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My Sardinian Holiday Continues

Categories Dark Fantasy, Anal, Bestiality, Enema

Authror: Keeper_xxx

Published: 06 December 2016

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My rapist had dropped me off at my holiday apartment. I went in, locked the door behind me and went straight under the sower trying to wash off the stink my rapist had left on my body. I spend half the night sitting in the shower with the water washing over me.
I even unscrewed the showerhead and pushed the hose into my vagina to washout his deposits. However I could not bring myself to give myself an enema to clean me anally.

I went to bed feeling totally exhausted and degraded. I even forgot to put on my nighty, so I fell asleep completely naked. I had dreams about my rape and woke up repeatedly. My dreams were so intense that I was almost able to feel my rapist entering me again. I realized that I was wet from the arousal that the dreams did cause and I started fingering myself.

I still could not understand why my body did react to the rape with me having multiple orgasms. I must be a real slut considering that I actually seemed to have liked the way I was used. Thinking about the degradation and the way he forced his unwashed body on and in me aroused me further. I fingered my clitoris and pushed two finger of me other hand inside me. Touching my g-spot repeatedly pushed me over the edge and I orgasmed.
My juices soaked the bed linen and I felt them almost dripping out of me. It was time for another shower to get cleaned up again.

I spend half of the morning on the phone trying to find a gynaecologist who could check me after the rape and prescribe me the “day after” pill. I wanted to prevent a pregnancy at all costs. I finally managed to find a doctor who was prepared to see me this morning. In the process I learned the key words “esamino – examination” and “visita ginecologica – gynaecological examination”.
It turned out to be a general practitioner, who also did gynaecological examinations. The surgery looked old and slightly grubby. I sat down in the waiting room after completing the required paperwork for tourists, waiting to be called. There were a couple of local olds men also waiting looking me up and down. It felt like they were undressing me in their minds and I could not wait for this to be over.

It had turned out to be a warm day again and I was wearing a knee long summer dress, white cotton panties and strap-on sandals. I tamed my long blond hair into a ponytail. Feeling slutty, I had already decided in the morning to wear a shoulder free dress and no bra which turned out not to be such a good idea for the doctor’s visit.

Finally my name was called and I went into the examination room. The furniture in there looked as grubby as the waiting area. The doctor turned out to be in his 60s, unshaven and rough looking. Back at home he could easily have been a beggar.
He motioned me to sit down and explain my problem. I tried to explain the rape and me wanting the “day after” pill. It was difficult as my Italian is limited and so was his English. Finally he seemed to have understood me and explained that he needed to examine me before he could prescribe me anything. I didn’t want him to see me or touch me, but he insisted and I wanted to get the pill.

I received another nasty surprise when he said “Si prega di rimuovere il vestito”. He wanted me to remove my dress and I just wanted to lift it up. He repeated his request and I gave in and took off the dress. I turned red in embarrassment, as he noticed that I was bra less. He seemed to smile at my discomfort, but I could not really be sure. I tried to cover my breasts with one arm, but he intervened “Si prega di lasciare le braccia al vostro fianco – please leave your arms at your side”.

I was standing in front of him and he started to examine my body, maybe for his enjoyment, maybe to look for bruises. He closely inspected my breasts and tummy before he indicated that I should turn around. I felt him touching my back in several places, sending shivers of discomfort down my spine.
“No bruises. I need to examine your genital region” he told me in bad English.
“Si prega di rimuovere la vostra biancheria intima”. I didn’t understand this but the meaning got clear when he pointed to my panties.
As the situation was already embarrassing beyond what I had ever encountered when going to a doctor, I decided to do as told and removed my panties also. I waited for him to tell me what to do, red with embarrassment.

He went to the examination table and installed the stir-ups. It was one of those multipurpose tables, looking like a stretcher, where the stir-ups are folded away for “normal” examinations.
He pointed to the table “Prego” and I went to lie down on it, resting my lower legs on the stir-ups.
He sat down between my legs and looked at my pubic region. Without any warning he started touching my pubic mound, pushing town on it and pulling open my labia. I flinched as he was not wearing any gloves. I did not want his hands near me.

“Relax or it will be painful” he said and continued his examination. I saw him taking a speculum out of a draw next to him and closed my eyes, as I did not want to watch the progress. I could feel him positioning the speculum and pushing it in forcefully.

