel your warm cock inside me Papa.”

Pablo smiles gazing into her dark eyes. “Yes Mi Amor, it has been way too long.”

They kiss passionately. But as it is with the dead, their lips are cold. They've waited so long to feel warmth.

Vanessa steps into the old but newly renovated homes living room, feeling a mild sea breeze blowing in. Looking through the rooms large sliding glass doors she spots James standing out on their seaside patio deck, he's leaning on a redwood handrail looking out over the blue waters of Amelia's cove. She steps out to join him admiring the picturesque view of an almost cloudless sky lit up by the sun as she walks to his side and leans on the patio handrail looking over the land and seascape as he is.

“It's so beautiful out here Daddy. I'm really gonna miss this place when I start going to collage over in Gainesville in a few months.”

He folds an arm around her shoulder pulling her close. “I'm glad you'll be staying here with me until next September, and I'll have you know Gainesville is only a couple hours away. You can always drive back here anytime you want. But make sure you call first, who knows I just might meet a hot looking lady up in Saint Augustine or something, if you call first we can put some cloths on before you arrive.”

She smiles hearing his last remark. “Yeah daddy, speaking of that it's time for you to start dating. It's been two years since mom died, there's nothing wrong with finding someone new.” She looks around the cove and out over the beach to the east. “I wonder why no one else has built a house here, look up north do you see what I mean, there are hundreds of condos and houses up the coast a few miles away and more about the same distance south of us. But our house is the only one here on Amelia's cove,” she pats him on the back. “You might go crazy out here all by yourself so you better find a lady to keep you company, I don't wanna come out here finding you all crazy screwing a pelican or something.”

“Oh come on sweetheart,” he replies. “Pelicans like fishing and I do too so we would have something in common. And I hear they're very maternal, so one of those big ugly birds might make you a good step mom...So what do you think of that.” he said with a playful wink of an eye

She slaps him on the ass. “No way in hell, that's what I think. Now come on lets go unload are stuff then go for a swim before it gets too late in the day.”

He walks away rubbing his ass cheek following behind. “Okay I won't screw or marry any Pelicans, but hey I've heard of guys screwing Dolphin's. It's kinda purvey but they say it's like being with a women.”

“Daddy I love you,” her voice filled with sarcasm. “But please shut up, you are really grossing me out.”

He swats her on the ass causing a little scream from her. “Revenge is sweet my dear,” he says with a laugh. “Now lets stop goofing around and get to work.”

Chapter Two, The Kiss

It was just after three in the afternoon by the time they finished moving all belongings they had packed inside the Blazer and the small rental trailer it had in tow, after working up a good sweat they both craved going for a swim just to cool off. A short while later after slipping into their swim suits, they both ran from the porch of their new home laughing and giggling like kids towards the beach located a little over one-hundred yards away just past a six-foot high sand bluff and tall strands of beach grass. Once on the the beach just past the bluff, Vanessa challenges her father.

“Last one in is a shit head....So you better run fast Daddy.”

“Hey now,” he shouts running after her playing along. “Watch your mouth young lady, you shouldn't be calling me names like that. You disrespectful little shit head.”

She beats him to the waters edge but he catches her, a shrill scream escapes her lips as he lifts her body from the beach then carries her into about four feet of salty ocean water where he quickly drops her in ignoring her protest. She comes up giggling like a child, splashing him with a heavy mist of sea water. Standing up she plans on pulling her six-foot tall light brown haired father in, but winds up hugging the man instead when she cant take him down. Looking up at his face there's a strange far a way look in his eyes, he leans in for a kiss planting one on her lips. This isn't a fatherly kiss, no not at all it's a passionate lovers kiss. At first she tries shoving him away, but he's too strong for her. Then she hears a young woman's voice. “Kiss him back,” is all it says. There's an accent of some sort but she's not sure what nationality it is, or even if it is real.

James is out of control, he finds himself wanting Vanessa no mater how wrong his urge to take her like this is. He hears a mans voice. “Her lips are so warm, they feel so nice. Don't stop.” Finally gaining control of this sudden strange urge he pulls away. Looking into her eyes for only a split second he swears her once bright blue eyes had turned to a dark brown almost black, he's not sure because it all happened so quick. She in return notices the same event occur in his eyes, in fear she gains enough strength to push him away then runs away back towards the house screaming out in anger.

“Get the hell away from me....What the hell is wrong with you!”

Suddenly feeling weak James falls to his knees into the ocean surf. “She's right,” he thinks to himself. “What the hell is wrong with me.” But as he kneels in the surf thinking of this strange event, he feels almost certain, she was kissing him back as well. Fearing he may have harmed their relationship he stands up then runs towards the house wanting to comfort her, hopefully even explain why he did what he had done. “But why did I do it, and did I really hear that voice. No I didn't hear any damned voice. I miss Maria too much. Vanessa looks too much like her mother, that has to be why I did it. Oh god I hope she forgives me, ” he says out loud running faster towards the house.

Back at house out on the beach side patio deck Vanessa's sitting on a lounge chair trying to wrap her mind around these same thoughts. “I kissed him back, but I heard a voice. Oh fuck, am I going crazy or is my father loosing his mind. No that didn't happen, he was just goofing around. Yeah that's what he was doing. He can be a real goofball sometimes.”

“Hey baby girl, are you all right.” His concerned voice shocks her back to reality.

She looks up smiling. “Oh yeah I'm okay. I mean like, you were just goofing around right?”

“Oh yeah,' he awkwardly agrees. "I was just goofing with you. And I'm so sorry because I should've never done something like that. I promise, it won't happen again.”

She stands up and hugs the man. “Oh its okay Dad.” She looks up gazing curiously into his eyes asking puzzled. “Did you hear any voices out there. I could swear I heard a woman's voice saying something like 'Kiss him back' or something like that. Did you hear it? And maybe it was just bright sunlight playing tricks on my eyes, but I could swear your blue eyes turned brown for second.”

