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The Cove - Prequel

Categories Fiction, Authoritarian, Female Domination, Lesbian

Author: intimate_dreamer

Published: 27 February 2017

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Jackie was a very beautiful, young woman. She kept fit, and took pride in her appearance at all times. She could have easily been mistaken for a model, movie star, or pop singer. She was smart, funny, and driven. She discovered that she enjoyed sex, with both men and women, and the feelings of power and satisfaction that came along with it.

Jackie was also wealthy; what some people call a trust-fund baby. Four years ago, on her eighteenth birthday, she had been given access to her inheritance. Even she didn’t know how much money she had—that’s what she had accountants for. Her parents had been killed in a private plane crash when she was fourteen, and she was an only child. Jackie maintained her grades while grieving for her lost parents. She applied and was accepted at the University of Hawaii, and so she purchased a large home up on the mountain ridge, overlooking Diamond Head, and permanently moved there.

Within the first month at college, she met Pamela, a 23 year old graduate student, and a practicing Dominatrix. Pamela invited Jackie to the Cove to sunbathe with her and the other coeds, a few of which were Mistress Pamela’s Subs. Jackie made quick friends with the girls she met at the Cove, and one day, went back to Pamela’s house with her new friends, where they introduced her to a new and unique lifestyle. Pamela could not resist the desire to make the sexy, flirtatious Jackie, one of her Subs.

Jackie was attracted to Pamela’s powerful personality, and the relationship was more like big sister – little sister, than girlfriends. It wasn’t because of any romantic feelings, that Jackie accepted the role of Sub to Mistress Pamela, it was purely out of curiosity. Early in her training process, Pamela noticed Jackie’s covert resistance. Jackie was never disobedient; it was more the way Jackie used the time between Pamela’s commands to her, until when she performed the order, to gain some control over the situation. Pamela was not about to tolerate her new Sub’s attempt to control anything in the relationship, and was preparing to intensify the training, which necessitated a bit of displeasure for her novice Sub.

One evening, about two months into the relationship, Pamela planned to bring Jackie to her large master suite in the house. This where she preferred to train her Subs in private, rather in than in the plush dungeon, where the other Subs might unsuspectingly enter at an inopportune time. Jackie had been told to bathe, wash and dry her hair, put on her robe, and wait for her mistress to come get her. Jackie had done as she was told up to this point, and stood in the large marble bathroom, admiring herself in the floor length mirror. She was deep in thought about her disdain for being a Sub, and what she needed to do to change her situation.

The door to the bathroom opened, and Pamela stepped in and shut it behind her. “Hang up your robe young lady. Time for inspection.”

Jackie slid the robe off of her shoulders and placed it on a hook near the bathtub. “Face away from the mirror, stand tall, eyes forward. I do not need to remind you that you do not look at me.”

Jackie caught a quick glimpse of Pamela entering the room, and recognized the outfit she liked to wear when performing training duties. It was a black leather bra with a strap that went around her neck, a mid-thigh, black leather skirt that was slit up to her waist on one side, and those boots; black leather, lace-up in the back, that covered her calves. They had a two inch platform on the front, and a 4 inch spike heel in the back. Built like that, they could do twice the damage. Pamela was already tall, and the boots put her up over six feet. She had long black hair, that tonight she wore in a bun, as not to interfere with her ‘work’. And she was carrying that crop, the very stiff one with the folded piece of leather at the end. Jackie despised that crop. She had just about enough of that crop, slapping various parts of her body.

She stood motionless, eyes looking forward, as Pamela approached. The inspection began. Pamela reached out and lifted a handful of Jackie’s long, blonde hair, felt to see if it had been thoroughly dried, and then sniffed it, to see if it smelled freshly washed. Pamela said, “Good,” as she released her hair.
“Arms up!” She said, wanting see if there was a stray armpit hair Jackie failed to shave with her razor. There were none. “Good,” was the response. “Arms down.”

“Hold out your hands,” was the next command. Jackie bent her arms at the elbows, holding her hands straight out in front of her. Pamela felt every finger and rubbed each finger nail, looking for any hard skin or a hang nail. She found nothing. Pamela pulled up each of Jackie’s hands to her nose, and inhaled twice over each hand smelling Jackie’s fingers. “Good, hands down.”

In the bathroom, there was a small round pedestal, about 30 inches high. It had three steps leading to the top. Under other circumstances, it might have been used by a woman who was having a dress fitted, so the tailor could properly mark the hem of the dress above the floor. But in Pamela’s bathroom, it was used for inspection purposes.

