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  1. My Asian Girlfriend Gangbanged by Rednecks
  2. My Asian girlfriend Haylee, fucked by two maintenance men
  3. My Asian Girlfriend Gets Fucked by a Retard and His Dad

My Asian Girlfriend Gets Fucked by a Retard and His Dad

Categories Fiction, Asian, Cuckold, Interracial

Author: Nixyg1

Published: 13 March 2017

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My girlfriend and I have been dating for just around two years now. She’s 22 years old, from china and as cute as can be. I’m 24, half asian, half white and absolutely in love her. She is my baby. She’s very small in stature (around 5’ 0”) and just plain innocent looking, with perfectly smooth, light skin. She also has a surprisingly round little butt, especially for a Chinese girl. We’re both pretty shy by nature and don’t really go out of our way to meet new people on the regular. To be honest I like it this way, because I’m always afraid that she will one day meet someone better then me. Someone bigger, louder, and more outgoing.
She has recently been very interested in the support for people of special needs. She had signed up for a group at our local college that lets people like her go to the homes of the mentally challenged and help out the struggling parents with anything they need while they are off at work. It’s something really special and truly helps out the parents when they can't juggle the life of 100% support for their children and keeping a full time job to pay for food and bills. Today was the only the second time she had gone to a house to help out. The first time went great. A couple in a rich side of town had two 10 year olds that were mentally challenged yet both parents had to work in the day. She and I both went over and took care of them while the parents worked. It was a great experience. Today she was going to take care of an 18 year old boy named Sam. I originally wasn’t going to be able to join her due to school work, but a few hours later though, I realized that there wasn't as much studying needed as I thought. So I decided to look up the address of the house she went so I could help out.
As I started driving, Google assisted me to the location on my phone. I got a little nervous when I got closer to the area. It seemed to be a mobile home in a very sketchy part of town just outside the main city. At first I didn’t really think the location was right, because it looked so run down, old and abandoned, but then I saw her car parked in the grass near the back. I got out of my car and walked up to the door of the mobile home and knocked… No answer. I walked around to the side of the home and saw a large window that let me easily see inside. There was my girlfriend… standing up with some huge guy sitting on the couch. He looked about 6’ 4” and white. Big beer belly and thick, strong arms. Across the room was the 18 year old she was supposed to be taking care of, sitting on the floor watching. The older man’s eyes locked on mine instantly felt nerves take over.

“Oh come on in now!”, he said in a country accent.

“I’ll open up the door”. He yelled across the glass.

I walked around and my girl opened the door for me.

“I thought you weren’t coming…?”, she asked.

I told her I had less work then I thought and then looked at the older, big man sitting on the couch smiling, wondering why he was there and not at work like he was supposed to.

“Well boy, I was gunna head on out to work, but goddamn. I haven’t seen no little asian girl like this before. Hehe ain’t none ‘round this area. Thought I’d stay and watch your little doll do her work. In fact… shoot. I think i'm going to have to do something about this. Never tried this kind of meat”, he said smugly.

I couldn’t believe it. He just told me to my face that he wanted to stay so he could look at my girl… Unbelievable. And what did he mean by “never trying this kind of meat”? But I was too in shock and scared to say anything. I had to say something. Anything! But I was a bitch and just kind of made a nod and “uhh”. The worst thing I could have done. This guy was so ugly too. He was balding, with a large scar down his face, grey eyes and messed up teeth. It was obvious that he had hardly any money and didn’t really care about his appearance.

Then without hesitation he slapped my girls ass. Right in front of me. She just took it too. She looked back at him and made a slight surprised “ohh!” noise.

“Haha you ain’t gunna do shit about that”, he said as he looked right at me.

“She know’s a real man when she sees one. And she’s about to see a lot more of me. Shoot, just watch how she acts. You’ll get to see her stupid slutty gook come out. You ain’t never seen this before”.

And with that, he grabbed her body and sat her down on his lap. I just stood there… frozen. Watching in fear.

“She sure is precious. A shame i'm gonna have to ruin her for ya”. He said.

Looking back at her he demanded, “Now get on your knees and unbuckle my pants chink”.

She did as he asked and started to unzip his dirty pants. Then I saw it... As she pulled down his pants a bit, a massive, thick dick sprung out and smacked her right in the forehead on its way out. This thing was huge. Around 9” and thicker than a coke can. It had veins all over it and hair along the bottom end springing from where his balls must have been. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

“Ohhh ohhh my god….”, she exclaimed as she looked at it, almost cross eyed.

