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Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Discipline, Torture

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 20 February 2017

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NOTE: All who have sex in my stories on this site are 18 Y.O. or older.

My repostings are explained in the previous numbers.


Five well-dressed businessmen walk through a nondescript unmarked steel door on a busy street full of shops and professional businesses. The entrance area for the door is only wide enough to accommodate a regular steel door and a steel reinforced jamb. All of it was steel-gray in color. There was nothing that would lead a passerby to think of it as at all significant, and no hint of what was behind it, either.

The five had no inkling of what was to face them upon their entry. They simply knocked on the door and as if by magic, it opened with no one in sight on the inside. The door led to a long and narrow hallway, which in turn opened up on the other end by another steel door into some kind of ante room. There were exactly five chairs in this room, and a very bright-eyed receptionist sitting behind a desk with a mega-watt smile.

“Gentlemen, please take a seat. If you will be patient for a few moments, the BOSS will be with you shortly.”

That was all she said, and her attitude after delivering this invited no questions upon their part. The men settled down in their chairs, but not all that patiently. These men were used to others doing their bidding, and having others wait upon them, not the other way around. There was some murmuring and fidgeting, while they waited. They probably wouldn’t have been in such a hurry, if they knew at this point, that at least one of them was probably not going to remain alive after the next 24 hours.

After exactly fifteen minutes, which seemed like hours to the men, the inner door opened and the BOSS came out to greet them and to invite them into an inner meeting room off of a long corridor with many entrances, but few doors. If this is a place of secrets, the missing doors said a lot about the security of this place and the trustworthiness of the employees. That for some reason was very unsettling to the businessmen. They knew how hard it was to contain secrets, even with the most discreet of employees. The BOSS must have some kind of mega hold on these people that work under him. If so, what does that mean for them?

As they filed into the meeting room, the BOSS took a single seat with no desk in front of five chairs in a single semi-circle arc in front of him. He let them find their own seats and gain a measure of calm and self-confidence, before he set about to permanently destroy both. As the last one settled down and fixed his attention on the BOSS, the atmosphere seemed to be somewhat chillier in the room. No one but the BOSS knew if this was due to an actual drop in temperature in the room, or just from the silent imposing of the BOSS’s will on them. But, it definitely sobered these high-powered businessmen and fixed their eyes on him.

The BOSS then spoke, “Good afternoon, gentlemen. Thank you for coming. (Like they had any choice.) You will eventually notice that I am not really physically here, but am represented by a hologram. Quite well done, if I might say so. You may derive some insinuations by this fact. Actually, from now on, everything that happens will have only one purpose. To prepare you for a great undertaking, or turn you over to an undertaker. It will be entirely each one of your own choice. But, I will make sure of the determination of each of you. No precipitous decisions here.”

“The location of this facility is known to all interested parties, either for or against this undertaking. It has no address and is on no maps, not even GPS. But, its location is not a secret, but what is behind the door is secret. Many parties would give vast sums to know anything of what goes on here. We have a rather draconian way of keeping such info away from them. You will see a manifestation of that in a while. By-the-way, there are only two entrances/exits into this place and I am the only one that know the location of the second one.”
“Now to introduce each of you to the others. Yes, I know that you each have some familiarity with the others here, but this is a formality that I insist on. To the far right is Paul Monitor, the CEO of Mainstay Metals. Next to him is Frederick Pohlstein, the owner/manager of Tropical Petroleum. In the middle is Margaret Homestead, the current CEO of Big Blue Software. Next to her is Doctor Freddie Chan, the head of the Science Department of Carlton University. And last on the right is Manfred Butler, the CEO of Mega-Business Bank.”

“Each of you and your companies represent essential assets necessary for the completion of the great undertaking, known simply as THE PROJECT. You will be joined by, or in some cases replaced by other assets as we need them. This is a huge undertaking, the largest of human history. It will eat up my whole fortune, valued at 34.5 billion dollars, and many times that in other funds. If this succeeds, I will see many times my investment in return, as will all persons and institutions that invest in it. Many others will lose all that they have for not doing so. Hence, the opposition that they offer.”

“At this point, only three people in the whole world know what the true nature of this venture is. I am one. The President of the U.S. is another and the third will remain secret for the time being. Each of you will only know about your part of the venture, and are not free to share any of your information amongst yourselves or with anyone else, either. We have the aid of all of the secret services to insure this and an active bureau of our own that is truly nasty. The repercussions for revealing ANY part of this, even its existence are truly dreadful, and not just for you as an individual."

“I guess that I have scared and upset each of you enough for now. Well, maybe not, but let’s move on. Please line up quickly in single file, starting with Paul, remaining in the order that you are currently in. There was a brief flash and an oath by Freddie as he had dawdled about joining the line, thereby delaying the obedience of others. This was emphasized by a heat laser that placed a very painful, but not debilitating lesion on his hand. Freddie knew better than to say anything, and the others merely took note of it.”