“Go to the top,” was Pamela’s command, and Jackie followed the order. The top of the pedestal had markings where the girls needed to place their feet, and once Jackie had insured she was standing in the correct place, she raised her head and looked forward again. This part of the inspection is where Pamela would slow down and take her time. It was like foreplay for her, but filled with anxious moments for the Subs. If Mistress Pamela found something she didn’t like, she immediately counted it as a demerit, and it would be added to any punishment that was already planned for the night. The Subs of course, could not object to her, and believed their Mistress would falsely accuse them of cleanliness violations, just to increase her pleasure of punishing them. Jackie was nervous as usual.

Pamela started at Jackie’s feet, caressing each foot and toe softly, to assess the smoothness of the skin. Then using both hands, she rubbed up Jackie’s legs, from her heels to her buttocks on the back, and from foot to hip bone on the front, checking for any stray hair or razor stubble. When Jackie was a new Sub, the first few times Pamela performed this part of the inspection on her, it got her slightly aroused, and her pussy lips would get wet with anticipation of the night’s events. When Jackie found wetness on her pussy lips, it was noted as a merit, and she would receive added pleasure from her Mistress.

Early in the relationship, on Jackie’s third inspection by Mistress Pamela, she had been waiting an inordinate amount of time for the inspection to start, and she had decided to play with her clit a little bit, since it was already swelling with excitement. And because of that, when Jackie was standing on the pedestal, looking forward, ready for Pamela’s inspection, her pussy was so wet, that her juices leaked from her lips, and created a tiny puddle between her feet.

Mistress Pamela had been so elated with her that she gave her ten merits for her outward display of sexual excitement. What Jackie painfully learned later that evening in the dungeon, was that earlier in the inspection, Pamela had smelled the scent of her pussy on her fingers, and knew she had played with herself without getting her Mistress’ permission. That night, two Subs held down Jackie’s outstretched arms, with her palms facing up, and Pamela caned her open palms and fingers. Each hand was to receive ten strikes with the cane, but she was warned, if during the punishment, she clenched her fist shut, she would be punished with two strikes, and then the count would resume. Jackie took 14 strikes on her left hand and 16 on her right hand. Even the girls holding her down cried with her. Mistress Pamela never ordered her Subs not cry. She ordered them not to do a lot of other things, but she believed the act of crying somehow eased the pain of their punishment. After that night, Jackie couldn’t grasp anything in either hand for almost a week. It was nice having the other girls, and Mistress Pamela, care of her on a daily basis, although it was a very painful lesson.

Tonight, Jackie had not touched her pussy other than to dry it with a towel. Mistress Pamela was not shy about putting her nose right up against Jackie’s pussy and inhaling her scent. But with her pubic hair waxed and gone, the light perfume of the bath oil, and the fact that Jackie was not currently sexually excited; there would be no sweet, musky, pussy smell for her Mistress. Pamela inhaled for the third time, before stepping back from Jackie’s pussy. She said nothing.

As customary during the inspection, Pamela stuck out her forefinger on her right hand, and raised it to touch the top of her finger to the bottom of Jackie’s labia. There was no slippery wetness for her to feel. The bottom of her labia was dry, and the lips were firmly stuck together. Pamela put a little upward pressure on them, in an effort to get them to part, but they did not.

Pamela then walked behind Jackie to complete the last part of the inspection. She placed her nose at the top of Jackie’s butt crack, and inhaled. She smelled nothing but the scent of the bath oil.

“Bend over. Grab your ankles.” Jackie did as she was told.

Pamela looked at Jackie’s small, tight pink asshole, and it was clean. She ran her finger down from the top of her butt crack, to where here labia were attached, and did not feel any hair on her ass.

Pamela’s Subs had to rely on each other to both properly wax around each other’s asshole and to shave any hairs that were missed. Mistress Pamela did not like it when a hair got stuck on one of the dildos or vibrators in the dungeon. There had been a few instances of that happening, and since it was impossible to know who to blame, punishment had been dealt equally to all participants.

Even bent over, with her head between her knees, Jackie’s dry labia did not part. Pamela left Jackie in this position as she stared at the beautiful pussy in front of her. Pamela raised the crop, and with the leather end, tapped it twice on Jackie’s labia hanging out of her pussy. Jackie felt the pressure, it didn’t hurt, but it didn’t part her labia as Mistress Pamela had hoped. In frustration, she gave Jackie’s pussy a harder slap with the crop. The slap stung, and Jackie flinched and almost lost her balance on the pedestal.

“Stand up!” Pamela commanded. Jackie let go of her ankles, and she straightened up. As she stood, staring forward as her Mistress wanted, she could tell Pamela was to her left, and was still examining her body. That’s when it happened.

