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Just strangers... Until.... Part 1

Categories Fantasy, Blowjob, BDSM, Non-consensual sex

Author: JJ NLN

Published: 26 January 2017

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Jake was a normal guy. Not a model, but he had never had issues getting women. The problem was, normal sex just didn’t cut it for him anymore. He could get off, but it wasn’t as good as when he did it himself thinking about one fantasy…. Holding her down and making her do what he wanted.

So he had been thinking about hiring a lady of the night for awhile to fulfill this fantasy. Then, one day he sees this female firefighter. Standing there on the median for a fundraiser where you put money in the boot. She was standing there, beautiful strawberry blond hair falling down her back, massive tits spilling out the top of the white spaghetti strap shirt, and these sapphire blue eyes that went into your soul when she looked at you. He knew right that moment, she would be the one. He would go to jail just to be balls deep inside her when he shot his load just once. From this day on, it was a dwindling countdown until he would have her.

So Jake started doing research. Her name was easy to find, the local firefighters did a lot of charity work and were in the paper often. Her name was Sarah. She also worked on the ambulance. The more Jake found out, the more he wanted her. He got accepted to the reserve fire fighter program to get closer to her. They were on alternating shifts when he was able to go to the station, but he learned a lot.

Sarah had 3 kids, an unhappy marriage, and her husband traveled. This would be easier than he thought…. So the preparations started. Jake knew he would need restraints, a gag, and something to make her more compliant in the beginning. The first two were easy…. A trip to the local sex shop and he got 4 leather restraints and a ring gag…. But how to make it so he could put it all on her….

Ether…. Starter fluid….

So it was all set. Jake waited until the kids were away at camp, and the husband was out of town. He had researched how to pick locks, and practiced. Now all he had to do was wait till all the lights were off.

That faithful evening, it was warm, but not to the point of sweating. Jake sat in his car until he saw her turn the last light off. He waited about 15 minutes, then slowly made his way to the back door. Luck was on his side, the deadbolt wasn’t locked. A quick 30 seconds, and the door was open. He crept through the kitchen, down the hallway, and stopped at a partially closed door. He could hear a buzzing noise getting louder the closer he got. He thought to himself, is she really using a vibrator??? Jake listened to her moaning, and slowly set his bag down. Out came the starter fluid and the rag. He sprayed a generous amount on the rag, opened the door, and snuck up beside the bed. She was on her hands and knees, with her head in the pillow, and slamming the vibrator into her pussy with her right hand while she rubbed her clit with her left. Jake saw her glistening pussy and tight puckered asshole clear as day and could feel the erection starting.

Jake came to the side of the bed and grabbed a handful of Sarah’s hair. In one swift motion he pulled back bringing her face off the pillow and covered her mouth and nose with the rag. She tried to fight back, but this had knocked her off balance and she had fallen on her arms pinning them beneath her. She stopped thrashing after about 5-6 seconds, and then she was just laying there. Jake knew he didn’t have time to waste, 3-4 minutes tops based on his research. He quickly rolled her over, and placed the restraints on her wrists and ankles, securing them to the bed legs. He then placed the ring gag on her, holding her mouth open, but placed a piece of duck tape over it just in case.

Sarah came to realizing she couldn’t move very well and felt almost hung over with a massive headache. The next thing she realized was she also had something metallic in her mouth and tape over it. The first thing she heard was this:

“Sarah, just stay calm. I will go through the rules, and you just nod or shake your head, do you understand?”

She tried screaming through the gag and tape. She then felt a hand across the side of her ass, and a hand pulling her hair back, HARD. The feeling of hair being pulled out by its roots was not uncommon.

Then he leaned in close and said “DON’T do that again” and pulled the hair harder.

She tried looking to see who it was, but he beat her to it. “Sarah, its Jake, from the station. I have dreamed about this moment ever since I saw you on the road with the boot in your hand. I am going to take you. I am going to make you mine, and there is nothing you can do about it. I am going to do whatever I want for as long as I want. If you cooperate, you may enjoy some of it. If not, you won’t enjoy any of it. I would much rather take this tape off, but only if you promise to not scream like that again. What do you say, will you behave?”