I cried out from the pain he had inflicted on me. “I am almost finished. I need to take a picture for evidence of rape as per Italian law” he said and took a camera and started to take pictures of my pubic area and vagina. I suspected that this was not true, but I was in no position to argue against it. “I do not see evidence of rape. Aare you sure you sure it was rape and not consensual sex?”
My self-confidence dwindled away as he said this – it was rape, but why was he not believing me? Maybe I am just a whore…
“I was raped and I need the pill, please” I repeated like a mantra.
He pulled out the speculum and wiped me down with a paper towel. “Ok, si prega di vestirsi – please get dressed. I will subscribe you the pill. You will need to pay for it in the pharmacy.”

I just wanted to get out of the surgery and away from this situation. I got dressed, took the prescription and left almost running out.
I managed to pick-up the prescription at the pharmacy and found a secluded spot outside in a park overlooking the sea, where I sat down and started crying. I had to relieve the pent-up feelings of embarrassment from the exam and the doctors comment that I was not raped. What did he know, but maybe I was just a slut ready to fuck whoever would come by…
I calmed down and tried to get a grip on myself. I needed to complete my other task of the morning.

The other half of the morning I used to organize the exchange of my defective rental car. It was rather difficult to explain where the car was parked and in the end I got someone from the rental company to bring me a new car and then driving with me to the broken rental. I took the remainder of my possessions from the broken car and drove back to the apartment.

On the way back I suddenly realized that I passed the crossing where I rapist had turned off the main road transporting me to his farm where he raped me. I thought about the event again and about his last words “farmi visita domani – visit me tomorrow”. I knew that it was a request and that I should obey it. Driving past it created a mix of emotions – anxiety, fear of pain, apprehension and arousal.
I didn’t know what to do and felt like a caged animal. By late afternoon, I gave in to my feelings and I knew that I needed to go back to him at least one last time to see if he would again dominate and degrade me to the extent that I would orgasm for him again. I needed to know whether the rape really had revealed this “slutty” side of my personality that I had not known before.

I got into the car and started driving to the farm. I could not help myself think this being a bad idea, but I continued on my way nevertheless.
I turned off the main road on to the country lane to the farm. The farm looked as derelict as the evening before. However I saw a few farm helpers from Africa on a field nearby. They looked up, as I parked next to my rapists van and exited the car. I wondered whether he would actually be here. I noticed a large kennel to the side that I had not seen on the evening before. A very large and shabby guard dog was growling at me and started to mark viciously when I made no attempt to depart.
The dog started to jump against the kennel fence, barring its teeth and I got frightened of what would happen if it managed to get out of the kennel.

Hearing the creak of a door, I turned back and saw my rapist coming out of a shed. He shouted an Italian command at the dog that I did not understand but nevertheless shut up the dog.
He looked at me and smiled with an evil grin. “Bentornato si cagna – welcome back you bitch”.

He came up close and I could smell his bad breath and the layers of old sweat. His touch felt like an electric shock on my skin and created a queasy feeling in my stomach. His hands moved over my naked arms to my shoulders and down my front. He realized that I was not wearing a bra, feeling up my nipples under the thin fabric of my dress. “bene senza reggiseno – good, no bra”.
He squeezed my nipples lightly and they responded immediately becoming hard and big. He took my right arm and moved towards one of the sheds, pulling me with him “venga con me – come with me”.

He did not guided me into the shed where he raped me the day before but into a different one. It was gloomy inside and I could not really see the room. He closed the door behind me and it became almost dark in the room until the ceiling light flashed on.
It looked like a disused butcher’s room with a concrete floor sloping towards a large drain and tiled walls. On one side was a workbench with various tools on that I could not really make out in detail, as they were in the shadow. A bug infested mattress was lying in another corner. I shuddered to think that anyone would sleep on this.

The main feature was a wooden table in the middle of the room, with some kind of metal contrivance on one end that looked a little bit like the stirrups of an exam table. I was nervous in anticipation of what would happen now and also was frightened.
My rapist pushed me further into the room and let go of my arm. “Girare intorno – turn around”.

I turned to face him. He had picked-up a camera from the work bench and had started to take pictures of me. “Sorriso – smile. Spogliarsi nuda – get naked”.
I turned towards him and tried to smile while I unbuttoned my dress and pushed it down over my hips to the floor. I pushed down my panties and bend down to undo my sandals. I removed them and pushed my clothes to the side. In the end I stood fully naked in front of him, my tummy tingling in anticipation.