“What’s that?” Pamela abruptly yelled. “On your nipple!”

“I don’t know Mistress,” Jackie replied. “What is it?”

“I see a hair growing on the edge of your nipple. Why is it there?”

Jackie looked down to look at her nipples, and immediately remembered she forgot to ask for permission to speak. The crop hit hard on her left cheek, and Jackie yelled, “Ouch!” as she raised her hands to her face.

“Put your hands down!” Pamela commanded.

Jackie returned to the inspection position, standing straight, hands by her side, staring at the wall.

“You have a hair growing around your left nipple. Why is that hair there?”

Jackie knew this time she had not been given the permission to speak, and she remained silent.

“This is totally unacceptable,” Pamela declared in disgust.

Without warning, and beyond Jackie’s peripheral vision, Pamela raised the crop and swiftly slapped the side of Jackie’s breast.

“Shit!” Jackie exclaimed, instinctively turning her torso away from Pamela.

“Stand still and be quiet!” Pamela yelled at her.

Jackie straightened up, and when she was standing still, Pamela walked to the vanity. There she shuffled through a drawer until she found the pair of tweezers she was looking for. She walked back to where Jackie stood on the pedestal. “Look at this,” she commanded.

Jackie looked down to where Pamela was lining up the tweezers to pluck a blonde hair from the edge of her areola. It was so light colored and short, Jackie now understood how she missed it. Pamela noticed it while standing beneath her breast, with the light from above shining down on it.

Pamela guided the tweezers to surround the hair, clamped down on it, and pulled it out in one fast jerk. Jackie felt the hair leave her body, and it was mildly painful. Pamela took a few steps to the vanity and threw the tweezers in the sink.

“Lay down with your back across the pedestal, arms over your head.” Pamela commanded to her Sub.

Jackie jumped down to the ground, leaned backwards, and rested her back on the pedestal, feet flat on the floor, arms outstretched above her head. She had a bad feeling.

“For the hair you failed to remove, you are going to get 10 spankings on your nipple. I do not want to hear one sound out of your mouth.” Pamela was issuing her punishment.

Jackie chose to close her eyes.


It made Jackie’s entire body flinch.


The second sting hurt worse than the first.


The blood was rushing to her nipple and she could feel the sudden heat at the tip of her breast.


Jackie exhaled as she felt the pain start to spread.


Jackie could feel tears forming in her eyes, and she told herself, don’t cry for this bitch, it only makes her happy.


Jackie lost count of the hits she had taken, and told herself it was almost over.


Jackie’s torso twisted a little in excruciating pain, and she immediately worried this would extend her punishment.


Jackie exhaled hard through her nose. The breath leaving her body seemed to relieve her of some of the pain.


In spite of her determination, tears fell from the outside corners of Jackie’s eyes.


Jackie flinched and made a sob that she hoped her Mistress hadn’t heard.

“Now get up and kneel on the floor so I can put your collar on,” Pamela commanded.

Jackie twisted herself off of the pedestal, onto her knees, and instinctively placed her hands behind her back. Pamela placed the leather collar around Jackie’s neck, pushed her head forward, and tossed her hair over her shoulders so she could latch the buckle in the back. Jackie looked down at her left nipple. It was reddish-purple, and blood was at the surface of the skin. It looked as bad as it felt. It throbbed, and the pain was getting worse even though the punishment had stopped.

Once the collar was buckled, Pamela hooked a leather leash to the ring on the front. She looked her Sub in the face, but Jackie knew the rules, and her eyes were lowered, looking at the floor. Pamela led Jackie out of the bathroom and into her bedroom suite. Pamela paused to check that the bedroom door was locked. Jackie suddenly had the thought; this is the last time I ever want to do this.

Pamela led Jackie to the bed and gave her a command, “Lay down on your stomach.”

Jackie climbed on the bed and laid down with her hands behind her back. She waited for Pamela to mount her over her legs, where she would attach the cuffs around her wrists. Pamela got on the bed, and straddled Jackie’s legs. There was a momentary pause as Pamela was preparing the cuffs, and that was all the time Jackie needed to turn the tables on Pamela.

In one move, Jackie sat straight up, pitching Pamela off of her legs, rolling off the bed, onto the floor, completely confused about what just happened. Before she could utter a word, Jackie jumped on top of Pamela, siting on her ass, and then wrapping the leather leash tight around her neck.

“Put those cuffs on your own wrists! Now!” Jackie barked the order forcefully, not too loud, but with intense conviction.

