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  1. My self torture #2
  2. My self torture #3

My self torture #2

Categories True Story, BDSM

Author: deb Dunbar

Published: 14 December 2016

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Story of myself torture #2

This is going to be my second story. For those who have not read my first story of how I self torture myself for sexual orgasms I will give a brief synopsis of me and what I like to do before I continue with my recent self torture.

-My name is Debbie and I'm a 51-year-old white divorcee. I am 5 foot 7, 148 pounds. I have green eyes, shoulder length brown hair. My measurements for those who want to know are you know 38C -29- 38. I used to trim my pubic hair but now I shave completely clean.

I've had a few male friends in the past but they were just like my ex-husband and could not understand my weird sexual fetishes. As you will see I'm a masochist. Yes, I love inflicting pain on myself or have others inflicted it on me. I've always been like this since a young girl. When I would tell most men that I like to be spanked, whipped on both my breasts and my pussy they would think I'm nuts and run for the hills. My now ex husband tried but couldn't bring himself to beat me like I wanted. I like my breasts hurt and my pussy to hurt.

So that brings me to one of my fantasies that I carried out on myself. I had read on some S&M sites about tit and cunt torture and was amazed at all the different variations that you could use to torture a female tit or cunt. I was really surprised that I came along a site that showed a woman sitting naked on a ant hill. She let those ants crawl all over her cunt as she squirmed from the tiny bites that they were given her. I just about came looking at that short video and wished that it was me on at anthill. That video started me on my self torture journey. And fueled the fact that I wrote in my first story. After submitting my story to several adult fetish sites I received a lot of e-mail stating they were intrigued by my story. I also received a lot of negativity on how I wrote the letter and the Miss spellings I had in it. I am not a professional writer.

I developed a on line relationship with a kind gentleman that understood what my true fetish was and became my on line friend as well as my sadistic master. He is called Master Max. He continually gives me ideas of how to torture my worthless cervix and womb to give me the ultimate pain induced orgasms. In a e-mail, master had given me a scenario he wanted me to carry out on myself. He gave me a brief outline and I have since carried out that torturous session. This is a e-mail I sent to my master Max explaining my torture session he requested me to do.

Well, I did it Master! At around 10:30 AM on Saturday I set to the task that you ordered me to do. That was to torture my worthless cunt and uterus with extremely hot tap water. As I told you, I planed to use a dishwasher fill valve from a old Dishwasher my ex saved to control the flow. It was hooked up to the hot water hydrant we had in the garage for washing cars. I hooked our hose from the hydrant to the hose fitting on the valve and the 3/8 supply tube to the other end. It was set to come on with a electric timer clock. It did its job. The injection tube I used (the 30”- 3/8” PVC sink supply line) to penetrate my uterus and womb fit perfectly and slid in smoothly with the blunt end. The supply line was secured in me by the same pelvic harness I used for my ant torture of my womb. It did a great job keeping the tube secured in me once the pressure of the hot water flow started. The winch that I used to stretch me out and immobilize me and timer worked great. With my legs tendered wide over the floor drain in the center of the garage that will catch the hot water flow out of my worthless vagina .The winch brought me up and stretched me wide. Everything was set for me to carry out my torture ordeal. Here I was hanging there with the anticipation of what I was about to do to myself waiting for the timer to activate the valve to open sending the extremely hot water into my useless womb scolding it and giving me the orgasmic pain I needed.

The water was extremely hot, it actually burned my insides and gave me such immense pain as well as the fast flow made my abdomen swell because the torturous hot water went into my womb faster than it was expelling from my cervix opening. So not only did the flow hurt but the hot water trapped in my worthless womb was burning me. Yes I had an extreme orgasm from the pain that I even squirted out on my useless cunt. The thought of what Im doing to myself for my Master was also driving my orgasm. After all this was done and I was let down with the timer and my worthless womb and cervix on fire and The injection tube still embedded in me I waddled over to where the hose bib comes out in my garage and changed it to the cold side and with just a little bit of the valve on so there would not be as much pressure as my torture was "I think the water pressure hurt more than the extremely hot water in my womb" I clicked the timer on that runs the valve and allowed the slow cold water flow into me to help the burning sensation that was the in my belly. As I write this to you on Monday morning my worthless cunt still hurts and I still have a Dull pain in my lower abdomen. Thank you master Max for the idea. It was great to carry out a task ordered by you. It makes it much better to know someone wanted me to hurt myself knowing I get huge orgasms from the pain.
Now on to the next task that you came up with and that is the balloon that is injected into my womb and filled forcefully with air making my swell like I was pregnant. Just thinking about the immense pressure gets my useless cunt wet.
Well I hope you enjoyed my story
pain slut debbie

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My self torture #2

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Comments (1)
Anonymous reader — 20 December 2016 05:50
Put a metal spiked dildo in your pussy and turn it on so it spins in your pussy and cuts up your insides
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