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Saving My Marriage - part 14

Categories Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex

Author: Shutter

Published: 27 December 2016

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Wow! What a revelation! Lots of experiences and changes for our now happy couple… and more. More excitement and changes to come. This is part true story, part fantasy. I have also tried to incorporate some suggestions from readers. I look forward to any feedback you, our faithful readers, can provide. I am still very new to this writing thing, so any suggestions you can give to help me become better are greatly appreciated. Put a comment at the bottom or shoot me a message. Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy this next installment.


I sat in the rattan chair, sipping on my beer, I relaxed to the sound of the waves against the beach. The full moon lit up the night and sparkled on the crests of the waves. I was a little surprised to see a couple walking along the beach at this time of night… but I guess it would be pretty romantic. I will have to remember that if we stayed another night on the small island.

I broke off from people watching when I heard the sliding door open. Amy and Steph, wrapped back up in their robes, came out, each holding a beer. As they sat down in their own chairs, they began apologizing profusely for falling asleep. They felt bad because they had left me out.

"It is perfectly fine." I set my beer down and took each of their hands. "This was about you… Stephanie, you needed to connect. To feel comfortable. To see the two of you make love was amazing and was a wonderful end to the evening."

Amy and Stephanie looked at each other and shared a devious grin between them. Standing up, they seductively untied their robes and dropped them at my feet. "Who said the evening had to end yet?" Stephanie and Amy kneeled in front of me. Amy reached up and untied the drawstring on my sleep pants. They each took a hold of my pants and began tugging on them, but they didn't really go anywhere.

"Listen mister, a little help would be nice!" Stephanie said at me with a fake stern look on her face. I laughed and raised my hips a bit until they could slide my pants off. As soon as they had my pants past my feet, Amy balled them up and tossed them over the balcony! "Oops, guess we won't be needing those anymore." The girls then began to pull my boxer briefs off. I quickly swatted their hands away.

"Uh uh, nope. I am not losing these over the balcony too!" Laughing, I pulled my own underwear off and made a show of throwing them towards the door.

As soon as the underwear bounced off the glass door, the girls pounced on me. Their mouths met in a kiss with the head of my penis right in the middle. I could feel their tongues dancing. The feeling was amazing and my head dropped back against the chair. The girls spent the next few minutes sharing my penis between their mouths. I felt a mouth slide over the head and slide all the way down. Then I felt a tongue licking along my ball sack. It was the most intense sensation and I opened my eyes to look down. Amy was sliding her lips up and down along my shaft, staring deeply at me. Stephanie had ducked her head and was licking me, but she also had her eyes upon me as well. Seeing the love in their eyes only intensified the sensation.

Amy slid up and flicked her tongue right on the tip of my penis. She let go and shuffled out of the way. She pulled Stephanie up and guided her to my penis to take over where she left off. As Stephanie started to drop to her knees, Amy grabbed her hips and held her up so that she was bent over at the waist and leaning down to suck me. As Amy started to move away from Stephanie, some movement caught my eye through the railings of the balcony. I turned my head slightly so I could see who or what was moving. I had forgotten about the couple walking along the beach earlier, but there they were. They had stopped next to a palm tree, standing and talking. Suddenly the man glanced our way and pointed. His lady companion turned and looked as well.

I jumped a little and tried to get the girl's attention without making a scene. I suddenly realized that the lights were still on in the room so we could easily be seen from the beach.

"Um, Stephanie, Amy… maybe we should take this inside. There is a couple down at the beach watching us."

"Well, lets give them a show." With that, Amy knelt down behind Stephanie and began to lick Stephanie from the base of her penis to her ass. Stephanie moaned into my penis and redoubled her efforts with her mouth. I tried to reconcile the amazing sensation running up and down my penis and knowing that there were absolute strangers watching us. I stole a quick glance and was surprised to see that the girl was now on her knees and obviously going down on the man as he leaned against the palm tree.

Amy stood up from behind Stephanie and wrapped her arms around her. Lifting her up and turning her around, she brought her in for a kiss. When they broke the kiss, Amy looked down at me… or more importantly, at my fully erect penis. "So, it looks like he is ready," and then reaching down she ran her fingers across Stephanie's wet lips, "and it feels like you are too!" With that, she backed Stephanie up between my legs. She knelt down and reached between Stephanie's legs. With one hand she grabbed my penis and held it in place. With the other hand she gently pushed against Stephanie until she began to sit down. Amy gently aimed my member until it his Stephanie's magic spot. I could feel her wet, warm lips envelope my penis as she slid down upon me.