Pamela opened her mouth to speak to her Sub. “Whaaa…” was the only sound that came out before Jackie tightened the leash around her throat, stifling any other sound. Pamela grabbed at her throat in an effort to loosen the leash.

“Put on the cuffs, and keep your mouth shut. I’m giving the orders now.” Jackie knew she was going to have to loosen the leash if Pamela was going to let go of her throat and comply with her order. And so she backed-off a bit. She knew it was loose enough when she heard Pamela take in a big gasp of air.

It was difficult for Pamela to buckle the large, leather cuffs using just her opposite hand, but she eventually got them both buckled. Jackie had unclipped the leash from her own collar and clipped it on Pamela’s wrist cuffs behind her back. She stood up and pulled hard on Pamela’s wrists, raising her up to her knees. Jackie stood and walked around to face Pamela, she held the leash in her left hand and was standing on it with her left foot as to keep it taunt, securing Pamela’s tied hands low behind her back. In her right hand, she had picked up the crop from where Pamela had dropped it on the bed.

Pamela accepted that she suffered a momentary lapse in confidence, likely due to being surprised by being thrown off the bed, but her fortitude was returning, and she intended to take control of her Sub again. She was trying to imagine the worst punishment she could inflict on Jackie. She wondered what was it going to take to break this girl. She had never dealt with a defiant Sub like this before.

Pamela began her speech to demand her release. “What do you…”


Jackie’s aim was on target. The leather crop struck Pamela directly on the mouth, hard.

Pamela immediately tasted the blood from her busted lip and felt the temperature rise in the skin around her mouth. The pins holding Pamela’s bun in place had mostly fallen out when she tumbled off the bed. When she jerked her head the moment the crop hit her, her long brown hair fell down around her shoulders and face. It partially obscured her view of Jackie standing before her.

Jackie moved behind Pamela, grabbed a hand full of hair hand pulled her up until she was on her feet. As Pamela grunted in pain, Jackie pushed on the back of her head, moving both of them toward the bed.

Pamela began to speak again, “Jackie, what…”

“Shut up bitch! Do not speak to me!” Jackie froze. She again stepped on the loose leash, tightening the length between Pamela’s wrists and the ground. She reached around and shoved the crop in Pamela’s mouth, pushing it back to drive it against her back teeth, causing her mouth to open wide and her tongue to ball-up in the back of her throat. Pamela gagged.

“Do not let that crop fall out of your mouth. If it falls out, I will whip you with it until it breaks. Think about how hard I’ll have to hit you to break that crop.”

Pamela became somewhat fearful of her Sub at that point.

“Kneel on the bed and put your hands on top of the head board.”

There were multiple places to attach the wrist cuffs to the head board, and Jackie quickly clipped her Mistress securely in place. Copious amounts of drool were running out of Pamela’s mouth, down her chin, and dripped on the bed. Pamela couldn’t swallow with the crop shoved so far back in her mouth.

Having been in Pamela’s bedroom a few times before, under somewhat better circumstances, Jackie knew there was a spreader board under the bed. Clipped to the board were two wide cuffs to be attached to the legs. Jackie moved quickly and buckled the cuffs on Pamela’s legs, just above the knees. It took her two hands to lift the spreader board off of the ground and place it on Pamela’s calves, then she clipped it to the cuffs. Pamela could not close her legs together, nor lift her feet to protect her ass. She felt very vulnerable, because she was.

Jackie opened the deep drawer on the night stand next to the bed where she knew Pamela kept various adult toys and supplies she used to torture and pleasure her Subs. She looked in the drawer, and started to sort through the items, trying to plan her next move. There were more than enough items for her to choose from. She found a pair of latex gloves and pulled them over her fingers and hands, snapping them tight around her wrists. There were pairs of short bamboo rods, banded together with a rubber band near one end. There were plenty of loose rubber bands in the drawer that could be used to secure the other end once they were properly clamped around a body part. She set seven pairs of the small rods on top of the night stand, and a small handful of rubber bands. There were assorted gags in the drawer, and Jackie searched for a specific ball gag she once had placed in her own mouth. She found it. It was a red plastic ball that had two straps that were meant to be joined behind the head, providing a metal ring on the end of one of the straps that could be attached to a chain.

Jackie was happy she was wearing gloves when she went to remove the saliva-covered crop from Pamela’s mouth. She grabbed the crop and commanded, “Drop it!”

Pamela’s jaw was so tired she could barely open her mouth any wider to release the crop. Her tongue hurt from being crammed in the back of her throat. She started to work her jaw to ease the pain when Jackie shoved the ball gag in her mouth. Her mouth was now opened wider than it had been with the crop. Jackie loosely linked the straps together behind her head. The gag wasn’t going anywhere.