Her question made his face go pale, he stammers. “I heard a voice too, but it was a mans voice, to tell the truth I'm not sure if it was male or female. Maybe it was the echoes of someone playing around down the beach, or somewhere behind that sand bluff.” he touches his stomach. “Hey are you hungry I know I am, lets drive up to the big city for some sea food. Well what do ya say baby girl?”

She ignores his quick change of subject, figuring they'll talk about it later. “Yeah I guess I am kinda hungry,”she replies flashing an unsure smile. “Hey lets go to that place called Amber Jack's. I saw a billboard advertising the restaurant when we past through town on our way out here.”

A short while later in Vanessa's bedroom she slips out of her aqua blue bikini, and now totally nude begins digging through an unpacked suitcase searching for a bra and underwear to wear after showering. In her haste to get ready for her father daughter dinner date, she's completely unaware of Amelia's unseen presence standing a few feet away watching. To Amelia, since first setting eyes on this twenty-first century mortal she's grown curious to know more about the attractive young woman and the modern clothing she wears. Her spiritual body is still wearing the same seventeenth century white low cut peasant blouse and long black skirt she was wearing the day she died. She's so intrigued by the attractive woman's slender but shapely body as well.

Three-hundred years ago after experiencing sexual encounters with Pablo, she also began experimenting with woman. Sometimes alone, and also during so many sexually heated coven orgies. After following Vanessa to her bathroom she stands next to her as the nude living woman reaches into a shower closet adjusting the water trying to achieve a perfect temperature. Standing close as she is, she enjoys the warmth of the living woman's body. Wanting more warmth, just as Vanessa enters her shower Amelia quickly morphs her spiritual form into the woman's living body. A cold chill runs throughout Vanessa's body, feeling faint she quickly grabs hold of a nearby stainless steel shower handrail whispering out loud. “What the hell ?” The chill soon goes away as warm water flowing from the shower head splashes down her five foot six frame.

But there's just something different about the way she feels, she can't put a finger on these strange feelings, it's as if she's no longer herself. Memories of that passionate kiss James gave her out on the beach in the surf come to mind. Verbal thoughts like “His Kiss Was so nice. Mother was right, he is a good kisser.” echo from somewhere deep inside her brain. After pouring liquid shower soap on a washcloth as she begins washing her face the words “This feels so wonderful !” flash through her mind. Thoughts of kissing her father come back as she begins washing her chest, feeling the soapy washcloth brushing over her nipples sends warm tingling sensations rushing from her breast down to her sex.

Suddenly out of control she drops the washcloth and begins fondling her breast and nipples with one hand while the other slips down her tummy eventually finding its way to her sex. Leaning against the wall she begins masturbating, spreading her legs wide while bracing her feet against the upturned edges of the shower closets floor. Memories of warm lips locked over hers out on the beach appear in vivid realistic color, like a movie playing only for her to see but unlike a movie she feels warmth of his lips on hers, now vigorously fingering herself she whispers taboo words through clinched teeth.

“Fuck me Daddy! Oh yes ! It feels so good!” And now through all of this Amelia enjoys electric waves of an intense orgasm rushing throughout her living hosts body. Having waited over three-hundred years to experience these wonderful feelings, wanting more she forces Vanessa to keep going. Telling her through mind controlling thoughts

“Keep doing it....Don't stop...It feels so good!”

Hearing this voice echoing throughout her confused pleasured mind Vanessa strokes her sex faster just as she's told, or is she only telling herself to do this. In this state of euphoria she cant recognize being controlled by the supernatural spirit of this once eighteen year old witch. Vanessa's knees become weak, she falls to the shower floor on her knees panting out of breath feeling one last major orgasm pass throughout her body. Now completely satisfied as well Amelia's spirit slowly departs the exhausted mortals body. There's a very satisfied smile on her lips as she now stands watching Vanessa kneeling before her on the shower floor looking completely confused by what she has made her do. Finally gaining strength Vanessa stands up, her mind still reeling over what she has just done.

“What the hell just happened,” she whispers. She shakes the event off, telling herself. “Dad's probably ready by now....I've gotta get dressed, he's waiting for me.”

Amelia stands unseen near her as she opens a closet then quickly flips through several dresses hanging on the rack before her. Completely intrigued by the mortals modern day clothing Amelia spots a short white evening dress she likes. “Wear that white lace dress.” she says implanting her wish inside Vanessa's mind. Vanessa quickly pulls the dress from its hanger, looking it over.

“Oh! yes I guess I could wear this one. I think dad will like it on me, it's one of moms old dresses.”

Amelia whispers softly. “He will see how beautiful you are.”

Vanessa hears her very faint voice, a cold chill runs down her spine accompanied by a slight scream as she quickly turns left finding no one where she thought the voice came from. Just to make sure there's no one in her room she turns a slow three-eighty looking around the room.

“Oh shit I must be way too hungry, I'm hearing things again.” she said with a chuckle

Slipping into a white lace bra and matching panties, she laughs again. “It must've been that nasty thing I did with myself in the shower. Giggle! Oh God I need to get laid, my mind is playing tricks on me.”

Shrugging it all off as happenstance, she ties her dark hair back with a red ribbon hair tie then quickly slips into her mothers dress. Feeling the dresses thin material against her skin reminds her of her late mother, she laughs fighting off melancholy. “Maybe it was mom talking to me. No that's ridicules,” she says aloud reaching behind her back trying to zip up. “Oh shit I hate these zippers, whoever invented these fucking things should be taken out and shot at dawn. “Oh well I'll have dad to do it, that's what mom always did.” After stepping into her favorite comfortable black leather loafers, she steps from her room meeting James as he steps from his.

“Wow!” he exclaims looking her over with an admiring smile. “You look fantastic in Maria's old dress.”

“Well thank you,” she replies looking him over. “You look nice too,” turning her back to him she adds. “Can you zip me Daddy.”

Seeing what she's wearing James now feels under dressed, wearing a simple light blue dress shirt with a black blue and silver striped silk tie around his neck, of which she gave him for a fathers day gift and his favorite light brown khaki pants and dark brown loafers. After zipping her up he hooks an arm under hers.

“Come with me my lady, our carriage awaits to take us to town for our well deserved dinner date.”