Amy stood and leaned in and gave Stephanie a kiss, then reached past her and kissed me as well. When Amy separated from us, Stephanie noticed our visitors. She motioned for Amy to peak as well. As we all stole hidden glances, we could see that the couple had switched places and the girl had her back against the palm tree and one of her legs wrapped over the man's shoulder. His face was buried into her and he was pleasuring her with his mouth. Her hands were wrapped into his hair and her head was thrown back in pleasure.

Stephanie began to use her hips to grind against me. She wagged her finger at Amy to draw her in closer. They began to kiss passionately and Amy began to tweak Stephanie's nipple. She released her lips and dropped her mouth to Stephanie's other nipple and begun to suck and nibble on it. Stephanie leaned her head back on my shoulder and I began to kiss and lick her neck and nibble her ear. She quickly began to react and her own penis began to stand up erect from her lap. Amy noticed and began to kiss down her chest, stomach, and ending at the tip of her penis. Amy began to give Stephanie a deep, sloppy, wet blowjob. Looking over Stephanie's shoulder I could see her penis glistening in the light. After only a minute, Amy stood up. "You wanted to give them a show Stephanie? Let's give them a show."

Amy turned around and scooted back to Stephanie's lap. She reached down and aimed Stephanie into her and sat down slowly, impaling herself on Stephanie's long, hard cock. Amy gave an discrete point towards our visitors to point out how much they were enjoying the show. The girl was bent at the waist, arms wrapped aroun was bent at the waist, arms wrapped around the palm tree, shoulder against the trunk and her head turned up to stare directly at us. Her man was behind her, slamming into her like there was no tomorrow. We could hear her moans of passion and his grunts at his exertion.

Amy leaned forward a bit, rested her hands on her knees, and lifted her hips from Stephanie until her cock was barely resting inside Amy. Stephanie grasped the arms of the rattan chair I was sitting in. Using her athletic abs, she began to thrust her hips quickly. With this action, she began sliding deep into Amy while rising up on my penis. She continued thrusting and dropping. Amy began moaning with pleasure, but Stephanie was about three times as vocal. It only took a few minutes of thrusting before she was screaming out in orgasm, her body shuddering and then collapsing back against me. Her legs were shaking, her breath was rasping, and she was shedding tears - not from sadness but from being purely overwhelmed by the body-rocking orgasm. As soon as Stephanie quieted down, we could hear another woman reaching orgasm. Our peeping-toms had climaxed and were quickly trying to get dressed again.

Stephanie turned her face into my neck and started laughing. "Oh my god… that was intense!" Amy started slowly grinding against Stephanie. With a jump, Stephanie grabbed Amy by her hips and lifted Amy off of her lap. "I am sorry, I am super sensitive. Sorry." Stephanie slowly stood up, knees still weak. She traded places with Amy and helped her straddled my cock. As soon as Amy has enveloped my penis, Stephanie gently grabbed my hips and slid me forward on the seat, causing me to lean back. Stephanie then softly pushed Amy back until she was laying on my chest. "Okay big guy, this is up to you."

As I began to slide in and out of Amy, Stephanie got down on her knees in front of us. She leaned forward, placing her hands on my shins. Dropping her head, she began to lick Amy's clit. Amy gasped and dug her fingers into my arms. We continued this until Amy began whispering under her breath: "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum" over and over. Stephanie began to lick faster and harder. Speaking up more clearly, Amy said: "Oh my god, I am cumming!" With that, Stephanie sucked deeply on Amy's clit and began flicking it with the end of her tongue. Hearing her finish sent me over the edge and I began pumping faster until I thrust forward, held myself deeply in her and emptied myself.

Amy began bucking and writhing until she slumped against me. After a moments rest, Amy climbed off of me, took Stephanie and I by the hand and led us into the room. We collapsed upon the bed, and sleep overtook us.


I awoke to a plethora of commotion in the room. The shower was running and Stephanie was heading into the bathroom to jump in. Amy was frantically drying off from just getting out of the shower while also trying to pack up her gear. I must have groaned as I was sitting up, because Amy turned to me. "Hey there sleepyhead. Up and at 'em. We don't have much time until check-out and we need to hit the ferry soon."

I climbed out of bed and started getting ready for the day. After throwing on some khaki slacks and a dress shirt from my carry-on bag, I jumped into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face. Stephanie stepped out of the shower and quickly grabbed a towel to dry off. Amy stuck her head in to see how far along we were. She tossed Stephanie a yellow sundress and disappeared. As Stephanie started pulling on a pair of yellow silk and lace boy shorts, I was able to see her do magical tuck trick and by the time she had her underwear over her hips, her manhood was almost unnoticeable. She slipped the sundress over her head and started brushing out her hair. I stepped out and finished packing up my stuff. A few moments later Stephanie emerged from the bathroom, her hair in a braid that hung over her shoulder.