Jackie then picked up a pair of the bamboo rods, and thought to herself; these must have been a set of chopsticks that someone cut into these little pieces. She opened the unbound end of the sticks, and placed it on the tip of Pamela’s right pinkie finger, adding a second rubber band to the other side to hold the makeshift clamp in place. She walked around to the other side of the bed and placed another clamp on Pamela’s left pinkie finger. Jackie then proceeded to place the bamboo clamps on the smallest toes on each of Pamela’s feet.

At this point, Pamela was thinking, other than striking me with the crop on my mouth, this little girl’s attempt at dominance is weak. When this is over, I’m going to show her what real punishment feels like.

Earlier, when Jackie saw a long, sharp knife in the night stand drawer, she instantly knew how she was going to remove her Mistress’ clothes. Sitting on the edge of the bed, blocking Pamela’s view of the night stand, she leaned forward and pulled the knife out of the drawer. She spun around and stood up on the bed, her feet to each side of Pamela’s knees. Jackie grabbed the straps of the ball gag and pulled Pamela’s head up high. She needed her to hold still as to avoid cutting her. She knew Pamela would be pissed when she cut off her fancy clothes.

Jackie slipped the tip of the knife under the bra strap around her neck, keeping the blade flat against Pamela’s skin. Once she had about three inches of the blade under the strap, she pulled up and put the edge of the blade against the leather. It sliced through with little resistance.

“Woooooo!!” Pamela yelled, attempting to say no, causing saliva to fall from her mouth.

Jackie slid the blade beneath the bra strap around Pamela’s back and performed the same move. She got the same response, “Woooooo!!”

The leather bra fell to the bed and Jackie swiftly brushed it to the floor. Pamela’s 38D breasts fell free, and hung away from her body, almost touching the bed below, but not quite.

Jackie jumped off the bed, and grabbed two clamps and two rubber bands from the night stand. She then bent back, laid her head and shoulders on the bed, and slid under Pamela’s large, hanging tits. She started with the left one, and quickly found the nipple and began biting it, just hard enough to give it a little pinch. In seconds, the nipple became erect, and Jackie sucked on it in an effort to lengthen it as much as possible.

As Jackie slid to Pamela’s right breast and swirled her tongue around the nipple, to duplicate her performance, Pamela let out a soft moan.

“Mmmmm…” Pamela enjoyed the feeling of Jackie’s warm mouth and tongue on her nipples. Her mind immediately shifted to thinking her Sub was going to extend her apologies for her behavior by pleasuring her body in various ways. That thought couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

While sucking on Pamela’s right nipple, Jackie continued to squeeze and twist on her left nipple. She opened her mouth and tilted her head back where she could see what she was doing. Using both hands, she clamped a pair of the bamboo sticks around Pamela’s left nipple, squeezed them shut, and wrapped a rubber band around the open end.

With the ball gag in her mouth, Pamela did her best to scream. It was not a high pitched, shrill, scream, but a deep guttural scream, as she twisted her left shoulder up, hoping to get away from whatever was causing the pain. Her breathing quickened, and more saliva dripped from her mouth.

Jackie slid farther off the bed, enabling her to get both of her hands on Pamela’s right breast. She pinched the nipple hard, as it had started to soften in reaction to the pain from the first nipple clamp. When it responded by getting erect, she attached the second clamp, twisting the rubber band again and again, squeezing the bamboo sticks to less than a quarter inch apart.

Pamela let out another grunt, more saliva dripped from her mouth, and she twisted her shoulders back and forth, shaking her big tits, hoping the clamps would fall off. But there was no way that was going to happen. They were very securely banded together around her erect nipples.

Jackie slipped off the bed and stood looking at her handy-work so far, and said, nonchalantly, “If you think that hurts now, wait’ll you take those clamps off. I hope you liked beating the shit out of me with your cane and crop. Let’s move on.”

Jackie picked up the knife and put it under the waistband of the leather skirt. She yanked up and twisted the knife, cutting through the material. She wasn’t completely sure, but she thought she heard Pamela let out a sob.

Jackie threw the skirt on the floor, and stared at Pamela’s ass, wrapped in a black G-string. She initially placed the knife under the waistband, ready to cut it off, but then she had a better idea. She slid the flat part of the knife under the fabric triangle at the top of her ass. She tipped the knife up, softly resting it at the top of Pamela’s ass crack. She slowly and gently traced the point of the knife down her ass crack, stopping when she got to her asshole. Jackie knew the tissue there was very tender, and she barely put any pressure on the tip of the knife. She saw the goosebumps form on Pamela’s ass and back.

