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  1. Men's Group Home
  2. Men's Group Home - Part 2

Men's Group Home - Part 2

Categories Fiction, Bestiality, Blowjob, Job/Place-of-work

Authror: jadejones

Published: 28 December 2016

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Coming in the morning for my shift, I went to visit with an elderly man in his seventies. I knocked softly on the door before walking into his room. “Good morning Ben, how are you doing today?” I approached him as he opened his eyes with a smile on his face.

“I’m good now that you’re here,” he answered winking at me.

“I can see that.” I sat next to him on the bed reaching my hand to cover his morning wood. I stroked my hand over the bulge covered by the blanket. “Do you want me to take care of that for you?”

“Yes, please,” he said eagerly like a little child. I pulled back the blanket and sheet to find Ben had pulled his pants and underwear down. He had a raging hard on with precum streaming out the tip sticking to his belly. My cunt warmed and dampened at the sight of this old man’s penis. I wrapped my right hand around his shaft and stroked slowly up and down. He moaned watching me. “Let me see your tits,” he said.

I unbuttoned my blouse and opened it to reveal my big breasts. I decided not to wear a bra anymore at work. My pink nipples were hardening. Ben reached his hands out to fondle and cup my tits. He traced his thumbs over my nipples licking his lips. I moaned feeling pleasure wash over my chest and move down my middle. My hand continued to move up and down on his cock pumping his flesh. More precum oozed out the tip. I leaned down taking the old man’s cock into my mouth to taste him and suck on him. He covered as much of my left tit as he could with his right hand and squeezed.

I licked the precum and covered him with my mouth pushing down sliding my lips. My tongue swirled and traced over his warm firm cock as I slid my mouth up and down on it sucking hard. I love sucking cocks especially old cock, and after tasting his precum I wanted so much to swallow his cum. I sucked harder and bobbed my head up and down faster. My hand continued to stroke his shaft and balls.

“Oh fuck yea,” he groaned squeezing his hand around my tit harder. His cock spasms inside my mouth spurting ropes of warm cum into it. I swallow the stream of liquid shooting to the back of my throat. I savor the taste of the old man’s creamy seed licking his prick clean.

I make my morning rounds checking in on the other men. I go in to see Teddy, another elderly man. He is already up and washing in his bathroom. “Good morning Teddy,” I said.

“Good morning, can you come in for a minute?” he called out to me. I walked into the bathroom to see him standing there naked. Ted is overweight and covered in gray hairs all over his chest, back, arms and legs. His appearance reminds me of a Teddy Bear. He likes that I call him that when I flirt with him.

“How are you? Do you need something Teddy Bear?” I noticed his cock stirring and hardening as we spoke.

“I just wanted to see you in here this morning. Can I have my hug for today?” He held his arms out and embraced me when I walked closer to him wrapping my arms around his waist. We hugged tightly. Teddy pressed his hard-on against my belly. I looked up at him and bit my lower lip feeling my cunt ache for him to fill me. “I want to look at you.” He unbuttoned my blouse to see my tits not covered by a bra. He sighed loudly cupping and fondling my tits in his hands. Teddy suckled on each nipple while squeezing them. Then he moved his hand down underneath the skirt I wore to feel my panties. They were damp. His fingers pushed the fabric aside and he sunk one finger into my cunt hole feeling my juices soak him. “Oh you’re ready for me. I want to fuck you from behind and watch you in the mirror. Stand here and bend over for me.” I listened to Teddy and rested my hands on the countertop facing the mirror above the bathroom sink. Leaning over, my breasts looked full and my nipples were pointing at us in the reflection.

Teddy pushes up my skirt and yanks my panties down to my knees. The head of his cock worked its way roughly into my wet cunt. He shoves himself all the way penetrating me to the hilt without trying to lubricate his cock along the way by easing it back and forth. The sting of it makes me cry aloud. Teddy grips his hands at my hips and begins pounding his member into my pussy from behind. His eyes are full of lust focusing on my big tits in the mirror. They bounce every time he thrusts into me. My nipples are hypnotizing as my breasts sway with every shake. “Do you like fucking old men?” He asked. “Are you a dirty whore?”

“Oh yes, I love fucking old men,” I cried. “It turns me on to please old cock. I want old men to fuck me all the time. I’m a dirty whore that needs cock all the time.” Teddy continues to moan thrusting himself harder and faster into me from behind. He reaches his hands around to cup my tits and squeeze. I feel his fingers pinch my nipples. An orgasm rips through my body the more his cock pumps into my spot. His potbelly slaps against my ass as he fucks me.