Sarah nodded, and Jake took off the tape. She looked over as he started taking off his clothes. She then realized that her vibrator was still buzzing along down on the side of her leg. Jake took his shirt off, and then noticed her looking down. He smiled, and reached down and placed it back into her tight hole…

She started arching her back a little, enjoying the way it felt inside her when he took it out. He then took off his pant and boxers and she noticed his 8” erect cock spring up. She wasn’t sure how this was going to work… That was easily an inch longer and half an inch wider than the vibrator that had been her only companion for over a year. She was still soaking wet and creamy from the vibrator before and although her mind didn’t want to admit it, she had a small orgasm when he slapped her ass and pulled her hair. All she could think is why she was enjoying this so much, she was about to be raped.

Jake reached down and felt her tight little lips and realized there was a small puddle beginning where her ass cheeks met the bed. Jake thought to himself that he had NEVER felt a woman so wet and was wondering if she was enjoying this. He realized this night was finally about his pleasure, unlike every other time he had always concentrated on the woman. Jake then took that vibrator and started sliding it in and out of her pussy getting it nice and wet as she started moaning through the gag. Then he slowly pulled it out and slid it down to her puckered little asshole. She started shaking her head and trying to ask him not to through the gag, but it came out as garbled noises, and she saw the delight in his eyes as he slowly slid the creamy vibrator fully into her asshole. She moaned and cried at the same time. She hadn’t had anything in there in years. “If that comes out, I will shove my dick and the vibrator in there” and her eyes got huge. How am I supposed to do that she thought to herself. She clenched her ass cheeks without squeezing the vibrator itself out.

The next thing Sarah felt, she wasn’t ready for. Jake started sliding his dick up and down over her lips, getting the head creamy and wet from all the juices she was putting out. She immediately tried pulling with all her might, trying to escape this. The vibrator, she had used before, but she wasn’t going to willingly let him inside of her. He kept rubbing it up and down matching her moves, parting her lips a little more each time, until she was drooling out of the gag due to the attempts at screaming. Then, as she started moving her hips up to get away, he timed it just right and slammed every inch of his cock into her, feeling the head slam into her cervix. HOLY FUCK he thought, she was the tightest he had ever had. There wasn’t even a virgin he had deflowered this tight. Between her wet creamy hole gripping onto him like a velvet glove that wouldn’t let go and the vibrating from the vibrator in her asshole, he knew he was about to cum. He quickly pulled out, and cam all over her stomach with some even reaching her chest.

She was semi relieved, realizing he was done. He saw her face and started laughing. “Oh, you thought I was done? Why do you think I pulled out?” he said as he took the head of his cock back to her pussy lips. He slammed himself back into her, not missing a beat, but was prepared for the beyond description amazing feeling of her tight hole this time. He started pumping in and out of her harder and harder with each thrust, grinding his pubic bone into her clit with every stroke. Sarah was laying there, realizing she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. As he continued to pump in and out of her, she could no longer control herself, and gave into the pleasure. Jake continued pumping for almost 15 minutes before he realized she was moaning and had stopped fighting all together. Sarah felt the wave coming, but wasn’t expecting the gushing orgasm coming and right when she clamped down on Jake and he felt the rush of her fluids, it overwhelmed him and he started shooting his load straight into her cervix as his cock pulsed against it. Sarah felt his warm goo release inside of her launching her into a second mind blowing orgasm…
Sarah felt Jake lay on top of her, as she drifted off to sleep with his cock slowly softening inside her and the vibrator slowly sliding out of her….

When she woke up the next morning, she noticed she was alone in bed, with the blanket covering her, but a puddle of juices still damp under her ass cheeks. As she rolled over, she noticed a note on her bedside table.

The note said the following:

I am sorry for forcing you last night. I gave in to a demon that I had been harboring for a long time. If you want, take this note to the police as evidence, and I will confess to the whole thing. I thought last night would be my last night as a free man. I had planned to do a lot more to you. Once I realized you were enjoying it, I couldn’t bring myself to force anything else on you. Sarah, I watched you for months planning this out, and I believe I am falling for you. I know you are not in a happy marriage, and I have never found happiness in a relationship, but I have found happiness and peace in you. If you want to speak, I will be at the station today. If I am met by the cops, so be it. If I am met by you, we can talk. If I am met by no one, I will never contact you again. Thank you for the most memorable night of my life.