Within a matter of minutes from the time I rolled out of bed, we were at the front desk turning in our key. The girls had already called a taxi and it was waiting to take us to the docks.


As the ferry pulled up to the main island, we made our way over to the rental car and loaded our bags into the trunk. Stephanie cranked the engine, turned the A/C on high, and we were on our way.

"When we get back to our hotel, we are going to drop you off. We have a few things to take care of and finalize today. When you are ready, you are supposed to meet Gabriel at the bookstore. We arranged for a fun day for you with hopefully an even bigger surprise this evening."

I could help but wonder what they had to "finalize," but I have learned pretty quickly that when these two were up to something, they were not going to spill the beans.

It took a little longer than expected to get back into town due to heavy traffic on the highway, so the girls just dropped me off directly at the bookstore before taking up quickly. I made my way inside and saw Gabriel sitting in the reading area with a stack of papers. Some looked like school work while others looked more official. As he saw me approaching, he cleaned up his area and slipped everything into a leather satchel at his feet.

"Ah, the trusty professor satchel! My favorite professor gave me one on my graduation day. It has seen better days but I consider it just now broken in." He stood and when I went to shake his hand, he grabbed me in a hug.

"Ah, you will learn that on the island, friends hug!" He said with a big grin. "So where is your satchel now?"

With a sigh, I admitted a great sadness. "Ever since I took the Dean position, I have very little use for it now. It is sitting on a shelf in my office back home."

"Well, it is too bad that it is not with you right now. It would come in handy. Come, I have a surprise for you!" With that, he lead me to the back of the store and through a large wooden door. We were in a large storage area which led to a back door. We exited and were in a small parking lot with a few cars. Gabriel stepped over and unlocked the door on a pristine 1993 4-door Land Rover Defender, with all black paint and details. It was absolutely gorgeous! He opened the door for me and then went around to the driver's side. We climbed in and buckled up. I could help but gush over such a beautiful vehicle.

"Ah, yes, it has treated me very well and gets around to all of the little adventures I have with ease. I will definitely miss it when it is gone." With that, he put her in reverse and backed out into the alleyway. Turning left onto the main street, we were on our way. About 15 minutes later we came around a bend and over a hill. There in front of us was a beautiful college campus. It was not as large as mine, but you could immediately see the artistry in the architecture, statues, and amazing landscaping.

"This was the very first university on the island. It actually started as a monastery founded by Spanish explorers. We have tried to keep the architecture in line with it's rich history." He zipped around a large roundabout and hit an offshoot. We came around a large building and pulled into a parking spot next to the entrance. There was a small sign that stated that this spot was reserved for Gabriel.

We exited the vehicle and entered the building. We made our way to the third floor and down a long hallway. We reached a wooden door with Gabriel's name on it. Stepping into his office, the very first thing he did was show me the view. It was amazing. It was a corner office. The north facing window looked out over a large quad and towards a beautiful amphitheater directly across and what was labeled the library adjacent. The east facing window had an ocean view. We could see ships in the distance, and some windsurfers and surfers catching some waves no more than 500 yards away. He gestured for me to sit for a moment while he gathered some more paperwork, including some notes on a lecture he was preparing. He started asking me about my specialties and favorite subjects to teach on. When I told him that while I was a bit of a geek for all history, military history was one of my specialties. He smiled and handed me a textbook. I was shocked when I looked down at it. It was the textbook that I had written a number of years back for my American History 1 course, before taking my new position. He seemed really pleased to hear that.

With a slap of his hand on the desk, he exclaimed that we were running late. He jumped up, and hustled out the door. I had no choice but to follow. We quick-stepped down the hallway and turned a corner. We entered another door and I realized that we were in a fairly decent sized lecture hall. It was full of students, waiting patiently.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that we have visiting with us today a professor from the United States!" He then went on to give a run-down of my resume and accomplishments, including the fact that I was the author of the very textbook they were using in class. He turned to me and explained that they had just covered the firing on Fort Sumter and were planning on talking about three of the significant battles I covered in the chapter. With a smile and a wink, he said. "The floor is yours." He then walked towards the back of the hall where the lights were dim and the light from the projector cast everything in silhouettes.

I quickly got over my shock, and with an ease that I did not expect, I easily slipped back in to professor mode. I spoke to the students for about an hour, and then opened the floor for questions. We talked for another half hour before Gabriel stepped back up to the front of the room and thanked me for helping him with his class today. The students actually stood and clapped for me in appreciation. I knew it was because I was a visitor and not because I dazzled them with my brilliance or anything. But then the strangest thing happened. The students began to line up to shake my hand, thank me personally for coming, and a good many of them asked me to autograph their textbook for them. It was both an amazing and humbling experience. The last person in line was a much older gentleman, dressed sharply in a three-piece suit.