His quick witted charm causes her to almost forget what happened in her shower and bedroom, she giggles before replying. “And oh yeah Daddy, speaking of carriages. I'm going to be needing a car of my own down here, there's no subway system in this state like we had back home. So what do ya say, can we go car shopping while we're out?”

“Why sure, we'll go looking before dinner,” he replies, displaying a charming personality of which both Vanessa and her mother have always loved about the man.

A few minutes later as he drives away with Vanessa by his side, Demonic voices of Pablo's disciples hiss in anger repeating themselves over and over sounding like worried children fearing their parents have left and may never return.

"They are leaving. We should not let them leave us. We need them.”

Pablo stands in the shadows of their homes main entry watching them leave, telling his minions. “Do not worry citizens of Escobar, they will be back. But to make sure they do I want some of you to join them on their journey. If they do try leaving us....Make sure they return!”

“It is good they're going for dinner,” said Amelia standing beside him showing a clever smile. “They will need their strength once we start with them tonight,” she sighs. “I wish I could join them, it has been so long since I have enjoyed a hot meal.”

“Do not worry Mi Amor,” Pablo replies. “For once we fulfill our promise to Lucifer, we will join the living. And on that day we will feast like a king and queen.”

Now all to sudden, his disciple citizen Demons start waling out in fearful shrill hissing voices.

“He is coming ….The dark lord is coming. Please do not let Lucifer take us.”

Suddenly the area around their earthly realm becomes dark, even though the setting autumn sun is still giving off light before it disappears below the western horizon in an hours time. Pablo and Amelia drop to one knee bowing their heads showing respect for the one who has given them back their attractive Ghostly human forms. Pablo looks into the fallen angels stern face and fiery red eyes. But Amelia keeps her head bowed, she prefers looking at the ground, his red eyes frighten her.

“Why hasn't your plan begun Pablo. Your mortals are leaving. Have you suddenly became weak my old friend. Why are you letting them leave, after all I've done to bring them here for you to use.”

Pablo stands to face him. “Do not fear Lucifer, they will return. Our plan is to take them tonight, they will be tired making them easy to control. Tonight Amelia and I will gain strength from their mortal bodies and join the living. In doing so we will live, not only as mortals but as powerful beings. When this happens my promise to you will begin.”

Gaining strength from Pablo's bravery Amelia stands up gazing into Lucifer's eyes. “I have already taken Vanessa myself and I have learned her body is a perfect vessel to bear your child my lord . You found her for us and we thank you for this. She is our descendant, Escobar blood flows through her veins, meaning her living body will carry your child until birth with no problems.”

Lucifer smiles hearing her genuine speech. “Ah yes my lovely girl I am so glad you have spoken, because you normally cower in fear when I come to visit,” he points to Pablo. “If your plan does not succeed I will send you to my lake of fire, and take Amelia as my own concubine. So now my old friend, make sure your plan works or suffer the consequences.”

Pablo drops to one knee, this time not in showing respect, it is fear making him bow. His voice trembles “I will not fail my lord.” With his final words spoke Lucifer leaves them saying no more.

Amelia drops down beside her father, her voice trembles. “Oh Papa! Please Don't let him take me.”

Chapter two. Paul

On their way into Saint Augustine Vanessa sits quietly in the passenger seat in deep thought of what happened in her room, and out on the beach. Her sudden quiet mood sets off James curiosity.

“Hey, what's on your mind.” he says patting her on the knee, braking her trance.

“Oh just thinking about that voice I heard out on the beach,” she replies uneasy. “Daddy your going to think I'm crazy, but I could swear I heard that same voice again just few minutes ago back in my bedroom, while I was looking through my closet for a dress to wear.”

“So what did it say this time...Was it something like, hey ask old dad to go car shopping.”

“No it was nothing like that!” she replies annoyed. “It was like a woman's voice whispering really soft, so soft I could barely hear it. Telling me He'll see how beautiful I am, or something like that. And come to think of it, it was the same voice I heard when you kissed me out on the beach. I've been sitting her thinking of what the accent is, and it's definitely a Spanish accent.”

Uneasy sincerity in her voice gives James a chill, and although hearing a mans voice with an accent when he kissed her on the beach he shrugs it off once more.

“Oh it was probably just the echo of someone fooling around nearby, maybe out on the beach. I've had that happen before, you know like thinking I heard something, but then I look around feeling like a fool because it was just some freak noise maybe a radio playing low in another room. Ha I remember one time, not too long after your mom passed away. You had went off to school that morning, leaving me alone at our old home. I woke up hearing voices, shit I thought it was Maria talking to me from the great beyond,” his voice trembles. “I went walking throughout the house talking back to her, telling her speak up baby I can't hear you. Where are you, and things like that you know. And then I finally found where she was, it turned out to be your old clock radio playing in your empty bedroom, half tuned to some talk radio program. Oh!Yeah I really felt like a complete fool that day.”

Vanessa takes a breath. “Okay yeah,” she replies. “Maybe your right, but it just didn't sound like it came from outside the house,” she shakes her head. “It sounded like it, or she was right beside me.”

As they come upon a car dealership sign at the city limits, her eyes catch sight of it. “Hey, lets stop and have a look.” she says in a happier voice.

Glad she's changing the subject James slows down and pulls in.

“Yes,” he replies. “Lets have a look my dear girl.”

Coming to a stop alongside a line of shiny new Toyota's Vanessa almost forgets the whispering voice she was speaking of. “But daddy I don't see any red Camry's here, if we buy one red is the color I want,” she says slightly upset about the missing color quickly stepping from the Blazer at the same time.

Being late October, night has began to fall and it's only five-thirty pm. Bright lights shine down on the midsize car dealerships rows of cars vans and trucks. A young salesmen approaches as they walk among a row of Camry's looking closely at window sticker prices and wanted accessories. He steps in introducing himself. “Good evening sir. I'm Paul Atkins, now how can I help you tonight.” His voice is filled with confident enthusiasm as he offers to shake James hand, but eyes Vanessa as she stands beside a jet black Camry seriously absorbing its window sticker information.

