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Categories Fantasy, Foot or shoe fetish

Authror: John Shaw

Published: 12 December 2016

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Krista was a beautiful redhead woman who was used to feeling tall at 5'7". All of her family were shorter and if she wore even 3 inch heels she was as tall as her dad. She loved her height but didn't like being taller than her boyfriend in high school and now husband in her mid twenties. Mike was definitely manly but stopped short of 5'5" in high school and Krista kept growing and passed him up. People always commented on the height difference and it bothered both of them. Krista pretty much got over it and was at this point even wearing high heels making Mike even more uncomfortable. Just recently they were going to one of Krista's Company Christmas events and Krista was wearing some 4" heels and absolutely towered over Mike. She was always very sweet to Mike but wanted to look exceptional for the event and she did. With her pearl silky dress, nude hose and pearl heels she looked amazing. As mike looked up to her in the elevator he said "I hate having to look so far up to you". Krista gave him a hug and he almost fit under her chin and she said "I'm sorry baby, I know you hate when I wear heels but they make my legs look better". Mike agreed "that they do". She kissed him softly on the cheek and said "I'll make it up to you tonight- I have just the lingerie with the right pantyhose in mind. She knew he loved her legs and feet in pantyhose and when she wore them he was always turned on.

Krista made good on her promise and they made passionate love that night. Another good thing coming out of the night was Mike met a guy who talked to him about a new drug being used to increase height. Frank was his name and he said he used to be 5'6" and now was 6 feet tall and all this in his 40's. He had a very attractive wife that worked with Krista and she was wearing very tall heels as she stood next Frank. She was 5'6" she said as she looked up a couple of inches to Frank. Frank said "I know how you feel. Before I grew 6" whenever she would wear heels I felt like a shrimp and now she can wear all the heels she wants and I'm still taller." Then he said "show him honey." She removed her heels and was now looking straight up to him very impressed. She got up on her tip toes and said "I think you've grown again sweetie" as she reached as tall as she could to reach him for a kiss.

Mike and Krista spoke about it for a few days and Krista said she had heard about Frank. She was worried about the side affects and potential hazards of the new drug. Ultimately Mike wanted to try it and would not give up so Krista just told him she supported his decision. She wanted him to get the confidence he needed so badly and it would be nice to look up to her husband for once. In High School it was really hard on him when she passed him in height.

Mike got with Frank the next week and not only did he get on the experimental drug he also was guaranteed new clothes as he grew and possible new job out of it all. It was too good to be true. He started the experimental drug right away. Mike could feet the difference right away and could see he was almost looking Krista in the eyes after just two weeks. He took a job with the company and he and Frank took a two week trip to Miami where their headquarters were. There Mike was told he could make a lot more money if he would take a combination of experimental drugs. This had proven to yield huge results in a person much like Mike in South America where a 20 year old Colombian man had grown from 5'2" to over 10 feet tall. They couldn't promise those results and Mike wasn't sure he would even want to be that tall but the huge money increase was too much for him to turn down. He received the raise and Frank who was now 6'2" was jealous he could not get the same offer. By the time they went home Mike was 6'4" and even gained some muscle to his usual thin body and feeling great. He was so excited but wouldn't tell Krista how much he had grown but did give the hint she should be waiting in lingerie and the tallest heels she could find. She was excited yet worried about him and his health and wondering just how big her husband would be.

As he walked in the room Krista was sitting very seductively with a pearl white lingerie and nude pantyhose that were his favorite. Her heels were at least 5 to 6 inches and he thought "she took me serious, good." She had her legs crossed and was giving him a very seductive look with romantic music in the background. She stood up as he approached her and instantly looked shocked as she was several inches shorter than him. He kissed her on the forehead and she said "wow you look tall and I'm in 6 inch heels!" She couldn't wait and took off he heels and giggled with excitement saying "you are so tall, I feel so short down here." He was 6'5 in his shoes. She tried to get on her tippy toes and Mike enjoyed watching her try to reach him. She said "help me out here Mike" as she laughed. He said "no, I'm enjoying the view." She laughed as she hugged him and realized her head didn't even reach his chin.

Over the next few months Krista was astounded as she felt shorter daily. She took to wearing 6" heels all the time even at the house but found even then she was feeling tinier as she continued to look up more and more. Mike was filling out with muscles too which she loved. Mike was 8 feet tall in no time and Krista just ditched the heels at home because they didn't make any difference she noticed. Mike found new appreciation for things like Krista's hair of all things. With the view from above he loved how she had very light beautiful red hair that was almost strawberry blond. He also loved the view of her chest from up above. He loved picking her up now and sucking on her breasts as he pulled her up so her boobs were right at his face level. Krista enjoyed this too and she felt so petite as her feet dangled in the air as he held her. Mike was amazed that she felt so light to him. One of Krista's traits that he loved was her small beautiful feet. For a 5'7" woman she always had small feet with a high arch and Mike thought they were so sexy. As Mike grew so did all of his body parts and especially his cock. It was now over a foot long and Krista had taken to giving him foot jobs with her pantyhose feet and he loved that her size 6 feet were now half the size of his member.

They loved taking showers together and their whole house had to be modified which Mike's company took care of. Krista was soon seeing her boobs at the level of Mike's cock. She would soap up her boobs and rub them all over his unit and turned Mike on like crazy. Then Mike never stopped growing. Soon Krista was on tip toes for her boobs to reach Mike's dick and then she was eye level with it. He was over 10 feet tall now and even though the sex was amazing for Krista she was beginning to feel more like a sex barbie doll than a wife. It was never enough for Mike and he was so big now it was sometimes painful for her.