He put the camera away and stepped in front of me coming very close. His stink of stale sweat, un-brushed teeth and stale piss had not improved. His odour was engulfing me and brought back memories of him brutalizing me and me orgasm for him. I could feel getting wet.
I looked into his deformed and scarred face.
He smiled and I could see lust in his remaining eye. He grabbed my ponytail and pulled me close to his face, pressing his mouth onto mine. His tongue forcing it way into my mouth, exploring my oral cavity and started sucking my tongue into his mouth.

He let go of my hair and his hands brushed down my back to my arse. He squeezed my buttocks hard and pulled them apart. His fingers explored my arse crack and rubbed roughly over my rosette, making me squirm with pain.
He let go of my arse and pushed me back. His hands moved up my front, finding my nipples and squeezed them painfully hard until I screamed and bent over in pain.
My nipples were burning like fire and tears were running down my face. He pulled me up be my hair making me stand up straight again. He pushed me towards the filthy mattress. “Sdraiarsi e aspettare – lie down and wait”. I lay down trying hard not to imagine the bugs coming up through the mattress to crawl over me.

He went out and closed the door behind him. He came back pretty quickly with the two black farm hands I saw earlier. “Divertitevi insieme” he said to them pointing at me. I was too shocked to react in time. Suddenly the two men were on me, holding down my arms and feeling up my body. They grabbed my breasts, twisted my nipples, pulled on my pubic hair and fingered my pussy and arse. It seemed to happed all at once and I was overwhelmed. They were rough and treated me like a piece of meat.

I shouted at them to stop and let me go but they did not react at all to my shouts and pleading. One of them finally looked into my face. His eyes here cold and I saw soulless determination and I understood that I would be raped by them. I started to cry and continued to plead with them to stop. I didn’t want them to get near me or penetrate me. I was afraid to catch a disease like AIDS from them.

The guy looking at me slapped me hard and shouted “sta 'zitto – shut up”. I went quiet and tried to make eye contact with farmer. He looked at me and smiled “divertiti – have fun” he said while setting up a video camera to film the action.

The two men started to undress, letting go of my hands while doing so. I tried to crawl away from them but the taller one of them noticed it. He bed down and slapped me again much harder. He twisted my nipple until it felt like he had ripped it off. I cried in pain and finally he stopped. “Non si muovono di nuovo – don’t move again”.

I knew that I could not get out of the shed nor way from them so I just lay still. They had really dark skin almost black and looked like dark shadows out of a nightmare. They were fully erected by the time they had undressed and looked long and thick. They were arguing about something I could not understand, but guessed that it was about who you have me first.

The taller of the two climbed between my legs pushing the wide open. “Puttana bianca – white whore” he shouted as he pulled my pubic hair. He positioned himself with the tip of his dick at my entrance. I tried to detach my soul from my body. It was my body that would be raped, but not me.
I didn’t manage to do it. He slammed into me and the pain was unbelievable. Whatever wetness I had between my legs had dried up when they had come into the room. His rape was hurting me and my tears were flowing freely. He laughed at my pain and increased his pace. The pain was numbing my feelings and I just wanted it to be over. He was fucking me with a fury I had never experienced and increased his pace further and further.

He didn’t last long and came in me with a long hard stroke. I could feel his dick twitching has he unloaded his sperm in my vagina. As he pulled out he slapped me again and did a thumbs up to the camera. I felt totally degraded, being treated like a piece of meat. I didn’t have much time to dwell over these feelings, as the other black guy approached. He flipped me over and pulled me up by the waist until I was on all fours. He positioned himself between my legs, pushing them further apart to have more space.

He pushed his dick into me as the semen of my first tormentor started to leak out. At least this provided some lubrication and reduced the pain of this second rape. With the pain lessening I could feel how his dick was filling up my cavity. He was way bigger than my husband and I imagined my tummy bulging out every time he pushed fully into me. He started slow, obviously enjoying the feeling of my pussy enclosing his member tightly. He slowly increased the pace grunting and slapping my arse.

My “slutty” side started to take me over and I could feel my body reacting to his penetration. I got wet and started to push against him. He grabbed my love handles painfully and increased his pace. My tits flapped around picking up the rhythm of his fucking. He bent over me to feel-up my tits. The smell of his sweat engulfed me and I imagined being humped by a large black dog. This pushed me over the edge and I orgasmed. Moaned in ecstasy while he shouted out, pulling me upright on my hair. He throttled me while he came and shouted at me “Ti farò un bambino – I will make you pregnant”.