James shakes the twenty something salesman's hand. “Well actually,” he replies. “It's my daughter Vanessa who needs your help. I'm just the money man in this situation.”

Hearing his reply Vanessa turns finding Paul Atkins to be an attractive man sporting neatly trimmed light brown hair, a yellow polo shirt baring the car dealerships name embroidered in black lettering over his left breast pocket just above his name tag. “Well hi Paul,” she says with a smile. “I like these Camry's but the bad thing is, you don't have any in red....I really want a red one.”

Paul shakes her hand. “Vanessa, it would be my pleasure to put a red Camry on order for you. But first lets you and I take one for a test drive, that way you can find out if a Camry is what you really want.”

“Well,” she replies, smiling, looking into his eyes admiring his good looks. “I've been doing my research and I've learned these cars are known for their dependability. I'll be starting college over in Gainesville next September and I'll be needing a dependable ride.”

James stands beside them noticing the salesman and Vanessa's admiration for each other.

“Well then,” said Paul. “Wait right here and I'll go find a key for this black car you were just looking at,” he starts walking away then turns back around. “I'm sorry Vanessa, but I've never asked what your last name is.”

“Dawson,” she replies.

“Is that Mrs. Dawson or is it Ms. Dawson.”

The way he inquires causes her to giggle. “It's miss Dawson,” she replies with a smile.

He smiles adding a subtle wink. “That's great to know, I mean well anyway just wait here I'll be back with a key in a sec.” With that said he sprints towards the dealership office like a man on a mission.

“I think he likes you,” said James.

“Do you really think so,” she replies, watching Paul run towards the office. Thoughts of what she told herself after her strange shower ordeal come to mind. “Well Who knows dad, maybe I'll meet a guy and buy a car all at once today.”

Paul comes back holding a set of keys in the air. “Okay Vanessa, lets go for a ride,” he says while unlocking the drivers side door then holding it open. “Go ahead miss Dawson, have a seat my dear,” said the tall slender young man. Going to his side he makes a quick offer to James. “Would you like to ride along sir, if you do I'll sit in the back.”

“No, she's a big girl now. It's going to be her car if we do buy one, so I'll stay here and let you two take a ride. Just hold on tight, she tends to have a led foot when she drives.”

Vanessa speaks from the drivers seat. “Don't worry guy, he's joking. Now come on lets go for a ride.”

Within a few minutes Vanessa's driving away with Paul sitting in the passenger seat explaining the cars features. After a few miles of driving and a short conversation learning she's new to the area he inquires. “So you said your dad bought a home nearby. Where at, if you don't mind me asking.”

“Its out on Escobar Key, right on Amelia cove,” said Vanessa. “It's a beautiful place but it's the only house out there, that's the one bad thing about the old place. But my dad loves to fish, so that's why he bought the place. It has its own boat dock, now all he needs is a boat and he'll be happy.”

After speaking of her new home, it seems Paul isn't as talkative as before. Glancing over at him she spots a mood change.

“What's wrong, why are you so quiet all of a sudden.”

“Oh,” he replies. “I've heard Escobar key is haunted.” His reply sends a chill down her spine. The voice she heard in her room and out on the beach echoes through her brain.

“What!” she replies startled. “You are just joking right?” she said, hoping to God he is.

Feeling the car swerving scares Paul, almost as much as his Ghost rumors scare her. “Oh I'm sorry about that,” he replies. “I should've kept the old rumors I've heard to myself. Ha, yeah that's all they are is rumors. Saint Augustine itself is full of its own Ghost stories, the cities tourist trade thrives on these old stories. Don't worry Vanessa, because I don't believe the ghost of a three-hundred year old warlock named Pablo Escobar and his daughter Amelia really exist out there on the key where your home is which by the way just happens to be named after the man."

The last words of his statement only make his Ghost rumors worse. “What!” she gasps almost loosing control of the new car she's driving. “A warlock and his daughter. What the hell are you talking about?” she said demanding an answer.

Now a bit frightened by his customers swerving as she drives, Paul goes into damage control mode. “Um Vanessa, maybe you should pull into the next parking lot you see. Because it seems what I said has upset you and I really don't want you to have an accident.”

Seeing a convenience store parking lot she turns in coming to a stop near the gas pumps.

“Okay,” she says. “If you really wanna sell me a car, tell me about these ghost.”

Paul feels sweat dripping down his chest under his yellow dealership polo shirt.

“Wow Miss Dawson, are you always this demanding.” Looking into her blue eyes he spots the fact, she's not backing down. “Okay here's what I've heard, as you know and everyone else does too Saint Augustine is known for its own Ghost stories. Well anyway, here's a story you'll never hear on any Ghost story tours of the city. Around three-hundred years ago this Spanish warlock and his coven set up a little village out on that key where your home is. Now there is a dark side to the story, that these warlocks and witches were burned at the stake when some old Spanish priest found out they were worshiping Satan while practicing incest and kinky crap like that. So I guess the old witch story is where the Ghost stories come from. Now I've lived here all my life and being curious when we were young, me and some of my friends have gone out there, you know just doing a little Ghost hunting of our own. And every time we went there we didn't find any Ghost, so that's why I say the rumors are phony. If anyone did experience any encounters on Escobar key I think they're lying their ass's off.”

Spotting anxiety in her eyes, he's overcome with shame. He holds her hand.

“I feel like a fool for upsetting you like this, please let me make it up to you sometime soon. How does me buying you dinner sound, maybe a movie too. Whatever you wanna do, and I promise I won't scare you with any old ghost rumors.”

The sweet way he holds her hand while apolitically asking for a date pulls the right strings. Her frown turns to a smile. “Okay,” she replies. “You've gotta date, but not tonight I'm having dinner with my father when we get back. And here's something else. I like this car, but I still want a red one. With all the features this car we're in has.”

A big smile curls over Paul's lips. “Alright then, how does tomorrow sound for our date. And I can make our date even better, because I know of a dealership down in Palm Coast with a bigger selection of cars then we have. If they have a red Camry with the features you want. I will personally go and get it then drive it out to your place for you.”