“Now she knows what a real dick looks like. She how she’s not backing away? She knows. Now pull out my balls and start lickin’ them”

She reached her tiny hand in his pants and freed his balls. They looked like horse balls. Two giant, almost baseball sized nuts, so big she had to use her other hand to help them out. Then what she did next made me want to throw up. I felt horrible…. My baby put her head forward and pressed her little tongue on his large, left ball. She tickled it it with her tongue in a movement i've never seen her do. I wanted to die… How could she just do what he wanted like this? I mean i was scared of what he might do but… She just did it.

“Ooohhhh yeah that feels right. Ohhh damnnn”, he moaned as she licked it.
He then looked at me and said, “See this? This is what you’re little bitch is made for. Pleasing my big white balls. That's about it. Other then pleasing me she ain't nothing else. Just a dumb bitch. Little fuck toy.”

my girlfriend didn’t even react to his statement. Honestly, she might not have even understood him with his strong country accent. She had trouble understanding anyone speaking english with any accent, as English wasn’t her first language. It was depressing knowing that she didn’t really know what he was saying and just doing as he asked.

Every time she licked upwards his massive dick twitched. I swear I could hear it throb when it did too. After a bit she moved on to his other ball, his hairs getting in her face and in her mouth. He then lifted his balls up and told her to lick his ass.

“Oh no..” I quietly said.

“What’s that? You don't want her to? Haha well do something about it. Ya i didn't think you would. This is gunna feel sooo good”.

She hesitantly inched forward to get a good angle of as ass but he was becoming impatient, and simply forced her head down, smashed into his sweaty, hairy ass crack. He grunted and groaned in pleasure as her tongue pleasured his ass. His legs shook and dick throbbed as he did so. When she finally came back up for air, her face was red and a few of his his pubes pressed on her lips and face as well. I was in pure shock at what was happening.

“Well i can’t hold back much more, sorry bout this haha”, he said to me as he pulled her in, and ripped off her pants and panties. Meanwhile his son just watched in the corner as all of this happened.

How he had my girl without pants, at his feet, looking towards his cock. He picked her up and threw her on the couch like a toy. Pressed her face into the couch and arched her back so her pussy was up in the air, ready to be taken.

“Heh well what do you know, them asians don't got sidewayz pussy holes after all. Who’d have thought”. He said in disbelief.

With that, he spit right on the head of his huge dick and placed it right at her opening. Then i started to tear up as I watched him pull her hips towards his huge body and saw his massive dick head disappear into my girlfriend. He had just put his white dick in my baby… My love. She moaned loudly as he slid it in. He grunted and looked up at the ceiling as his dumb mouth hung open, drooling. It was clear to me that he was in absolute pleasure. He had never felt a girl so tight in his life. Here i was standing there just watching helplessly as he started fucking her. Some random, older, ugly man who had no right to do this was fucking her. I stared in disbelief has somehow his thick dick went in. She screamed and screamed.

He started going faster in her now, pumping her pussy with his dick. In and out and in of her tight little hole.

“UHHHHHH uhhhh ohhhhhh SHHIT SHE IS TIGHT AS HELL. OHHH MAN!!!”, he screamed as he fucked her senseless.

I glanced over at the mentally handicapped 18 year old in the corner and was shocked at what I saw. There he was in the corner with a giant 8” dick, fully erect, out of his pants as he stared without blinking at my baby getting destroyed by his dad. He was horny at the sight!

The dad fucked her with force force now, smashing her head into the cushion as he pounded her. Then he stopped inside her and looked back at me.

“Now watch this. This will hurt.”, he said.

He then pulled his dick out of her tight body and kept it right outside. I couldn’t believe then what happened. I saw her little hand frantically reach back around, desperately trying to find his dick so she could put it back in. The way she reached so far trying to find it made me so fucking depressed. She wanted it in her now. It looked like it was pure instincts as she needed it back in her to live. He chuckled and then her little hand found it and tried to pull it back in her. He obliged and shoved it right back in her wet hole, grunting while doing so.

He pounded for awhile more before I saw his body language change. He started to get tense and thrusted more furiously.

“Oh no!”, I thought to myself. I realized at that moment that he was going to cum in her… and she wasn't on the pill.

“No wait! You can’t get her pregnant! Please!”, I begged.

It was too late. I wouldn't have listened anyway. I saw his huge balls start to tighten. His ass clench up and his grunting grew extremely loud.

“GUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, he yelled.

I saw his balls tighten and release, tighten and release over and over and over as he shot spurt after spurt of his warm, thick sperm inside of my girlfriend. His baby batter exploded in her hole and started to leak out of her, down her legs because it was just too much to hold. I couldn’t believe it how he just kept cumming. Finally, he slowed down and quieted. He slowly pulled his dick out and cum leaked everywhere. I could smell its strong musk. Even as his dick was out of her now, it still pulsated and throbbed randomly.

