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A guy and his...? 46 Queen

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex

Authror: pars001

Published: 16 December 2016

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The leader had just entered the Jinn realm when there was a rush of power. What in the hell had that been? Appearing near the palace the leader had a plan to get inside. That was 'til there was a loud gonging sound coming from inside the palace. Another part of the legend must have been fulfilled; the leader had to hurry if anything was going to be done.
Jake was still sitting up in the bed; he could feel his strength starting to slowly seep into his body. An opened mouth Gen was staring at him shock registering on her face and body. "Master? Are you able to move more?"

 Issuing a sigh Jake stated, "From the waist up, though I can feel some strength starting to seep into my hips." 

 "Thank the great Jinn!" Jake heard Rasmir say.

 "Yes I have to agree." Akeesha said as she removed herself from the floor. "It would seriously upset any future plans I have."  Reaching down Akeesha patted his package between his legs. "Know this Master Jake; once I set my mind to a task such as this, I will not rest 'til I have fulfilled it. I haven't failed yet Master Jake and I don't plan on starting any time soon!"

 Jake could only stare at Akeesha she actually wanted a child with him?! Behind Akeesha, Inger's mouth was also hanging open. A child? Had her lover lost her mind? Neither one of them knew the first thing about children! "Akeesha? Are you really certain about this? You have hated males for longer than you and I have been together."

 Akeesha walked to Inger and slowly, passionately kissed her, "Oh yes my love I am far more than sure. I know that you are worried about this, believe me we will be perfect mothers!"

 As her body started to tingle from the kiss, Inger thought that perhaps Akeesha was right. As strong willed as Akeesha was there wasn't much that her lover couldn't do.

 Rasmir's smile was even larger then a sudden thought accrued to him. It was then he started to move the rest of the council from the room. Moments later the dark mist of the disembodied ones floated into the room.

 "Finally!" A voice issued from the cloud. "Today, I will have the revenge that I have craved all these centuries!" Swiftly the cloud flew at Jake knocking every Jinn that got in the way down. As an evil laugh issued from the cloud as it covered Jake.

 Screaming at the top of his voice Jake started an internal battle as the one known as the leader tried to take his body. "I don't think so you piece of shit!" Jake shouted as he started to push back against the evil presence trying to invade his body.

 "NO! I shall not be denied! You are far too weak a human, even with your Jinn’s protection you cannot win!" The evil voice shouted back.
 "This is my body! You'll find I am far more attached to it than you thought! GET THE HELL OUT!" Jake shouted as the internal battle waged on. 

 King Al-Mazhab, Princess Amira, along with both of her brothers appeared a moment later. "You must resist
Master Jake! When you defeat the evil leader they will no longer have any hold on you anymore!" The King shouted.

 Amira looked at her father with an odd look on her face, "Father is there something you aren't telling us?" She asked.

 The king quickly looked away, "Yes daughter there is, I know who the leader is, the same one who destroyed me and the rest of the family. It was..."

 A shrill scream issued from the lips of Jake as a ghostly outline of a body started to appear. "NO! I shall not be denied!" Pushing harder the ghostly outline dimmed then began to take more shape.

 "Give up your demented plan Qistina!" The king shouted. "You cannot hope to win against the Ever Last Master!"

 "Bah, the Ever Last Master! This is nothing but a weak minded human fool! NO!" A bolt of energy shot out and knocked the king across the room as he was trying to advance toward Jake. 

 Sliding down the wall the king growled. "You are pitifully weak Qistina!"

 "I told you dung of a diseased camel, never call me by that pathetic name again! I am the leader! I will wreck vengeance upon the human race for their mistreatment of the Jinn kind!" Qistina's voice shouted.

 "Qistina? MOTHER?!"  Princess Amira shouted.

 "Ah Amira! My greatest treasure and utter most disappointment!" The voice growled as another bolt started to form.

 "I damn sure think not!" Jake said as he reached up and closed his hand over her now almost solid one.

 "WHAT!? Let go of me you pathetic putrid human! How dare you! A lower life form dares to touch one of the elite Jinn kind! Let go I say!" Qistina was now screaming at Jake trying to wrench her hand loose.

