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  1. Tracy, My Sister in Law, Introduces me to BDSM
  2. Tracy, My Sister In Law, Shows Me the Way

Tracy, My Sister in Law, Introduces me to BDSM

Categories Dark Fantasy

Authror: Scott Robertson

Published: 28 December 2016

  • Font:

So, Tracy and I went back to the house. The BDSM dungeon she told me about really turned me on. I’d never done BDSM, and I thought Tracy hadn’t.

“So, something new”.

“For you maybe. I’ve been a naughty girl. Been with a couple other guys who introduced me. Don’t worry, I won’t be gentle”.

We went down to the basement. Tracy threw open the door.

“Prepare to suffer in ecstasy”, she said, with an evil smile.

I’d never seen anything like it. The first thing that caught my eye was a giant wooden X cross with chains. A stainless steel table with restraints. On the wall, whips and chains, ball gags. A stock for head and hands. A bath tub. A cage. The room was dark, red, and cold.

“Wait here”. Tracy went into a door. A few minutes later, she re-appeared, dressed in leather, low cut to her breasts, high cut up to her thigh, and boots. She was carrying a whip.


I took my clothes off. She cracked the whip.

“On the table”.

I laid on the table, on my back. It was so cold. She used the restraints to bind me, my arms and legs spread.

She put a ball gag in my mouth, then put nipple clamps on my nipples. Painful, but erotic.

She grabbed a flogger, and struck my legs. More pain. She then took an ostrich tickler, and began to tickle my stomach. She moved the tickler to my cock and balls. I became erect.

“You don’t have permission to get hard”, and struck my cock with the flogger.

She grabbed a bucket of ice, took an ice cube, and rubbed it on my cock. More pain. She moved the ice to my nipples, then my stomach, then the soles of my feet.

She removed the restraints.

“Get up. Bend over”.

She handcuffed me, then took a paddle and began to paddle my ass. The nipple clamps were still on, and she pulled on the leather string, causing pain.

Tracy then turned me around, and put a cock ring on me. This one had a ball harness, which hurt like hell. She then strapped on a dildo, lubed it up, and shoved it up my ass, and proceeded to fuck the crap out of me.

I was getting very close to cumming, when she stopped.

“You don’t have permission to cum”.

She removed the handcuffs. “Lick my boots”.

I complied. She struck me with the flogger as I cleaned her boots.

Tracy then ordered me into the bath tub. It was already full of water – cold water. I got in, freezing.

She put handcuffs back on me, then she shoved my head underwater. I fought, thinking I was going to drown. She then let my head up. I took a breath, and she shoved me under again. This went on for about 5 minutes, until I was exhausted. And terrified.

The door opened. In walked Jen. Jen is the wife of Tracy’s brother. Jen is my other sister in law.

“Hi, Doug. Think you can handle both of us?”. Unlike Tracy, Jen was nude. Jen is a blonde, huge D cup tits.

“Oh yea, bring it on”

Tracy then ordered me to the stocks. My head and arms in, I was helpless.

Tracy went wild. She too the bullwhip and whipped my ass. I was in agony. I plead for mercy, she struck harder and harder. Jen put her pussy in my face. “Eat me”. I licked and teased Jen’s pussy.

Tracy then took off her costume. Nude, she took Jen’s place, her pussy in my mouth and ordered me to eat her out.

I complied. I licked her wet, shaved pussy, focusing on her clit. She began to moan, thrusting her hips into my mouth. Jen went around back, and began to rim me. I’d never had a woman eat my ass before. It was heaven.

“Enough – I should have cum by now. You are the worst lover in the world”. Tracy spat in my face.

She took me out of the stocks, ordered me to strap on the dildo.

“Fuck the shit out of me”. I inserted the dildo in her pussy and began to fuck her. She moaned. Jen went in front of Tracy, and Tracy ate out Jen’s pussy while I ass fucked Tracy. Tracy came hard, screaming and panting.

Jen said “It is my turn”. Jen laid on the table, and ordered me to eat her out. I began eating her soft, wet pussy.

Tracy took anal beads and inserted into Jen’s ass. I mounted Jen and fucked her. Sucking her nipples, she began to dum. Tracy pulled the anal beads, and Jen exploded in orgasm.

Tracy said “Doug, you’ve suffered enough. Time for you to cum”.

I laid on the table. Jen went down on my cock, and Tracy put her pussy in my face. As Jen sucked me, I ate Tracy out.

I was very close to cumming, when Jen said “Switch!”.

Tracy pushed me off the table, went up on her hands and knees. “Fuck Me!”

I went up Tracy’s pussy from behind. Jen was under Tracy, licking Tracy’s clit. J

Tracy came hard. Jen got up, ordered me into the stocks.

Helpless, Jen, with the strap-on, began to ass fuck me. Tracy took my cock in her mouth and sucked me.

I blew my load into Tracy’s mouth. Tracy swallowed. “Yummy!”, she said.

Jen said “Hey, I want some of that cum”.

Tracy put a soft cover on the table. She asked me to lay down, face down. Tracy and Jen then began to give me a massage.

They took an hour massaging me. Not sensually – they wanted to de-sensitize me, so I could cum again. When I was on my back, at the end of the massage, Jen took my cock in her mouth. Tracy began to suck on my nipples, her tits in my face. I sucked Tracy’s tits.

I blew my load for the second time in an hour in Jen’s mouth. Jen swallowed.

The three of us went downstairs and showered together, then went to the back yard, and got into the hot tub. We discussed our desires, and talked about our next orgy.

Afterwards, we went to bed, sleeping together. Three lovers who have many erotic adventures to come.

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Tracy, My Sister in Law, Introduces me to BDSM

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Comments (3)
Anonymous reader — 02 January 2017 08:35
Anonymous reader — 30 December 2016 15:58
Good story. Needs more details about size, figures, hair color. (Okay Jen is blonde with "D" cup tits) What about Tracy? How tall are they? Is Doug hung? Is he bi? He did get the dildo in the ass from both of them.
More details would make it a better read.
Anonymous reader — 29 December 2016 08:49
good story
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