Even with his car salesman's charm, she finds herself liking the guy. Without thinking she gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Okay,” she says. “You've gotta deal.”

Her sudden kiss on the cheek leaves him speechless at first. “Wow,” he replies with a smile. “I've never had a customer kiss me to seal a deal before. I kinda liked that. Would you mind doing that again.”

Vanessa shakes her head. “Nope, not a chance buddy. I never kiss my car salesmen more than once on the first test drive, it gives you guys the wrong impression of me. Now we better get back, my father's waiting. He and I have both had a long day and we're hungry.”

“Well okay then,” said Paul. “lets get back. But just to let you know, if I'm going to sell you a car there will be a little paperwork involved before you leave me all alone with memories of that kiss you gave me. And of course I'll be needing your phone number, just for business purposes of course.”

Chapter three. Dark Relations

Pablo and Amelia stand behind the vale separating the living world from their spiritual world watching James and Vanessa getting ready for bed in separate bedrooms.

“It is time my love. Go to Vanessa, bring her to the father. Do not let her get away, we need her. They are both fertile healthy living vessels ,we need them for ours and the covens rebirth.”

Amelia hugs Pablo smiling up at the much taller man, admiring his long thick jet black hair blackish brown eyes and noble cheekbones. His nose is slightly wide with flaring nostrils and his stern dimpled chin gives him an essence of authority. His spiritual body is wearing the same white cotton 17th century shirt he died in along with traditional black trousers and knee high black leather boots.

She kisses her father, not in a loving daughters way of a quick peck on the cheek it's a lovers kiss. But once again as it has been since they died over three hundred years ago, his lips are cold. She remembers James Dawson's warm lips out on the beach, and the feeling of Vanessa's warm body as she possessed her, now she wants that feeling of being alive once more. A cunning smile shows upon her full red lips.

“Don't worry Papa I assure you my sweet love I won't let her escape. I need to feel you inside me. James is a virile man, and with your help he'll satisfy both me and his sweet daughter.”

Both spirits step from behind the vale into the living world. In Vanessa's room, she has slipped out of her mothers white lace evening dress and is now wearing only white lace bra and panties. Memories of the passionate kiss she experienced with her father out on the beach are going through her mind, along with thoughts of hearing that whispering voice out on the beach during the kiss, and a few hours ago telling her to wear her mothers dress because 'He'll see how beautiful you are'. Trying to quell these thoughts she think of Paul, that charming car salesmen she met a few hours ago. Thoughts of going out on a date with the good looking twenty-one year old man is such a turn on. She has dated other men during her lifetime, but at her ripe young age of nineteen, she is still a virgin. Over time she has longed to loose her virginity and maybe he just might be the one she'll loose it to. Thinking of him, she has almost forgotten the story he told about a coven of witches being burned to death three-hundred years ago, and needless to say it happened on the very same key island her home stands on now.

Suddenly her bedroom door opens startling her, she gasp quickly turning to look because she thought it was locked. “Daddy is that you?” but there's no one there. Her body shakes in fear. “Dammit daddy, stop screwing around,” she says, her tone of voice nothing short of panic. Unseen Amelia slowly moves towards the frightened living dark haired blue eyed girl; who in realty is almost a years older than she is but she doesn't look a day over eighteen. Vanessa's fear excites her, now coming within a few inches of the living girl she'll soon possess she decides to appear.

As it happens Vanessa can't believe her eyes as someone or maybe something slowly appears less than twelve inches from her face. It's as if she's experiencing a dream, one of which her feet are stuck in some unseen mud hole. She tries to scream but only a little squeak escapes her throat as this thing turns to someone. Her eyes gaze over Amelia's attractive face, viewing almost black brown eyes, high cheek bones a petite nose and full red lips. The girls thick black hair is so long she drapes it over her right shoulder. She's wearing what appear to be a white Spanish style peasant blouse and a long black 17th century skirt.

Finding her voice she speaks to the apparition. “Who are you?”

“I am Amelia,” it replies just before morphing its Ghostly form inside her warm living body. Vanessa lets out a surprised gasp feeling cold then suddenly warm again.

“Go to your father. I need him, and you need him as well. Now go to him.”

These demanding wanton words spoken with a Spanish accent echo throughout Vanessa's mind. Meanwhile a similar event takes place in James bedroom. He has just finished pulling his pajama pants on when something he can only describe as a coldness enters his body. A Spanish accented voice echoes through his brain. “Take them off, your lovely daughter is coming to see you.”

James looks around stammering. “What the fuck-Who the hell....?”

The voice in his head chuckles devious laughter.

“Vanessa is coming to your room, when she arrives you will make love to her.”

All to sudden James is out of his own control, he quickly slips out of his pants then stands near his bed waiting for his daughter to arrive just as the voice said she would. In a few seconds Vanessa does appear, she's now completely nude Amelia made sure of this. She wants the girls father to see his daughter in her full unclothed beauty. There's a wanton look in her eyes, of which now have turned from blue to dark brown. She walks to James smiling up at him, gazing lustfully into his eyes which have also turned dark brown. Both he and Vanessa find themselves wanting each other in a way no father or daughter should in our modern day society.

Vanessa meets her tall father where he stands completely nude by his bed, in fact she was conceived in this very same bed, just a little over nineteen years ago. They embrace, not as father and daughter but as lovers would embrace. Gazing down at her pretty face, he cant resist kissing her pouty lips done up with just a touch of light pink lip gloss. They kiss and as they do her hands slip directly to his ass, her lips feel way too good against his. As they kiss, they're tongues dance together in the passionate rhythm of the incestuous lovers who now possess them, mind body and soul.

Vanessa pulls away speaking seductive. “Take me Papa.I need to feel your cock inside me.”

James lifts her body cradling her in his arms, there's split second thought of 'Why Am I doing this with my own flesh and blood' but the thought suddenly fades away almost as quickly as it appeared. Placing her on the bed he begins planting small loving kisses down her body, starting from her lips to her neck, she moans out as shivers of pleasure rush over her body. "Yes Daddy, kiss me right there.” He plants warm kisses down her chest, coming to her firm medium breast he kisses each one licking and sucking each little pink nipple until each one is hard and standing erect.