He let go of me, sliding out in the process, but his fried stepped in front of me while I was still on my knees. He grabbed my nipples and pulled them up hard, making me stand up to lessen the pain. He looked into my face and slapped me until I fell over “puttana” he kept shouting.
He came after me as I tried to crawl away and flipped me over into a doggy style position and pushed hard between my shoulder blades until my face was well buried in the mattress.

My arse was fully available to him and he pulled apart my cheeks painfully, exposing my rosette. He slammed a couple of fingers into my soaking pussy, excavating a sticky mix of juices, which he smeared on my rosette. He pushed his fingers into my arse, lubricating it in the process. I realized that the prepared to rape me anally.
I tried to fight him off, but before I could push up my body the other guy applied his weight to my back, making it impossible for me to move. He shouted at the other guy, who pushed his dick into my pussy to lube it and then positioned himself and pushed into my arse.

His assault didn’t hurt as much as I feared. Maybe my muscles were still relaxed from the orgasm or maybe I was still stretched from yesterday’s defloration of my arse. I even enjoyed the feeling of him straightening my colon with every stroke that penetrated me further. He fucked me with long hard strokes and I could feel him pushing slowly towards my next orgasm.
He suddenly pushed into me as far as he could go and stopped. He got hold of me around my waist and turned the two of us over. I was lying on top of him, held in position by his pole. My legs were stretched wide and my pussy was open and available.

I could not believe it but the other black guy had a hard one again and settled between my legs. He positioned himself and started to push into me. I was sure that I could not accommodate two of them and started to cry out as the pain increased.

The guy on top slapped me again hard to shut me up and continued pressing into me. I was stretched beyond what I thought was possible and moaned from the pain they inflicted on me. He bottomed out and both didn’t move for a few moments. It gave me some time to get to grips with the feelings and pain they were causing me.

They started to double fuck me slowly at first and almost gently but picking up the pace and force rather quickly. The feeling was excessively intense and waves of pleasure started to mix into the pain. The two rapists fucked me rough and I cried out in pain repeatedly. They were increasing their pace, sometimes pushing into me at the same time sometimes alternating. My intestines were worked around by their two dicks. Their body odours took my breath away and made me feel like being ground up between two bulls.

Their fucking got more frantic and finally the guy below me started to throttle me with his arm and came in my arse. His friend finished almost at the same time roaring like a bull and coating my vagina with his seed again.
I could not breathe and made flimsy attempts to free myself. I felt like passing out when they both pulled out of me the guy below me pushing me off him and threw me to the side like I was a used bed cover.
I hit the wall and lay whimpering on the mattress facing the wall. I rolled up like a baby crying from the pain and humiliation. All three of them laughed and talked. I could hear the two black guys dressing and finally they left the shed.

I just lay in the corner wondering if I would be allowed to go. I orgasmed yet again while being raped. I went to this place of horror because I wanted to be treated like a slut again. I didn’t want to be raped by those African guys, but it had happened. They called me a whore and I began to understand that they were right.

The door opened again and I was fearing yet more farm hands coming in to rape me, but only the farmer, my “white” rapist entered.
He bent down to me and pulled me back into the middle of the mattress. He pushed my arms of my body, exposing my breasts. He lowered himself further down, his mouth coming close to my nipples I feared that he would bite me now and started trembling. He did not bite me but started to gently suckle on my right breast, flipping my nipple back and forth with his tongue. He concentrated on one breast, caring for the other one with his hands.

His tender care slowly washed away the pain, leaving me with a pressure cooker of emotions. I didn’t want any more pain, but the memory of his domination was like an aphrodisiac and I wanted to feel his lust again. My voice of reason kept shouting at me to get out of this room and this situation. I should not give myself to another rapist yet again. I should be faithful to my husband and keep my self-esteem, but I wanted to relive the feelings again that his rough treatment of me had created the day before.

I realized that he had ceased his ministrations to my breasts. My nipples had become thick and hard, like two big cherries. He looked again into my eyes. I could feel one of his hands gliding over my tummy towards my pubic mound into my pubic hair. I uncurled completely and opened my legs a little to make his exploration easier.
His finger slid between my folds feeling me wetness and the juices of the other two guys. “Sei una puttana – you are a whore”.
I blushed deep red as I answered “Lo sono il tuo schiavo. Si prega di scopare me. – I am your slave. Please fuck me.”

