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Christmas gift for Daddy

Categories Fantasy

Authror: Daddy_Frank

Published: 28 December 2016

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My wife woke up early on Christmas morning. I felt her get out of bed and go into the bathroom. Her favorite thing on the weekends and holidays is to soak in her tub. With the built in heater, she sets the timer for a nice thirty minute soak. I rolled over and went back to sleep, enjoying my nice warm bed.

I felt her come back into bed and spoon in front of me. She was pressing her nude ass against my morning wood.

“What's wrong honey, didn't feel like a bath?” I asked. I wrapped my hand around her, touching her from her flat belly to her ample breasts. When I grabbed her breast, I felt something wrong. It was way too firm. My wife has great breasts, but they are getting a little softer with age. I looked over the blonde head in front of me and saw my daughter Megan.

“MEGAN, what are you doing? Are you crazy coming in here like that?”

“Happy Birthday daddy. I wanted to give you something special for your birthday and Christmas.”

“Baby, I'm your father, you can't come into my bed like that. You are naked. A father shouldn't be with his daughter like that.”

“Daddy, I see the way you look at me, I know you want me too. I have known for years that I wanted to give myself to you on my eighteenth birthday. I've felt this connection with you that is beyond this world. We were both born on Christmas Day. That is a truly holy connection. I want you daddy and I know you want me too. Please daddy, don't turn me away. I love you.”

Looking at my beautiful daughter, knowing she was right. I have been lusting for her for years.

“OK baby, but we don't have much time. Your mom has about twenty minutes left in her bath. When the hair dryer comes on, you need to be out of here.”

“Oh, thank you daddy. I have dreamed of this day for years.”

I lay her fully on her back, admiring her beautiful face. My wife had Megan when she was young. Many people think they are sisters. Megan reminds me of her mom at her age. I was the first for her too. I kissed her gently on the lips. Pulling back, I asked, “Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes Daddy, make me a woman today.”

I kissed her again, a little firmer and allowing my tongue to tickle her lips. She responded to my kiss, opening her mouth to take my tongue inside. We kissed for a few minutes with me touching her firm body. The body I helped create over eighteen years earlier. I slipped my hand down to her shaven pussy. She parted her legs allowing me access. I gently rubbed my hand up and down her slit, feeling the wetness beneath my fingers. I gently parted her vulva, slipping a finger inside and feeling her hymen still intact. She let out a gentle moan as I slowly fingered her virgin pussy.

I moved my mouth to her luscious breasts. The breasts I have strained to see at times. Looking down her shirt while helping her with homework. Trying to see the outline of them in her thin nightshirts.

Moving my way down, I kissed her flat abdomen. I kissed the top of her right thigh down to her knee, kissing my way back up on the inside of her thigh. I kissed the top of her pussy, teasing her. I kissed down her left thigh and back up. She was quivering as I slowly blew across her pussy. Slowly and lightly kissing and licking the outside of her pussy. Licking up her slit from the bottom to the top, grazing her clit.

“Oh, daddy. I've never felt so wonderful in my life.”

“I wish I had more time baby. I would make you feel even better.”

I worked her pussy until she had her first orgasm. Then slowly, I rubbed my cock head against her entrance.

“Last chance to back out.”

“Please daddy, don't stop. Make me a woman. Make me YOUR woman.”

I slowly pressed inside her, letting her get used to the new sensation inside her. I could feel her hymen pressing against my cock. Quickly, I slid inside her, breaking her hymen and making her a woman. My woman. There was a tear running down her cheek.

“Are you OK baby?”

“Yes daddy, it is wonderful. Everything I thought it would be.”

I picked up my pace, pulling my cock out until just the head was inside and then sliding fully back into her. Kissing her mouth, feeling those wonderful breasts I had been denied for years.

“Daddy, don't stop, I'm cumming again. OOOH DADDY DON'T STOP. Yes, yes, yes, I'm cumming daddy.

“I'm cumming too baby. Daddy loves your tight young pussy.”

I came and came like never before. Filling her tight young pussy with the semen that made her.

“That was everything I have ever wanted daddy.”

“Me too baby, I have wanted you for years. But now, we need to hurry. I need to get cleaned up before your mom gets out of the bath, and you need to get back into your room.”

“Let me clean you daddy. Lay on your back.”

I lay on my back and my daughter got between my legs. She slowly licked my cock from the base to the tip. She grabbed my cock and started licking all around, cleaning her juices from me. She slowly put my cock in her mouth. Running her tongue around the head to get it clean. She took more and more of me into her mouth, bobbing up and down, swallowing the juices. She swallowed my cock to the base, getting all of it into her mouth and throat. Licking and sucking until she heard the blow dryer come on in the bathroom.

“I guess I have to leave you now daddy.” She quickly kissed me and ran out of the room.

I lay there for few minutes waiting for my wife to come out of the bathroom. I closed my eyes, reliving the ecstasy I had just enjoyed with my daughter.

My wife slipped under the covers and kissed me. Grabbing my cock, she said, “It looks like you enjoyed your birthday present.”

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Christmas gift for Daddy

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Comments (16)
reaiiay67 — 10 January 2017 23:03
Nice story and it's actually short but I like it
Anonymous reader — 01 January 2017 21:18
Wow...nw that's a bday present!
Anonymous reader — 01 January 2017 20:26
nice surprise ending
Anonymous reader — 01 January 2017 15:00
A good quick short story, a series of these would do well.
Don't worry about the haters.
Anonymous reader — 01 January 2017 00:37
Good short story. Got me hard and wanting a little more so I can finish.
Anonymous reader — 30 December 2016 20:00
too many haters this played out like a porno cheesy yet good with a twist at the end 4 stars
Anonymous reader — 30 December 2016 16:25
A fun quickie! Yay!
Anonymous reader — 29 December 2016 12:39
Boooooo this reads like a teenager wrote it
Anonymous reader — 29 December 2016 12:36
Dumb as hell " make a woman of me " is so played out you should buy a dictionary
Anonymous reader — 29 December 2016 08:21
please let there be a part 2 with the mom and daughter
Anonymous reader — 28 December 2016 23:55
still childish
Anonymous reader — 28 December 2016 20:59
there should be a second part. Sounds like the mother was in on it though. Hope the father got the daughter pregnant
Anonymous reader — 28 December 2016 19:06
Why didnt I ever get a xmas or b-day present like that
Anonymous reader — 28 December 2016 15:58
That was unexpected
Anonymous reader — 28 December 2016 13:18
You have to do a part 2
Tiger_t — 28 December 2016 12:41
Great story, keep them cumming.
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