His lust filled kisses down her body arouse the spirit of the three-hundred year old man possessing him. Pablo feels Vanessa's warmth along with the warm hardness of the living mans cock as it grows harder by the second. Wanting a taste of the living girls sex Pablo physically entices James to lie prone on the bed then kiss his way around Vanessa's thin growth of black pubic hair. Amelia's voice echoes through the mind of the virgin she's possessing.

“Spread your legs wide, let our fathers lick your cunt.”

Now completely enslaved by the teenage witch she spreads wide for Pablo and her father. The sweet scent of the living woman's sex before both living man and long dead spirit in wide display before their eyes sends both of them into total sexual arousal. As James begins licking and sucking her cunt and clit like a hungry animal, pleasured moans escape Vanessa's lips mixed with eerie echoes of Amelia's pleasured moaning as well. The air conditioned room becomes warmer with each lust filled minute of this sinful but pleasurable act. Unseen eyes of Pablo's coven watch like perverted voyeurs from all corners of the room, this taboo sexual act enhance their dead souls with the same warm feeling the living humans are experiencing. As this scene unfolds every once living coven member of all sexes, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, uncles and nieces, aunts and nephews begin their own unseen orgy as Pablo and Amelia carry out their plan.

Vanessa lifts her head from the pillow watching what her father is doing with his tongue lips and fingertips. Amelia watches through her eyes, but from her supernatural view she's watching Pablo eating her cunt. She moans. "Yes Papa! Lick us right there. Oh yes it feels so fucking good.”

The words fuck her now echo through James confused aroused brain, as if hearing someone yelling in a canyon. His cock is so hard it aches as he lifts his body from the mattress where he had been lying prone devouring his daughters pussy for the past fifteen minutes, Pablo made him take extra care to please both Vanessa and Amelia. James kneels on the bed stroking his hard cock looking down at his confused but satisfied daughter, Vanessa gazes up at him seeing he's licking her clear girl cum from his lips. Amelia's voice echoes through her slaves mind.

“Tell him to take you now! Do It Vanessa, tell him to fuck you!”

“Take me now Daddy. I want you inside me. Please fuck me!”

Hearing her beg as she is, James lies over her then pushes the hard tip of his cock in between the bright pink folds of his own sweet daughters sex. Part of his mind fights against Pablo's powerful possession, saying. “No, she's my daughter. This is wrong I won't do this.”

Pablo's voice echoes back. "You love her, show her how much you love her. It is not wrong to love her this way. Take her now James, fuck her. Do it James. Fuck her damn you Fuck her!”

Demonic voices echo throughout the room. “Take her James....Fuck Her....Fuck her hard.”

Now completely unable to resist the supernatural voice echoing through his mind James thrusts his manhood in deep, Vanessa screams feeling his hard cock splitting through her hymen. Now Pablo has complete control of his mortal slaves body and Amelia is in total control of her slave as well.

“Wrap your legs around him....Fuck him back as he fucks you. Do it Vanessa!”

Like a puppet on a string Vanessa wraps her legs around his backside, to her relief the pain of loosing her virginity begins to subside replaced by sensations of warm tingling pleasure slowly rushing over her body. James now completely out of control of his own mind begins fucking her harder, pleasured moans escape her lips mixed with Amelia's satisfied ghostly moaning as well. But now having total control of a warm living body, Pablo pulls out of Vanessa's wet cunt then kneels on the bed before her.

“Get on your hands and knees Amelia, I know you like being fucked like a dog.”

Girlish laughter echoes from Vanessa's mouth as Amelia forces her body onto her hands knees.

“Yes you are right Papa, I do like it this way. And as I remember, this is the way you took my virginity so many years ago.” Feeling the head of James hot cock being pushed back inside her living slaves body, she yells out. “Fuck us Papa! Fuck us hard! Make this bitch cum! Make me cum too.” He begins fucking her hard, slamming his hips into Vanessa's ass. Amelia screams out. “Yes fuck us hard. Make us both feel your love for me. Show her father how to make love to his own flesh and blood, they need to learn our ways. Do you hear me Vanessa, tell your father to fuck you. Tell him damn you!”

“Fuck us Daddy! Fuck us hard! Make us feel your love.” Vanessa's shameless begging wakes her mind from Amelia's grasp, looking back over her shoulder she watches her own father recklessly thrusting his cock inside her now extremely wet pussy. Amelia's vice echoes through her mind.

“It feels good, right? Now tell him to make a baby inside you.”

Her words bring Vanessa back under her spell. “Make a baby inside me Daddy!”

James begins fucking her hard, so hard his hips sting the soft flesh of her backside. Fucking her like this begins warm satisfying sensations of an impending orgasm, these sensations tell part of his brain to pull out in a little voice of his own is saying. 'No, she's my little girl...I shouldn't be doing this'

Pablo's voice echoes in. “Cum inside her, do not fight it. Cum inside your daughter, or pay a bitter price for disobeying your master. It is your duty as her father to create our child, cum inside her now!”

No longer able to resist, James lets himself cum. A massive toe curling orgasm rushes over his body while he continues humping Vanessa's trembling body from behind then stops suddenly to shove his entire cock in deep, flooding her vaginal walls with warm sperm. He's grasping her hips with both hands so tight, ten red finger shaped marks appear on the pure white skin of each hip. These marks are not made by her father, they're Pablo's. His marks will remain where they are like permanent tattoo's, he's placing them there to remind the mortal girl of her first sexual experience with her own father. Amelia has similar marks on her hips, placed there over three-hundred years ago during her first time with her own flesh and blood father.

Now completely exhausted both James and Vanessa fall over on their sides. Both living father and daughter just lie there, not only completely spent from the ordeal but bewildered as well. After a short time they begin to think, it seems whatever or maybe whoever forced them to do this immoral act have apparently left them alone. But all to sudden when Vanessa decides to get up and run out of her fathers bedroom, wanting to go take a shower in her room where she hopes to hide from the entities who forced this to happen and even her own father. When she moves away, her fathers still hard cock makes a popping sound as it exits her sticky sex and worse all as she sits up, before she can plant her feet firmly on the floor a mans voice yells out. “Lay back down woman!” She's suddenly forced back down by some unseen force.