He pulled out of me and presented his finger for me to lick it clean. I felt disgust rising in my tummy. I didn’t want to taste the juice of the two black guys. It was bad enough that their seat and stink was rubbed into my skin. However I felt that I had no choice and cleaned it up “Brava ragazza – good girl”. My anticipation was raising, as he helped me get up and led me towards the narrow end of table in the middle of the room. I looked closer at the table for the first time. It indeed had the look and a crude examination table. Two metal rods were sticking up on the narrow end of the table. A horizontal bar was fixed with a big wing nut at the upper end of each of the metal rods, pointing diagonally away from the table. These looked like adjustable leg rests.

He pushed me towards the table motioning me to lie down. I sat down between the stirrups and lay down on the table.
He tied both my wrists to the table legs. Moved to the other end of the table to my legs. Me feet were dangling not being able to touch the floor anymore.
“Allarghi le gambe – spread the legs”.
He pushed apart my legs and lifted them up onto the metal bars. After adjusting the height he tied my lower legs the metal bars. Then he adjusted the angle of the two vertical bars to push my legs open, stretching me to the point where my labia was starting to part.

He looked at me and smiled at his handy work. His hands moved lightly over my body, touching my breasts, lightly squeezing my fatty deposits around my waist and diving into my red pubic hair which was still sticky from the cum of the two African guys that kept oozing out of me. I could hear it dripping on the floor.
He moved around the table to examine my body from all sides, pinching my skin and feeling me up.
He stepped between my legs, his hands exploring my thighs. I am not proud of my thighs as they are too fat und show signs of cellulite and stretchmarks.
I could feel him tracing my stretchmarks, pushing his fingers into every cellulite dent. His minute exam of my body caused me to feel ashamed of myself.

His hands finally arrived at my pussy, placing his thumbs on the outer side of my pussy lips, pulling them apart to reveal my slimy vagina.
He slid two fingers deep into me and pulled them out again looking at the slime on his fingers. Smiling evilly at me he said “Dobbiamo lavarci – we need to clean you”. He left me lying on the table and left the shed.
I was getting anxious and I tried to prepare myself mentally for the violation of my body by him.

I did not have to wait long before I could hear him coming back into the shed. He had put on a stained rubber apron and carried a 10 litre (2 gallon) bucket and a rubber hose with him.
He came up to the table looking down at me. He removed a sponge from the bucket, dripping with water and started to wash down my face and body with the sponge. Rewetting it he concentrated on my pubic area and washed off the semen of the two Africans.

He rubbed me dry with an old cloth that was lying on the workbench, which left my skin rubbed red. He looked at his handy work and at my pussy. I saw malice in his eyes and feared what would be coming next. He stepped between my legs and hung he bucket onto a hook that came down from the ceiling. The bucket had a tap attached to the side at the bottom to drain the liquid.
The bucket was about half full and I could hear water sloshing around while he hung it up.

He attached the hose to the tap and pushed the other end of the hose unceremoniously into my pussy. I could feel the hose scarping along the walls of my vagina. The hose was pretty thick, so it did hurt a lot when he pushed it in and I sobbed in pain.
Finally the hose would not go in any deeper and he stopped pushing. He opened the tap and I could feel the water entering me. I was surprised that it was warm water.
He started to move the hose in and out and the water started washing out the slime and sperm of the two Africans.

I could hear the water splashing on the floor every time he pulled back the hose. It was a painful procedure as any movement of the hose inside of me caused pain. I kept whimpering, hoping that it would be over soon. It felt like he had hosed down my inside for hours, but it was probably a couple of minutes, before he stopped.

He closed the tap and pulled out the hose with a final splash of water exiting me.
My pubic area was soaked from the water and he used the cloth to wipe me down, cleaning off the semen on my pubic hair and thighs that he had washed out.
He pulled apart my labia and bend down. I imagined him to inspect the raw scrubbed flesh of my vagina and shuddered as he made appreciative noises.

He grabbed the hose again and I started to cry out in pain as he pushed it without mercy into my arse. The hose stretched me and the pain was overwhelming before it finally overcame my splicer and slipped into me up my colon. I kept crying and whimpering, trying to push out the tormenting object.
He looked up and smiled at me pain distorted face. “Dobbiamo lavarci – we need to clean you” he said again and turned the tap to let the water flow again. I could feel the water flooding my intestines and the pain eased, as he did not move the hose anymore.

