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Breaking In Ch. 1

Categories Dark Fantasy, Body modification, Death, Lactation

Authror: MapleMeSyrup

Published: 07 November 2016

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Carrie moaned louder than she has ever had in her life. This intensity of his thick dick pounding away in her ass filled her with mind numbing pleasure to the point where she didn’t care about anything anymore. She didn’t care that this was a sin, she didn’t care that she could get pregnant, she didn’t care that she was on all fours in front of cross with Jesus judging her. No. All she cared about was the orgasm creeping onto her then exploded in her sex as he came into her ass hard, filling her stomach with his hot load. The small nun slumped over the altar, her small tits hanging out of her tunic and her sensitive nipples hardening from the breeze. She breathed heavily, unable to get a hold of her bearings and her weakened legs shook with every effort. Carrie must not let her see her like this.
“Seven out of ten,” the man behind her said, “Not bad for a virgin,”
Carrie wanted to recoil in disgust. What had she just done? Her purity, her salvation, she gave it all away to a handsome stranger that she just met?! Sure his crooked smile made her knees weak and his shining green eyes were mesmerizing... his tousled dark hair and his pale skin was almost god like…and they way his soft hands ran all over her bare skin, allowing her reach achieve pure bliss…
“Thank you master,” she heaved, her hands already rubbing her nipples.
The stranger looked at her with indifference and left the horny nun masterbating in the church.

Cas shut the door behind him on the way out, silencing the nun’s self orgasm. The demon felt a little disappointed. This victim was too easy and only a decent fuck. He had simply walked into the building, commanded the nun who was lighting the candles, to strip. Her initial resistance and anger gave him hope of a challenge, but alas, her will was too weak. Maybe one of his wives could be used as a better outlet tonight. Cas gathered his strength and raised his hand, a red glow illuminating from his power, summoning a portal back home. But before the hellish pentagram floating in the air could open up, a shadow flickered quickly in the demon’s peripheral vision, almost too quick to notice, but Cas did. The demon smirked. Maybe he can gain something from this place after all. And with that, the demon king stepped into the portal, into the arms of his wives and the glory of his throne.

Lucida covered her mouth with one hand and holding her rosary tightly in her other. She hid behind one of the marbled pillars, hoping that no one could hear her rapid heartbeat and shallow breathing. She prayed, oh how she prayed to her beloved God to protect her. To keep her hidden. To keep her convent safe. How did an abomination like him wander onto these sacred grounds? She pushed aside the thought for now. She has more pressing matters. After the strange man disappeared into the pentagram, Lucida collected herself and rushed into the church where she knew it’d be safe. Upon entering, the nun gasped and held out her rosary in front of her to protect herself. One of her sisters was leaning on the steps, her brown eyes rolled back, drool dribbling on her exposed breasts and her entire fist shoved inside her pussy as she jilled herself into a loud orgasm. After a moment, the other nun finally noticed Lucida’s presence and smiled widely, almost manically.

“Sister Lucida!” the other woman greeted, “Do you want to see how much my cunt can stretch open?”
Before Lucida could respond, Sister Carrie swift shoved her other fist inside her, stretching her hole wider than Lucida ever thought possible. She yelled out her sister’s name and not before long, Carrie climaxed hard, squirting like fountain all over the wooden benches. Her fists were still pounding her pussy as she spasmed on the steps.
“Sister Carrie!” Lucida rushed over to her fallen sister, wiping away the fluids covering Carrie’s body, “Why are you doing this?! What happened to you?!”
The other nun giggled, high pitched and girly, unusual for such a quiet woman, “Candy is a big slut now. Candy will wait for Master to come back,”
Lucida didn’t notice Carrie, or Candy now, rubbing her clit until a small orgasm took hold of her, “OH YES MASTER! CANDY CUM FOR MASTER!”
Lucida scrambled away, unsure what to do. She didn’t want to become infected like her sister. She called for help and soon enough, two other nuns dragged Carrie into the infirmary, binding her wrists so she would stop touching herself.
Lucida sank into her mattress, a headache forming. She rubbed her temples, but it did
nothing to help. This is the fifth incident this week. The four other girls were lost within the same month and Lucida suspected that it had something to do with that demon. The nun quietly sobbed from the position that she was in. The Mother Superior was away on a humanitarian expedition and isn’t due back for another two months. She left Lucida in charge and she knew that this was the only chance to impress the Reverend Mother and become her successor. But more importantly, she cannot bear to see her home and her family dissolve and expelled into nothing but sinful whores. The first two was Sister Adriana and Sister Tay. Lucida had found them in the bathroom, sharing a long dildo while locked in a lustful kiss. They even tried to invite Lucida to join them. From then, the nun ran away in disgust. Lucida considered herself to be a tolerant woman, but such lustful acts outside of wedlock is truly an abomination. Not to mention with the same sex too! The lust sisters didn’t deserve mercy or salvation. Those are the only kinds of people Lucida hoped burned in the fiery pit. But alas, she had to perform her duties. However, no matter what she did: prayed, convert, begged, Adriana and Tay were never the same. With a heavy heart, Lucida sent them away to a nearby brothel where they would be useful there.
Not wanting to dwell on the issue any longer, Lucida fell asleep, dreaming of emerald eyes and a crooked smile.

