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A Night In: The Complete Series

Categories True Story, Erotica, Toys, Written by women

Author: SexyJessieWantsYou

Published: 17 October 2016

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Jessie waited anxiously for Rob’s arrival.

She’d gone to great lengths to set the mood for tonight’s fun. Jessie had spent hours preparing her body with lotions and perfumes, making her skin silky soft. She applied the perfume expertly behind her ears, between her breasts, and a few drops waiting in anticipation for his arrival between her thighs…

The lights in the bedroom were off, but the numerous candles with their flickering light dancing now across her succulent tanned skin. She reclined on the bed, resting on her elbows. Her long legs sheathed in his favorite black stockings, her red toenails peeking at her though the sheer fabric.

She quietly sang along to Sex on Fire as she ran her toes along her leg, loving the feel of her stockings against her skin. A glass of chardonnay sat on the bedside table, red lipstick stains betraying that she’d already sampled its crisp goodness. Jessie felt lightheaded, but the wine wasn’t to blame, she knew. It was him. Rob. Her lover, with his unbelievable touch. Her toes curled in excitement, imagining all that he would do to her soon.

Her long, brown curls floated down her back and lay across her breasts, hints of her nipples peeping out behind her silky strands. She wore black, lacy panties beneath her garter belt, but hadn’t bothered with a bra.

She heard the key in the lock seconds before the front door whooshed open. Her heart was slamming in her chest. Would he like this? Her taking control. She wanted him, needed him desperately. Jessie heard Rob’s steps suddenly stop, and she knew he’d noticed her bra lying on the steps leading to the bedrooms. Her breathing began to quicken as she listened to him climb the stairs quickly before opening the bedroom door.

Rob couldn’t believe it. She was here, in his bed. Waiting and ready for him. He’d been thinking about her all day, all week. Wanting to insert himself in her warm, wet pussy while he listened to her scream his name. With is tongue, with his cock, he didn’t care. He just wanted to drive her mad with desire for him.

He carefully hung her bra on the doorknob as he shut the door behind him. He approached the bed, all the while drinking her in. Her long, incredible legs clad in black stockings…his favorite. His cock jumped at the sight. He finally tore his eyes from the incredible sight to look into her eyes. He saw her self-confidence warring with her nervousness, and the desire plainly reflecting his own.

He now stood at the end of the bed, pulling his belt free as he continued to lock gazes with her. He grabbed her foot as his trousers pooled around his feet. He brought her toes to his mouth, kissing, sucking and gently biting them. He reveled in her sharp intakes of breath as he continued to love her foot.

Jessie’s self-confidence and need for him winning, she stretched out her other stockinged foot and nudged his legs apart. Her foot brushed against his thigh, making him groan in lust. Rob about lost his resolve to make her scream for him first when the touch of the nylon sending a pulse of electricity to his groin. She slid her way up the inside of his leg and pressed her toes into his swollen balls. A moan escaped his lips as the stimulation made his engorged cock twitch and jerk in response to her sexy caresses.

“I want you so much, Jessie.” He says in greeting. "I can't stop thinking about you, craving you, yearning for you."

She moans at his confession, mirroring his own need.

Jessie continued to tease him with her foot, pressing it against his pulsing cock.

“Oh baby…that’s so good. You make my cock feel so, fucking, good!”

She flashes a wicked smile, revealing to him how much she enjoys driving him crazy for her. Jessie sharply jerks her foot away from his throbbing shaft and presses firmly on his balls, pushing down on them, causing his dick to jerk towards her. Jessie laughs as he gasps at the hard treatment, his eyes watering at the exquisite pain and pleasure she gives him.

“You love my feet, don’t you baby?” She goads him, teasingly. “You love my stockinged feet on your balls, don’t you?”

He nods his agreement, the feelings too overwhelmingly exquisite to verbally answer her. Rob knew that if he didn’t stop her soon that he’d lose all control and cum all over her beautifully, stockinged feet.

He caught the ankle that was pleasantly tormenting him, to hold both her feet in his greedy hands. He brought both feet to his mouth, sucking and biting her toes.