“Tempo per un certo divertimento – time for some fun” he said as he stepped away and started to undress, removing the apron, shirt and trousers.
He looked fully erected, my whimpering and obvious pain most have turned him on.
He came closer to me and it was obvious that he wanted me to serve him, his dick pointing straight at my face.
I opened my mouth obediently as his dick touched my lips. “Brava ragazza – good girl”.
He pushed his dick into my mouth and I managed to get him down right into my throat. He made appreciative noises and started to slide in and out of my throat.
He had not washed since yesterday, so I tasted the remnants of my rape on his dick.

He was speeding up and his unwashed balls started to slap into my face with every stroke, leaving the lingering smell of stale piss and sweat. The rough face fuck was depriving me of air even though he was allowing me to breathe when he pulled out of my throat.
The lack of oxygen and the smell of stale piss made me dizzy. His total control over me turned me on and I started getting wet.

He grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard while holding onto them, while grunting and pushing harder against me. “Puttana” he screamed as he pushed in a final time and shot his fist load of sperm down my throat. He pulled out and unloaded the rest into my mouth. It felt like a full mouth full and I had a hard time gulping it down, leaving the musky and salty taste in my mouth.

Like yesterday he repositioned himself, pushing his dangling balls against my mouth and waited for me to clean him up. I started liking his balls and the shaft of his dick. The taste of unwashed groin was as appalling as the first time and I felt like I would need to throw up. I concentrated the wiry hairs of his balls on my tongue and continued licking him. He pushed down on my face, causing my nose to slide into his crack and engulfing me in the smell of his unclean arse.

He grunted and moved his hips forward and backward as if fucking me. I sucked on his balls as hard as I dared to try and please him. My nose had penetrated his crack and was rubbing along his rosette.
I was certain that he had not cleaned himself after his last bowl movement and that he was coating my nose with his poo.
I prayed that he would not force me again to eat his arse. The thought made me sick and I was about to vomit, when he lifted himself off me, having been sufficiently satisfied.

I slowly came back to my senses the smell of his shit lingering around my nose and realized that my intestines felt like they were on fire. I felt bloated up. Looking down at my body I realized that my tummy was bulging up and it looked like I was pregnant again. Most of the water from the bucket had drained into me, as he closed the tap.

“Pancia incinta – pregnant tummy” he said with obvious pleasure and stroked my bloated belly.
He stepped between my legs and pushed two fingers into my pussy, feeling me up. He noticed my wetness and smiled at me while he started to massage me brushing over my clit with his thump repeatedly. I moaned in pleasure while he touched my sensitive areas softly with his fingers, despite the pain the water was causing in my intestines.

He stopped his massage after a short while and repositioned himself to start fucking me. I could feel the tip of his dick between my labia and a moment later he pushed into me hard, sliding in all the way. The penetration was very painful and I cried out in pain as he entered me. The hose was still in me and together with the hose it felt like the double penetration I had received from the two Africans.

His dick pushed the hose aside as he entered me, stretching me beyond what I ever felt before. Finally he has in and didn’t move savouring the feeling of tightness.
I kept whimpering and was praying that he would remove himself from me. He laughed at my pain and discomfort, but didn’t move to give me a little more time to get used to the double stretching.

He massaged my tits softly and I started to relax trying to concentrate on the feeling on my breasts.
The pain slowly subsided and left me feeling filled. I started to get aroused from his massage and the tightness in my pussy. He must have felt my wetness and started to slowly fuck me. The feeling of him slowly sliding out and back in was extremely intense and I could not help but moan as his dick slid past my g-spot.

His slow motions increased my arousal and my whimpering changed to soft moans of pleasure. This seemed to please him as he smiled at me and increased his pace. My body’s reactions to his fucking got stronger and I could not help but lifted my pelvis every time he slid in to get him as deep as possible.

He kept fucking me faster and rougher, pushing me along towards another orgasm. He started to grunt and got more frantic. He suddenly grabbed the hose and yanked it out of me. My splicer was too loose from the stretching and I could not control it. The water started to gush out of me with every push from him, emptying my bowls and deflating my tummy.
The smell of my own faeces started to fill the room, as it was exiting me.
The feeling of the expulsion and his fucking pushed me over the edge into a massive orgasm. I made animal noises and lost all control as wave after wave of bliss washed over me.
He pushed hard into me, shouted out and came, depositing his load deep inside of my vagina.