Nell’s husband/master returned home with the stench of human women on him and the Nightmare had to suppress her angry jealousy. Why the demon king would resort to consorting with filthy humans when he was 10 beautiful supernatural wives, Nell would never know.
“Hello Master, did you finish your business on the surface?” Nell asked her lord sweetly. Maybe he will give her a good fuck tonight.
“Yeah,” Master just grunted.
Nell kept her frustration down as she served him his dinner. She noticed that the king was distracted, with a faraway gaze and a mischievous smirk, she knew what was coming. After all, she’s seen that look nine times already. She had to do something quick. If it were a hell dwelling then Nell wouldn’t have cared that much. But a human?! That is something she would not stand for.
“My Lord, had something caught your eye?” Nell asked nonchalantly.
“No. I just found something interesting,” the king brushed her aside.
“Oh? Would you care to tell?”
“Well aren’t you rather intrusive today. Don’t have something better to do than bother me?” her master snapped.
Nell recoiled, a bright fury flourishing inside her, but she simmered down. She knew should never strike against her husband. Nell lowered her head in obedience, “My apologies, Master.”
Flustered, Nell hurried up the stairs and into her Master’s bedroom. She knew that she shouldn’t be in here without the king’s permission, but she had a plan. Nell could not let him bring a human here. The Nightmare slid off her dress, leaving only her red corset. She summoned a bottle of lavender oil from her room and began rubbing it all over her skin, black and beautiful, as dark as the night sky with white markings lacing her entire body. Her perfect curly white hair hung pleasantly down to her wide hips while her DD tits were pushed up from the corset. Nell crawled onto her Master’s bed, leaned against the pillows, and spread her legs wide, allowing all her cunt juice to dribble on the sheets. Then she waited.

Cas returned from his meal to see a very wet Nightmare waiting for him on his bed, seductively beckoning him. Her trespass enraged the demon seeing his first wife in her glory, juicy cunt, shining white hair, enchanting ruby eyes, the king forgot about it.
“I’ve been waiting for you, Master,” Nell smirked, gently rubbing her clit.
“I can see that,” Cas said, unbuttoning his shirt.
Not a minute later, the demon pounced on the hell dwelling, wrapping his hands around her small throat and watching her bulge out as her body squirmed for air. Cas stroked his hard cock, smiling as his wife struggled. He loved this. He loved watching the whore suffer, silently begging to be released, but knew that she could never disobey him. Finally he let go of her neck and rammed his dick into her drenched pussy. Nell threw her head back and moaned, grabbing a handful of the sheets. Cas continued to ram his dick inside her, her walls squeezing his member every time he expertly hit her G-spot. Nell was panting hard like a bitch in heat then another orgasm hit her once more, filling her thoughts with nothing but pleasing her master. He was hers and only hers. The other wives would never have this kind of passion or connection as she does with her master. Soon, Cas pulled out and Nell instinctively sat up and opened her mouth, waiting for his load to blow.
After spilling his semen into her mouth, the demon collapsed on top of his wife and dreamt about the convent.

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Breaking In Ch. 1

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Comments (1)
Sean-007 — 22 November 2016 13:23
hoping for more soon
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