“Mmmmmmmm….yes, baby……” Jessie moans in response to his ministrations. He continued his sexy kisses on her feet and ankles, working his way past her instep, up her calf, leisurely moving up her deliciously long legs.

Jessie continues to moan, her breathing quickening as Rob’s intent is made clear in her mind.

His aggravatingly slow progress only heightening her anticipation. She whimpers a moan of needy desire, and he can no longer hold back. He must possess her. His mouth enjoys the conquering of her wet pussy as her head thrashes against the pillows in ecstasy.

“That’s it, baby….oh yes….oh God…yes! Oh ROB!”

He smiles in triumph against her pussy as he begins to hummmmmmm and suck on her clit, his fingers gently fucking her.

"Oh God, yes. That's it. Eat me, eat my pussy!" She pants as he continues to lick her sweet cunt. “YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!” She screams with her orgasm, her thighs tightening around his face.

“Oh Rob….you’re so amazing…you make me cum so hard, baby….” Her tits looking more and more delicious as her breasts rise up and down with her labored breathing.

Jessie extends her languid foot towards him, intent on resuming her sexy torment of his hard cock, but he shifts, deterring her attempt, and falls onto the bed beside her. Their mouths finally meet in a passionate kiss, light at first before igniting into a sensuous embrace of mating tongues and hot breathes fanning against each other’s cheeks. Their mutual arousal intensifies, both desperate for one another.

“You are such a sexy woman, Jessie.” Rob moans against her mouth. “You make me so hard for you.”

His hands cup her chin before descending slowly to her neck. His lips following the fiery path his hands have left. He can taste the sweet, floral tang of her perfume on her delectable skin behind her ear. His fingers stroke her neck, caressing her collar bone, his tongue licking and worshiping her soft skin. Further and further down his mouth moves along her honeyed curves.

Jessie moans softly as he continues to love her with his mouth, with his hands. She runs her stockinged feet up his legs, losing herself in his touch. Her hands tangle in his hair as she tries to use her whole body to embrace him with her lust.

Her moans of pleasure and soft caresses is Rob’s final undoing. The hardness of his erection presses against her warm body, as he is now desperate to be inside her. But he cannot ignore her glorious breasts. His hand moves to cup her breast while his mouth descends to suck her straining nipple.

“Oh baby….” She moans, then gaps as he gently bites her tit. “Oh shit, baby…yes! I love it when you bite me, Rob. I love it when you suck my tits!”

Her words make him groan. He stops to look into her eyes. "I love your tits, baby. Love holding them, love squeezing them." His hand flexes around her breast, emphasizing his point. She gasps and moans some more, arching her back as he resumes his sweet torment.

The lovers are both breathing hard now, as they continue to explore each other’s sweat-soaked bodies with hands and tongues.

Rob grabs her legs beneath her knees and pushes them open as he shifts his body to kneel in front on her open thighs. Her toes resume their earlier conquest, the feeling of her stockinged feet driving Rob mad. Her toes curl into his balls, making him growl with his pleasure. He can no longer take the torture.

He pulls her towards him, making her squeal in surprise. He kisses both of her feet before hooking her knees over his shoulders. Beyond reasonable thought now, only driven by his fierce need for her, he drives his cock into her tight, welcoming pussy.

He fucks her hard, knowing that she’ll cum hard and fast around his cock. And she doesn’t disappoint. “OH MY GOD!!!!! I’m cumming! SHIT! I’m cumming already! OH FUCK!!!!!” She screams as she orgasms around his thrusting member.

Rob pulls out quickly only to flip her onto her stomach. “Get on your knees for me.” He demands huskily. Jessie quickly complies, only to have him sink his cock into her pussy once again. Her breasts jiggle beneath her, in time to his hard thrusts. He is strung so tight he knows that he’ll cum soon, but he still wants to hear her cum one more time, screaming his name.

He brings his hand down hard onto her ass.


“Oh fuck, yes, ROB!” She pants in delight.

He continues to pump in and out of her, driving her wild with sensation. The sound of her moans exhilarating to him.

“I love your ass, baby. It just demands to be spanked, you naughty girl.”