 There was a moment that Jake was afraid that she'd gotten loose, though his grip held firm. Tears falling from her eyes Amira told Jake "Please master Jake, please survive for our child. I... I lo... love you please!"

 Another gong shouted as Qistina shouted, "Oh shit!" then the room was filled with light as the bolt in her hand exploded. Jake went one way as Qistina went the other. Both went through the walls in front of them. Jake looked behind him when the walls he went through weren't felt. All four of his Jinns were there to help him stop.

 "We have to get her to the buildings I designed before she recovers!" Jake said thinking ahead. He knew that the Jinns could recover quickly and didn't want to leave it to chance. As quickly as he could Jake and all those present hurried to where Qistina's now solid form was laying unmoving.

 Jake directed the king and his sons as they wrapped Qistina and started to move her. Appearing outside the building they almost had her inside when her eyes snapped open. A truly evil smile lit up her face. "You are far too late!" Several of the council pushed with the royal family as her left foot and leg were over the threshold.

Screaming in outrage as she felt the drawing effect, Qistina shouted knocking all of the council and her family down.

 Flying at Jake in a rage she suddenly stopped as if she hit a solid wall! "So the power of my pathetic daughter has been added to the others! It matters not! I will crush you, yours will be the most delicious when I feed upon your life force!"

 Rashala and Amira along with Gen, Rosalinda, Sheeka, Inger, Akeesha, and then Nyrae all appeared between both of them. "Powerful leader or not!" Rashala growled as did the rest of them. "Even with the ancient dark magic I feel you posses, I feel that even you are no match. I am sure you remember there is no magic stronger than love!"

 King Al-Mazhab stepped forward, "Though I do still love you Qistina. You are most unfit to be queen! I therefore dissolve the link to the royal family’s power! You are now a common Jinn!"

 "You bastard!" Laughing Qistina stated, "Too late I still have a partial link that not even you can break! Good luck with that!" That's when her body shook and her head snapped to stare at Jake. "What have you done? This isn't possible!"

 "Since your power itself is dependent upon the wishes I made, I wish all your power was gone! All you have is the darkness that is obviously eating away at your soul!" Scoffing Jake almost sneered at her. "That is if you ever had a soul!"

 Screaming in outrage again Qistina began to claw away at the protection that was around Jake. "I will kill you! I will make it as painful and long as I can! You have not known suffering 'til I am through with you! You will never win against the sheer power of the dark magic!" Suddenly stopping she looked at all eight of the Jinns between her and Jake, as all were glowing?

 "So you have finally come to your senses!" A voice issued from the air. "As a former Queen one would think that your intelligence was higher than it is!"

 "Ah! I should have known! So the unborn bastards speak! A pity that your power will never make it to the light of day!" Looking around Qistina pointed a finger at each of the eight Jinns and Jake. "I have an army out there. When I return I will take this dimension. Then I will take the human one also! You as I said I might let the male Jinns use a bit before I take your life!" Laughing again she continued, "It will be far more delicious this time! After I end you NO ONE will stand in the way!"

  With a wave of her hand Qistina started to fade as Gen shot a bolt at her hitting her left leg. Screaming at the top of her voice she started to curse at Gen.

 Jake smiled they had averted disaster for the moment though only for the moment. Shaking Jake felt his still weakened legs start to give out as he sank slowly to the ground. Within seconds there were several pairs of hands easing him to a sitting position.

 "Thank you all," Jake told all of them, then looked at the king. "I feel I have made things far worse than better King Al-Mazhab."

 "No master Jake, now that all is in the open it is far better." Looking over at his daughter the king sighed, "For
some that it is more than others. I am sorry that she had to find out about her mother like this. I had hoped to break it to her another way."

 Jake looked at Amira, the shy look of love that was on her face as the rest of his Jinns hugged her. "Unfortunately I have found King Al-Mazhab that recently nothing of the plans we have made have been able to be done or completed. With all of this going on, it may be quite a while before things are 'normal' again."

 The King was nodding the whole time a new look of respect on his face for Jake. "Thank you Master Jake, I will remember that in all my dealings with her. I will also take that into consideration with all of my subjects!"