He didn’t stay in me, put pulled out almost right away. The water still dribbled out of me and I could feel that me intestines were still holding quite a bit of water.
He stepped back and looked at my tummy which was still bloated.
He touched me rosette and pushed a couple of fingers into my arse, trying to open my splicer to drain more water. I could feel water draining from me, but he was not satisfied with the result and pulled out his fingers.

He disconnected the tube from the bucket and positioned one end of it at my rosette. I tried to prepare for his assault, as he pushed the tube deep into my colon, twisting it to get the water flowing again. It was a painful process, but not as bad as it had been the first time, as I was pretty loose by now.

Finally the stopped moving the hose and I could hear and feel the water exiting me, splashing onto the floor.
My tummy slowly deflated together with the cramps in my intestines as the water left me. I moaned repeatedly as the pain subsided. He must have taken this as moans of pleasure and started fingering my pussy and clit while smiling at me evilly.
I still was sensually overloaded from the last orgasm and my body started to react to his fingering immediately with my juices flowing freely.
He started to penetrate my pussy with several finger, pushing into me finding my g-spot. He started a hard and rough massage of my clit and g-spot with his fingers speeding up continuously.

I was a depersonalized sex object for him available for his pleasure to be switched on and off at his will. His total control over my body aroused me further and I moaned in ecstasy.
My husband never worked my g-spot this way and the intense massage of my rapist brought on another orgasm of a level I never felt before. I was shaken by spasms, straining against my bonds as I was engulfed in the waves of ecstasy.
The orgasm kept going on. My vaginal muscles contracted around his finger, but he kept going until I cried out as the orgasm reached yet another level.
My lower body started twitching and I realized that my juices were squirting out of me in great gusts.

The squirting finally subsided and he stopped his assault on my pussy. I felt ashamed and dizzy at the same time. I never ejaculated during an orgasm and it was brought on not by ministrations of my husband, but by a rough rape.
I realized that I was his sex slave and that I was enjoying being objectivized and used by him.
He stepped back from the table and went round untying my arms and my legs. My legs didn’t support me as he pulled me off the table and kept buckling away under me.
The dragged me towards the mattress and dropped me unceremoniously onto it.

He stepped away and started the hose down the floor to wash away my expulsions. I didn’t move and just lay spread eagled on the mattress, wondering if he would be finished raping me. I was covered in his sperm and my own juices and felt sticky and unclean. The smell of his arse kept lingering around my nose and I had the taste of his semen and stale odours in my mouth.
I was a used fuck slut not worthy his attentions.

He left the room without looking at me again. I could hear him outside shouting at the dog.
Shortly afterwards I heard him coming back and opening the door. He had the kennel dog with him which tried to push past him barking at me and barring its teeth.
He let the dog get past, which sprang into the room growling, ready to attack.

“Non spostare o il cane che si morde – don’t move or the dog will bite you” he said smiling malignantly, as he took the camera to film whatever would be happening now.
I was fearing for my life and tried not to move a muscle, as the dog started to move slowly towards me growling and sniffing.
It got more and more interested in the smells evaporating of me and by the time the dog was in biting distance to me it just sniffed around. It came very close to my face and started liking across my nose cleaning off the dirt of his owner.

The dog started licking my face in earnest, his tongue flicking over my nose and my mouth, its smelly breath engulfing me. I didn’t dare to move and felt that this would complete my degradation, as it started to lick my breast and slurping up the sweat on my tummy as it continued further down.
I didn’t want it to come any close to my pussy, let alone licking my private parts.
I started to close my legs and immediately the dog got agitated and snapped at my thigh, barely missing it. I stopped moving and new that I had the choice of being attacked by the dog or submitting to this new degradation.

I submitted to the situation and let the dog do to me whatever it wanted.
It stepped over me, showing me its bottom and big balls while it licked over my skin. As the dog got closer to my pussy it got more animated licking up the mix of sperm and my squirting. I dreaded the moment when it would lick my pussy and didn’t have to wait long for it, before his tongue started to flick over my clit trying to get to the juices between my pussy lips.

I could feel the dog getting frustrated as it could not get between my pussy folds where it wanted to be. I was afraid that it would turn aggressive again, so I carefully repositioned my legs to make access easier. The dog seemed to get the message stepped over my legs and positioned itself between them.
Now it was able to push its muzzle straight against my pussy. It licked over my folds and pressing its muzzle forward, pushing my lips apart, moving it’s tongue deeper into my vagina.