The sound of his hand cracking against her ass nearly drowned out by her screams for him to fuck her harder.


He slaps her ass again, but now there is a real raw, primal urgency in his actions as his cock is hungry for her to cum again, to squeeze him with the tight walls of her pussy. His need mounting, he quickens his pace, filling her completely, stretching her, banging her while she screams in ecstasy. His cock slams into her over and over again, hard and relentless, as they both grunt and moan in their rhythmic dance.

"Oh fuck, yes. Fuck me. Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck me!!" Both scream for the other to cum.

Rob’s hand snakes around her hip and she groans in approval as his fingers find and tease her clit furiously. He’s so close, but she still needs to scream his name…

He rubs her clitty furiously, rewarded with her throaty moans. She pushes her hips back, trying to take more of him inside her.

He stops playing with her clit to pinch and tug on her nipples.

“Rub your clit. Now!” He demands.

She quickly does as he commands, her hand taking over rubbing herself. She frantically rubs her clit, urging him to hurry.

“That’s it, Rob. Fuck me. Fuck that tight pussy. Oh shit, oh shit! OH YES! OH FUCK, ROB!!!!!” She tightens around him, squeezing his cock with her pussy, while chanting his name.

Rob loses himself in her orgasm, pinching and tugging on her nipples.

"You're making me cum, Jessie. Oh god, oh shit, oh fuck. FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK!!!” He cums, his cock erupting inside her.

The lovers lay panting and gasping for breath, both drained, but sated. And both knowing the night is still young…

Still panting from her intense orgasm delivered to her by expert lover, Jessie collapsed onto her stomach, softly moaning with her pleasure.

Her head is turned towards the bathroom door, so she sees Rob reenter the bedroom carrying a small, red bottle.

“Perfect position for what I have planned for you, sexy. Stay like that.” He instructs, before leaving the room once again.

He’d left the bottle next to her on the nightstand, so she read the label Jasmine Vanilla Massage Oil.

Mmmmm…a sexy massage from her sexy man…excellent.

He returned from downstairs with the half-empty bottle of Chardonnay she’d opened earlier, and what looked like a pack of…batteries? She frowned at the sight.

Rob refilled her glass of wine while telling her to sit up and face the headboard. Jessie did as instructed, and he handed her the wine. She then heard him swear as he attempted to open the pack of batteries.

“What do you plan on doing with those?” She asked, while sipping her wine.

He leaned in so close that she could feel his breath on her neck. Shivers of pleasure and anticipation went down her back as he breathed into her ear. “Patience.”

Jessie continued to drink her wine as he tinkered behind her. Her hands ran over her naked body, excited for their next round. Already she could feel how wet her pussy was once again. As she pinched her nipple, she heard the telltale sound of a vibrator behind her.

Her eyebrows shot up as she glanced behind her shoulder. “What are you doing?” She inquired.

A wicked grin shot across his face. “I plan on driving you mad tonight.” He admitted. With that, he stood by the bed, grabbing her closest stocking-clad leg. She squealed as he turned her towards him, keeping her legs spread for him with his shoulders. Jessie moaned, believing she knew his intent.

“Yes, baby….lick my pussy.”

“Not yet, sexy.” He said as he kissed her pink folds. “I have something else in mind for you.”

She felt him insert his finger, gently pumping in and out of her wet pussy. “Already wet and ready for me, aren’t you, baby? That’s my sexy girl…”

Jessie continued to moan, her hips slowly beginning their sensual dance, as Rob continued to pump one, then two, fingers in and out of her pussy. He used her wetness to lube the vibrating bullet, a sex toy he’d purchased for her. Rob then spread the pink folds of her delicious pussy and slowly inserted the toy, setting the vibration to the lowest speed. He delighted in her shocked gasps that quickly turned to moans as her hips rocked back and forth.

“Sit up again, and face the headboard.” He gently instructed her, helping her into a sitting position. He smiled as he enjoyed her sharp intake of breath shifting released from her.

“How does that feel?” He asked, once she was sitting with her sexy long legs spread out in front of her.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm…….oh Rob. Fuck.” She managed to moan, the sensations driving her mad with pleasure.