 Jake wasn't really paying attention still watching Amira being accepted into the sisterhood of all of his Jinns. Shaking his head he was still amazed five Jinns now though Amira wasn't really his to command she was still in love with him. As for Akeesha, the jury was still out on that though he had to admit she did have a pretty power slap. She'd damn near slapped the taste out of his mouth, though he did feel he'd deserved that!

 Far out into the desert Qistina felt a familiar stirring. Hmmm she thought another of the dark magic. Stopping she waited as the power grew closer then started to divide into two, three and finally four!

 Nuha felt the power as the palace of the Jinn dimension grew closer. Strange she thought this feels familiar almost like another of her sisters? Stopping a few thousand feet from the source of the power Nuha was amazed when she saw the Queen.

 "You are far from your palace Queen Qistina! Yours will make a fine addition to my own power!" Nuha said with an evil laugh as she launched an attack. The smile on her face was short lived as the spells Nuha sent were not only ineffective but actually made the Queen smile!

 "Ah! It is good to know that the art of the darkness hasn't been completely forgotten! Ummm the deadly trio I see, it appears that you are out hunting? May I ask who?" Qistina asked.

 "That is of no concern of yours!" Nuha shouted as Fatin added her power to the next attack. "Abla attack!" Nuha shouted as all three were now sweating as they all poured all they had into the attack.

 "Not bad though..." Qistina stated then pointed at all three and let loose a bolt of energy. "Try this!"

 Nuha and Fatin screamed as the bolt shook them and they fell most of the way to the ground. Abla's eyes cleared as she looked around confused. "What!? Where am I?"

 Qistina flew to the immobile Abla. "Ah I see!" Looking at Nuha she nodded. "Very good, the consuming charm I see, a very effective way to more than triple the power of who it is used on! Very good though it can back fire also. Back fire on the one it is used on consuming their soul and the one using it. The user is the target as soon as the one it is used on turns they are usually unstoppable."

 Flying to Nuha who was still in shock she couldn't really move Qistina looked her over. "I thought you were the Queen! A do gooder! You are the one we will destroy after we kill that lowly human piece of filth!"

 Qistina grabbed Nuha's face, "if you had bothered to look at me you might recognize me from the last battle. Yes I know that you were there. Isn't that right Tankena?" 

 Tankena appeared and bowed low to Qistina, "Yes my Queen." Tankena said groveling.

 "No longer, that bastard the king has separated me from the royal power. I still had a tether then that human trash wished for my power to be gone! I shall enjoy eating his life when I kill him slowly!" Qistina spit out.

 Nuha looked at a still bowing Tankena. "Why did you not tell us?"

 "I was told under penalty of death that I was never to reveal her identity!" Tankena stated.

 Nuha nodded, "I have perhaps underestimated you Tankena you are far wiser than I had at first thought!" Turning to Qistina Nuha stated. "We hunt a weak fool of a human with many Jinns. The Ever Last Master!"

 Qistina smiled it was starting to be a good day after all. "Good as do I, come I have an army that we can take the palace with. Then we can all enjoy crushing him and the royal family!"

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A guy and his...? 46 Queen

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Comments (4)
pars00109 January 2017 07:56
No not yet but thank you BoBo you've given me an idea! Yes! It just might work! LOL
BoBo0050 — 20 December 2016 08:16
Alas, all good thingss must one to an end. The Final War will soon be upon us, and all Jinn will be involved, one way or another. The Ever Last Master will lead the armies of the King against the armies of the Evil Queen. Both Grand Armies shall meet on theField of Battle. Will the Army of Good hold the day? Will the Army of Evil be victorious? Or will Love prove to outmatch them all? Only Pars001 knows for sure, and he's not telling... yet....
Clover Ernest — 17 December 2016 06:36
Things starting to heat up! Meaning the Battle us not fast away, thus the end of the series. I will be sad to see an amazing story close with a terrific conclusion, but that's the fact of literature. We wouldn't want another version of Discworld , would we? Amazing chapter, pars. Keep it up. Always a pleasure to read tor content.
Anonymous reader — 16 December 2016 22:49
Another excellent chapter. Than you
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