Pamela was holding her breath, the best she could. Her mind was racing with thoughts about what Jackie intended to do with the knife. She was scared and yet aroused. Was her Sub using fear to overwhelm her emotions, so then she could amplify the pleasure when the fear subsided? Pamela wanted nothing more than for the pain and fear to stop, and the pleasure to start.

Jackie carefully worked the knife blade over Pamela’s pussy lips. She was surprised to see the slippery juices on the blade from her wet lips. Jackie worked the tip of the knife up to the hood over Pamela’s clit, where she softly prodded the delicate skin. She swiftly pulled the knife blade away from Pamela’s pussy, slicing the G-sting just below her asshole. She ignored the fabric waistband, as she now had access to what she wanted.

Jackie tossed the knife back into the night stand drawer. She wanted no more temptation from holding the knife in her hand near Pamela’s body. She grabbed the bottle of lubricant next to the bed, turned it upside down, and poured copious amounts of the liquid into Pamela’s ass crack, watching it run down over her ass. Jackie quickly set the bottle down on the bed and began spreading the slippery liquid all over Pamela’s ass and pussy. Both of Pamela’s holes were thoroughly coated with the lube, and it was time for the next round of torture.

After a few minutes of rubbing up and down over the outside of Pamela’s pussy and ass, without warning, Jackie inserted her right index finger deep into her asshole. As she started to slowly retract that finger, she inserted two fingers on her left hand into Pamela’s pussy, and pushed down on her G-spot. Once she slipped her fingers from Pamela’s pussy, the process reversed. In went her finger in her ass again. This alternating stroking went on for about three minutes.

Pamela was enjoying the feeling in her pussy and ass, and even though the pain in her nipples would not go away, she thought if Jackie kept up the stroking, she might have a strong orgasm. As her mind was trying to focus more on the pleasure and less on the pain, the feeling suddenly changed.

Jackie’s fingers had just come out of Pamela’s pussy and her index finger had filled her ass. As that finger retracted, Pamela did not feel the fingers return to stroke her G-spot. Instead, when the finger came out of her ass, another finger joined it, and then she felt two fingers in her asshole. They dove in deep, then pulled apart from each other, stretching her asshole open.

Jackie stroked Pamela’s asshole with the index fingers from both of her hands. On the sixth stroke, she added her two middle fingers, really stretching her tight hole. Pamela groaned with every breath. Jackie thought the groan was from pleasure, not pain.

In the nightstand, Jackie had found a large stainless steel but plug that had a curved rod attached to it. When the plug was inserted, the curved rod laid in the ass crack, and reached just up to the waistline. It had a length of chain attached to the rod, and Jackie thought it was long enough to attach it to the straps on the ball gag, forcing Pamela to hold her head up, or alternatively, dropping her head and pulling the wide butt plug deeper in her ass.
Jackie stopped stroking Pamela’s ass as it felt like the muscles had loosened up enough to accept the butt plug. She rubbed the butt plug with the lube from her gloves. She placed the tip of it against Pamela’s asshole, and she felt every muscle in Pamela’s body tense up. Jackie leaned her weight onto the butt plug, which slowly moved it forward, entering Pamela’s ass.

When Jackie had pushed the plug in to its widest point, instead of continuing in, taking the pressure off of Pamela’s sphincter, she stopped and began rocking the plug back and forth. Instead of the sphincter relaxing, it contracted under the pressure of the plug’s movement. Jackie counted twenty in-and-out strokes with the plug, before she drove it deep in her ass. Jackie pushed it all the way in and took the end of the chain attached to the curved rod on the plug, and pulled it up to meet the ring on the straps attached to the ball gag. Pamela felt the straps go tight, pulling the gag a little deeper in her mouth and heard the clip snap shut. Pamela let out a loud deep groan as she lost her breath. With the groan, followed another mouthful of saliva that Pamela was unable to swallow, spilling onto the already soaked bed sheets. The chain had almost no slack, and any slight movement effected the position of both the gag and the plug. Jackie momentarily admired the set-up, thinking to herself, who invents this shit?

Pamela, with tears beginning to form in the corner of her eyes, was somewhat struggling to breath. Although she could not see her, she felt Jackie positioning herself between her spread legs, feeling the pressure on her calves from the weight of Jackie’s head resting on the spreader board. Jackie adjusted Pamela’s hips until her mouth found the placement she wanted on her pussy. Jackie’s tongue immediately went to work on her clit. Although Pamela’s nipples hurt like hell, and there was a very heavy plug rammed in her ass, the pleasure she felt on her clit was a relief. Her Sub was going to make her Mistress cum after all.