Finally the company asked for Mike to go to a facility in Florida where they could observe him full time. He and some others were growing at alarming rates and it was unexpected. They relented on letting him bring Krista because he said he would not come there alone. Krista was the only non giant at the facility besides some of the medical staff and the smallest of any of the residents besides her was 8 feet tall. That was a 7 year old girl. All the kids there looked huge to her and she worried about them there without their parents. Some of the older residents looked after them and Krista realized she was not big enough to look after anyone but herself. She felt so tiny. As they moved in she went to give the person over the community a piece of her mind that there were no answers for the end of anyone's growth. She was going to tell this lady what she really thought and how could they do this to children. When she entered the room she instantly recognized the lady from when Mike had started the company. She was one of the ones who had given them the orientation to the drug and the company. Krista remembered she was a tiny woman but there was clearly something different about her now as she looked humongous sitting down behind her desk. She smiled and said "Hi Krista, good to see you again". Krista was speechless as she stood up to greet her and she kept going up and up until Krista was looking up to her waist area. Krista couldn't believe it because she used to tower over this mid 50's woman. She had worn her very tall heels hoping to gain some respect and yet she felt like a tiny school girl next to this formerly small woman. Krista stuck out her hand in greeting and the woman said "I don't shake hands, we're all family here" as she hugged Krista making her feel like a little girl again hugging her mom. Suddenly she felt her heels leave the floor and she was soon being held by the new giant woman who she used to look way down to before. Her heels fell off exposing her little size 6 pantyhose feet. When she was put down she felt even shorter without her heels on. She quickly put her heels back on and went to sit down where the chair was too big for her and her feet dangled off the side. She instantly lost her ability to tell this lady off. She was too nice and way too big for her to have the confidence. Krista became emotional as she shared concerns about the children and her husband not knowing when the growth would stop. The lady said "Krista honey, come here baby girl" Krista got up to her and to Krista's surprise she put little Krista on her lap. She felt so at ease though sitting there like a little girl as her feet swung back and forth. The lady comforted her as she explained that if Krista would just ask anyone they are glad to be at the community and love their new height. Sure there is some uncertainty but it was all exciting. She said "Do you remember when we first met? I do. You towered over me and I felt so small to you and everyone. Now I can hold you on my lap like a little girl. I love this feeling of being the big one for once. Look at your little feet! They are so small next to me and I love it!" Krista looked and couldn't believe how she had taken off her heel and shown how little Krista's feet looked compared to her hands.

She walked back to meet Mike and held her very tall heels in her hand. As she walked she came across the youngest child in the community who was crying on a bench. Krista's heart went out to her and she stopped to talk with her. She knew the young girl from when she first moved here, her name was Aria. Krista could see she had grown quite a bit just since she had come to the community because as she approached her she could see the young 7 year old was taller than her when she was sitting on the bench. Krista hugged her to comfort her and she could tell Aria needed to cry to someone. Krista asked her if she wanted to go back home and Aria did but she liked her new size. She said "Ms. Krista, you've gotten so little". Krista said "I'm sure it seems that way to you but you are the one who got bigger". Aria picked her up and Krista was so surprised at how strong she was and what little effort it took for Aria to hold her like a baby. Krista thought it was cute that she wanted to babysit her and Krista could tell the young girl missed playing house and with her dolls and was trying to be a normal little girl. Krista said "will you take good care of me?" Aria smiled big and said "I will be the best babysitter ever" She cradled Krista and rocked her back and forth like a little child as she played dolly with little Krista. Krista felt so tiny and vulnerable and couldn't believe she was being held by a 7 year old. Finally she told Aria she had to go and Aria put her down. Krista was in shock as she stood looking up to the giantess in front of her. Little Aria was so giant that Krista was the size of one of her legs. Aria said "Miss Krista, you are really tiny like a baby. Let me hold you and take you back to your place" Krista just said "ok, I'm so little to you. You are the babysitter so you tell me what we are going to do." Aria just smiled and carried her back to her place. She figured Aria must be over 10 feet tall at this point to be so much taller than her.

Over the next few months everyone kept growing except for Krista. Mike was getting to the point where he had to be careful not to step on her. They had to find alternative sex options because he could no longer fit in her. She mainly just walked around in short shorts and pantyhose almost like a hooters uniform. Mike loved the look and always wanted her in pantyhose. She no longer wore heels because there was no point. She just walked around with her shorts and a top and nude pantyhose. She was a little dolly to Aria and now there was a young 11 year old boy that Mike was kind of mentoring that Krista could tell he had a little crush on her. So if she wasn't in Aria's arms she was being held by the young 11 year old Jason. Jason was now almost 12 feet tall which means he was more than double her height. How strange it was she thought to be a little baby sized thing to these young children. She was so small and felt so tiny in their arms.

By the end of all their growths Krista was really doll sized and could be held like a baby to Aria or Jason. She grew to love them like Children but felt like a little baby too as they held her. The biggest adjustment was with Mike who was 3 feet taller than anyone else. She did not even reach his knees and he could pick her up in one of his hands. He loved to poke his finger in her crotch area and it would get her so turned on. Her feet were like the size of one of his finger tips. She was his sex barbie. His cock had grown taller than her and she could hang on it like a tree branch. On the bed she would try to please him by moving his giant man part with her whole body. She was enjoying this new life.

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