I felt waves of disgust washing over me as the dog pushed its tongue deeper into my pussy. I imagined its disease and worm infested saliva running down into my tunnel and infecting me.
At the same time I felt my body starting to react to tongue that stroked across my clit with every lick. My juices started to flow, urging the dog on to push deeper into me to get to them.
I was shocked that even a horrible dog could turn me on. I was a dirty whore and deserved whatever I could get to give me pleasure even if it meant pain, rape and diseases.

I didn’t have any self-respect left and didn’t care anymore who or what used me. I just wanted to feel the bliss of an orgasm again and lifted my legs, pulling down my knees to the mattress with my hands to present my fully open pussy and my arse to the dog. It extended its range and started to lick also my arse. My splicer still had not recovered, so the dogs tongue penetrated also my arse. It got more frantic and kept moving around. I could see that it was aroused, as the dogs’ dick was unsheathed and erected.

It was evident that it wanted to fuck me, as it tried to move into a good position to penetrate me. In the end it managed to position its front legs next to my tummy with his back hinds twitching trying to find the entrance to my pussy.
I could feel its large dick brushing along my thighs, leaving moist traces of pre cum on my skin. I felt it sliding across my pussy several times without finding the right spot to push in.

It repositioned its hind side several times before it found the right spot. I could feel its dick at my pussy again and this time the angle was right. With one movement the dog pushed in and started umping me frantically.
I could feel its dick sliding deep into me, the dogs balls slapping against my arse. The humping was wild and frantic. The dog lost its balance several times and moved its front legs several times, painfully scratching my skin with the paws.

I grabbed the front legs to stop scratching me, which also stabilized the dog and it doubled its efforts pushing into me again and again, fucking me relentlessly. The dog drooled and its
The dogs’ dick was like a piston, moving faster than anything I had ever experienced before. My last mental barricade broke down and I submitted to another massive orgasm, moaning and crying out incomprehensibly.

The orgasm seemed to last forever and only subsided slowly once the dog stopped moving. I could feel the dick growing inside me and realized that its knot stared swelling up. The dog just staid still willing to stay in me to deposit his load. I did not have the strengths to force it out of me, so I just let it happen.

The dog didn’t move for quite a while, but eventually got restless and tried to pull out of me. It finally managed and the still swollen knot popped out of my pussy. I let go of its front legs and the dog stepped over me and sat down at the far end of the mattress, licking clean its dick, not taking any more notice of me.

I lowered my legs back down on the mattress and could feel the dogs’ sperm flowing out of my open pussy.
My rapist had filmed the whole time and now smiled at me, giving me the thumbs up.
“Lo posto questo su internet – I will post this on the internet” he said laughing.

I just lay there mentally broken and not even capable to feel ashamed anymore. He put away the camera and threw me a dirty rag.
“Asciugarsi fuori e vestirsi – dry yourself and get dressed” he said pointing to my clothes.

I got up from the mattress and wiped myself down with the rag as best as I could and walked over to my clothes. The dogs’ semen continued dribbling out of me. In the end I just pulled on my panties, not caring about the wet spot which started to form almost right away.
I kneeled down and pulled on my sandals, buckling them up with shaking hands. My dress was a mess, soaking wet in patches from the hose down of the floor. I had no choice but to put it on, if I didn’t wat to leave top-less.

I turned around and my rapist was right in front of me. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back hard, overstretching my neck. He pulled me towards him and kissed me hard on my mouth, stepped back and grabbed my left nipple through the fabric and twisted hard.
I screamed in pain and almost fell over trying to escape him, but he held me tight.

He pulled me along keeping hold of my nipple and led me out of the shed towards my car.
He let go of my throbbing nipple and slapped me hard across the face and pushed me to my car. I walked unsteadily to my car and got in, while he reminded me of what would be happening to my family if I went to the police.

I had left the key in the ignition and drove off to my apartment. My panties were soaked from the dogs’ juices and it felt like I had pissed myself.
I was wondering how I could get back to my previous life after the last two days of being reduced to a sex object.
I was not sure if I would be able to hide the slut in me and how I could hide my need of depravation.

I feared that anyone from our family or friends would find the video of me on the internet and at the same time hoped that whoever would recognize me on the video would be as perverted and sadistic while taking me.

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My Sardinian Holiday Continues

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Comments (2)
naenaegirl — 10 January 2017 06:18
nothing better than being forced against your will my first rgasm was while being raped and every time master sets me up to be raped and abused I cumm hard
Anonymous reader — 14 December 2016 20:04
Good story thanks
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