Forever Yours,
Jake W.

Sarah laid there for what seemed like hours trying to decide what to do. Yes, she was technically raped. However, she knows he really didn’t mean her harm. She actually enjoyed every minute of it, but she was struggling admitting that to herself. And the way her cuddled up to her afterwards…. There was emotions going wild within her, and she couldn’t decide what to do. She decided to take a shower, and decide from there. If she did decide to turn him in, there was still plenty of his cum all over the bed to prove he was there.

Jake had been sitting at the station for about 4 hours. It was nerve racking. He wanted to do so much more than he did, but there was something. He had truly felt feelings for Sarah last night. He thought she had enjoyed it in the end. It truly was the most perfect night he had ever had. But now, he wanted more of her. He wanted all of her. He had never thought of anyone like this ever. All Jake wanted was her in his arms. Then riding him. Then tied to the bed. Then grilling out with family and friends. He wanted her, all of her. His mind was racing.

He was sitting there in the crew room. He couldn’t stop starting at the door, waiting on the police coming to get him. A couple of the guys had tried to get him to play pool, and tried to get him to go work out with them, but his mind wasn’t there. It was with her. The intercom in the crew room keyed up. “Jake report to the captains’ office.” FUCK. That was his only thought. She went to the captain. Now all these guys are going to beat the shit out of me BEFORE they turn me over to the cops. Jake walked up to the to the captains’ office, and knocked on the door.

“Come in” Jake heard the captain say. He opened the door, and there she was, sitting in one of the two chairs in front of the Captains desk. His heart dropped. The object of his desire, and the cause of the most amazing night of his life, was sitting right there. This is going to hurt he thought. He was waiting on the guys to grab him from behind, drag him off, and beat him to a bloody pulp. “Sit down Jake we need to talk. Sarah came in today to talk to me about you, and after talking with some of the guys, something has to be done. We have all spoken about you in depth, and while none of us expected this, we decided as a group to keep all this in house.” Well fuck, Jake thought. I wonder if they are already waiting outside the door, he thought. I wonder if I can run fast enough. No, I did the deed, I will take whatever happens. That amazing night was worth whatever punishment would come my way, he thought.

He realized the captain and Sarah were just staring at him waiting for him to respond. “Yes sir, I will do whatever I need to. So what will happen now sir?” Jake asked. The captain smiled at him and said “Well, since we are hiring you to full time from within, there really isn’t any paperwork needed, we will just need to update your file. Sarah here just got promoted to B shift Lieutenant, and has requested you for her shift to go on the rescue truck.” Jake was confused. He looked at Sarah, and the face she had, was priceless. She was grinning from ear to ear, and the sparkle in those sapphire blue eyes, he had to fight an erection right there.

“Yes sir, I jjust need to give my job a two week notice. Thank you for this opppportunity” Jake said stuttering through the words. He realized he was sweating right through his shirt. He got up, shook the captains’ hand, and turned around to walk out. Sarah followed him out, and said “YOU. LIEUTENANTS OFFICE. NOW.” Jake looked at her wide eyed, and followed her to the office.

They walked into an empty mid-sized office, pretty bare with a single bed on one side, and desk with an adjacent bookshelf on the other. Sarah shut and locked the door behind them, and slapped Jake across the face, HARD. Jake just stared at her, terrified of what was about to happen. “If you ever use whatever it was that knocked me out again, I will cut your balls off. I have never had that bad of a headache in my life. And you better hope I am not pregnant, I am not on birth control, and I am still leaking your cum.” She pulled him in by his shirt and started kissing him deeply. It was right then that Jake realized she was his. Jake kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her. He started moving her towards the bed, and she stopped him. “Not here. My husband is still gone remember?” Jake didn’t accept that answer. He picked her up, hands under her firm ass cheeks, wrapping her legs around him, and took her to the desk instead. He laid her down on the desk and said “You are mine, and you will take it. NOW.”