He chuckled as he spread his legs to run along hers, pulling himself to sit directly behind her. He then poured some of the massage oil into his palms and began to massage her shoulders, loving the way her skin felt. He ran his hands down her arms, pressing his front into her back, causing her to bend forward.

“OH FUCK!” She screamed at the movement. He kissed her back, her shoulder, her neck. He sucked on her ear, biting her gently. All the while, loving her throaty moans of pleasure as he and the bullet satisfied her.

Rob reached in front of her and turned the vibrator up to the next level.

“Uggghhhhh…fuck….yeah….mmmmmmmmmm…..oohhhh.” She moaned.

“What was that, baby?” He laughed. “You’re getting difficult to understand.”

“Mmmmmmm…..mmmmmmm…..mmmmmm…..” Was her reply.

Rob let his hands run down her sides, and come up again to cup her enormous breasts.

“Mmmm…I love your tits, baby. So big. So amazing.” He pinched and pulled her nipples, all the while spurring her on.

He tipped the massage oil to spill all over her front and run down her back, delighting in her silky, oily skin beneath his expert hands. The scent of jasmine, and her loud moans of pleasure, engulfed them both in a sexual haze of desire and passion. Rob continued to massage and tease her nipples, running his hands down her arms, up her sides, down her back to pinch the top of her ass, up her spine to knead her neck…Her curls, now soaked with oil, tangling in his hands…God she’s incredible! He marveled as he continued to love her body with his hands, eyes, and tongue. Rob ran his hand down her body to turn the vibrating sex toy up to the next level.

“OH SHIT!!! OH YES! FUCK! FUCK! YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as her orgasm claimed her. He quickly removed the bullet and pushed himself back, pulling her legs so that she collapsed onto the bed, lying on her stomach.

Jessie was still lost in her orgasm as Rob shifted her body. She felt him spread her legs apart, but still jumped the moment his tongue made contact with her over stimulated pussy.

“OH FUCK, ROB!” She screamed, as he quickly drank up the evidence of her orgasm. He lapped and tickled her clit, making his own vibrations with his mouth, driving her wild. He found the small piece of flesh at the base of her clit and hummmmmed expertly on the sensitive tissue.

“SHIT!!!!” She screamed again.

He pumped his fingers in and out of her as he continued to lick and tease her delicate button until she once again felt her pussy tighten as she came around him. Her stocking-clad legs shook with her orgasm. She wrapped her legs around his back, forcing him deeper into her cunt.


Rob laughed as the fluid of her squirting pussy hit his face, dripping into his mouth as he drank up every drop of her pleasure.

Jessie panted and heaved with the intensity of her orgasm, loving how he made her feel. She lifted herself up with her arms and turned so that she was facing him. Without a word, she pressed him back against the mattress so that he was lying on his back. She kissed him, their tongues mating, while her hand quickly, without preamble, took possession of his incredibly hard cock. He moaned into her mouth as she stroked him hard. Her body was flush against his, giving her access to him. Now, lucky for him, Jessie was very flexible…quite the talent. She bent her leg so that her stockinged foot pressed onto his balls. His moaning increased in volume against her lips.

“Fuck! You’re amazing!” He praised between kisses.

Her foot continued to press against his balls while her hand expertly stroked him, his precum making the task an easy one. Jessie pushed away from his lips so that she could take his straining cock into her hot, wet, mouth. She hummed and moaned against him, while her toes tickled his balls and her hand gripped him hard at the base. She sucked and fucked him with her mouth, all the while enjoying his moans and the way his toes curled in pleasure.

Jessie shifted so that her other foot could press against his face while she fucked him with her mouth and her foot.

“FUCK, JESSIE! FUCK!!!” He shouted as his cock exploded into her greedy mouth. She swallowed his load, loving it when he came for her.

It was Rob’s turn to pant with his orgasm, basking in what a great fuck his Jessie is. She crawled up his body, kissing him along the way. By the time she reached his mouth, he was on fire and hard for her again. Before he could grab her, she pulled away with a giggle.