He introduced himself as the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Humanities. He came to hear me teach because Gabriel had filled him in on my guest lecture. Jokingly I told him that I wish Gabriel had filled me in on it beforehand. He raised and eyebrow and expressed shock that I had handled myself so well without any time to prepare. He thanked me again for coming to speak. "If you ever decide to make your way down to our little island, please look me up. We could always use a good teacher like yourself." He then handed me his business card and left.

As we left the classroom and flipped off the lights, I teasingly gave Gabriel a hard time about ambushing me like that. He clapped me on the back and reminded me that I was a teacher first and foremost. "You seemed so brokenhearted when you spoke about missing the classroom. I just had to give you this one gift." And it was a gift. It reminded me of when I was happiest at my job.

We left the building and Gabriel gave me a short tour of the campus. We stopped and had espressos on the patio of a café next to the campus bookstore. I couldn't help but look around at the scenery and realize just how amazing the place was. "I can see why you are so happy here. This is such a hidden treasure. You must be ecstatic every day that you get to come in to work."

Gabriel seemed a little sad when he told me it was about time to head back. We walked to the car and climbed in. The vehicle immediately rumbled to life and we were on our way. As we drove back, we talked about how different the culture was on the island compared to the United States. He seemed just as inquisitive as he was forthcoming. Most of the way back to the bookstore, he was telling me about the differences in the values and beliefs of the island - how it was much more accepting of all cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. It had been a popular place for ex-patriots who came to find a better way of life. Some of those values had stuck. I asked him about some that were maybe different from the main land. He began rattling off a few, including a more open-minded respect for everyone's religious and political beliefs, the Mormon's brought polygamy to the island and it was still legal, very lax or non-existent laws in regards to drugs, and an appreciation of everyone's lifestyle choices. He stressed that the island and its people believed that everything and everyone has a purpose in the island's society and that should be respected.

We pulled up to the alleyway behind the bookstore and turned in. A few seconds later we pulled into the private drive and he threw the Land Rover into park. Instead of going back in to the store, he lead me to a metal staircase the led to a landing and doorway at the second floor. When we entered, we were in a large kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and beautiful red Spanish tile floors. Gabriel gave me a tour of his condo. In the corner of the kitchen was a metal, spiral staircase that led to the upstairs. There were two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and an all-purpose room that took up half the floor upstairs. When we got to the end of the hall, we took more traditional stairs back to the first floor of the condo. We were in an enormous living room that was an open floorplan to the dining room and kitchen. We went down a small hallway to a half-bath, a large office, and one of the biggest master suite bedrooms I had ever seen. It had a California King bed in it, two dressers, and sitting area, and room to spare. We entered a master bathroom that had both a large shower as well as a sunken garden tub that seemed like it could hold four people. Off the master bath was a walk-in closet that was actually bigger than the bedrooms upstairs.

Gabriel led me back to the staircase in the living room, but instead of going up, we headed down. Entering the bookstore, we made our way to the front. We were about to grab a coffee and sit down when Stephanie and Amy came into the store. They seemed like giddy school girls and they almost skipped into my arms. I gave them a giant hug and told them about my day. Amy excused herself and Stephanie and I sat down to talk.

A few minutes later, Stephanie looked up and over my shoulder. She first gave a quizzical look with a tentative thumbs up sign, and then broke into a giant smile. I turned and looked over my shoulder to see what was going on.

Amy was standing behind me with a clipboard with a sheet of paper on it and a pen. "Sweety, do you trust me?"

"Of course I do."

"Then I need you to sign right here where this yellow sticky note is… and with no questions asked." I thought it was very odd, but I grabbed the pen and signed on the line. I handed her the pen back and she walked away.

I turned to Stephanie and asked her what in the world was going on. She only smiled at me, pointed behind me, and said: "I think this should answer your question."

As I was about to turn around, Gabriel walked up to me and motioned for me to stand. When I did, he grabbed me in a hug and squeezed tight. When he let go, he reached out his hand and I went to shake it. Instead he grabbed my hand and turned it so it was palm-side up. With his other hand, he dropped a key ring in it. There were a handful of keys on the ring with two keychains. One was a battered key fob with the Land Rover logo on it and the other was a little carved wooden book. I am not sure why I was so slow to understand the significance but then it hit me. I must have looked like a cartoon character as I continued to look between Gabriel, Stephanie, and Amy - my mouth wide open and tears beginning to brim in my eyes.