Teddy lets out a loud grunt and penetrates me deeply. His cock tenses and releases his semen into me. I feel him slide slowly out of me as he continues to shoot his cum. Some of it lands on my cunt lips and he pushes his cock back into me forcing his seed inside me as more of it spills out. It felt so good to let this old man fuck me and empty himself inside me.

After lunch, I go in to see one of the newer residents in his bedroom. The men stay locked in their rooms for the quiet hour. I knock on his door and open it to see if he’s available. He greets me at the door. “Hi Eric, I wanted to check in on you to make sure you have everything you need. Do you mind if I come in?” I asked flashing him a sexy smile. He grinned back.

“Sure,” he said letting me in and shutting the door. He locks it and turns his attention back to me. I can tell that he’s slow enough to be considered mentally retarded but he didn’t have Down syndrome like some of the other men. He seemed sweet and a little goofy. It was clear that there was something wrong with him developmentally. After seeing him around for a few weeks when he moved in, I guessed he was in his forties or early fifties. I learned that he was actually sixty-one years old. Now that I am up close and talking with him, he does look like he is in his sixties.

His hair sticks out from the baseball cap he always wears. It looks whiter than it does blonde when I’m up close. He has a boyish face and smile with wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and mouth. Eric seemed shy having trouble making eye contact with me. He kept blushing and looking down fidgeting with his hands. “You’re very pretty,” he said.

“Thank you. My name’s Anna. I don’t think we’ve been introduced.” I reach my hand out to shake his hand. He takes it and holds it for a lot longer than normal. I let him hold my hand and I step closer to him brushing my chest against him. “If you need anything just let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.” I looked around the room and noticed that it is a little messy. “Let me straighten up a little for you so you’re more comfortable in here. How do you like it here so far?” I ask while beginning to make his bed.

“I like it,” he mutters and then pauses for a while. As I lean over to adjust the sheets, I look up at him waiting to hear what he would say next. I catch him staring down my blouse at my bare tits. The top two buttons were undone and with me bending over, he could see everything perfectly down my top. “I like it a lot.”

“Do you?” I ask walking over to him undoing the rest of the buttons on my shirt. I open my blouse to reveal my breasts to him. He nodded dumbly at me reaching his hands out to fondle my tits. The mentally retarded old man cupped and kneaded them eagerly suckling on each of my nipples. I feel juices leaking from my slit wetting my panties. He excitedly sucks and plays with my tits. I put my hand down the front of his pants feeling his cock. It felt hard like a stick poking out at the fabric of his underwear.

I undo his pants and pull them down along with his underwear. His cock springs out at me oozing a string of precum from the tip that clung to his underpants. I gather the fluid on my fingers and wrap my hand around his erection to stroke it. Eric moans and breathes heavily dropping his mouth open. He stares at his cock with a lustful look on his face. His eyes are hooded and he watches me dumbly as I play with his throbbing member. The more I touch it and pump it in my hands, the more I want it shoved up inside me.

“Do you want to see mine now that I’ve seen yours?” I ask. He nods at me. I pull down my panties letting them fall to the floor. I step out of them and sit on the edge of the bed. Opening my legs and lying back on Eric’s bed, I show my bare cunt to him. It feels wet and it’s aching for his cock. He sighs loudly at the sight of me spreading my glistening sex to him while lying on his bed. The mentally retarded old man eagerly rubs the head of his cock into my folds forcing it into my opening when he starts to sink in. I gasp as he drives himself all the way into my tunnel. As much cock as I’ve had, my cunt still remains tight, clenching and sucking every swollen prick that pumps into it. “Oh God!” I cry.

Eric moans as he begins to pound his penis into my g-spot. His hands hold onto my hips so he can fuck me harder and faster. The old retarded man greedily humps into me leaning his weight against me on his bed. His eyes are filled with desire hypnotized by my shaking tits. The more he pumps into me over and over again, the more my breasts bounce back and forth. He focuses on them while stroking his cock into me. I cum hard feeling his manhood spasm and swell pumping in and out of me. The retarded man shudders as he shoots his semen into my womb filling me up with his sperm. We orgasm at the same time gripping our hands on each other’s bodies. He grunts pressing his mouth onto mine kissing me hard.