Jackie’s tongue did its best to bury itself under the soft hood of skin that protected Pamela’s clitoris. She pointed her tongue as narrowly as she could, and swirled all around the blood engorged bud, slowly causing it to emerge from under the folds of Pamela’s pussy lips.

Pamela’s groans were replaced by excited moans. In an effort to help herself reach her orgasm, she imagined that she had commanded her Sub to secure her to the bed, apply the bamboo clamps to her nipples, toes and fingers, and then to lick her pussy until climaxed. Pamela momentarily was lost in ecstasy and forgot about the butt plug in her ass, until she dropped her head forward when her stomach muscles contracted in the build up to her orgasm. That made her sphincter contract; pushing the plug deeper, where she could now feel some internal pressure on her bladder.

Jackie’s tongue was relentless on Pamela’s aroused clit, and Pamela thought she was going to cum in less than a minute. She felt the contractions start inside of her pussy, in her ass, then in her stomach.

Without warning, and at a very inopportune time, Jackie pulled her head away from Pamela’s pussy, halting the stimulation on her very swollen clit. Pamela attempted to lower her head to glance down between her legs, to see why Jackie stopped, but she could not, as the butt plug had already been pulled into her ass as far as it would go by the chain attached to the ball gag. Pamela was thinking maybe she got tired, and her tongue need a momentary break. She thought she could feel Jackie’s fingers brushing her swollen pussy lips, and failed to realize that Jackie was actually securing a bamboo clamp on her clit.

Jackie suddenly squeezed the clamp hard and began wrapping a rubber band around the open end, until it she could not tighten it any more.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” Pamela groaned through the ball gag in her mouth. Jackie smiled as she slid out from underneath Pamela’s body.

Pamela’s quick, short breaths indicated the intense pain she was feeling. Jackie wished all of Pamela’s Subs, past and present, could see her now. There she was, on her own bed, on her knees, wrists clipped to the headboard, legs spread, ass and mouth connect by a chain, saliva dripping from her chin, with her long hair matted in the puddle of spit, and juices oozing from her open pussy. She wore seven tightly bound bamboo clamps, and was sweating from every pore in her body.

Her eyes were closed, and Pamela had lost track of Jackie’s location and what she might be up to next. Suddenly she felt something firm against her clamped, swollen clit. She heard the sound of the switch at the same instant she felt the vibrations start. Jackie had hit the switch on the Hitachi wand, and turned it up to its maximum vibrating speed. At that level of vibration, no woman wanted it on her clitoris, as it would almost instantly make the clit hyper-sensitive, and while it could be briefly pleasurable, it rarely resulted in an orgasm. Pamela began to squirm as much as she could in her bindings, but her movement was very limited. With the previous stimulation provided by Jackie’s tongue, and then the clamp holding all the blood in Pamela’s swollen clit, the trip to hyper-sensitively took just a few seconds.

The feeling in Pamela’s clit went from pleasurable pain, to intense pain, to unbearable pain. Pamela tried to scream but she started to choke on the ball gag. She collapsed, with her wrists still linked to the headboard, and the weight of her head pulled hard on the chain attached to the butt plug. The increased pressure from the butt plug, and the uncontrollable contractions and spasms of pain throughout her body, caused Pamela to involuntarily evacuate her bladder. Jackie smelled the urine before she saw the yellow stream travelling the short distance from Pamela’s pussy to the bed. She quickly retracted the Hitachi wand, and although still wearing the latex gloves, had no interest in getting any of Pamela’s piss on her.

Jackie turned off the vibrator and stood next to the bed. For the next few minutes, she listened to Pamela’s sobs, and her attempts to catch her breath. Jackie put the Hitachi down on top of the night stand, and removed the latex gloves and dropped them in a small waste basket. She pulled her hair back and twisted it up in a knot. She grabbed two full sized chopsticks from the night stand drawer and slipped them into her hair to hold the knot in place.

Jackie was going to speak her peace before she left Pamela alone in the bedroom. “I have learned that I am not a Sub. I am definitely a Dom. I hated every slap I received from you. I hated that you made me cry. I hated that you thought you were more powerful and better than me. I took no pleasure in what I did to you tonight. I just wanted you to think about the pain you deliver when you are controlling your Subs. Maybe now you will have better understanding of the levels of pain that a girl can endure. I know I have a firsthand knowledge of that myself, and I will never treat anyone the way you treated me.”