Jessie jumped off the bed, her sexy ass teasing him as she walked towards the bathroom. She turned in the doorway, her hair cascading down her back.

“Come on, sexy…time for a shower.”

Rob is insatiable.

He quickly follows Jessie into the bathroom, already steamy from the hot water. He enters the room just in time to see her sexy leg follow her into the shower.

Already naked from their earlier sex-marathon, he casts a wicked grin as he anticipates the next round.

The shower doors were glass, and although already foggy, he could easily see the water cascade down Jessie’s delicious body. She raises her arms above her head, causing her glorious tits to jut out in invitation as the water glides down her long body.

Rob feels himself respond to the sexy sight immediately. He is incredibly hard and needy for her. It didn’t matter that he’d fucked her several times that night, his body flames again with desire for her.

After watching her cum with the toy, Fuck! His mind replaying the scene.

His breathing is haggard as he watches her poor liquid soap into her hands and rub the suds all over herself. He watches, memorized, as her hands slide down her arms, her neck, her sides. She cups her breasts and teases her nipples, a deep moan escaping her perfect lips. Retrieving more soap, she bends down to run her hands up her long, sexy legs, until she once again stands in front on him; the thin glass their only barrier.

He wants to join her, but he likes the sight of her enjoying herself too much to move yet. She leans against the wall, wiping her hand over the glass to clear the fog, giving him a clear view as she slips two fingers into her pussy and begins to pleasure herself. She gasps and moans, all the while watching him through the glass. Daring him with her eyes not to join her. He watches her ride her fingers, her thumb rubbing her clit, her other hand pinching her nipples.

“Mmmm….Rob. Don’t you want to join me, baby?” She moans while pumping her fingers in and out of herself. “I can see that you do…” She breathes, referring to his rock-hard cock.

His breathing is louder now, enthralled by her actions. Jessie begins to quicken her pace, bringing one leg up to rest on the built-in shower bench. He now has a clear view of her perfectly shaved pussy, watching as she expertly fucks herself.

Rob relishes in each moan, whimper, and sigh she makes as her pleasure heightens.

“I’m close now, baby, I’m so close. I’m gunna cum…” She began to chant.

Rob forcefully slides the shower door open and pulls her from the cascading water. She yelps in surprise and protest at losing her orgasm, as he positions her in front of the mirror.

Roughly he forces her down, causing her to catch herself against the counter.

“Wipe the fog off the mirror.” He demands crudely, pulling on her hair to raise her head.

She drags the closest towel across the mirror, and looks at his reflection.

“Watch me in the mirror. Watch me fuck you.” He growls as he forcefully slams himself to the hilt inside of her.

Jessie screams in ecstasy, her orgasm taking her immediately.

“YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Oh My God, YES!!!!! ROB!!! Oh My God Baby! Fuck!!!!”

Rob doesn’t care. He doesn’t stop, he doesn’t slow down. He can’t.

He pumps in and out of her, roughly, demandingly. He doesn’t care if he hurts her now. His lust for her is too great. He feels animalistic as he roughly fucks her from behind.

Rob watches her tits jump and jiggle in the mirror, moving harder with each rough thrust of his hips. He grips her hips tightly, forcing his cock deeper into her still as she screams in pleasure.

“FUCK YES!!!” She screams, “That’s it, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me like I deserve!”

Rob can’t think past finding his own pleasure how. His hand comes down hard on her ass cheek.


“YES!!!!!” She screams. Her eyes catching his in the mirror. “Do it again!” She demands.

He watches her face as he brings his hand down across her ass again.

Slap! Slap!

“That’s it, baby!” She yells.

Rob’s so close to cumming now. He can feel that he’s going to erupt inside her at any moment. Still pumping in and out of her, he pushes a finger into her tight, little ass, causing her to sputter and scream.


Rob can feel her pussy tightening around him as she cums hard, just before he explodes and shoots his cum into her tight, perfect pussy. He growls, pushing her against the counter, her breasts smashing against the cold tile.

The air is steamy from the still running water and their labored breaths. He lies across her back, catching her ear between his teeth before whispering…

“You can welcome me home like this anytime, baby.”

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A Night In: The Complete Series

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