I feel him pull out of my slit letting some of his seed spill out. Another spurt of his cum shoots on to my raw and sore cunt lips. He lets out another moan grabbing his cock. The man shudders again pumping his fist over his shaft. He pulled out of me too soon and he needed to jerk himself to satisfaction. I gather his creamy white glob of cum from my sex onto my fingers. He watches me lick it from my fingers. I swallow his warm seed rolling its salty flavor over my tongue. My cunt still aches for more cock.

At the end of my shift, I left to go home. Before I reach my car in the parking lot, I run into the janitor. He has the dog with him. “Hi there,” I greet him.

“Hey are you leaving already? I thought you and I could have some fun before you go,” he said with a sly smile. The chubby man looks at me up and down with lust, and then he looks down at Max sitting obediently and panting loudly.

"Sure that sounds good. I have the time.” I follow the janitor into the woods as he walks the dog along with us. We reach the same spot we were at the last time. He had already put down a towel.

“Can you take off all your clothes this time?” He asks me. The thought of this fat man watching the dog fuck me while I’m naked on all fours turns me on. I agree and undress. The janitor salivates at the sight of my big bare breasts and bare cunt as I kneel down to pet the dog. Max sniffs my pussy and begins to lick it. I caress the dog’s cock urging it out of its sheath. My cunt is so wet and it throbs as I watch fluid drip from the tip of the red veiny penis. I lean my head down to take the dog’s cock into my mouth catching his fluid and sucking my lips down over his length. My left hand caresses the dog’s balls while my right pumps his cock. “God you’re so hot sucking the dog’s cock. Do you like doing it?”

“Mmmm, yes I love it. I love sucking the dog off and swallowing doggy cum.” I moaned licking my tongue over the warm flesh of the dog’s penis. I held my right hand over its shaft and sucked on the tip of it swallowing more of the warm sweet fluid that dripped from the dog. I slide my mouth back and forth over the length of the canine sucking him off. He pants and whines with excitement wanting to fuck me.

“I want him to fuck me now,” I say pulling my mouth away from the dog’s prick. I get onto my hands and knees calling to Max. He knows to mount me from behind. His warm fur brushes against my skin when he leans his weight on me. I feel the dog’s cock poke at my ass searching desperately for my cunt. It jabs at my wet folds and finds my opening plunging into me quickly.

“Oh my God!” I cry out. The dog sinks his cock all the way penetrating me deeply. He starts humping into me with a fury pounding his swollen member back and forth in my tunnel. I rock back against him sliding my cunt over the canine’s pumping penis feeling it bump my spot repeatedly. The dog fucks me so hard making me cum quickly.

“You have a visitor,” the janitor said to me with his pants and boxers down to his knees. I see Corky walk up to us from behind the bushes where the janitor came from the last time this happened. “I couldn’t help but tell him about this. It’s too hot not to share.”

“Oh no,” I moaned as the dog humps his cock into me. I can’t stop cumming while Corky and the janitor watch the canine fuck me. Their mouths hung open drooling at the sight of my big tits swaying with every thrust of the dog’s penis into me.

“Damn this is making me so hard,” Corky said undoing his pants coming closer to me. “You make every man here hard.” He laughed and stroked his erection in his hand. The thought of fucking every man that lived here turned me on. I could even have some of the cocks on staff here too.

Corky and the janitor took turns fucking my mouth while the dog continued to stroke his cock into my cunt. I licked and sucked the men’s cocks hearing them moan with pleasure. Max buries himself all the way inside me and knots me. The dog’s pushing hard against my g-spot making me cum over and over again. It won’t stop and I’m moaning trying not to move around too much as the dog is tied with me. I feel the canine’s warm seed pour into me. It feels like a bucket of doggy cum spilling into me, out my slit and down my thighs.

Minutes go by as the two men continued to fuck their cocks in and out of my mouth. The amount of semen the dog releases into me feels endless. It turns me on so much to let these men and their dog use my body for their sexual pleasure. I just couldn’t help that I need so much cock all the time. The dog’s seed drips out after he pulls out of me.

The janitor is eager to get behind me and sink his hard penis into my doggy cum filled cunt. I tighten around his pumping member to adjust to the difference in shape and size of him compared to the dog. “God your tight little pussy makes me feel so good. I love my job,” the chubby man said eagerly stroking himself into me.