Her eyes got wide, and he slipped her shoes off, and started sliding her pants down. He slid his pants down to his ankles, and his raging erection sprung up into Sarah’s view. “Be careful, you made me a little sore last night” Sarah said. Jake smiled, and ran a finger along her lips and clit, feeling the creamy wetness of her and the amazing warmth of her tight velvety hole. She was already slippery wet so Jake started rubbing the head of his cock up and down over her lips, getting the tip wet with her juices. Jake smiled as Sarah opened her mouth and let out a muffled moan, and then thrust all of himself deep into her. Sarah did everything she could not to scream, but thank god the captain called for someone over the intercom at that moment, because otherwise it would sound like she was being murdered. Jake again slammed the head of his cock right into her cervix which opened slightly, and spilled out some of his cum from the night before it was still holding onto.

Jake started slowly moving about an inch in and out of her, feeling that velvet glove hold onto him, not letting him go. He felt more and more of her juices flowing out of her, surrounding him with every thrust, and some leaking out onto the desk. Jake continued the short thrusting; pushing himself into her clit with every thrust, and feeling the head push into her cervix. Sarah started moaning more and more, feeling her orgasm building up and up, until she felt the wave starting to peak. Jake felt that velvety glove start to pulsate, and knew she was getting close. He pulled all of it out but the tip, then started pushing about an inch in and out, very slowly, feeling the pulsating getting stronger and stronger. Just as Sarah started to orgasm, Jake slammed every inch of himself into her, feeling her gush all over him, a mixture of her creamy juices, and his cum from the night before just running out of her over his shaft. Sarah just rode the wave of her orgasm as Jake slammed into her cervix over and over feeling his own orgasm about to peak. As he felt it growing inside him, he reached down, and felt her tight puckered asshole was already slippery and wet from the juices running out of her. Jake slipped one finger in it, feeling her muscles relax easily. Just as his orgasm was about to peak, he pulled out of her tight hole making her squeal, and put the head of his cock into her tight little ass, and squirted every drop of his load into her.

Jake grabbed a towel out of the dresser, and came back and cleaned up the mess they had made, and helped Sarah back into her clothes, and then got dressed himself. They moved to the bed, and started cuddling, her head on his chest, him running his fingers through her hair. “We need to figure out how this will work Jake. I don’t know what drew you to me, but I am glad it did. Except for the massive hangover last night was absolutely amazing. I brought you on my shift so we would have more time together, but we have to be careful. I can’t leave my husband. But I want you. I want to be yours.”

Jake smiled, knowing this was going to be the start of something amazing. “I want you to be mine too Sarah. I want to hold you, be inside you, be and do everything with you.” The last thing Jake remembered was Sarah rubbing the crotch of his pants as he drifted to sleep.

Jake woke up still in the lieutenants’ office on the bed with Sarah about two hours later. He realized they had drifted off, and quickly woke her up, and kissed her deeply. “Sarah, I don’t know how you want to do this, but I just want to spend every moment I can with you. Not just in bed either.” Sarah looked at him and smiled. Why was this happening to her? She did love her husband, but things had been getting progressively worse with him. He had been becoming increasingly distant, and their sex life was non-existent. He had been drinking more and more as time went on, and was getting angrier the more he drank. She never thought Matt would hit her when he drank, but he had yelled at her a few times, and she was afraid it might eventually come to that.

Sarah just stared back at him, and smiled. She loved looking into his bright blue eyes, and started running her fingers through his hair. “You are cute Jake. Let’s just play it by ear, and see what we can do. I will make as much time for you as I can. I want to spend as much time together as possible too, but we have to work around my husband and kids.”

“I completely understand sweetie, as long as you are happy. You make me happy, and I just want to repay that” Jake said.