Now lying pinned down flat on her back, she lets out a high pitched scream seeing the young dark haired girl who possessed her some time ago back in her room, now standing before them dressed in 17th century garb beside a sinister looking man sporting collar length jet black hair and eyes almost as dark, wearing long time out of date clothing of a white long sleeve tunic style shirt, black pants held up by a wide black leather belt with a silver buckle and black almost knee high boots on his feet.

And for James, now completely angered by these dark haired brown eyed intruders. He jumps up from the bed vaulting towards the man with fist raised to fight. Pablo although surprised by the mortals sudden act defiance yelling. “Get the hell out of my house, you son of a B....!” Pablo simply raises one hand palm up and without actually touching James, forces him back down to the bed then holds him there leaving him temporarily paralyzed just as Vanessa is as he speaks to them.

“First of all my friends, let me apologize for myself and my daughters sudden appearance. And now with my apologies said I will warn both of you. Neither I nor my daughter will allow anyone of you to leave this bedroom or this home without our permission. And let me warn you now of this fact, we as well will not allow any acts of rebellion from either of you. Is this under stood my friend.”

He said the last of his statement pointing at James, waiting for an answer before going on.

James looks the man in the eye. “Now look here, who or whatever you are. For one thing, we are not friends. And I'll be damned if you come into my home threatening us like you are. Now get the hell ou..!” Wanting to show he's in charge, Pablo cuts him off by choking him without touching his throat, only reaching out with one hand and fingers formed as if he's grasping the mortals neck. Seeing her father being strangled by some unseen force, Vanessa yells at the tall dark haired man.

“No please stop, you're killing him. Damn you just stop!” Hearing her yell out in what he perceives to be rebellion, Pablo reaches out with his left hand then begins choking her as well while letting James watch paralyzed as she gasps for breath, all he can do is beg. “Please don't hurt her!”

Fearing her father might actually kill the mortal girl who's face is now turning bright red, Amelia speaks out “Papa, that is enough. You have made your point, they both understand you are a powerful man.” Seeing Vanessa holding her damaged throat and barely able to breath once she is released, Amelia walks to the bed, touches the young woman's throat and with one simple touch from the young witches fingertips she begins to breath normally. This act of kindness gives Vanessa a bit of insight into the young apparitions character. She's able to speak now but only in a small trembling voice.

“Thank you,” is all she's able to say in her frightened state of mind.

“De nada,” Amelia replies. "Now please let my father speak, it is important for you to understand why we are here and what you will need to do for us,” she smiles. “And thank you for giving my father and I such wonderful pleasure, for we have waited a very long time to experience sex in this way.”

With this said she moves back to her fathers side, then gives the man a passionate kiss. Afraid to move James and Vanessa lie close on the bed watching the incestuous couple show love for each other, all the while trying to fathom if this is real or hopefully for them, just some sort of very strange intense dream. Breaking from their long kiss, Pablo speaks and they realize, this is all too indeed real.

“First of all I apologize for not introducing myself, I am Pablo Escobar and this beautiful young lady standing beside me is my daughter Amelia. And now that you know who we are, it is only fair of me to explain why she and I possessed your bodies then enticed you to experience incest love. You see my friends, one of the most wonderful gifts of sex between a man and his woman is to create life from their passion. Three-hundred years ago, my Amelia became pregnant with my child, but her life and the life of our child was cut short. But now for us, after being trapped in the spiritual realm for so long, Amelia and I are no longer able to create life. So we need you to father and bear our child, Vanessa once you bear the child, you will give the baby to us. Once this is done, you and James will have your freedom to do as you wish.”

Realizing they are no longer held down to the bed by the mans unseen force, both James and Vanessa set up but fearing Pablo's fearsome power neither of them try any sort of defiant actions. Although still frightened out of her mind, Vanessa finds her voice.

“No! This is just too crazy, it's just wrong. For one thing, incest is illegal. And there's a good chance,” she pauses as a horrible thought comes to mind. “If I do get pregnant, the child might have some sort of birth defects.”

Noticing her father is about to punish Vanessa, Amelia pushes his raised hand down. “No Papa let me speak I need to say this. There will be no defects, our worship of Lucifer has made this possible Many years ago in our village every child born out of incest, they were all normal and healthy.”

James shouts in disbelief “Worship of Lucifer-What the?” Once again Amelia stops her fathers vengeance on the mortal man, but this time casting a spell of her own on James. Quickly waving one delicate hand in the air, saying two simple words. “Be silent!” Rendering him mute just as he's about to say more, he suddenly appears confused with his lips moving but no words sounding out.

With James silenced she continues by adding even more shocking news “Vanessa, there is a reason why we chose you to bear our child. Your mother Maria, she is a distant relative of ours. We know she has my mother Isabella's blood running through your veins, almost all citizens of our village are related to us in some way.”

“What?” Vanessa replies in shocked dismay. “This can't be true. My mother is not related to...oomph!”

She's suddenly silenced, but not by one of Amelia's spells. James has suddenly placed his lips over hers, a little spell spawned from Pablo himself .

“Amelia, we have wasted too much time with these ignorant mortals. It has been so long Mi Amor since we have made love as we have done only a few moments ago, now let us use their warm bodies once again. In fact better yet, let's use their bodies until they are both completely drained of energy.”

Just as she's about to pull her lips away from James, Vanessa feels a sudden chill rush throughout her body as Amelia takes possession, James feels the same thing. But soon enough as before both he and Vanessa become warm as their master and mistress settle in. Now out of control of his own morality, James forces Vanessa's head down towards his hard cock, telling her. “Suck me baby girl.”

Amelia's voice echoes in her mind. “Suck him. Wrap your lips around his cock. Taste him. I know you have never sucked a man before but Do not worry, I will show you how.”