“Oh fuck me, yes, harder please, yes god oh fuck,” I cry out. I cover Corky’s erection with my mouth feeling him slide it back and forth. My tongue circles all over his stroking flesh. He plays with my tits waiting his turn to fuck me. I feel like such a dirty whore letting these men and their dog fuck me while I’m nude on all fours in the woods like a bitch in heat. I moan cumming hard on the man’s thrusting cock. He laughs shoving himself harder and faster into me. His hands grip my hips as he fucks me roughly. I climax feeling the janitor’s cock push apart my cunt walls, pounding into my spot. He penetrates me deeply grabbing my tits. The man sinks into me all the way releasing his semen into my womb. My sore cunt is throbbing from all the fucking. I was pleased to milk the janitor’s cock.

When Corky fucks me, he wants me on my back with my legs spread open. I lie naked letting this retarded man bury his penis inside my raw wet cunt. He pounds into me and says, “My daddy fucked my mommy like this when I was younger. He said I should always fuck a woman like a whore if she’s willing to fuck me.” He looks at my tits distracted as he humps himself into me. He grabs them pushing them together as they bounced with his thrusts. Corky suckles on my nipples while fucking me. I climax feeling his fat cock pumping furiously into me. I watch as this man with Down syndrome pulls his mouth away and lets it hang open the harder he fucks me. I wanted this retarded man to cum inside me again. I press my tits up against his chest.

“God yes, fuck me like a whore,” I moan. He pushes deeply into me releasing his warm seed into my womb with the doggy cum and the janitor’s cum.

Corky is through emptying his balls inside me. His cock is still hard shoved deep within me. The retarded man kisses me pushing his tongue into my mouth. “Can you come back tonight? I want to see you again. I can’t wait until tomorrow.” His pleading tone and throbbing erection are enough to make me agree to meet with him later.

I shower and groom myself so that I’m smooth all over. My supple curves are soft and I feel fresh and clean. When it’s late at night, I return to the men’s home wearing a tight blouse and skirt with heels. I sneak into Corky’s bedroom in the dark and climb onto his bed.

“You look and smell incredible,” he says kissing me and pawing at my chest. As my eyes adjust to the darkness of the room, Corky wastes no time and begins unbuttoning my blouse. My shirt is open and my tits are bare with my nipples erect and pointing at him. The mentally retarded man eagerly sucks on my tits making me moan with pleasure. His tongue circles over my puffy nipples while his hands move up my skirt to find my wet cunt without panties. He dips his finger into me pumping it back and forth. I look across the room and I see that Danny is watching us with Max sitting at his feet. There is a much smaller man with them. I recognized him from the kitchen staff. He’s a midget that I saw working at the home sometimes when I walked around. The thought of letting this midget fuck me turned me on so much. I rocked my hips as the retarded man fingered my pussy.

“That feels good Corky. I see we have an audience,” I moan excitedly.

“I recorded you and the dog fucking and showed it to Danny and Eddie. They want to watch him fuck you too.” Corky fondles my tits and then pulls my blouse off me so I’m only wearing my short skirt. “Come here Max. This gets me so hard. Get down on your hands and knees and let the dog fuck you.” It turns me on how he orders me to pleasure the dog. I get down on all fours and lift my skirt up showing my bare cunt.

The dog eagerly mounts me as I submit to him letting him penetrate me once again. Pleasure shoots through me when the canine’s prick pushes into my opening sinking all the way in me. Danny, Corky and Eddie watch as the dog begins to fuck my slick cunt sliding his swollen member in and out. The canine is quick to knot me making me cum hard. The two men with Down syndrome are turned on to see me filled with doggy cum and the dog’s cock inside me. I’m moaning feeling an orgasm that won’t end. The dog has lodged itself inside me filling me up. I please the dog milking it of its semen with my clenching cunt.

Corky forces his raging hard on into my mouth and fucks eagerly. Danny has his cock in his hand and his other hand gropes my swaying tits. Eddie does the same with his swollen dick in his right hand and his left hand reaches underneath me to fondle my tits too. Corky does not hold on any longer and he shoots his cum in my mouth. The taste of the retarded man’s warm semen made me swallow every spurt eagerly. The men continue to watch and touch themselves as the dog’s knot shrinks and he finishes using my pussy. I remain on all fours with just my skirt around my waist, my tits still hanging and doggy cum dripped from my raw cunt. I felt like such a dirty whore letting an animal use my fuck hole and getting off while it did it. I wanted to milk its cock and let it fill me with its seed.