“You make me happy Jake. Very happy, in more ways than one” Sarah said smiling at him with those sapphire blue eyes that stirred something deep inside him. “We have to leave… We could be caught, and that would be bad. Go on out, and head to my house. I will meet you there, and we will talk more. I will be there in about 30 minutes. The spare key is in the gnome by the back door.”
Jake smiled, kissed her, and walked out. It was everything he could do not to smile from ear to ear as he walked out to his car. He drove to her house, and walked around to the back door. Sure enough, there was the key inside the gnome. He unlocked the door and walked into the kitchen, then into the living room and sat down. All he could think about was when all this started last night. Was it really less than 24 hours ago he thought to himself? So much had happened. The amazing time he had last night, then again in the office at the station. Those 4 hours he spent at the station waiting on her decision were the longest of his life. She made a decision though. And it was to give him a chance.

Jake had been with a fair number of women over the years. But at 28, he still had yet to commit to anyone. He had a liberal arts degree, nothing special, just enough to get him more than minimum wage. Now he would be a full time fire fighter. Working with Sarah. How would this work out? He was excited to start this new chapter of his life. As he sat there, he looked around and saw picture of her with her husband and kids. Not a single time was she smiling with the glow he has seen in her eyes, not even the pictures from when they were first together. Jake found himself feeling slightly guilty. He was ruining a marriage. Or was it already ruined? He needed Sarah to get home. He needed to figure out what was going to happen.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sarah walked out of the lieutenants’ office and went to the captain. She spoke to him about using some vacation time. He had no problem with it as she was about to be swamped in her new position. She then walked out and spoke with the guys, making sure no one knew her and Jake were in the office all that time. No one even had a clue. Or if they did, they didn’t say anything about it. Her mind was racing. She had just cheated on her husband. Last night, while technically was rape, in her mind, it wasn’t. She had enjoyed herself, and even if he had untied her, she would have let him do it. Jake made something stir inside of her she had never felt before. Sure, she loved her husband Matt in the beginning. And their sex life used to be pretty regular. After the third child though, he seemed to lose interest. She had tried to interest him. She did everything she could think of, but he refused counseling. Sarah kept trying to convince herself he wasn’t cheating, but there were indications over the years that he had. He was gone a lot on business as well.

About this time, Sarah climbed in her car. She looked in the rear view mirror and noticed someone had drawn a heart in the dust on the back window. Jake, you are too cute to be true she thought to herself. She looked at her face in the mirror and realized she had only seen that much happiness in her face from pictures holding her kids. “So this is what love for a man truly feels like” she said to herself. The depth of emotion in Jake's eyes made her melt. She felt like putty in his hands as soon as he looked at her. She was wondering where this would lead. She had to be careful. If her husband caught her, he might try and divorce her and get custody of the kids. She had 6 more years till her children were out of the house. If she could just figure out what to do between now and then. She just kept replaying the last 24 hours over in her mind as she drove home.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Jake was startled when Sarah opened the front door. He had drifted off in his own mind and was deep in thought about how to handle the current situation. He stood up and walked over to her. She wrapped her arms around his stomach and back, pulled him tight into her. She could hear his heartbeat, and it was so very soothing to her. She looked up into his bright blue eyes, and stood on her tip toes to kiss him. He smiled down at her and her up at him. She moved out of his arms, taking his hand and led him to the couch. She pushed him slightly making him fall onto the couch, and she laid down resting her head in his lap, looking up at him.

Sarah looked him deep in the eyes and said “Why me? Why out of all the women on earth, did you choose me?”

Jake looked down into her eyes, and said “Honestly? I saw you that day, and it sparked something inside of me. I have never believed in love at first sight. Until that moment. Then I joined the reserve fire program to learn more about you, and the more I knew, the more I wanted to know. I want to know everything about you. But first, I have a question. Why did you come to the station? Why didn’t you go to the police?”

Sarah stared back into his eyes and said “Last night was the most amazing I have ever felt physically. Even though I was tied down, and forced, it was amazing. Also, I could tell you were caring. Even though I was tied down, you were delicate. You were gentle and caring the whole time, but still forceful to get what you wanted. Then, I wake up and you have covered me up, and cared for me while I was sleeping. I have never felt so physically wanted in my life.”

Jake just smiled back. He wanted her so bad right now. Sarah could feel his erection beginning and she said “Not yet, you animal! I am really sore, and still sticky from the tirade at the station. I really need a shower. You need one too. But first, you need to go get some condoms. I will get on birth control, but that won’t happen fast enough. I will take a shower with you, BUT no naughty business. I am serious. If I get pregnant, things would end badly for us.”