We had been sitting in Gabriel's living room for over an hour talking about this amazing surprise. It turns out that Gabriel was moving to the states to care for his elderly parents (although it amazed me that they were still alive, given Gabriel's age). He was not planning on returning to the island as he had already secured a job teaching by his folks. As he described it, it was fate that brought us to him when it did, because he was leaving the island when the semester ended in a little over a month. He was afraid that he would have to just shut the bookstore down until he sold it and the condo. We would be able to have everything together and moved at almost the perfect time, where the bookstore would only be closed for a few days.

Gabriel purposely had me teach his lesson today, with the Dean in attendance, because he knew they would be in need of a part-time professor for the spring semester. Amy had been putting applications in at the hospital and local clinic today and had already been called about interviews. She had one at each place tomorrow. She and Stephanie had already been to the elementary school and completed the paperwork to have our daughter enrolled for the next semester as well.

All of this planning had simply come about for two reasons: Amy had truly felt happy - for herself, for me, and most importantly for us together - when we reached the island. Our experiences here just solidified that. And secondly, when she and Stephanie walked into the bookstore. Amy knew that it was my dream to own a bookstore like this one - it was almost identical to the one that I had designed and drawn up when I was a freshman in college. Even down to the detail of looking like an old firehouse. I had a name picked out, a sign and stationary designed, and even had one of my business friends come up with some marketing. I only gave that up when Amy and I had our daughter, because I was afraid to take the risk with a family. Amy knew that with our inheritance, we would never have to worry about it being a risk again, but we had fallen into the nose-to-the-grindstone lifestyle that I would have never given it up.

With the encouragement and support of Stephanie, Amy had planned the whole thing over the last few days. Amy and Stephanie were talking about our move and how soon it could happen with Gabriel, finalizing plans. I just sat there dumbfounded, staring at the key ring in my hands. Then it dawned on me:

"Gabriel, you will still be needing these." I started to take the car key and keychain off.

"No my friend, I will not be taking the Land Rover with me to America. It would be too expensive to take over the vehicle when I already have my parent's car there… it does not make sense to me. We have included it in the purchase of the store and condo." He got up, walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a beer for each of us. As we twisted the caps off, Gabriel raised his bottle for a toast. "To new beginnings, to new hopes. To becoming one with the island - may it treat you as well as it has treated me. And no matter how well the island treats you, may you never forget…" He looked at me and gave me a wink, "Stay thirsty my friend!" He and I laughed at our inside joke, while Amy and Stephanie took a swig, each giving each other a quizzical look.

Gabriel invited us to go out to dinner to celebrate. He just had to quickly change. While we sat there waiting for Gabriel to be ready, Amy and Stephanie began to talk about plans for Stephanie to come and visit as soon as possible. They pulled out a piece of scrap paper and pen. The two of them were putting their heads together to calculate how long it would take Stephanie to save up enough money to move here permanently. No matter how they figured, it seemed like it would be no less than a year and half, and that would be eating Ramen noodles every night and cancelling her cable and internet. They leaned forward and put their heads together literally this time.

"Look, it really isn't that long, I promise. It might even be less time if I don't come for the visit at the end of the spring. A year and a half, maybe less." Stephanie whispered to her.

Amy took her hand and gave it a kiss. "I don't think we can wait that long… I am sitting next to you and missing you just thinking about it."

I stood up and put my hand on Stephanie's shoulder. "A year and a half is a long time. We will definitely miss you." I looked down at them. I felt an emptiness inside when I thought about the whole Stephanie would leave in our lives if she were gone. Something hit me.

"Stephanie, just give me one second with Amy." I took her hand and led her into the kitchen. I talked with her in hushed tones about what was on my mind. She immediately threw her arms around me and gave me a series of quick kisses. When she stepped back, she mimed locking her lips and throwing away the key. She immediately put on her game face - elated one second and then looking sad the next. We walked back into the living room. Stephanie was leaning over the coffee table, head in one hand, and scribbling out numbers and refiguring again.

"Ladies, I just realized I forgot something in the hotel room that I need. How about you guys head over to the restaurant when Gabriel is ready. I am going to run over to the hotel real quick. I will meet you at the restaurant as soon as I can."

With that, I headed down the metal staircase on the outside of the building. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I stepped out to the corner of the street. I knew what I needed, and it was not at the hotel. I turned right and headed down the boardwalk past the many shops. I was on a mission.

************************************* (to be continued) **********************************

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Saving My Marriage - part 14

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You are still not getting the votes that you deserve.

BTW hole =/= whole
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