“Now, you will be led by arrows in the floor to the next station of your journey here. There you will entirely disrobe and take a shower together. Yes, you too Margaret. She is a real trooper, and will probably be less embarrassed by this than you guys will be. No need to stare at her, since I will now let you know that she is a truly fine looking woman. “

The five walked briskly down the hallway, with Margaret in the middle, following the moving arrows in the floor. No more dawdling now! They quickly doffed their clothing and then in the same order entered the showers, which were not an unpleasant experience, especially with a very pretty woman present, who seemed very comfortable with her body and also with their attention upon it. When the spirited cleansing was done, they again filed out in the same order and put on the very comfortable bath robes offered to them. The BOSS noticed all of this and was very happy with the initial progress in their assimilation into THE PROJECT.

They were now led by the same arrows to the next station of their odyssey. Others of the facility paid them no attention at all as they moved past them on their assigned responsibilities. The next room that they entered had five pedestals, each with a beaker containing a clear liquid.
The BOSS’s voice rang out, “Each of you take one of the beakers and drink it. It has no taste at all. It is part of our security protocol and will have no effect on you as long as you observe the security of this site and project.” The five looked at each other and remembering the lesion, immediately drank the liquid. Only the BOSS knew that it was only water. But, this was another of the training protocols, and everyone was doing fine, so far.

With the infusion of the liquid, it was expected that some or all of them would have to use a bathroom, and so one was provided for them, unisex. They all shrugged, did their business and moved on.

Next they moved into a large room with a long table, with three chairs on each side of it. The table was about twenty feet long and eight feet wide. It had a raised backless couch situated in the center of it and two gorgeous young girls, one black and the other white standing at each end of the table facing each other with very sober expressions in their eyes. And they were naked and still. They took no notice at all of the five. The five were first stunned and then enthralled by them, yes even Margaret who was bi-sexual.

They took their chairs, with only one variation from the order practiced up to now. Margaret was in the center seat on one of the sides the farthest from the door. Natural male protective protocol in place, THE BOSS noticed and approved.

When they sat down, six servers came in with a light wine and a very delightful dessert. It was too early for a regular dinner at this time. The ‘holo’ of THE BOSS took one of the seats with the five. Evidently to balance the two sides of the table. As they enjoyed their wines and dessert, the two ladies on the table began to dance sinuously and to move together to the middle of the table where the couch was located. When they arrived there, they began to caress and kiss each other. Their hands upon each other’s modest sized breasts and cunnies.

This was followed by the collective held breath of the five, and a definite reaction in each of their nether regions. The wine glasses were put down, not emptied and the dessert was left uneaten as they were mesmerized by the scene before them.

The black girl reclined on the couch and the white girl moved up to take her place between her legs. She very graciously caressed the black girl’s clit and pussy region, and then moved on to her anal region. Then she lowered herself to hovering over the black girl reversed in attitude, so that each had their mouth at the other’s privates. The licking began in earnest, then. Each on the other. It was obvious that it was effecting them, since the presence of cum from each of them was evident. They each licked this up for the other. Then their mouths moved to the other’s anus and gave it the same attention, even sticking their tongues inside.

After a few minutes of this, the girls were glowing and had a slight reddish tinge to their skin. Their bellies and legs were getting very agitated, and then they both bucked up and let out a moan and then relaxed in each other’s arms.

The five were quite agitated themselves, but after what had happened since their entry into this testing facility, they couldn’t help wondering, what was the point of this? It couldn’t be just for their entertainment! And, of course, it wasn’t.

As soon as the girls got their breaths back, they rose up to take a position facing each other on the couch on their knees, with their arms around the other. Then with one hand each on opposite sides, they reached under the couch and pulled up a small pistol each. They kissed and then put the gun in each other’s mouth and with a tear in their eyes, pulled the triggers. The guns went off simultaneously and the girls dropped dead off of the couch. Evidently the guns were of small caliber, since there was little blood. But, it was easy for the five to see that they really were dead. And yes, they really were.

“These two ladies were trusted employees of this facility. They had been here for some time and were fully aware of the security protocols in force here and of the threat of dire consequences if they violated them. One of the girls told her boyfriend and the other told her parents. All of the adults involved are now deceased. As you are witnesses of the fact of the dismissal, perhaps you might note that it was accomplished with some sympathy for the violators. But, it was accomplished, none-the-less.”

The five now stood up, with no desire to touch the wine or dessert. Each was shaken to their very souls over what had just taken place. For the first time in this process they each were very afraid of what this could mean for themselves and for their families. Yes, they got the message in this lesson.

The arrows on the floor now began to be active again and the five trooped out of the hall with very downcast eyes and hearts. They each wondered, what next? Could it be any worse than this? Oh yes, it can! As they were about to find out.