Feeling her warm lips and tongue gliding up and down his stiff shaft, James moans his pleasure. As she sucks him, Vanessa swallows the salty residue of his semen along with her own sweet musky scent left over from their first sexual experience together. These flavors begin to arouse both she and Amelia. “Lick his shaft, lick him clean Vanessa. Ahh yes, it tastes so good.” Amelia's perverted voice urges Vanessa on, she begins vigorously bobbing her head, sliding her warm lips up and down her fathers shaft all the while becoming even more aroused by the incestuous act she's being forced to commit.

Now completely overcome with lust for his daughter, James cums a little in her mouth experiencing his first small orgasm of the night. Now urged on by Pablo, grasping a handful of Vanessa's dark hair he pulls her lips away from his still hard cock. And now kneeling on the bed, pulls her face to his forcing a passionate kiss to her lips, shoving his tongue deep inside her mouth. As they kiss Amelia urges Vanessa to kneel over her fathers lap then helps her slip the mans hard cock deep inside her now very wet once virgin pussy. Eerie pleasured moans echo from Vanessa's mouth along with her own pleasured gasps as she shares her father with the young witch possessing her.

And Amelia shares her father with her as well, showing the nineteen year old woman the pleasures of the unspeakable acts of incestuous love. Kneeling on her fathers lap with his hard shaft shoved deep inside her slave, Amelia forces Vanessa to fuck both of their fathers harder. Sweat begins to pour down both Vanessa's and James bodies, each of them breathing hard as they fuck like lovers on their wedding night, passionately kissing as if they're lovers as well. Every so often Vanessa's minds escapes Amelia's control, and as this happens she finds herself enjoying the encounter more then she should. Discovering this, Amelia whispers.

“Yes Enjoy it Vanessa!Love your father, as I love mine.”

Exhausted by his daughters lust filled attention, James suddenly falls over on his side, causing his cock to slip from her tight cunt. He snaps out of his trance but only for an second as Vanessa forces him onto his back, then like a sex addicted woman in need of a fix she quickly straddles his lap only to shove his hard shaft back inside of her tight young cunt. Now on his back with her frantically riding him as she is he's suddenly enticed by her jiggling tits, reaching up with both hands to fondle each firm round medium size orb, enjoying the feeling of her warm sweaty flesh and her hard elongated nipples.

Pablo's voice echoes in his mind. “Her tits are very nice, and she is such a good fuck.” And for once during this strange occurrence, James finds himself agreeing with the three hundred year old warlock.

The old warlocks words seem to entice a distant early warning of his impending climax, the warm slick inner walls of his own daughters sex feels so good as she rides him harder and harder, letting her ass cheeks slap against his upper thighs. Her mother Maria used to fuck him like this. Now long after her passing on this strange night, his daughter unwillingly takes her place. Suddenly he, or maybe it's Pablo who pulls Vanessa's upper body down then rolls her underneath to begin ramming his hard cock deep and hard inside her sex. As he fucks her like this, James feels cum rushing up his shaft.

And now feeling a heart pounding orgasm of her own, Vanessa wraps her legs around his backside screaming out. “Fuck me Daddy!Cum for us Papa. Make our baby inside me!” Both she and Amelia start yelling these perverted orders at the same time. Vanessa starts fucking her father back, sounds of their thighs slamming together echo from the walls. And once again, all unseen members of the coven begin fucking their daughters, sisters and cousins just as they did so many years ago. Their pleasured moaning and gasping mingle with James and Vanessa's sounds of sexual pleasure.

And now suddenly urged on by the taboo passion going on around him, James rams in deep grunting like an animal as he cums, flooding Vanessa's fertile ovaries with fresh healthy sperm. Now as the three hundred year old spirits possessing their bodies force them into a long passionate kiss, Vanessa feels her fathers cock throbbing against her vaginal walls, he's still hard, Pablo has seen to that.

After a short while they feel Pablo and Amelia leave their bodies, and now feeling completely ashamed finding himself lying naked with his hard cock deep inside his daughter, James quickly rolls away. Seeing Vanessa lying on her back completely exhausted, or maybe in shock caused by what he has allowed to happen. He holds her hand. “Oh baby. I'm so sorry...I just couldn't stop myself.” She rolls over and kisses his cheek. “It's not your fault daddy, they made us do it. You had no choice.”

Now all to sudden, just as she's forgiving him, Amelia whispers somewhere deep inside her troubled mind. “Kiss him Vanessa, he needs you. We need you. It has been such a long time for us. And my sweet young friend, you need his cock just as much I do. Now kiss him Vanessa, show him your love. I've been inside your mind Vanessa. I know you lust for him, and he has lust for you as well.”

Possessed once more, Vanessa presses her lips to her fathers mouth while fondling his still hard cock. Pablo's voice echoes through James mind. “Take her my friend, fuck her all night long. Do not worry about your stamina for I will give you all of mine. Now make her suck your cock!” he yells

Hearing these words James forces Vanessa's head down towards his stiff manhood, telling her in his kind fatherly voice. “Suck me baby girl.” And without one bit of hesitation, she obeys him.

The end, ?

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Dark Relations

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Anonymous reader — 08 October 2016 07:00
I liked it and hope you do continue the story. It sounds like Pablo is going to be in some deep shit with Lucifer if Vanessa doesn't get pregnant.
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Lust For Sarah

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It’s 1972. The Vietnam war rages on. Richard Nixon has been reelected. And the sexual revolution is still running at full swing. But for Jack Paterson, a recently widowed Kansas farmer and father of one teenage daughter, he has just discovered there is such a thing, never knowing it started...


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No Longer Home Alone With Alyssa, part 2

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Male / Female

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams- Dr. Seuss Chapter 4 It's a beautiful evening out on the beach as young lovers Brad and Alyssa stroll hand in hand down the shoreline, letting gulf of Mexico sea water...


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No Longer Home Alone With Alyssa,part 1

Categories Fiction, Ass to mouth, Consensual Sex, Masturbation

It has been five years since Brad and Alyssa's step sibling love affair began, Brad is now twenty-one while Alyssa's nineteenth birthday is just around the corner. They're both in college now, attending classes at the university of Florida in Gainsville. Brad is in his final year of...


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