Jake just smiled at her and said “That’s the last I want is to make things harder on you. Harder in you, as much as possible, but not harder on you.”

Sarah giggled and slapped his chest. “Come on you horn dog, let’s take a shower” she said as she took his hand and led him into the bathroom.

Sarah had remodeled the bathroom to include a double person walk in shower and a garden tub. She slowly started undressing, watching Jake’s eyes take in every inch of her body. She just smiled as Jake started taking his clothes off as well, her doing the same taking in every inch of him. As his boxers came off his semi-erect cock sprang up into view. The thoughts going through her head made her sigh as she thought how that felt inside her.

She turned the water on, and led Jake into the shower. She handed him the shampoo, and instead of putting it on himself, he started running it through her hair. She loved the feeling of his fingers through her hair. She rinsed her hair as he washed his hair, and then admired his fully naked glistening body as he rinsed his hair out. He proceeded to wash her off, running his fingers over her soap covered body, making goose bumps appear over her skin wherever he touched. She rinsed off as he washed himself, then rinsed. She was clean shaved, and he started running his fingers along her hips, thighs, and the mound right above her little lips. She shivered at his touch.

“I thought we agreed to behave?” Sarah said smiling at him.

“Um, did I? I don’t remember that.” Jake said smiling back. He then slipped a finger up between her lips, feeling her slick juices already forming on the velvety inside of her. Sarah let out a small moan at his gentle touch, and slightly spread her legs. Jake started kissing her neck, then slowly stared working his way down, kissing her chest, down between her breasts, then down her stomach, and finally to the mound above her lips. Jake was down on his knees in front of her at this point, and slid his finger down her lips, and slid it into her. Jake slowly started running his tongue up and down her lips tasting her sweet juices as she started letting out moans that were increasing louder. Jake moved his finger in and up and found Sarah’s G spot, and started slowly pushing upward into it with small movements making her slightly shudder with every push. He then moved his tongue up under her clit, slowly flicking his tongue up under and then onto it, pushing and flicking, then making small circles around it. Just as he felt her velvety glove pulsate he sucked her clit into his mouth and held his tongue against it as she gushed her juices all over his finger and hand. She started to lose control over her legs, and almost fell, but caught herself at the last minute. Sarah was almost seeing stars. Jake helped her sit down under the warm running water.

“Jake, where did you learn that? Holy fuck. Don’t ever do that again unless I am laying down please” Sarah begged.

“Anything for you baby” Jake said smiling back. He stood up, and started to walk out of the shower.

“Where do you think you are going stud? I am not done with you” Sarah said with a sparkle in her eye. She got up on her knees, and pulled him closer by his calves. His cock was already semi-erect, and her pulling him towards her made it rock solid in front of her face. She smiled as she slowly kissed the tip, looking up at him with those sapphire blue eyes. She ran her tongue around the tip, lightly sucking on just the very tip of it. She then placed her index finger and thumb around the base and slowly started stroking him, about half the way up then back down to the base of the shaft. She slowly started taking the head into her mouth, matching the movements of her lips and hand, moving up and down his shaft. Jake started moaning almost right away, and sarah could already feel the warmth of his precum leaking into her mouth. She took this as a sign and started moving faster and putting more of him into her mouth. She kept adding more with each stroke till she met her fingers halfway. She felt him trying to push more into her mouth, and slightly bit down to keep him from hitting her gag reflex. She moved faster and faster and just as she felt his balls tense up, she pulled it out of her mouth, and gripped him tight and stroke harder aiming the tip at her chest. She stroked him until he had shot every drop of his load over her chest and neck.

Jake looked down at her and smiled, just at the accomplished look she had on her face. “You are an amazing woman Sarah, you know that?”

“I’m just me sweetie” she replied. “Let me get cleaned off, and I will go make us dinner, sound like a plan?”

“Only if you let me help” Jake said with a smile. “And only if I can have you again for dessert.”

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Just strangers... Until.... Part 1

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