This man just emptied his massive balls right into her pussy. I felt so many emotions at once, including horny. For some reason, i was rock hard at the sight of this guy do this to her.
she just laid there, unable to move. But before she even tried to move, his retarded son stood up, huge dick still erect and throbbing.

“There ya go boy, go get you some asian pussy.”, the dad cheered.

“Gahhhhh”, he screamed, unable to ever speak.

“OMG no, not him, please he cant cum in her!”, I screamed, but his son just threw a single, strong punch, right to my face as I tried to intervene. I hit the floor, blood dripping down and just stayed there, unable to move.

This retarded 18 year old boy saw his dad feel good and knew what to do to make himself feel good. I could see him eagerly pushing his dick around until he found a hole to enter…. Her ass. Her body was already soaking from cum and her own juices so his dick had some sort of lube. But it still didn’t seem like it would fit. He was so big and her ass was ridiculously tiny. But this guy didn't give a shit. He didn't know right from wrong. All he knew was he wanted to a tight hole for his dick to feel good, and he found the one he wanted. He grabbed her hips and violently started pounding her ass. She screamed and yelled as he thrusted.

“GAHHHHHHH UHHHH”, he yelled as he fucked her.

She was stretched beyond what i thought was possible as he used her like a toy. The dad. Meanwhile laughed and drank a beer as he watched his son fuck my girlfriend. Sam shoved his huge dick all the way inside her ass with each thrust, completely making it disappear in her tiny little body. I couldn’t help but wonder just how good that felt for him. I’m tiny and even her pussy is super tight for me. This guy was around 4 inches longer, way thicker and was in her ass!

It wasn’t long with this guy before he needed to cum. As he started to spurt it, he didn't even slow down or stop. He’d pull out of her while shooting his seed and then would push it back in, sending cum flying and making a very loud wet noise as he pushed his cum deeper in her ass. At this point I realized that she had passed out from the pain and her body went limp. The son walked away from the scene, dick twitching and still oozing cum while the dad stood back up and looked at her body, soaking in cum.

“Well, better get one more load in before we’re done here”, he said as he stroked his semi-erect fat dick.

He walked back up to her now passed out body and entered her newly stretched pussy. From the new angle I was at from the ground, I just saw his ass and hips thrusting forward and backward furiously. Once again he started grunting and groaning in pleasure as he fucked her. Then i slowly gathered myself and stood back up from the ground. Then I saw her limp body being pounded like a rag doll. With her arms no longer functioning they flailed around and her body shook in every direction as he somehow fit his massive dick in her over and over. The noise was so intense each time it was stuffed in her, with juices and cum splatting and suctioning while his huge balls slapped against her body, leaving marks.

He then pulled out one last time and turned her body around. He gently slapped her face a few times, waking her back up from being passed out with his dick pointed right at her face. She gently moaned as she came back to, and slowly opened her eyes. Right as she did so, he exploded with cum. It shot like a fire hydrant, hitting her in the face, eyes and hair. She closed her lips and sputtered, sending cum flying and spraying. Some of it even hit my arm as it flew. His dick pulsated as her shot his load all over my girl. When the last few drops shot out I saw her face… it was completely fucking covered. His hot cum dripping down her face and soaking in her shirt. It was amazing how much this guy could cum and it was already his second load.

“WHOOOO FUCK! Goddamn that felt good. What a dumb fucking tight bitch. She might not be walking after my son haha. Oh well.”, he said nonchalantly.

“Well anyway, I didn’t go to work today, so… you owe me money to compensate. She took care of my son as she was supposed to. So you pay up”, he demanded.

I was so confused, shocked, sad and horny all at once. Without even hesitating, I just gave him my wallet with my money in it, hands shaking.

“Well all right, you two have yourself a good day now”, he said.

I don’t really remember getting home. I just know that I had to carry her outside as she couldn’t walk. I had to put my hands on her cum covered body. I remember that the cum was still so warm, so potent and strong. This guy’s seed was superior. He was dumb as a rock and his son was even retarded yet somehow, i knew their seed was better than mine. Manlier. Her hair was pressed against her fair skin, stuck there from his sperm and his hairs were still stuck on her lips and cheek. She was a complete mess.

The next day was interesting. We didn’t talk about at all… She pretty much slept all day and recovered while I didn't sleep at all. I couldn’t think straight and I felt numb. I just couldn’t believe what had happened. The next morning after, I woke up to her getting dressed.

“What are you doing? Where are you going? Stay here and rest… after… what happened”, I told her.

“Oh.. uh… Yeah i'm going to go take care of Sam again. I think he and his dad really need the support. You don’t have to go this time if you don't want”, she told me.

I stood there in shock, saying nothing as she limped out the door and into the car.

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My Asian Girlfriend Gets Fucked by a Retard and His Dad

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