The mix of smells in Pamela’s bedroom was not good; sweat, urine, drool, latex. Jackie wanted to wash her hands, get dressed and go home to her own shower and bed. On her way out, she picked up the crop from the floor and took it with her to the bathroom. There she quickly washed her hands and face, rinsed her mouth with mouthwash, and pulled on her yoga pants and cotton hoodie, zipping the front high enough so no one could tell she wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath. She stepped into her Roxy flip flops, but before she left the bathroom, she had one last task to perform. She tried to bend the crop in half, but could not break it with her hands. She needed more leverage. She looked around and came up with an idea. She placed the crop between the edge of the bathtub and the edge of the toilet, with the lid and seat down to hold it in place. She climbed onto the inspection platform for the very last time. She gauged in her head exactly where she wanted to land her feet on the crop, and she jumped.

Snap! The crop broke into two pieces. She picked them up, grabbed her purse and left the bathroom. She avoided even looking at Pamela on the bed, as she went out the door into the hallway. Before closing the bedroom door, she locked the doorknob from the inside and pulled it shut behind her, thinking, no one needs to rescue that girl anytime soon.

Jackie went downstairs where three of Pamela’s roommates were watching TV. Two of them were sitting nearly on top of each other on the couch, hands buried somewhere they shouldn’t be, and they were startled by Jackie’s appearance at the bottom of the stairs, and very relieved it wasn’t their Mistress that caught them in an uncompromising position.

“Hi girls! I’ve got to run. Pamela is asleep and said for me to tell you that she’s tired and doesn’t want to be disturbed until morning. Maybe one of you can check on her then."

“Sure Jackie,” Beth replied from the Lazyboy recliner. “Did you have a good evening with Mistress Pamela?”

“I did, thank you. Tonight was actually a once in a lifetime experience. Here, look what happened, the crop broke.”

Jackie held out her hands and showed the girls the two pieces of the crop. “Mistress Pamela said I could throw it away, so I will.”

“Wow! How did that happen?” Said one of the girls on the couch.

Jackie was thinking as she felt a twinge of pain in her left breast. “Here, look.”

She unzipped her hoodie and pulled it aside, exposing the black and blue and purple nipple and breast to the girls.

“Oh no!”

“That’s terrible!”

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, girls, I’m fine. I told Mistress Pamela never to do it again, and I don’t think she will.”

Catching the girls off guard with her answer, Jackie smiled, zipped up her hoodie, turned, and went out the front door.

She never saw or heard from Pamela again. Jackie would still frequent the Cove and often see some of the girls there that she met at Pamela’s house, but she never asked, and no one ever offered, what became of Pamela. Jackie assumed she had left the island.

Jackie had a very charismatic personality, and attracted both men and women. Jackie never shared anything about her wealth, and no one ever thought to ask. Jackie also kept her desire to become a Dominatrix a secret. At least until her casual flirting turned into something a little more serious. Jackie was very good at quickly taking control when a relationship became sexual, and she let her partner’s response to her moves dictate where the relationship would lead. If her partner resisted her early dominance, she became disinterested rather quickly. If, on the other hand, her partner submitted, and exhibited pleasure from being under Jackie’s control, Jackie would advance the sexual relationship to the next level.

It was often at least the third or fourth sexual encounter until Mistress Jackie introduced her partner to the special room, the dungeon that she had built on the very back of the house, positioned into the mountainside. It was there that Jackie and her partner began the journey to find out the limits of the relationship, almost always generating an immense amount of pleasure for both participants.

Jackie had let very few men into her dungeon, and when she had, they didn’t seem to last long. Not in a sexual sense, although that problem did occur from time to time, it seemed that their egos couldn’t handle being dominated. While the men typically obeyed her direction well in the dungeon, it was when they left, dressed, and returned to society, the men could not recover and just be themselves again. They either retreated into their shell, feeling truly damaged, or they became demanding bullies, totally overcompensating for the control they had relinquished over their sexual identity to Mistress Jackie. This disappointed Jackie, and made her somewhat indifferent to men, although she really wished she could find a male Sub to play with her and her female Subs.

So, with Jackie’s current apathy towards men, she had fostered meaningful relationships with the girls she met at the University, and was definitely the alpha-woman at the Cove. She was enjoying an intimate, Dom-Sub relationship with three young women that adored her and the nearly limitless pleasure that she gave them. Jackie was well aware of the things that pleasured her own body, and her Subs did a wonderful job of following her specific instructions to sufficiently satisfy her. Life was good.

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The Cove - Prequel

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