Danny gets behind me eager to fuck me. He forces his cock into my tunnel as I take the midget’s cock into my mouth. The retarded man pumps himself in me pounding into my pleasure spot. He cups his hands over my tits rubbing his fingers over my nipples. I lick and suck hard while the midget rocks his hips fucking my mouth. His penis is thick and long just like the other men, but the rest of him is so much smaller. My cunt clenches around Danny’s stroking cock when I reach orgasm. I moan sucking down harder on the midget circling my tongue over his warm swollen flesh. I submit to the midget pleasing his erection with my tongue and lips. He groans continuing to fuck my mouth when Danny begins to cum in my pussy. He tightens his hold on my breasts penetrating me deeply. I feel him emptying into me.

When the midget wants to fuck me, he wants me on my back on the floor. The little man is quick to sink his cock into my cum filled cunt. I moan and writhe against him as he humps himself into my slit. I feel myself reaching orgasm again with this midget pounding into me. He pushes my tits together and starts suckling on them fucking me furiously. “Oh my god. Fuck yes, please fuck me harder, I’m cumming again,” I cry out as the small man humps his swollen cock into my pussy. He sucks and fucks making me moan and cum with pleasure. I feel him penetrate me deeply while suckling hard on my tits. I’ve never been with a man so small before, it feels like a boy is fucking me with a huge penis.

The midget cums and I grab his ass holding him inside me wanting all of his warm semen to fill me up. I still ache to be fucked. The dog’s cock continues to swell and drip with cum. It looks so inviting I want it buried inside me. I get back on my hands and knees waiting for it to mount me again. I stick my ass out offering my warm velvety cunt to the dog. He mounts me with excitement poking the end of his cock at my folds. The canine’s sperm streams from its penis. When it finds my entrance and plunges in, I feel it slide into me with ease. The dog is eager to fuck me like his whore again. He is the alpha in charge and I’m bending over letting him use my pussy. I shudder climaxing again while the animal strokes himself into me. I fall into rhythm sliding my cunt back over its pumping length.

The men watch in awe as I submit to the dog again letting it fuck me like I’m his bitch. I moan covering my face with my hands. “Oh my god, I can’t stop cumming,” I moan lifting my ass higher and tightening my hole. The canine’s furious thrusting slowed and he swelled knotting me once more. The orgasm becomes more intense and my body trembles while wave after wave of pleasure crash over me. I am on my knees impaled on the dog’s swollen cock. His cum is heavier flowing into my womb, spilling out and bathing my cunt and thighs. The animal packed my pussy and released so much sperm it felt like he was peeing into me. I stay tied to the dog like that feeling like a dirty whore.

“Do you like being fucked by a dog?” The midget asks me. He is hard again stroking himself and pointing the tip of his cock at my face.

“Oh God yea, I love being fucked by a dog. I want to be filled with doggy cum,” I moaned hoping to suck off the midget. “I want to suck you off. I want to swallow your sperm.” I open my mouth letting the midget push in his throbbing member. He fucks my mouth in quick thrusts shooting his seed after a few pumps. I taste the midget’s semen gulping it down as it spurted into my mouth. I crave to drink more cum.

The dog understands now that I’ve submitted to him every time he’s wanted to fuck. I’m his whore to use whenever he wants the relief of using my tight hole. He continues to claim my cunt by staying inside me. Corky and Danny take turns stroking their throbbing cocks into my mouth. I suck them off with the canine’s prick still inside me. I eagerly swallow the men’s semen while the dog’s knot shrinks and he pulls out excitedly. The mutt trots around me with his swollen dripping cock bouncing around. I wait knowing he’s not done with me yet. The dog returns to me. He mounts me and his member finds my hole easily this time sinking in all the way. I cry out with pleasure. The canine pounds into me furiously, owning my pussy as he makes me cum again and again. I remained on all fours letting the animal fuck me for as long as it wanted until it wore itself out.

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Men's Group Home - Part 2

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Comments (2)
Anonymous reader — 05 January 2017 10:48
you are a good care giver to old men, your facility will not empty and you will get a big rate this year.
James Dylan Dean — 29 December 2016 23:26
I hope that when I am put into a care facility that you are there for me, too!!!! hehehehe
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