The arrows moved them into another room, a dark one with a circle of five chairs with an inside diameter of the circle of about fifteen feet. They each took a chair with a cloud of dread hanging over their heads. They hardly could bring themselves to look, when a metal chair with a young girl strapped to it was brought into the room. She was gagged and blindfolded, and obviously very distressed.

THE BOSS now spoke again with great sadness, “This is my oldest daughter, Ginny. She is the light of my life, my best friend in the world. She is very sweet and has done nothing seriously wrong in her whole life. She is only 18 years old, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to undo what I am going to have done to her this evening. She has no idea of what is going to take place, just a dread of what it might be.”

“Now for the lessons of this visit, so far. They have been designed to weld you into a very close team that is obedient to the extreme and aware of the dangers that would come if you disobey any directive given to you from us, or reveal ANYTHING about this project to anyone.”

“The next lesson is the worst of all. For this project to succeed, it is going to have to have the most self-sacrificing spirit ever shown by any sizable group of humans ever gathered together. Everything that we have, even our loved ones might need to be sacrificed to accomplish it. The only comfort in all of this is that if we succeed, not only will we all be filthy rich for generations to come, but perhaps nothing like this will ever have to happen again. I sure hope not!”

“Now each of you will be asked to do unspeakable things to this young girl. It will all be recorded for posterity, if they will be able to watch it. And it will be evidence against you in any trial of all of us, if this whole project collapses, which there will be danger of at several of the steps needed to bring it to completion. A certain amount of inspiration there, don’t you think?”

“Now the door will be closed. It is the only one that is workable in this entire facility on the inside, except for the few that you have encountered. There will be no escape for her or for any of you. And the lasers in here are much more powerful than what Freddie encountered with his hand.”

“You will each doff your robes and lay them behind your chairs. Paul, you will move to Ginny’s chair and remove all of the restraints upon her. And she can’t hear any of the talk between us, no not even her own screams, since we gave her an injection that deadens her hearing temporarily. Also, there is no place for her to run from in here. So that will add to her terror.”

With this started an absolute night of terror for Ginny and the five. They were called upon to slap, beat, rape and nearly kill the little girl. Each of the guys had to have intercourse with her, and she had to give them blow jobs. She had been a virgin before this started this night. Margaret had to join in and do as much as she could, including using a dildo in Ginny’s mouth, vagina and ass. To get Margaret more into the spirit of the activity, she too was fair game for the sexual adventures here, and all of the guys had her and the girl several times before it was done.

Each of the guys had to dump a load into Ginny more than once, at least one of them up her ass, another in her mouth and also her vagina. She was afloat with cum, and Margaret had to help lick and drink all of the cum from the little girl. They also battered her body, with biting of her mouth, neck, breasts, clit and labia. The blood from all of this had to be licked off of Ginny. Ginny was forced to drink her own urine and eat her own excrement.

This lasted for three hours and then was suddenly called to a halt. Medics came in and rushed Ginny off to the hospital. The five walked very somberly back to the showers. And they cried in each other’s arms as the warm waters cleansed them of the filth from their labors, but it could not reach the hurt in their hearts or minds.

At his remote location, THE BOSS sat very still, almost dead in his heart. If there had been any other way to accomplish this, he whimpered. To destroy the soul of the person who was the closest to him in his life. But, he was going to have to ask others to do the same. So, he also had to be prepared. He just hoped that Ginny would be able to recover some of the sanity that she had enjoyed in her life. Unlikely that she would ever be happy again.
“Well,” he thought, “one more thing to do today.”

The five were now directed back to the first office that they had met up with THE BOSS in. They sat in their chairs totally beaten down. But, soon they would rise up to do their part of the venture. They needed to see the value in what they had just endured.

“There will be no apologies for what you five have endured during this meeting. It was the least that was needed to occur to meld you into this effort. But, there is one more thing. There is a spy amongst you. One of you was turned by the opposition, between the time that you were selected and that you showed up today. Not totally that person’s fault. None of you had been tempered like steel yet.”

“And the person is,…………….Freddie. And we all know what the consequences of that would be!”

Before Freddie could plead his innocence, the laser spewed out its gout of fiery light and Freddie simply disappeared into a very small mound of ashes.

The four remaining ones were first horrified and then angry that one of them had endangered this project. The commitment in their eyes was easily seen now. They were now fully assimilated into THE PROJECT and would do anything to help move it along. There would be no leaks from this group, even if they were grabbed by the opposition. Other methods were being prepared for them to back this up, and after what they saw THE BOSS do, not even the real threat to their families would turn them. Ginny’s torment would be one of the greatest sacrifices ever given to this project.

It would stand alongside Freddie’s sacrifice. Though it was always possible that Freddie actually had been turned. Possible, but not likely.

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