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  1. My self torture #2
  2. My self torture #3

My self torture #3

Categories True Story, BDSM, Torture

Author: deb Dunbar

Published: 05 January 2017

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Torture sentence #3
My self torture true story of a torture sentence ordered by my online master. He lives in Europe and is a very sadistic pain master. He continues to increase my sentences of self pain torture. I did tell him I would carry out any sentence that will give me extreme pain outside of killing me. He knows just how to control his pain slut. Always looking for more ideas how to give extreme pain to myself

Saturday self torture sentence and my e-mail to master

Hi master Max,

Well master I carried out your torture sentence on Saturday at exactly 10 AM. I assembled everything on my bed. The tens unit, the landscaping spike that with your permission, substituted the sound with a 12” landscaping spike from Home depot ( I thought that spike was more evil). I wrapped the spike with sticky tape and as directed, left both ends of the spike with 3/4 inch bare metal. The only pins I had available to me was an old hat pin. Approximately 2 inches long with a Pearl on the end. I stripped myself down naked and attached my trusty ankle straps that were attached to both sides of my queen sized bed so my legs were wide apart and the lips of my worthless cunt spread wide. Then I got my cunt stretcher out and opened myself up so I could expose my cervix. I took the large nail spike and with a mirror, sent the large nail point thru the opening of my cervix and into my womb. I shoved the Spike all the way till only the metal head was exposed. I then as ordered by you sir , took the hat pin wiped it with alcohol and wiped my clit clean with alcohol and steadied myself with the pin located where I wanted it to Pierce my worthless clit, took a deep breath and pushed it through! Ouch!! That always hurts. I attached the leads from my tens unit to both the spike head and the pin sticking thru my useless clit. I set the pulse setting to constant. On the center of my headboard I have installed a eyelet to pass a small chain attached to my handcuffs. Hanging just above the headboard within my reach while I am handcuffed is the handcuff key attached to the nylon string. That key is encased in a ice cylinder made from a toilet paper tube. With the handcuffs ready to be clamped around my wrists, my legs strapped wide and wires attached to my torture device I was ready to carry out my sentence of pain and torture ordered by you master and electrocute my womb . With one wrist attached to the cuffs I reached down and turned the switch on the tens unit to Max power and set the start time for 5 min. with no set off time. I quickly reached up handcuffed my other wrist and waited for my sentence to be carried out. Within 5 min. I suddenly felt a burning in both my clip and deep in my abdomen as the electricity pulsed through me. It felt like my worthless clitoris was on fire. The pain was great and I just imagine deep in my useless uterus bolts of electricity striking the walls sending painful waves to my sick brain. Master within 2 min. I started to squirt with an orgasm. The pain was continuous and getting worse as time went on. Then it just dawned on me that I have to melt the ice to get the key to stop this torture sentence for I did not set the off time to end this torturous event. Master it took 35 more minutes for the key to melt so I can unlock my handcuffs and terminate the sentence. That was around 12-12:30 PM. My clit was still burning when I removed the pin and pulled the Spike out of my useless womb. I was still burning in my belly and clit for the rest of the day. I was still horny knowing I had another sentence of torture decreed by you for Sunday morning. I can't wait till I feel what that 9 V battery has in store for my cervix.
Master, torture sentence carried out to the best of my ability. Your pain slut Debbie

Sunday self torture sentence and my e-mail to master
my torture sentence #2 titled 9 V battery insertion

Dear master Max,

Well master it is now Sunday around 11 o'clock in the morning I set out my equipment that I needed for my next sentence of torture by you. I had a fresh Eveready NiCad 9 V battery with a nylon string taped with black electrical tape around the and so when the time came after the self torture event I could pull the battery out of my worthless body. Also on that battery was a piece of electrical tape that had the same type of nylon string attached to it so once I was ready to carry out my sentence and execute myself I could pull the string ripping the tape off the positive and negative contacts. I took my tube that I use for my ants torture insertion and used that along with my cunt spreader to get the battery as deep into my useless cunt. I got it through my cervix wall opening and into my uterus with both the strings hanging out of my cunt. Then I got my course white sterilized thread and needle and as ordered by you master, sewed just the outside lips of my worthless cunt closed. It always hurts like hell when I push the needles through my large labia lips of my cunt. I then put on a dress with no panties or stockings, essentially bare underneath. I then put on my 5 inch heels. I then headed to my favorite mall to do some torturous Christmas shopping. As I walked to my car I could feel the battery moving in me. I was really wet just thinking about what I was about to do to myself in public What would it be like with the 9 V battery inside of me, will it give me the electrical torture I deserve and need.
I got to the mall parked the car and went in to the concourse of the mall and directly in to the ladies room. I could feel the battery moving around in my uterus and I was wondering why the tape didn't come off the terminals from the walking. I looked for a empty cubicle were the toilets are and sat on the toilet and spread my legs and hold the string with the red markings on it that indicated the string that had the tape on the terminal ends of the battery.After three pull attempts I finally got the electrical tape that was covering the electrodes. Simultaneously I felt the spark and burning sensation deep in my abdomen it was painful to sit there so I got up straightened my dress, took the string and flushed it down the toilet and proceeded to walk out of the lady room. As I was walking sometimes as my pelvis shifted I would get a jolt of electricity in my womb. As I walked through JC Pennies I felt myself getting wetter as I was getting electrified, I was on the verge of having a pain induced orgasm right there in the middle of the store. I can be sometimes very boisterous when I orgasm. It took all my might not scream out as I orgasm right there. I was worried about squirting and whether people would see my wet dress in front or the liquid coming down my legs. I did my shopping for 2 1/2 hours getting jolted all the time. You must keep in mind that I did a electric torture sentence for you master on Saturday so my worthless and useless cunt, cervix and uterus were sensitive and hurting from that ordeal so I was very tender.
Well I made it home and as directed. I spread my legs and with a box cutter knife I cut the threads tying my cunt lips together and then took hold of the remaining string and roughly pulled the battery out. It took a little effort to get the battery passed my cervix opening but it did come out of me. Well my cunt and pelvic region are hurting and knowing I had in all five pain induced orgasms carrying out your sentence. Master I would gladly do it again. As I write this, I’m so tired and still aching. I hope you don’t mind if I take a week or two to recuperate from these 2 sentences of torture on my worthless body
Master I hope I did well by you and hope you will oblige me with a another sentence of torture of my useless body soon
Your pain slave Debbie

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My self torture #3

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Comments (2)
Anonymous reader — 06 January 2017 12:27
I second the suggestion of the Reader above.
Anonymous reader — 05 January 2017 14:37
You should pamper yourself while you recuperate. A nice douche and enema of ghost pepper juice would be quite refreshing and rewarding.
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